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Minnesota OFP law used to harm

Anyone reading this  with the best thing to help legally  I can show that they are acting in deliberate malice  I have three years of recorded calls the stuff I talked about is so hard to talk about because of the level of detail they put into  concealing it through  plausible deniability and through the complexity of the Thompson insults  through the complexity of the situation . One such way they keep me from even tracking how much they've given me is well one they have all my organizational stuff file cabinets dust printers at don't know why I'm doing what they make me do well cuz the police do it too so it's fuck this. They would ignore the budget every month make me prove where it was spent and refused to acknowledge that I'm hungry because without my kitchen stuff I've estimated use what it cost to eat until I can afford a kitchen they're threatening if I don't work on their car faster well maybe the storage garage that we won't give you the address to goes away. Maybe your stuff gets donated. One time they forgot they pretended to lose Bonnie's ashes that's USPS parcel or that's how she was sent to me at their address there are how can I maintain anything in this situation this is designed to drive a person crazy. one thing I know is at least according to an upstanding st cloud pd officer (haven't really had a bad experience with them) is that the judge of the 4th district court does not have access to police records.

this is a bit of a double-edged sword. I actually think if logic and hysteresis / entire history were used it might end up being saner than what happened to me. 

It puts the lotion on its skin now with 20 days till homelessness and sitting on 20 g of his assets sized when he moved back in 2018 and we changed the locks 6mo later 

then maple grove pd backed it up with "you just dont live here anymore", "cant file theft you gave them your things moving out" . Idk how it works in mn, i know that wouldnt have flown in ND. funny how a supposed to be liberal state has state standing in way of my 5th amendment to protect wealthy parents whom the same pd has yet to hear (with me present) that anything I claimed is  mine is not. 

well, 2x upstanding officers on mapegroves force suggested i might have a moment (and keep it quick) to look for some of my things... this wasnt a problem.

problem is one i had massively complex contracted hardware design projects at play and 6 mo of possibly findable to be illegal lock out enforced by mgpd with 0 notice by mother who claimed to be my landlord...

well everything moved every day i was there. infact i figured out a pretty likely reason Marlene and paul demanded a key to this apt (which they have never had before and i did not render.) they do have a key to my aunt marrys apt. since i can remember she claims people break in and steal, move around or damage her things. once her car went missing from her work lot and i joked to my parents at the dinner table "are you sure she didnt just really piss someone off at one point and they held a grudge?" . it didnt seem so odd that it got an immediate topic change at the time with the flatest tone ive ever heard. 

I think they actually have costodialship of her now. I know she has quite a bit saved up (parents always said so. I had always planned on making my own money. somebody pretending to be me (likely my cousin mark or cousin Katies husband ) made sure im out of that will harrasing her with calls... i didnt even have her number, ive called her once in 32 years and asked my parents for it, dialed it on the home phone. )

but this is kinda the point. money and control.  MGPD getting in the way endangered the very real work that was supposed to land me a 100g a year job in California (2 possibilities i wont go into here) 4 or 5 salable products (one ive watched others now make bank on and had working before the lock out. ) fall back of LLC for repair and design + it consulting until i found something better. The massive hardware projects are the sort of thing that looks really good on a cv. only if finished. 

do the officers behind this wanna pad me out of hunger ? they enacted the ofps knowing my parents took my ID a month before.  4 months before one was trying to tell me ITS ILLEGAL TO DRIVE WITH OUT LISCENSE ... same one who off hearsay from parents and while i was 3 days hungry insisted i live quite the life "i showed him a pic of the mod car and "I DIDNT SEE THAT PUT THE PHONE AWAY" 

Forced labor police enforced illegal imprisonment. ignoring mail and check fraud. 4 months before that if not more i reporters they literally claim to own me. took check from my mail at their house, with out my knowledge endorsed my name. "they can open anything that goes to their address why cant you manage your finances"

im not gonna be alive to try pretty soon but i used to manage just fine. 

