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Tuesday, June 2, 2020


the problem with this as it comes to parents is the bar is always moving for expectations

they get off on controlling people in general

they see people as only what purpose they serve at the moment 

they have weak to no feelings of guilt remorse sympathy or empathy 

many in my expeiance seem to find it reassurance of their superiority to pass as many lies as they can or try to pass lies at any moment 

nothing in the real world is black and white but to the extent possible parents owe their children their word. 

when police with no knowledge or care and worse yet courts then enforce the ever changing abusive deceptions theft lies and corrosion of npd parents the society as a whole will lose

at min wage it takes working like 17 hrs a day to afford tuition. 

maple groves seeming policy of accept anything from your parents and we will let them murder you, take everything force labor and then the county slaps you with hearsay dv restraining order by parents who are then ready to cycle to discard

this is death 

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