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Monday, June 8, 2020

Narcissists and socio paths in rage mode be it overt or covert, at least my mom and dad i can sum up this way.

Paul Or Marlene Wuethrich: I gave you arbitrary number there for i have right to everything you own and even if its basic to life. I also have right to redefine your past present and by extension future because it helps me save face.  

trying to divide this up into logical chunks. 

2006-2018 was spent in apps. I moved back into parents house in 2018. 6 mo later they change the garage code. Jan 2018 their house was determined to have a mold issue. they began gaslihgting it. in Nov 2018 50ft of wall 1500sq of carpet and pad and deck on other side of the wall came off or out of that house. my mom had threatened to get me medicated for my delusions. shes a cnp and was using her years in med field to try to9

0 notice eviction 6mo after

my mom declared it a lease then 6mo later they changed the lock

parents spend next year and a half opening my mail forcing me to physically relocate 7 or 8 times under threat of distruction of all of the assets bought with money earned since 2003. regularly and multiple concurrent incomes since 2004. aka it consulting and or "normal job"...problem is my parents consider anything not theres lesser till it might be better than take it break it in mean time deny it or say its not a real job. this forced relocation and then forced labor for 9 months made making or maintaining any friendships next to impossible. destroyed existing paid obligations to 3rd parties or things needed to complete and my tools still held. 

then as leased they forced under threat of destruction, donation, otherwise...hey your stuff is gone and you can be on street now from 0... as this now 3 month over lease drew to an end they both filed ofps.
this damages my ability to rent or find any employment as well. still my property is being destroyed and held. 

maple grove pd sinced aug 2018 has ignored 3 or 4 attempts to report mail fraud, 3x check fraud (think i brought it up may 2020, 2x before im sure. its check fraud from an envolope adressed to me. with out my knowlege or permission opened and then my name endorsed on back of contained check. 
while im reporting that i also have recorded calls indicating the dv report was backwards. police are called by marlene and paul wuethrich as a tool of terror/false reports as tools of punishment and the bar association told me to say they are "unreliable witnesses" i had said my intent is a slap on the wrist becaue its like cart blanch to use the pd as a extension of power...  i didnt want to "get them in trouble despite how crazy and long the situation had persisted then. that meeting was like 9 months after "y bou just dont live here anymore" and "cant file theft you gave them your things moving out" 

i understand that state laws differ but theres general advice from lawfirms on what to do if parents want you out... its use your tools for income and or get a job.....have income source, sell possessions to afford geting into rental housing with in terms of what states required notification policy /vacate requirements.  

a form of gaslighting (tactic used by abusers and those with personality disorders):
pretending not to understand the obvious. here that obvious is: deposit fee, credit check, now likely first month up front or more (when this started in 2017 iirc i was mid 700 credit score could have floated a lease not anymore). maple grove pd and Hennepin county have allowed them to put me in a state enforced potentially illegal lock out if a lease is found to have existed at parents starting jan 2018. 

this not just wastes the targets time, like right now explaining it so if i die, people can see my side of story and if i make it to a court i dont look like a raving loon. 

it also starts to break apart reality for the target, you start to question basics and this is being done on everything my paretnts can do it and every other form. its psychological attack while physically endangering my life future etc.  this empty apt has 3 folding tables upstairs growing mold. clyde rabbit in freezer. bonnie rabbit was cremated and sent to me at my parents house (usps envelope address to me) i can show not only did my dad open it and still holds her remains, recorded call of during the forced labor on moldy car phase he feigned having lost her remains. during that call he rolls open a drawer on their entertainment center, cosmos cats ashes are in that drawer. nope no bonnie here good bye. then when im bringing that up to my mom like 4 months ago while shes saying i hurt myself and need help.

she plays they "ima pretend i dont understand the tense you used indicated my husband in DID something. instead ill act like you claimed we are doing something right now." this came out as again idk if they hold the f****ing phone to that drawer or what, but a few min after recalling months before, draw rolling open sound over phone "what do you mean shes right here"

this is psychotic. I got bonnie and clyde rabbit in 2007. 99% of their lives after with me living in apps. only really between moves did my parents care for them. none the less, opening mail in my name and holding the contents is a federal crime

maple grove pd flat out told me (when reporting check fraud from mail fraud) " they can open any mail that comes to their address" . the federal site says, kinda... mistakenly yes. but assuming you make a mistake its what you do with it after that is important. holding it, singing my name on endorsement panel controlling my funding without legal custodianship (i believe she has it over my aunt, that aunt was also always the crazy one or one with best memory depending on my mom's mood. she would always (as long as i recall) claim people entered her apt and moved stuff around or damaged and stole things. Marlene's sister that is. Marlene and paul were demanding a key to this apt on move in. something they had never had in the past. aka 2006-18. 

every month services with an average value of 150 an hr were preformed. my mom stated shes my landlord till i can afford every cent of moving out again on my own. one month easily 6 billable hrs at 150 an hr. 

well seems to me a 10x10 room? biz law said (for contract law) in absence of a stated rate market average is assumed (or close to is billable, not a lawyer but my logic would go something like +10 +20 percent from high on what market average is... aka it would come down to a bet on how the court and judge see it)

quick search says indeed contract law is a basis for landlord-tenant law. my bet and in my terms (programing) if contract law is a "class" of law then lease/ll-t law extends the class contract law or its a superset of contract law & ll-t unique

so assuming the above assumptions of services for rent. (also i haven't professionally remediated anything before but in order to try to have a work space that wasnt dangerous and aggravating i had began the remediation work on their basement. following mold pros instructions I pulled all the moldy trim, peroxided surfaces, added for good measure killz-mold killing primer. ** point is i wasnt doing nothing or basement dweller never left parents home. I backpacked Europe on my own dime for 45 days in 2006 ALONE at 18, still had my money left over for start of ndsu in the fall. mgpd seems to be pushing really hard to paint it as if i was a never worked a day never left the nest failure to thrive needs to grow up

i was working on an inventory of assets (insurance and separation of entities helpful) 
figuring out a registered agent 
teaching myself CAD (circuit board cad)
designing (in my head) then building tools to do uv lithography and acid etching of copper 


  1. periodic Tenancy
    1. The relationship is automatically renewed unless the landlord gives advance notice of termination
    2. In this relationship, the tenant has the right to possess the land, to restrict others (including the landlord from entering the land, and to sublease or assign the property). 
  2. Tenancy at Will
    1. There is no fixed ending period. The relationship continues for as long as the tenant and landlord desire.

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