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I can't see this as much less than hennepin County and maple Grove policed department assisted murder even if the reason is as benign as to ease an over burdened court system of be cost effective on police calls

they seem to have little regard for the absolute power they carry and every notion of avoiding even the slightes possibility of liability or accountability for potential miss use of it

the problem is with the level of power possessed its easy to wipe out someone's life itself, health, stability, constitutional rights. 

they seem well adapt at the spin and or side of it as well. 

I had 0 record indicating violence. 
I've more offen than not made income from work by more than one simultanius employer for 16 years 

first time I made decent money was probably age 13 and around the year 2000

a website for safe and knife company off of hw 55.

theres also an aspect of beating on soneone with a potential learning disability. 

in 2012 I was going to get tested for math dislexia. it didn't happen. I won't go into why. what I will say is unlike what the average officer will say to shorten a situation, life is complicated. 

shouldn't have to go to disability. facto of the mater is when this started I was working. what caused the issues were decisions my parents made in finishing and maintaing their home. 

I spread their mold to my apt. 

maple Grove pd assisted my parents in Geting me medicaly declared delusional for mold and bugs professionally confirmed to exist. for wounds that were gone when I left the environments where they were confirmed

maple Grove pd and h County has ignored federal mail fraud, check fraud, fcc part 97 and my 5th amendment rights entirely but is hell bent on painting me as violent 

while to me alternating between aqusations I can't care for myself and I'm violent. 

mean while ignoring they have created directly a year and a half of conditions that meet some definitions of human traficing, unfree labor/forced labor, illegal imprisonment and even with out covid endanger my health and now pretty much completely destsroy my ability to rent. 

since when does hearsay equal zero 5th amendment rights? 

and even with in their personal attacks, how can I manage my own finances when they laws like not purposefully opening another adults mail are not enforced? 

some of my property being held and destroyed includes a work group richo laser printer given by a client I did It support for for over 10 years. 

any printer at all would help in managing all things forced on my slate. 

even irs sight advises I print things, mgpd would apare tly have people belive its my fault for not rebounding anytime anyone wants to take everything from me 

I moved out of my parents in 06 when I turned 18. 

back in around January 2018 as we learned their house had a mold problem and after like 8mo of Dr's and apt hell trying to figure out why I was bleeding 

what came before was driving st cloud to maple Grove to visit Cosmos cat. bleeding started shortly after he died in my lap may 2017.

i had been driving down nights and sleeping next to him on moldy basement carpet 

but one of the alternating excuses mgpd and likes to hit with (and my parents use as well) is I cant or have shown now ability to care for myself.. not sure in law what those metrics are, I thought it was 18 and income bought ability to do it better.. idk maybe I'm a can of planters, let's address it anyway:

in that time between 2006 and 2018 I was 2x in Europe alone. at 18 I paid for a 45 day trip before starting ndsu in the fall of 2006.  around 2009 my parents and my aunt wanted to visit my cousin at Naval Air Station Sigonella. I was responsible for booking the tickets for myself and my dad. we flew into paris spent a few days then took rail down to Rome and then met up with the family in sicily. after about a week and while the rest of the family flew back to the states, I caught a train over to Pau France to visit old friends.  I then for the second time caught an international flight back to the US alone. 3rd total (I was in France in 05 with mgsh) 

this same father will now claim along the lines of what mgpd insists that I can't care for myself. 

between 06 and 2018 I learned a lot about myself and how to operate efficiently. I built systems to compensate for my weaknesses and flaws. I earned. I learned. 

here's how I cooked

no where that I can see in law does it say the moment I move back in for what ever reason to my parents 
. I then forfeit 

I forefit all constitutional and otherwise rights as an adult. 

these officers trying to paint me as violent have not even witnessed me raise my voice. 

every bit of that is hearsay

what's more is I have aproched the pd indicating that the mn state bar informed me to communicate my pare ts may be unreliable witnesses and I have recorded calls that can back reports have been falsified 

I was told if 
"if we put that on record we might be liable" 

well in the mean time you have created a situation where I'm likely to be found dead. how can one hope to establish any social support network when physical location is up routed for a year and a half under threat of distruction of all property? let alone seek gainful od contunious employment? 

was this not some of the reason we came up with human traficing laws to begin with? 

may 22 2020
 while trying to find any reason to take me to jail

 officers ignored even that several ham radios of mine one probably over 1k in value are being held and destroyed

claimed how would I prove possession and it's probably civil anyway

Minnesota criminal property damage starts at 1k

yet mn emergency medical hold for some reason applied for abducting me 4hrs after a conditional threat to swing a sledge hammer at their stucko house. conditional on I'm now stranded at a hotel because marlene and Paul took one of 5 vehicles and after the Aug 6 lock out... 530pm I find no ability to get food

angry I said along the lines of if cars not back by time Uber gets here.. it was also conditional on Uber being OK with first stop hardware store to buy sledge hammer then 2nd being middle class maple Grove residential address. 

is accessory something I bought for my 6pm hotel lot to residential for a pro demo career or something a cab driver may fear regardless of if applicable? 

no value or even indication of ownership on this abduction law... best not mention I intend to snap my own pencil. 

back to may22 2020

fcc part 97 makes it illegal to possess a ham radio with out a ham liscense 

I'm kc0jsf 

we could also go on the logic of illegal to have a scanner let alone ham radio in one's car with out a ham liscense 

so if they get rid of it (or on acquiring it) they probably broke the law unless it's mine. 

