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Saturday, June 27, 2020

mind and profit versus ethics

When states are run like businesses or rather government and Industry are supposed to function on the same basis of either minimizing losses or maximizing profits another words when the banks control everything we have this problem of ethics because cos minimization due to bucketed budget allocations creates problems where may be just as slides because it's easier to side with one-party throw the other into a jail because then their budget deals with it. Or when we allow Private Industry to detain citizens in a medical context with no requirement that they review evidence all the power in the world to drug and detain and further the abuse if you're in there under false pretenses then we have a real problem especially when these things are claimed to be ethical in about helping people. Because trauma can really fuck someone up and that's exactly what that is. But no problem right we'll just court order either institutionalization to fix the problem or more scene of other doctors when we created this problem by taking freedom and ignoring Wrights so let's just further it but we'll keep it in the medical context and say the person has mental illness even though years decades whatever is the case in the case would say otherwise who's to question the state specially if the property rights are enforced if the background check is screwed up by the action now employment housing you put someone on the street with zero recourse

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