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Friday, June 5, 2020

on the eve

if you follow science at all...

we can sequence and store genomes for last I checked 1500usd

while I'm pretty sure we can't determine the complex interplay as it leads to every possibility of mortality or traits

and even if we can epi genetics tells us it's not static

I'd still argue we are close to being able to roughly estimate what someone dies of and when by accounting for diet and exposures plus what we know of the genome 

yet law enforcement and law itself seems a century behind

maybe that's because of the. can if worms known as over pop and liability 

but even left un open. refusal to acknowledge it does not change its existance. 

if you end up drawn on me or detaining me or even the actuality of stripping me of alk property rights after a year and a half of slave labor 3 of Mal nutrition 

and my argument is you are killing me... 

maybe you should put your knee on my throat while arguing otherwise

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