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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Munchausens by proxy

I referred to Munchausen by proxy quite a few times on this site  and once or twice mentioned that I was aware of the DSM-5  had given of the new name.  I finally took the time to look it up

 factitious disorder

It's one of several in that group. Not sure if I'll remember to refer to it as that but I thought I'd post this to try to help me remember.

I'm coming apart at the seams my health is failing rapidly. Not sure that I'll be able to remember that but I can tell you from past short-term converted to long-term memory that stresses such as these are counter remembering anything.

Maybe keep that in mind if you're a parent. The media and the world around us tends to focus on punishment as parenting or if you're not stressing and reminding everything you can about their grades they'll have no future. But that might actually be counterintuitive to them learning what they need to get the good grades.

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