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medical charting errors and shared records

I might link it later I don't know I feel like death and I don't see a way out whether I want it or not people applying control to me is not the way to do it from 2006 to 2018 and through it I knew what was wrong and what needed to be done I knew how to cook and eat and live healthy. Proof of that is I'm diagnosed with something I won't say for legal reasons but delusions of mold and bugs. While I was getting that diagnosis in November 2018 on a forced probably illegal medical hold parents that created the situation by changing the lock and obvious than taking the car from my temporary housing of a hotel stranding me without food well they had the mold in their house. Had as in professionally confirmed January 2018. Either during the time I was in the hole or immediately before and over half a year late they were having it dealt with 10 month late. The day I got out I got texted a picture of the professionally remediated ripped apart basement that's the type of sick these people are

There's a PubMed store that says a hundred thousand people a year the one above says up to 250 either way the doctor on the hold first told me patients aren't allowed phones on the ward when I told him I have the documents from the extermination and the email with them tired mold professional on my phone. I was educated and partly NDSU site partly reading a lot on my own but I knew what ziplock bag syndrome was at Vons that's why I stuck with relevant professional testimony. If you can deny that because I'm on a forced hold and they took my phone then that entire fucking unit is delusional they've already killed one person if you do the research or were involved in the suicide of is the PC way to say it.
In the words of the music group the Gorillaz feeling Sensation that you thought were dead no screamin remember that it's all in your head

Well kind of just not the way the shared medical record says

Maple Grove Police Department allowing my parents to lock me out six months after I move back in and telling me I can't file theft because I gave them my stuff moving out. This picture is from one of the first times I made Curry it was maybe 2011 this is the sort of thing I would eat at least or make once a week usually eat it on and off with two or three other large batch meals alternating and occasionally buy a meal for make something else if I couldn't stand what I had in the fridge just getting back into this habit if I don't die will be hard enough because it's been three years for problems my parents made for themselves then used to destroy me. The mold guy they hired determined the root of the problem with carpet pad they chose when they were acting as contractor instead of hiring one when they finish their basement 2001

Bonnie and Clyde rabbit also help me eat a lot better. Because twice a week I'd buy something like one thing of spring greens and either spinach or arugula or like a mix of dark greens so they always have fresh greens and alternating between dark and light so they didn't get too much I forget what it is but something builds up in the dark I might be an asset of some sort usually cooking breaks it down if I remember right but rabbits don't eat cooked food but I do or I would sometimes Munch leaves just sitting there with them just sitting there with them. They still have Bonnie rabbits remains came by a USPS address to me. Clyde rabbit is in my fucking freezer. This is how you drive someone crazy or kill them or both or leave them disfigured and disabled. What happened to Floyd was definitely no good but it's not about race it's about accountability when you have power. Modern police have the ultimate power scores of them with digitally Trunked radio networks. Helicopters with thermal imagers. Networks of microphones throughout Minneapolis in the suburbs you fire a gun around there someone might come to visit you or not but they know what gun was shot and where. Not sure how much is shared with or rather from alphabet Corp or Google Android Microsoft Apple in general the smart age devices but we are at a point where the police have more power than they ever have and it seems liability is nonexistent

What worries me more is we seem to be teaching people not covered be concerned with the suffering of an individual. I would never argue that police brutality does not generally affect more black people or people of any skin color other than white. That's a pretty dumb lime to draw though because it still affected 20% of white people if that's where the split is why are those people left out is it possible that really what would be less dividing issue 2 rally on would be the lack of national policy on use of police force? Cuz yeah black lives matter but what happens there's no black man that feels pain of every black man or white man of the same. Individuals feel pain it can affect demographics more. But to an individual that would be anxiety until it actually happens. That doesn't mean that the anxiety is Justified either we're basically teaching racism always say we're ending it. This is a really shity time to be alive or to die