im looking at an apt i was supposed to vacate March 31st
washer broken for months on end but starvation due to parents lie and are allowed to control all my means to earn. everything I EARNED over working 16 years

well i sorta think its possible my current landlord (only apt they ever picked for me and i left their house in 2006) might have worked is 281 with my dad. take your kid to work day we visited a lady in the district offices after his bus routes and i wont trust the memory that old but it would explain a lot. 

regardless, i had scoped this place out before deciding i wanted to be in monticello. i rejected this place on my list due to a few comments about management blowing up at random for little things and nail held in front office.  but the point i wanted to get to is, they tried to evict for cleaning mold car in garage 6 mo in. 

not a month has gone by at least one landlord letter under the door or wanting to come in. which is good cause i either am laying in bed with only a laptop or for 9 mo was in garage they just barge into despite expectation of privacy... 

part of reason mail forwarding address didnt get changed was i had worked out out of lease penalty free but MGPD enforcing cant file theft on my assets... assuming parents aren't acting maliciously 

WHICH THEY ARE IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE AND YOU FOOLS ARE GOING TO HAVE ME ON THE STREET OR DEAD AFTER WORKING SINCE 13 and regularly since right before 16.  if you want to count the last 3 years... ive got some black mold , wanna put the envelope to your nose and inhale ?

wanna give me all your things let me threaten to destroy while your wall of blue backs me...oohhh yeah.

gonna come to my funeral? id prefer if you are charged for it  but that wouldnt benefit those on mgpd that dont suck ass. there are a 4 or 5 out of those ive met (not sure how large the force is)*i did on may 22 pull into the culdisaq and to youtube say give mgpd 10 min, yall took 12, but i wouldnt hazard a guess at storm trooper count, more confused what the Jedi are doing on it. 

this situation is fucking bat shit crazy and could have been prevented  again see link bar -->

3rd times the charm
march 31 i was supposed to be out of this apt

1.5 years my time and physical location has been forced around under threat to my living pet(at the time), remains sent usps of bonnie rabbit and all my assets

1 year in apt with empty cupboards, none of MY kitchen stuff. (wanna talk ownership? yeah some plates given, i have all glass for storage of food and stainless for cooking that was me investing in me. or not because i have no 5th amendment right or any rights )

2 ofps filed 20 days before parents knew i had to be out of this place (i have the text and call records and recordings) 

mgpd 2 or 3 times maybe 4 with last encounter ignores not just mail fraud or check fraud, both and them claiming to own me while insisting "your parents give you a lot of money " yeah go fucking bridge the bearing straight with 1k. Point I'm making here is:

 if you dont want the details on expenditure then how about we dont judge the ALLEGED amount given. idk what they showed it to you on if they even did, you aren't a judge, that isnt from their bank, if i had my printer i could show you a paid invoice for anyone citizen or officer to own that person paid in full. The page rolling out of MY ricoh workgroup laser isnt a very high standard of evidence for that claim though is it? esp when i dont have MY laser printer because some mgpd has insisted i dotn live there anymore , i cant file theft because i gave them my things moving out

your position of "parents give you anything they will always have some control" well one you force that in this situation. 0 notice lock change... and im a broken record ^ 

two NPD and ASPD parents will often be hard to detect and have and will continue to kill. often they only go off when something like... oh idk being wrong about their house on a problem i detected in 2014 and was told im crazy for then. makes me wonder how ...never mind, not happening from the street anyway. 

oh and while i need to find a place right now...needed to 3 months ago. 

washing machine broke
parents have id as i reported as mgpd was more interested in throwing me in jail and had to settle for activating ofps. officer i was chatting with seemed nice enough, but i could hear others and how many times my dad was asked along the lines of "think he might have a weapon?" note i say that officer was nice enough because then he comes back to car window and wants to know if they've ever arrested me before. i have a feeling that was officer friendly lets you find what he needs...for the second gun holstering abduction but fact is it hasn't happened. 

pretty sure the mental hold was on 0 legal grounds. wont be able to do much from the street mgpd and country decided hey lets let these two socieo paths or npd run him around till he dies on the street unable to even sell 16 years of earnings to put 1st month and deposit down. 