Scanner law is MS299C31

here's me

and that radio was given to me by W0BSI aka my great uncle John Lonski on his passing

seems to me that if maple Grove pd had acted in the intrest of protecting life and all parties rights  then the first misstep started Aug 2018

i left for 2 weeks max. locks changed and I don't live there anymore became the phrase de Mort. 

shortly after "you can't file theft you gave them all your things moving out" 

I had no notice to vacate. verbal or writen. I left for 2 weeks because I had paid It work with liability involved and my mom had a cancer surgery. she was following me around screaming I was delusional any time I left the 10x10 room that I rented. I said to my dad perhaps it's best for her recovery if in not here for a week or two? 

now over a year and a half of forced around under threat of distruction of everything mine and homelessness henipin County allows them to slap me with ofps

and May 22nd I show up at the house that still has the majority of my assets under lock and key. parents in private claiming to own me

parents who also have my id and tones of my mail. 

mgpd is more interested in can we take him to jail

I overheard them repeatedly asking my dad if maybe I have a weapon on me

and between two officers 

anything we CAn take him in on? 
no sterns didn't serve it its not active 
thanks that's helpful. 

after the hearing an hr and a half away from the lease forced under threat of homeless and donated, destroyed otherwise gone all my property... 

I was and am very precosusioly in sterns/st cloud. 

car had been broken down since may 6th
parents who filed may 11th knew this and knew I had to be out of this apt by May 31st

served Friday the 13th with still no transport. 

court the 18th.
called ahead of time didn't matter. 

I assume sterns acted with restraint for at least the reason of covid. maybe it's deeper than that I'm not privvy to it if it is. 

what is known is after the hearing my parents began driving to st cloud and or calling in welfare checks. maybe that contributed to the reluctance to serve it as well?

whats insane is with actively demonstrated refusal to protect any of my adult rights to mail/contracts via mail... while holding Id needed for gov assistance.. 

all the things ever mine and those earned dollar for hr working over 16 years. 

how is this much more than death, disfigurement or risk to my life? 

how is this in line with the ag or govs orders let alone my health and saftey

how can this state also allow a doc I've never been seen by before and forced Infront of by mgpd to then declare I'm paranoid

well if you've had everything taken with police telling you that it's not theft you gave it to the would be suspects...

what's paranoid?

you then let them keep my ID and property only I can legaly possess after ignoring repeated mail fraud check fraud and these people claiming to own me? 
And here's the thing I'm well aware I can get another ID but that doesn't do me much good when this lease has been over with notice to vacate appropriately serve ahead of time since May 31st with covid-19 there's no telling where I will be I am aware that end on eviction ban is so far June 12th it's not that I don't know how to act here it's that it is ridiculous it is implausible that even if I do it all I will not end up on the street

with destroyed credit, 

no indication police will act to stop my parents from hijacking accounts with my dl # and Ssn. 

no ididcation ation my mail and the ability to enter or maintain contracts through it is safe

demonstrated no protection of the right to own anything. 

and for what crime? 

what reasonable rational person would assume there is a way out of this? 

some of that mail included the remains of a over a decade old pet and friend of mine. 

it's been threatened to extract labor

idk how this applies to applicable area of law but I do know scsu biz law had a story about how someone pays for another to go on a cruise.. is the person entitled to seek damages for events on the cruise.. seeing they didn't buy the ticket

the answer was yes they are. which seems by my non lawyer mind to make it a bit odd that off my pare ts telling mgpd they give me money I then hear basicly nothing I ever worked for is mine and doest mater I'm going to starve during a pandemic 

"your parents give you a lot of money" 
May 22 2020...

did you hear them say that? 

what's the origin or etimology of this legal term?
how about while I'm coughing up black shit with an emr indicating it's in my head but in the psychological sense? 

Nov 2018 
sir I have records from the extermination at the apt and mold pro at their home on my phone /gmail

patients arnt allowed phones on the ward

I have the email now indicating they were paying a professional to have the mold rememdiated while I was geting a psych diagnosis for it. 

"(redacted) delusions of mold and bugs" 

the nature of shared medical records means on top of this un reasonable lose anyway load with no rights or reasonable expectation of security or sanity.. 

no ability to meet even basic tenants of health cook or eat right.. 

with the former mn afl cio labor console member and vp of his seiu local father claiming to own me

said father telling me : why would you need your bike if you can bearly make it up the stairs 

this is sickness 

I know enough about medicine to know its best not to need it. pills do not create long life. 

I know I used to cook Indian chicken curry from scratch weekly. other things like sautayed kale and garlic. vegan squash lisagna, stake and asperagus

I know for 4 summers in a row I road that bike he's holding from spirit mt in Duluth to lake elmo in 2 days on the Ms 150 

I know I knew how to care for myself 

I know if I did need systemic antifungles there is a decent risk of liver damage

I know the dsm considers it mental illness to force someone to get sick and then act as their savoir. 

I've got to wonder... what's the county and states dsm label here? 

you can claim I have no authority to even have this oppinion. except appeal to authority when authority is relying on title alone... is a logical fallacy 

I'm not looking for a free ride. I'm looking for the future I worked for and my health to be able to work at all restored. that's not going to come from abduction /detainment and docs who deny relevant expert testimony while police pretend I have no constitutional rights and selectively enforce to create ease of "out of our hair" 

I used to like being alive working and learning. what I'm forced to do now.. 

though there is little chance I see of it saving my life.. i will be submitting doj complaints 

I also realize there might be leagalize issues with discussing it openly. at the same time when the  more likey outcome (as I see it) regardless of action or inaction is dead in a gutter or alive in prision or medical equivalent... 

this course seemed prudent if only because making it public might help the next person here. 

as for current events I think what ever blm does or does not accomplish in more special intrest legislation.. 

utterly pointless when this erroise undertow is present for all


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