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Munchausens by selective enforcement

I thought I I thought the way our system works is choices we make determined where we get. I thought in order to get away with signing another adults check or opening their mail you needed legal custodialship over them. Something I'm pretty sure my mom has over her sister my Aunt Mary but something nobody has over me.

Most of this was Google transcribe so I have to read it over if you assume Edward are any form of indication of my mental state I can show you what a plucked microphone looks like I can show you what stuff growing in the charge cable looks like I can show you the numbers on the air rate even in a perfectly normal transcribe keyboard session. For instance error rate worked this time but did not before. The actual percentage does exist but I'm not looking it up now

I've never heard that there's a law that if your parents offer you any amount of money and you take it that the little bit of control that Maple Grove Police used dismiss check fraud and mail fraud starving me claiming to Own Me, inviting me to live there in Jan 2018, my mom declaring herself my landlord, Aug 2018 change garage door code no advanced notice. Maple Grove Police ensure that they were able to change the code six months after I move back in in 2018 after not having lived there since 2006 or rather intended to there was a short span In 2014. 

Funny thing is I was pretty sure mold was making me sick then that was actually when my mom started saying I'm delusional I need medication. I recently found pictures where I was pointing to a lump on my neck right after I moved St Cloud that lump started as I moved out of their house in 2014. I had meant to be there about a month when I move down from Fargo the reason it lasted longer was started saying I could not leave their home because I was too sick in the head. I thought at the time it felt like when I was at the L shaped desk in the corner of my bedroom from high school it felt like stuff was flying out from behind double gang box where the two outlets were at roughly eye level. They will claim as they did to me just the other day trip giving me four thousand a month for every year ever. Yet when I finally got the Saint Cloud High didn't make rent unless I was working OfficeMax my rent was $700. And had I not gotten so into trying to get ahead or to where I should be in life I might have managed to hold on to what happened but it was traumatic as hell because I ended up stuck there for 6 months then stuck there. You're too crazy to leave no there's no reason to test for mold or I or anybody to look. The wall that I thought it was flying out of had a baseboard heater. In 2018 when I remembered it dawned on me that it was likely air currents because the wall was part of the foundation on the back of the house AKA painted cement block with two-by-fours against it 16 inch stud spacing and insulation then drywall. The baseboard heater at the bottom would create warped behind it as well will the block was probably relatively very cold and slightly moist. If you War of the air at the bottom of such a cavity the eye level while sitting electrical outlet is going to be also an air outlet for the warm air Rising through half The Moldy wall cavity. The wall that outlet was on was the worst the longest section of Wall taken out of the house in November 2018 I was not wrong about it I was not crazy I was likely dead on and now will likely be dead for it. 

That gang box is center left in this picture. note the discoloring of the studs. the wire hanging down above my dehumidifier was likely both legs of the split phase aka the 240v supply for the baseboard electric heat. If I pull up My MSN Messenger and complain chat history I can probably even find describing it to a friend in 2014. August 2018 I leave for a hotel for two weeks max for my mom's accord. I said to my dad she's got a surgery coming up I don't think her getting upset will help her recovery and I've got web server work on a server that deals with credit cards which has liability do you think maybe a week or two at a hotel would be best for her? About a week and a half in is when the garage door code changed. The client the web server work was for was someone that I also did it Consulting in general for and had talked about how we can switch him to Google Voice with a normal phone adapter and get rid of his phone bill I was supposed to drive to St Cloud to meet him with that adapter and install because of the change immediately I failed in that meeting because I could not get the hardware that was already at my parents. But that's rather small potatoes compared to the fact that moving back because their molted spread to my apartment put them in control of everything I left for what was supposed to be no more than two weeks at a hotel I didn't take any more than a few pairs of clothes and my laptop. Imagine that no seriously look around you and think about what you normally need for how you live and I don't mean game systems and keepsake stuff I mean what systems supported by objects you own do you depend on for not losing your keys? for making sure you get anywhere on time? 