i had like 7xx for a credit score in 2017 when the hell broke lose. fuck you all very much. *most of y'all

so shot credit, cant afford 1st month, gonna be evicted maybe in 4 days it starts? that will help...yeah 1st eviction great to add right now. (first legal eviction) (my ive argued why i believe there was a lease at my parents. several other posts as to what i know from SCSU biz law. which makes it extra pathetic with the paint him violent. you helped stomped a lot of hard work personal property, pursuit, assets for earning, assets for making liquid to have a roof. (selling) and here i am trying to fall back on college courses on law from a bed bug-infested bed after 3 years mostly fast food or quick trip for last year. MN nice? no mn murders) 

washing machine broke
4 days pending eviction
2 ofps now active from likely npd  
year and a half  maybe 2 now of mgpd first (way way before "its not illegal to claim you own someone) telling me i dont live there and cant file theft i gave them my thigns moving out... no ability to put deposit or first month down on lease

odd things have happened like my parents email address ends up in apt companies data base despite it being my lease (major duress mlby not that that matters.. or 32 years of never having started a physical confrontation or acted with more than the required force to end it in favor of both parties lives and health.) 

washer is an easy fix with right tools. I have a shit hole with way I did get back mostly on floor. 

2mo ago landlord I think my dad knew from is281 called me and answered with "Paul?" then didn't let me know anything she wanted to talk to my dad about but in all the years renting since 06., never had this much bs and I broke the damn machine to be honest. it's the lid sensor. I don't want them in hetr but fact is I OWN THE TOOLS TO DO IT. 

yester day my dad txt why don't u have the apt fix it

a month and a half ago I was repeatedly emailing him I need what he took and why

he then let me know he might have the saw that went missing from garage. 

that's it. 

there's no responsibilities there's no timeliness and Maple Grove has put them in a position of power because the reality is it cost money to do these things is earned money I stored at in assets that Maple Grove and Hennepin County is standing in between me and possessing will ignoring several crimes and with zero conviction for anyting I'm telling them these people claim to own me. while hey opening mail, openedmy mail and took my check. etc

there isn't much more to ownership than what's being done. 

but mgpd.. fucking find it yourself it's above or below idk anymore 

this is narscastic abuse. growing body of evidence it alone causes brain damage

memory and decision making.. gee wonder why. I changed a flat I got the first night I drove up here with key. I changed it the next day. my dad insisted for 2 weeks I must be stuck at apt cause I can't figure out changing a tire. 

both marlene wuethrich (cnp children's hospitals and clinics st paul, nicu) and pul wuethrich will gaslight to extent that I sometimes say 

I have it recorded 

"fuck your recording" or " so what... lie again or retell" 

as an only child this wasn't this bad all the time. it cycled but the denial and gaslighting is ever present 

"were the same person". 
"I decide what hurts you" 
"I'm going to make you suffer for taking my time with my husband" 
"you're problems are boring and take too long" (then when mold pro proved it wasn't my problem.. then all the suden hide destroy sabotage) also around thst time was when I got first reports they were telling peolme I'm sick in the head 

Well with all these Wrights ignored with all this selective overlooking of La breaking most likely for the benefit of just use of MJ PD duties and most the time parents don't do this so it's a pretty safe bet but you see I know they've done this to one other person who had Parents exactly like mine I know she's doing pretty well now but it's a far cry from where she could have been and with the gender difference there is a bit more leeway and less likelihood of being homeless more people will take in a female and you don't have to take my word for this if you look it up one in for homeless people is female she didn't go to college as planned. She heard or rather reported to me that she heard if your parents give you anything or give you however I set it above cuz that's what triggered it when I heard it's in 2024 Maple Grove ignoring literally they claim to own me they're forcing things against my health my life my property she heard the same thing in 2008 after her dad choked her out right after she turned 18 I can't say any more than that here because I don't want to really identify who it is. I know that Dad tried to become part of the back of my shirt more than once though so I really don't doubt it

fried credit due to being owned doesnt work well with having minimum payments to meet. doesnt help when 2 grand in your name is allowed to be endorsed over after they open the envolope in your name it came from. 

mgpd ignoring parents took my id from car a m onth ago... well

how does one apply for a job 
not knowing where they will live in maybe a week,
2 week old clothes
parents sabotaging everything intimidiating and stealing between signing over accounts..