I didn't check the source but I heard today that all of the news that you see on TV or print is really owned by six parent companies. That's not a huge surprise the number might not be spot on but we know company is owned companies the other part that shouldn't be a surprise is the news is Corporate it has no real need to tell the truth we've long accepted this in the Lesser form as drama sells polarization is a form of drama Cricket excitement news is Corporate they are exist for profit there for it's not brainwashing or it is what it is. Acceptance wellbeing studied that this has somewhat of an effect on population alone it might get well if you take the War of the Worlds broadcast something like 30% of people bought it when it was right on the radio as a news report. The problem is reports that I've noticed since like 2009 I caught one on a site that just I just tracked science of all types of Journal articles if you can convince something like 30% or 1 + 3 of some idea you influence the actions of the entire population there's a lot of metal in between but the point is overall we're being led around critical thought is becoming non-existent I didn't want to be thinking about any of this but I've literally had everything stolen from me but tangible goods my ID anything productive I could be doing right now and my credit score went with it and my background check I'm going to be homeless as soon as eviction ban is over Clyde is in my freezer in that is driving me crazy this is fucking sickness and it's not mine I can show I've set up systems of organization I've had successes I've made money there's laws that are supposed to protect me and my ability to own things. There's laws that suggests we recognize somewhere in law that deciding someone is just boom on the street is generally not good for the individual or Society somehow we lost everything would family courts that put you one step from Criminal but enable basically the people telling you to put the lotion on its skin 2 then discard you with an ofp and holding on to everything you've ever learned with the police having stood between it and you for a year-and-a-half I don't want to die with the last one to touch me being my mom trying to push me over railing I had girlfriends in high school I had girlfriends in college I had friends up until this started I have been working my ass off though so that number of friends I had was far fewer than it has ever been cuz I can't make hours in the fucking day nor will I ever get anywhere if people can repeatedly steal from me to set me back. Every time I try to take a step forward my parents have taken something from me even while their commanding clean my moldy car lose everything I literally have a bed and three folding tables that are growing their fucking mold as this lease ends I broke the washing machine the lid sensor prevents it from running I told them when I moved in without proper budget this is undoable it's burning money but without organization stuff and without budget it only says it's safe if you can change your clothes before entering your living space after working in a moldy area. They didn't care they even kept my respirator for etching circuit boards for 3 months. I owned a fucking full face 3M respirator with a double steal one around the face went around the fucking nose and mouth there's no reason I should be blowing out that black shift except for the fact that Maple Grove Police are telling me I don't live there anymore and I can't file theft because I keep them my stuff moving out but I never had any notice

Position of power is what that created. They repeatedly ignored reports of mail fraud not just holding on to my mail but opening it signing my name on at least one check and documents out of it they're still holding a bunch of my mail they took my ID the same week they filed the fucking ofp is knowing that I had to be out of the lease that they forced because the landlord was unhappy with having to clean the moldy car this is how you kill someone

Or this is how you make life so pointless that they do it themselves and even if they don't there might not be escaping it. At least disfigurement disability this is absolutely pointless. I had a 700 credit score if not north of that zero criminal record zero indication I might be violent mental or otherwise I still haven't been. I worked I made money I've been forced around under threat of everything ever worked for destroyed for a year-and-a-half two years total of Hell three years total of hell because of the eight months at the apartment and it's more than that now I can't even keep count this is so fucked up

Mobi table referenced above

Bonnie's remains 2018 while I was in hotels still held along with everything else but this was USPS. This year when my Healthcare came it was right after the apartment tried to evict for cleaning the mold car here they started out this was a place my parents picked the only time that has ever happened and right off the bat they were on my ass about everything is management that has never happened either but there's already a lot on my plate and my usual systems to accomplish anything are still gone alive sick assholes. 

This was the apartment from 2015 to 2018. All that is on the third floor of a building without an elevator and built over for 5 months the TV hanging off was something somebody left in a non-working condition said if you can fix it it's yours. It was a fuse and a capacitor. I sourced them from an old HP laptop power supply took me maybe 20 minutes to have it running again. Device is only made for the u.s. have capacitors that are only rated for like 2:20 sometimes a little more where multi Market will have 480 because you want to like double it because you don't want to firework show and there's a power surge. Sometimes it just goes bad without the fireworks but I've seen them go both ways. Regardless that was all it needed it won't turn on before. The person ever reported that the power company has been working in their area on the day at fried so I was pretty sure it was what it wasn't even told him I can fix it and they said now we already got new one

My diet for most of the last year this is so fucking disgusting because I've been alternating between giving them a budget them not meeting it then ignoring that it's a problem that grows back and it's literally burning money and risking my life well my dad says health is going to the doctor ignoring the fact he drove me to fucking three of them telling me that I haven't been to a doctor and still does he's also said I decide what hurts you I need control because I want control

Minnesota the perfect system for the narcissist discard

2006 45 days alone in Europe that I paid for this is the Paris catacombs I saved it for my funny it's also on my Facebook with the date stamp 2007 because I didn't have international Wireless roaming I haven't checked in a while but I imagine the price still isn't very great for data plans. I did have a cell phone because I would unlock my GSM phone and get a local SIM card so I can make local calls if needed. In 2005 when Maple Grove Senior High had a band trip to San Antonio the fact that I had a tethering compatible phone and my laptop on the bus allowed us to stop at the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial on the way back up. If you think about it that was a different time like you couldn't say OK Google or activate Siri and just ask for the directions I had to MapQuest it and then we showed the driver how to get there from where we were on the freeway.

Fargo 2011 coaches in this picture I still had one of them somewhere my parents picked the storage garage moving out back to their house. I don't have anything. It's also worth noting that 2006 to 2018 the amount of times they were in my apartment like alone or together probably doesn't exceed 20 that's probably double single days

The UV lithography vacuum pull-down exposure box I built. I had to read about it but this wasn't anybody's plan I just read the concepts that make a veteran how can I Implement that. Years ago someone had left a stack of Plexi from when they worked at a hardware store and the store would discard pieces with scratches or broken or after cut. I've been lugging it around and realized well I'll need a sheet of low iron glass so the UV passes through on one side but the rest can be made out of this Plexi. I welded it with paint stripper


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