maybe you haven't thought about it in a while because long ago you figured it out. I shouldn't really have to explain why that's bad but the insanity is I've been in an apartment that started by threats to get rid of otherwise destroy all of my things if I don't sign the lease at the place they Pick 6 months into being bounced between 5 hotels after they decide to just change the lock code to the garage no notice in August  of 2018 .  If that was it it would be easier  except right before that lease started  snow blow through the vents of the car .  I made a estimate for the new threat of clean our car lose all your things  and they made sure I didn't need it  when I tried in good-faith to carry it out anyway  there were several times I went to dare to Hungry two times I went four days hungry . Also when I was locked out  I only had one form of ID . It took  maybe 3 or 4 months  to get my second back and only because an officer asked if I might have a few moments in the house to grab things  that was one of two times that happened  and both times I had the obscene health hazard moldy car  and was asked to please keep it short because the police have other things to do .  In other words  Not only was my Time Force for portions of this I haven't had the ability  unless I put in a lot of extra work while hungry like to say  here's one ID to get the second form  but while this was going on  for some reason the apartment that they picked which is the only time that has ever happened I moved out in 2006 the only time they've ever picked in apt prize the landlord for some reason besides they have to watch me like a hawk even though the problem seemed to center from the garage and I did tour despite not having an option to sign right of homelessness and all your stuff is gone but I let her know then the garage was for diemolding things because they've seen plan then was whenever they graced me with things I had to clean them. Six months in they were trying to fix the garage Ben the apartment telling me they were Ben the apartment telling me they were going to change the lock on the garage and I had to call home line and brainstorm to figure out how to stop that but now I'm way off topic but all of this is so fucking crazy and so many lies overlooked for so long it's hard to keep keep any part can find because the James that the police play to avoid any admission of fault or liability or even just to finish it up and be out of their hair depend on the same games that my likely full-blown narcissist parents definitely play. Advice that I mean several forms of gaslighting like repeatedly you don't understand what 1 + 1 is a can you explain that to me 10 times and 10 ways so I can deny it anyway even though it's a simple fact that I couldn't be where I am without knowing

 might as well also add although I've said it elsewhere the mold was confirmed by a hired professional around January 2018 I think it was the end of January. Not only did they lie through their teeth and gas like the hell out of that they spent a long time trying to tell me that I never lived at their house in 2014. It wasn't until I remembered that I had a storage garage that I moved everything from Fargo into in St Cloud and then I pause The Logical question if I move straight to St Cloud why did I have a storage garage instead of moving it into the apartment. Which isn't foolproof I understand but what they were suggesting is not what happened. I have been dating a girl in Virginia. I wanted to get out of Fargo and while visiting her I applied for a PHP programmer position at caci in Dahlgren Virginia. I didn't get the job and in between visits are long distance relationship soured which is when I decided Well I know like one person in St Cloud I really need to change the school is relatively cheap there like NDSU was and what happened was the lease was ending in Fargo So the plan became I'll go to Saint Cloud but what we'll do is move Mantua storage garage and then from Maple Grove which is relatively close I'll find an apartment but I got sick in their basement and what was supposed to be no more than a month so I could get the next semester at scsu became 6 because they wouldn't let me leave. 