I NEED TO DEAL WITH CLYDES BODY COOK A MEAL AND ....everything that the state county and city stand between property rigths wise. aka yall helped decide this hell im unlikely to live very long even if i do survive it.

how does one get SNAP with out a drivers license?

should i go beg for it on the street? (the what 30 bucks to have it made again) then

 where do i tell them to mail it to?
do you wanna go hungry 30 days and have someone telling you you cant ride or even own your bike.. would that make you feel very sane even with out covid 19? 

nutrient deficiencies plus Lyme has been shown by a med source to lead to significantly higher risk of respiratory failure. point is it shouldn't take referencing anything

the food you eat is a big part of how long you live, cognition, quality of life. 

i guess the 2 week old clothes... when my dad took id he took tools i need. then came back and stole (break and enter) on my garage for about 1000 worth of MY things . 

but lovely how this works, those records were at their house.

system that allows them to ban me with claims of what was said while preventing me from even making the ofp hearing...

this is going to hurt a lot of innocence. this system is abhorent. I had enough assets to sell, it shouldn't come down to that , so many violations my parents commit have been flat out refused to file

i called bar association they recommended communicating parents are unreliable witnesses to relevant pd.

i told maple grove pd i have recorded calls that show they use falsified police reports as weapons or exaggerate to make it a risk to me when officer shows up and as a punishment. 

this is so fucked. 

thing is, with this level of selectivity. 0 standards of evidence, hear say as gold and with ofps the burden being flipped...

ugh- fuck it i need to go start begging. 
---- edit if i dont die later \?

they gave me 0 this month. 

forced labor with threats do it faster and budget ingored = 30 days hungry last year and not time for real paid labor or it work. 

separating me form all those asserts as if i was a child who never moved out... from the start of them commanding where i live and then what i have to do with my time...add the assets and that means very simply:

start from the street with demonstrated anyone can take anything from you open your mail sign docs in your name and police will look other way or blame you. kinda like my mom tried to push me over a railing then they reported i shoved her across the room. first part happened second did not. as i "walked" her across the room (having caught her wrists after first steping back, finding my back at the railing and her still pushing. cant go right or left at that point i was also barefoot on wet tile and shes like 510 so the leverage was there and she had shoes on) as i caught her wrists "YOU BASTARD I BROUGHT YOU INTO THIS WORLD I CAN TAKE YOU OUT, PAUL CALL THE POLICE" my guess is this was all planned to later get the mental hold. 0 record would have presented a bigger challenge. 

my dad will play having alsymers (idk over the last year if thats changed) wont deny it wont confirm it but then next time my "owner"(his words 2x once he bought me, he needs control bercause he wants control as well) graces me with how im going to suffer today then he usually puts in a subtle or explicit indicator of what he played dumb on before.   

why are you 1 in my way, two risking my life in my way? 3) making personal judgements known to me? some mgpd officers have some oddly fine robes, the problem is of those officers... ill give you one guess where the gavel is.

im looking at an apt i was supposed to vacate March 31st

im looking at an apt i was supposed to vacate March 31st

also paul wuethrich indicated that he took my garage door remote...aka it was in the bag given (video on youtube) may 22 by mgpd from paul with nothing needed but my garage remote had been removed from car in lot likely. 

i filed a theft report about a month ago because i went down stairs one morning found my desktop computer, mig welder and ryobi compound miter saw werestolen

last night he texted indicating he has the saw but doesnt know if he has a welder and left out the computer.
 just like the still non returned power inverter incident "what color is it"  with the fucking mig welder. to my knowledge he has never owned on. he would recognize it as welder.

this is the level of misdirection he employs on the regular. 

