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Paul Wuethrich & Marlene Wuethrich of Maple Grove Mn

used a mistake they made (playing general contractor in 2001) finishing their basement to take control of everything belonging to their son in 2018. the mistake was mold that endangered the lives of newborn babies at the nicu marlene works at. it spread to my apt in 2017 as Cosmos cat got sick the last time. I was driving to their house and sleeping next to him on moldy basement carpet

much more of the story and photos are available there. i fear for my life. ive been relocated 6 times in the course of Aug 2018 to current under threat of destruction of all my property. 

i moved back in after 8 mo of bleeding to marlene and Pauls houses jan 2018 not realizing it was the source. it was professionally confirmed that month but Marlene and paul wouldnt admit it let alone act on it till Nov 2018

they still wont reliably admit to it though i have emails with the pro they hired in November for remediation. 

in Aug 2018 they changed the lock code.

instead 0 notice lock change in Aug and maple grove pd put them in a position of power over everything. over the time since they have repeatedly ignore my mail is being opened. my name signed on documents with in it. parents claim to own me. 

Minnesota's legal system is so broke in some cities police departments participate in what elsewhere meets the definition of human trafficking, illegal imprisonment, and forced or unfree labor. 

  stlf volunteering tripright before cleaning out 
a house that was hit by 
Hurricane Sandy in New York
  Frankfurt Germany 2006. I backpacked alone for 45 days. a trip I paid for.  

Table of contents (work in progress)
Before - Current
Previous AP
Cosmos Cat
Work Till You Drop
Their House 2018
  • new lease? L
    • Work Done On Demand
  • Dentist
  • Derm 1
  • Mold Pro
  • Primary 
  • Mold At End of Apt Lease 
  • Birthday 
  • West Nothing
  • AirCapture
Rabbits Sick bacteria and legions 
Vacuum Competition?
Air Conditioner Out 
Rent return Held
AreYou Going Down Stairs?(followed by railing)
Switch To Web Project
Start Of Hotels 
Do You Know Why Im Better?
Poof Bleeding Better 
Mental Ward 
Needs Wants Case Aunt? 
Bonnie Dies
Health Care Held
Jan 2019 Snow Through Car Vents. 
Last Day At Hotel(s)
Remediate Our Car:
Tired of this shit (tire) nope
empty heat no wheels no deals ha title?
clyde dies
hop around. I know how small , why not all?
paid and gone
30days why no shop - where's the money go, whereed the where the.
Garage Lock Out Bust In.
Email is that on a computer?
we might be liable
biz ethics - garage remote out
Xmas From Hell 2 plus report faux
Bibs bibbs no Keys no bikes no agreo
Broke Car - OFPs
Welder theft, Computer theft, Saw Theft, id theft, Welfare Checks
OFP activation.

2006 is when i left maple grove for ndsu. I was back briefly in 2014 then they didnt want me to leave claiming i was too crazy when i claimed their basement made me sick. what was supposed to be one month turned into like 6. other than that i hadent lived there since 2006 when i moved back in 2018.

Before - Current
 2016 current, taken 6-14-2020

my parents play this one two punch game with the KO move gaslight and lie to police. 
its never been quite like this. in the past its been covert. or when its flared to intense but not here it becomes 2 on one gaslighting and or cold shoulder after ehy blow up on me untill they slide back in pretending it never happened. 

the one two is push everybutton, physically assault and every other way, tell others im sick in the head  and tell me a rewritten version of my past /infantalize as an extra... ive got one recorded call where my dad things ive hung up. "did you hear how pissed i got him?" they seem almost happy if i say something remotely conceived as a threat. . which applying npd lens and knowing that can be made into power via misrepresentation to police and courts...

"we're the same person"
"you have to understand i do what i want when i watn"
"youre problems are boring and take too long"
"im going to make you suffer for taking my time with my husband"
"ive decided there no longer were bugs" 
"youre not the leader here"
"youre sick john, youre wrong"
"theres no mold here because im your ____ and say so"
"you bastard i brought you into this world i cant take you out"
"I never said that"----its recordeed----"so what?" , "fuck your recording"
"we can throw you in the car and leave you under a bridge"
"you need help"
"we can get you medicated for your delusions"
"looks like you need someone to take control of your life"
"I need control because i want control"
"I own you" 
"I own you"
"I dont own you but i think i bought you"
"get over it"
"are you gonna cry about it?"
"you know im not going to be around much longer"

one more advanced form of gaslighting they both employ is pretending to confuse tense. for example 
"dad youre saying i deserve it for disrespecting you but you fucking say you own me"
"I dont own you but i think i bought you"

my dad later pretgends to lose bonnie rabbits ashes over the phone . they had come via still held usps addressed to me. they placed them in a drawer in their entertainment center next to cosmos cats ashes. on the day he fakes this to terrorize he made sure the drawer was audible over the phone while insisting he gave them to me already. 

March 5th (like 6 mo later) while my mom denies everything ) "DAD PRETENDED TO LOSE BONNIES ASHES"...

theres a pause then again very obvious drawer opening over the phone. MarleneL "Nope theyre still right here"

I have the first call both recorded and found (i have 3 years worth of calls now) I really ran my mouth and am not proud of it. am less proud I live in a state where it puts the lotion on its skin or gets the courts again/. ootherwise id post it. i need legal console. 

my dad is incredibly fond of making it clear he set the phone down while im mid sentence. sometimes he waits 30 seconds and hangs up, other times he comes back and pretends he has forgotten what we are talking about. 

