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Friday, June 5, 2020

mites bugs and no see ems

and debris. if anyone can identify any if these.. much appreciated. there might be some fungi involved.

not exactly anything described above but txts with a real fungi.. works better out loud. 

all of these were found at my parents house. mold was already confirmed by the time I'm Geting a diagnosis for delusions of bugs and mold. 

Minnesota might as well be isis. 

if you want an logical argument... 
anything that might look like you are interfering with someone's ability to call the police Hella no good. 

that would be OK on its own 

except at least in hennepin County and maple Grove the police majority of the police I've delt with lately and policy I've became aware of has no actual concern for human life.

tell tail of this is unfree labor, human traficing, ownership of property, and preventing someone from following medical advise pernant to any recovery or long life in general.. 

nah. what's that? 

maple Grove pd and 4th district Court of hennepin County. the message delivered is we proudly stand behind animal abusers and people who claim to own their adult offspring. 

my heart goes out to George Floyd even if if think the movement is slightly misguided and regardless of what ever he did or did not do to end up with a knee on his throat (if I recall correctly) 

did someone not realize humans stay alive with respiration or just have a God complex a badge, gun, radio and clones on the other end? 

reason I can't get behind that movement is partly personal. it's nothing against the demographic I just don't see race as the core issue even if the majority if those affected are of a demographic. 

instead if this appeal to me me me.. if we go a step lower to the root of the issue we might have a shot as a nation or people or as a world/species.

if we keep going with divide and play arcatypal histories while even the history books change to meet the desires of those who are behind the elected leaders (hit it ain't you or I.. well maybe you, in not going to presume I know who is or is not reading this) 

things like the Stanford prision experiment show that the rigid environments we are increasingly enforcing in family homes lead to the personalities that want no accountability take all the power they can get  and eventually human or other living beings lives with it. 

I think we are headed  at the hunger games and a lot of people who can't encode the message above and below are in to commit great atrocities against our species and their own families before wipe out. 

serfs up 

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