I keep saying "they do things that look good but behind the scenes they make it harmful" THEY PLAY  PERCEPTIONS AND CULTURAL NORMS (parents wouldnt do that) mooch sun

when someone is allowed to separate someone from EVERYTHING they have ever worked for (over 16 years earning and was making 50 for first hr 25 an hr after even in 2004. (it services for small businesses, i had a law office, accounting office, car dealership and print engraving shop by 2005 and a position telemarketing mortgage refi for 11 an hr plus a percent of profit on loan if quota was met.)) 

MPGD keeps playing it like im a mooch and its not my things. what a great way if you came up with less to just assume and act on images to create armed vigilante justice.  you dont know what i worked or did not based off what my parents say. id wager four of the officer i met over the past 2 years no doubt understand what the word allegedly means. other "WHATS THE DEAL JOHN YOUR PARENTS DONT OWE YOU ANYTHING"

while for last year and a half all of my stuff held and is still being destroyed. when id theft comes into play plus ofps that will make it harder to get a lease (background check) whebn forced labor commanded most of the last year of my time and everything i managed to make in my profession went to tools to clean their car then the forced messed up labor deal was i was supposed to then pay for cleaning my stuff (that i still dont have back) they put my stuff in the 3rd garage stall and i have repeated recorded calls telling them moisture alone damages it. they know there is mold all over my stuff, heres some stuff i brought back in health hazard mold car to apt

mold car marlene drove to children's i had to clean for 9 months. despite informing them of budget and conditions that would be possible under... they made sure that wasnt reachable reason it ended is i realized children's hospitals st paul might terminate my mom to show they acted as soon as they were ware of the 20 years of drawing mold in to nicu (mold pro jan 2018 determined mold issue was related to marlene and Paula choice of carpet pad. I know the basement was finished in 2001. decisions made when i was 14 put them in this position of power. it spread to my apt in 2017 because in visiting a cat we also got in 2001 during his final days.I transferred it up. )

2 days after the ofps passed they called in welfare check. like a whole week they drove up once a day to intimidate. they told me ofps were active. second attempt at a welfare check the upstanding scpd officer put up resistance and paul wuethrich hung up. this is also how i learned sterns wasnt attempting to serve the pasted ofps so they aren't active. or weren't rather.

so right off the bat we have BLATANT OBVIOUS NPD OR ASPD TERROR using the laws to their advantage and an mgpd that over all gives them everything they want even if it leaves me hungry unable to put a first month down with deposit when the housing ban ends... preferably now because lease was up with notice to vacate 

MARCH 31 2020

just a reminder ofps filed MARCH 11th served MARCH 13th.

i dont think its at all reasonable that the court now is an extra in the way between me and my things. after a year of what in most states qualifies as forced labor, illegal imprisonment and might be human trafficking. Im in a empty apt with 3 folding tables. all my kitchen stuff is being held by Paul and Marlenes Decisions and misdirections.

I NEED A GOOD MEAL -----look at the link bar for how i would usually cook---->
I told my dad a 3 months ago I can bearly make the stairs i need my bike. "why would you need your bike if you cant make the stairs

for a year and a half ive been ordered around by parents emboldened by mgpds cart blanch. mgpds cart blanch off hearsay and if you watch the video on wuety06 ...may 22nd playlist. it becomes clear they dont want conflicting details. id wager they have a policy because this keeps it simple. 

this also destroys lives.  this is now leaving me hungry. its gonna get me my first eviction after a year and a half 5 hotels forced lease , clean our mold car or all your assets donated, recycled destroyed etc. 


seriously guys what the fuck. 

(but not before extracting labor on their moldy basement and the 2 custom computers i built for them years ago(at least once a month and network upgrade)*) 

the court has no provisions for someone who has at all been held against their will or the filing party having control over if the defendant can show up.

Im not yet sure if police in mn are legally obligated to file a report for every citizen encounter. Im not yet sure if they have to for requested encounters/any call that comes in. I could see how if they stop someone driving and give a verbal warning its probably not going on record.

so i cant for sure say theres even a report i tried to report my things stolen. "you gave them your things moving out" I do have the recording though. 


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