These white hairy filaments we're present back then too I explicitly remember my mom claiming you're delusional that's wax. And eventually it became you're too crazy to leave and when I did leave I told my dad I have a feeling that unchecked this is going to come back and hurt us all. He said if there was mold here I would take care of it but there's no mold here so there's no reason to look into it. When someone was finally hired a mold professional in 2018 he not only determined there was a problem he determined the problem was from 2001. No he's not the magic date of mold estimator. Around 2000 we sealed the basement cement slab with vapor barrier or cement sealant paint I being a good son and liking construction tasks or anything that I can make things I even helped to do it. It's not that I have any control over it though I was 12 or 13 maybe even 11. It might even been two years in between but what I know is we got Cosmos cat in 2001 when I was in 8th grade and the carpet and carpet pad went down that same year because it was when I moved from my upstairs bedroom to the newly finished basement. Both of my parents between denying the mold to this day if questioned on the carpet pad will say that was the pad recommended to us at the time that is all fucked up in the head they are because it's not like I'm saying you fucked up give me everything it's they screwed up and then to try to avoid admitting any fault they first invite me back in then change the lock code once they have all my things and don't want to admit to anything they took everything in line and then they threatened it starting August 2018 and continuing to this day as I write this. November 2018 I'm now in the third Hotel my dad is bouncing me around on short bookings which also had this effective sometimes spending an entire day just in the car or do you know waiting for check in. I'm spending savings bonds my grandma left me that finally had matured to be able to eat and Maple Grove PD allows them to take the car from the parking lot. I had just got the client site on to the server that I set up from the ground up I had worked all day having woke up at about 10 two nights before I had slept in the car. I worked all day because I like that where can I get into it I should have taken a break earlier but this isn't the Vets rule every aspect of your life club unless you're Marlene and Paul or the police in Maple Grove that stand behind them as they commit federal crimes to do so. As they likely violate Minnesota housing law to do so. I said some stupid things that at the time I was saying them I didn't think would even work then. I said them having tried to go get food for the first time at 5:30 p.m. in November when the lock code to their garage changed in August .  AKA monks into the three hour tour . All the sudden I find I'm stranded without using the ability to get food after working all day  trying to figure out even invoicing  like if you think about it you leave for two weeks and all the sudden you have no access to anything of yours and no idea when it's coming back and then surprised you're moving around every week or so because the temporary hotels  are on very short bookings  and they tend to fill up when you look like that . And again like I said I had a night in the car before because of this I wasn't in the best of moods. But what I said was if the car is not bad by the time Uber gets here Uber to the hardware store by a sledge hammer and Hammer your stucco. I never tried to call a cab or even signed into Uber. I didn't even say that first. When I found the car was missing the first thought was holy shit that it gets stolen then I realized no this is exactly the type of sadistic thing Marlene and Paul would do. So I text my dad do you have it and all of a sudden at 5:30 p.m. keep first wants to know what my plans for the day are. Then three times yes do you want to hurt me do you want to hurt me do you want to hurt me my property or yourself and I'm sitting there low blood sugar from not having eaten all day no access to my stuff for a long time now wanting to get food unable and eventually tell him what it described above. Right after I bring up that not having access to Bonnie and Clyde rabbit my pets and my friends is driving me crazy or emotionally stressing me there is every indication that I was trying to be rational and even as I said that thing about the sledgehammer I'm thinking business law and rational people and what are the odds even if I did call a cab or hire an Uber what are the odds they're not going to see a problem with while I pick this guy up at 6 p.m. on a Wednesday from a hotel and now he wants to do demolition but he needed to buy a sledgehammer first? Even as they said it I thought there's very little odds that stopped to is completed or delivered as requested. The car came back at 6 the text started about 5:30 I got food I worked more I took a nap. If I made a threat conditional through the car being bad that threat should should no longer be valid yet at like 10 p.m. give or take I had gone to get snacks and cigarettes at the nearby gas station I paid no mind to the ambulance I passed on the way out of the lot. I come back and I Maple Grove PD squad car blocks me in after I park. The officer first says I have the power to decide if you go in or not and I had no idea what that . In that same sentence