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may 22 2020 mgpd Playlist

note 3rd from the end there's the discussion of the ham radio. 

can't verify ownership.. seems like all this could have been avoided had "you don't live here any more" not started 0 notice 6mo after I moved back in in 2018 with 0 notice verbal or writen 

then I don't live there any more and can't file theft because I have them my things moving out. 

a year and a half Mal or no nutrition wth out forced toxic exposure is bad enough i 

note the commands that the tinny package labeled California with like 0 of what I needed from the car that he took... 

stays with the car. 

no it came from the car and surprise when I got back my garage door remote was in there. 

welder, ryobi compound miter, custom build moldy from their basent workstation pc all disappeared from my garage while he had that remote

a bigger issue is though how many times do u get shut down trying to report anything and even maintain the thought let alone develop the habbit of trying to call the police? 

no one is 100 percent on language off the cuff.  it seems no one involved and involved with ultimate authority is concerned about being held to anything they say or do. 

I say that over multiple experiences not really particular to this one alone. 

absolute authority with out any expectation of accountability is where injustice would seem to breed. 

I need my kitchen, I need health is eextreamly hard to regain much easier to maintain. 

it's largely a function of income. being able to buy the right foods, have time off etc

when I'm talking about they threaten to take the car... what I don't manage to get out is something said before to officers and all over posts on here 

they made sure I'm still dealing with their mold moment mold car was gone funding below paying my internet bill let alone food. 

actually better order is with out the kitchen stuff in a storage garage they would not give the address to the amount given would not cover even food, so internet bill got behind while hungry. this might still seem odd except, at same time "why haven't you found a shop?" aka another lease with this amount of money not sufficent. garage door remote went with car. and 2x for 4 days in a row I was made to go hungry for trying to appease the demands of clean moldy car so it faster several times for less each time having to prove spending when the estimate wasn't met. 

this is traumatic as hell. it creates a no way is good no way is safe break down of ability to priorituze

on top of that I still don't have even basics for orginizational. 

the more changes you frequently force on someone the more cognative time and resources it takes add trauma and it's mental terror. 

link on right hand nav bar contains the types of meals I would normaly cook and eat. pics I found backed up.. pics I happened to take in no way all I cooked or ate but the curry was a once a week thing on average 

I do have some shortcomings I learned over the years can be mitigated with routines and diet. why does anyone have to explain this? 

also I don't have Netflix, or anything like that, I made very few agreements counting on working my way back to nicities. 

instead even nesicities are still being threatened 

check the post productive and a tiny subset of pics I actually have.. well there's ownership confirmed of quite a bit. but let's see the 2x I got 15min in there even stuff I didn't take but pointed mine parents verbally said I know or agrees. with mgpd present. 

if their stories are flipping around.. the little bit I've heard is that tends to indicate they might be lying? aka why the officer talking to me vs officer talking to them then meet and sometimes then repeat. 

not claiming to know that's how it works for a fact but once again 

already been flat out told I can't file theft cause I gave them my things moving out

I really NNEED control of my time diet and things. this is forced destruction if even my ability to rent with my health mental wellness by people I'm not allowed to get into the report or file my own but claim to own me

mail fraud ignored.. I'm not repeating it again it's one of my parents sick games.. fein we arnt doing anything or what are we doing? 

responce if u go through current harms or elaborate are confusion, I deserve it cause I'm a brat, I do it to myself, I deserve it for being disrespectful, no were not doing that, silence for 10 to 40 seconds hang up

this is sick. 

when covid eviction ban ends I'm with out if. can't even sell stuff to make deposit, have no funds to move the shelving bought for garage like it will be the smallest move ever but I no longer possess the credit score to sign for a lease. my background check is going to show two ofps and this current place had notice ti vacate by March 31st.

they filed those ofps on the 11th 

this is sadistic 

how do I get snap with out id

apply for job with out if in 2 week warn clothes (washing machines broke) 
They had a severe black mold problem they paid to fix it and I'm now blowing out after forced relocation for a year-and-a-half destruction of everything I've ever earned still being held and destroyed people opening my mail people who chew days after they ofp hearing we're sitting in my parking lot calling in a welfare check who filed that knowing darn well and I can prove by call and text but I had to be out of this apartment as they filed it and that I had no transportation to the county they filed it in sitting on mail have repeatedly demonstrate they will open it & my name even on a check but several contracts Elsewhere for descriptions of that like I said I can't repeat this is fucked up

I was working 2 jobs one at the mall one cell phone repair shop I added the it org and process refinements component to before this started. 

60 to a hundred hours a week skipping holidays working instead for a year and a half of print center it consulting and scsu before that

else where longer list still incomplete for total history. 

this state is murderous how do u even hold on to evidence needed should it try for commitment let alone.. 

this is hopeless 

marlene wuethrich endangered sick newborns dragging high levels of *aspergilis and black mold into a nicu for two decades. they pay to have the house fixed use lies to police to destroy their son. 


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