he finished with but I decided before I met you you're going in either way. I had no idea what emergency medical holds were at the time. I have no criminal or negative mental health record. I didn't even have that I know of reports of anything to suggest that I might ever be violent or aggressive other than that you want one falsified report alleging that I shoved my mom when in reality she started trying to push me in a narrow hallway with the closet on one side and really into the basement on the other I step back on First Contact which then placed my back to the railing I was barefoot on wet tile floor and she close the distance and kept pushing now in too close for me to go right or left. The thing I just realized now is I couldn't have shoved her if I wanted to. She kept pushing me and when I felt the foot slip I realized I don't want to die I don't want anybody to get hurt you if I can catch her wrist we can walk to the corner and when I let go I can duck around in case she wants to hit me. the reason I said I couldn't have pushed if I wanted to is with my back to the railing and her stepping in do to a guy who had an apple hit him on the head pushing off of her would have sent me backwards and I guess that's not airtight but that's not even the point. As I caught her wrists she starts screaming you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out. I walked us to the corner having stabilized my footing first by the two-point armed arm contact which allowed me to lean forward but at no point did I shove her and released I figured out a solution where I could end the threat of my life without either of us experiencing pain. I then got added as a DV against my mother two-on-one falsified report. apparently this officer had responded to that call. I wasn't present because after my mom scream Paul call the police he's touching me they both started screaming leave. That was probably July 2018 no I theorize my mom wanted a mental hold she probably already knew what emergency medical holds work because I'm not just grasping for straws the entire 6 months I was there and to this day she tells me I'm delusional I need medications she told me the mold is all in my head as I'm blowing out black stuff. Fast forward to August and unbenounced to me the mold remediation for the basement was already in progress or was going to start the next day as on Wednesday I get taken into what it's still not clear if it was a 72-hour hold  or a police officer hold . on Saturday I'm now at Riverside inpatient psych ward, and I tell Dr Boris when I finally get to meet with around noon in the span of maybe the first 10 minutes the story and I can see he's looking like bugs and then mold like the look on his face is doubtful. So then I say which was the truth and actually I forgot one expert, I said I have documents from the extermination and an email with the mold I said I have documents from the extermination and an email with the mold Pro on I said I have documents from the extermination and an email with the mold Pro on my I said I have documents from the extermination and an email with the mold Pro on my Gmail on my phone. He responds that patients aren't allowed phones on the ward. not more than five minutes later he's giving me a diagnosis for delusions of mold and bugs and further is it with I'm taking out my sickness on my elderly parents. tells me I'll be there until Tuesday at the earliest. I'm not so sure I ever mentioned their ages is what still kind of bugs me about that. Besides the fact that I didn't say I have samples I said quite truthfully I have the relevant expert testimony that these things are there. in fact starting a month or two maybe three after Cosmos died in 2017 about 16 months total maybe 14 but somewhere close not a week went by when I wasn't walking around with scabs in the corners of my eyes and pinprick wounds up and down my trunk and legs. the thing is that stopped first week at the hotel what didn't stop was excruciating joint pain especially when I would wake up after having slept I was just about screaming a few times trying to move my legs that took about a month to fade but by the time I was in front of Dr Boris there was not a mark on me what should have been yet another clue and I believe the terminology for it would be environmental irritant environmental causal Factor. I ended up being released four hours later a nurse came in and told me they mistook what type of hold I was under. that night I got texted a picture the one that I put above of the totally ripped apart professionally remediated basement. I now have an email from the mold Pro  confirming that it was a paid job . Then it was right back to hotels they held onto my health care renewal and shortly after without my knowledge or being alerted Bonnie rabbit had gotten so thin that when my mom finally decided she needed the vet started with do you think your parents will syringe feed her? Bonnie died a few minutes later. They were mine since 2007 even if Clyde didn't need anything or Bonnie didn't need anything they never went to the vet alone. I care about living creatures deeply and I had early on, cross the fact that rabbits can die from Fright rabbits have legs powerful enough to break their back so strength and numbers I made sure they always went together. I'll have to edit this entire in partly why this is relevant

I'm starting to lose all hope. I watch them say any lie hey want at anytime. I often find myself screaming you do not get to redefine my past my present or my future by what you want to lie at the time. It's like they find it some sick game. 

I'll put the link here when I edit from my laptop but there's at least one psychologist who is suggesting that narcissistic abuse is well defined by deception as abuse. From what I gather there seems to be a struggle to reliably Define it. What isn't undefined is that these people often sabotage their children and their adult children. From what I can see of things like custodial ship of another adult if existing laws were enforced then a lot of the sabotage and force dependents wouldn't be possible. In other words the system was already there to help prevent this but in selective enforcement by mgpd I'm thrown under the bus while being judged by people in uniforms not robes. People who are drying their judgements from absolute hearsay. ID theft was overlooked as they were serving and activating the ofps may 22 2020. This comes after August 20 18 I leave for what was supposed to be 2 weeks Max at a hotel because my mom wouldn't stop attacking me anytime I left the room. I tried I made a conscious effort I'm not going to say anything I'm not going to look at her I'm just going to do my thing and eventually should be following me around screaming that I'm delusional and need to be medicated for the mold that had been proven in January 2018 and not dealt with. From what I can see her position as a nurse practitioner working in an NICU she was endangering already sick newborns as well as herself me my father and everybody's property because moving back then put them in control of even mine.

There's been several times since 2004 but I could have even bought a car better than the one that for years and years was mine and not entitled but I didn't think of that because until 20 17 god dammit Google, until 2017 no one ever took the keys for my car. On top of that it could be argued by anyone who wanted to make the argument that buying a car when you have one is foolish why did you spend six grand Plus on something you already have? 

 risk of early death by depriving them even a food itself while lording over 20 grand of assets they aren't fair and square. I thought the legal term for being able to control where someone else's money went was called Crystal Ship and none of that exists here. I know or I believe my parents have it over my aunt my Aunt Mary on my mom's side who depending on the day, my mom will refer to her is either the sister with the best memory or batshit crazy because somebody is breaking into her house or into her apartment rather. Well 2006 to 2018 my parents have never had a key to my place and after they offered first to pay an associate $16 an hour then wanted to argue their own price down three weeks later when they mentioned it again the 14 an hour even though they set the first I know recall that after that became if you don't give us a key to the place we forced under threat of you lose everything that the cops are letting us control then we'll make it unlivable or we won't make it livable. No I wasn't thinking about the possibility they would screw with me at the time but if I'm signing the lease it's my lease it's my place and during that they're already using the police to keep me out of their place even though I believe at least existed and either way zero notice was given they just change the garage code and said I didn't live there anymore then I started hearing that from police and no I can't file a theft because I gave them my stuff moving out. This is absolutely insane this is been a year-and-a-half and Counting probably more I lost count I'm losing my mind because I've been on a fast food diet starve and saying from the start it cost this much to eat out it cost this much likely to clean your car that you're now forcing under threat of destroying all my things while pretending to lose my rabbits ashes. I said from the start it'll cost about this much and it's not possible without some conditions met and none of them are unreasonable it was partly out of your wasting your money if these conditions are met partly out of it's not safe if these conditions aren't met. You take someone over 25 and give them a year and a half or more because it's still counting of absolute hardship 9 months expose yourself to mold against what your doctor suggested in February of 2018 will cutting their nutrition and lording over there bike let alone everything else I can't even get on my fucking bicycle oh, this is drastically shortening my life and the mental ward stunts cut off my ability to even join the armed forces to get away from it. This is absolute trapping someone forcing nastiness and an early death. I might be wrong but statistically speaking this is likely to change how long I can expect to live. It's likely to change the quality of my life in between both from a health standpoint and lifetime expected income standpoint. I never wanted to live off them that's the story they paint if it were true they wouldn't be doing everything they can to throw a wrench in anything other than what they give me.

 Now with the ofps they will be informed where I live for two years. This system is absolutely insane. If you think that's my overreaction consider this for a moment, let's say I don't like you and we live together I already know what an ofp is and you don't who of us is likely to file first if I'm the evil type or wants to use it to harm you even if I've been annoying you even if I've been making you feel worried. I'd say most of the time be honest and healthy person wants to give a person a second chance and if you have no knowledge of what it is or how it works then I'll likely are you to try to file it or to know what happens if they file first. As far as I see this is one of the only things without a Statue of limits on it. It seems setup for abuse. But not the way they say it is.


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