My mom or dad will describe what ever lie they want to tell and try to tell me things like what the mold pro said . (my mom) when she wasnt present for his visit. Again my mom but tried to tell me what i told my rabbits vet and what my rabbits vet told me. again wasnt present for the visit ant any time every since ive had them  starting 2007. (well...had) 

settle shifts like changing from i need to be medicated for my delusions of mold to i need to be mecdicated for my anger (after sh while they are filing false polie reports as weapons and telling me ive never worked i cant care for myself, that my friends gainfully employed suggesting steps to take to get me gainfully employed along side them have no idea and i need to do as she says and go to comunity college (mah terpin?)

Previous Apts (2006-2018)

Among other things I've built either from plans I drew up or as I go in my head that two drawer Island below. picture of the tree was actually St Cloud couple that did arts and use OfficeMax print center where I was working before I was working the two jobs. Had I not paid $1,000 for the student edition of Adobe Master collection CS4 back in 2009 I would not have performed well at that job. That was my money made from websites I also bought a Wacom tablet. I really shouldn't have to discuss every bit of what's mine and not. I moved back in January 2018 to change the lock in August with no Advance warning Maple Grove Police start telling me I just don't live there anymore and I can't file theft because I gave them my things moving out. Fuck you guys seriously this is how you do vigilante justice with a gun and a badge based off hearsay evidence. This is how you kill someone. This is how you defend people that put sick newborns at risk




 this was the first apt I had in st cloud while working office max and going to school. I was also doing It support and web admin/seo/design at this point but in my spare time i had some projects. I tend to go itteritive Ie small parts, get them working build more complex. this was a really early test for something bigger.  bonnie at a house i rented in west fargo. doesnt really show a living space but I miss her.   

their house 2018 

my moms idea of privacy was entering the 10x10 moldy room and throwing my freshly laundered clothes on garage or basement floor. meanwhile my dad would yell at and critique how i did laundry. 



this was on the upstairs door to their master bedroom in 2018.



Work While at their house jan 2018-aug2018
I had contracted projects to finish and ended up working on the floor in their "piano room" for most of it. never got to finish them though (to this day) despite showing they worked before the issue started at the previous apt. My mom first claimed I made myself sick with etching chemicals or "playing with chemicals" but i had Lab Chemestry at NDSU and found edu sources to refresh safety then downloaded chemical compatibility charts to ensure i had the proper gloves and cupric chloride would be compatible with the plexi tank it was intended to go in. Got a full face respirator with proper carts for mixing (not needed but if it went wrong) mainly used this as a face shield because once mixed its stable with in hte temp range it would experiance with out a heater. I also had consulted a friend from years prior with a PhD in something that involved a lot of labwork. not sure if she wants to be identified so ill leave it at that. but i had things like a first rinse bucket then set aside one sink for hygiene one for glaswear(double sink vanity_. glaswear was only chem glaswear and not stored anywhere near,food etc etc.  suficie it to say i knew from the start chemicals did not make me sick. 

When I got back to their place we were on something like "you made all this up because you lack the technical ability" (she couldn't name the titles of the projects and had no idea they were all proven to work/working prototypes) only think i haven't demonstrated was actal welds with the tool i built to build the battery pack I needed. but I do itteritive design and had tested all components in simpler systems. I already had the board that was going to make the welds etched , solder stoped and almost ready when bleeding started. as well as one of 3 final boards for the actual contracted project (onthe main contracted project, there were 2 others) So I prove I can make welds and then they both go into spin his head round mode , my dad bans me from using it at his house, my mom starts hiding and throwing away my things and parts the 3rd party paid for.

 eBay ozone modules plexi frame and computer fan. which of course they kept when changing the lock code I had said once i get a flat space ill have welder demonstrated in a week. It took 2 days. I had already written optimized code. *i needed pulses on the edge of what the microcontrol can do reliably. the normal methods for switching pins on and off had too much overhead so it wasnt hard but took some thought. then instead of trying to finish touch control I rewrote time adjustment so it could be adjusted via serial port. aka open a program on connected laptop and I think i had set "Q" is  +1ms "A" decrements 1ms W&S by 10ms

below is timing adjustment

 i wont say imperfect safety wise though.the  lighter wasn't ideal there lol. halanded on it we might have had fireworks for a moment.
d molten metal with enough "thermal mass"(josh...) I was wearing my 3m full face respirator hood pulled up to it(the lens is impact resistant to a pretty high rating and plastic filters enough uv for the less than 10ms pulse weld)  and strings tied. rubber gloves up to elbow. ligher would have messed up the laptop but thats about it. which would have been ironic because thats why the notebook is positioned where it is (screen protector) I really needed to clean the contact points but thats all a moot point . 
 usually these strips of metal are welded between cells. my dad also knew very little about the projects. He had agreed to finance the shop effort and time was discussed. then mold hit. he did know this was crucial. he didnt know enough to realize, I was on top of safety to the level i was dialing it in tapb to tab so i didnt blow up a battery in their toxic mold basement. I suspect it had everything to do with not losing narsastic feed and the excuse was evaluating safety he knew nothing about. All of this stuff is self taught. He was a school bus driver then union organizer she wis a neo natal nurse practitioner.  He did have a friend qualified to tell him if i was on to anything for full of shit. he didnt have acess to any of my plans, write ups, schematics and also doubt he could name the titles of things, I had suggest he contact that friend if in doubt but he said something aloneg the lines of thes no fun. While im doing this and cleaning their basement my dad was also trying to get me tot go to the bar. Before moving out of the apt back into their hosue he was saying i would have another apt right away .. He had agreed to finance a repair and design shop, i invested everything i made from year and a half  at 60-100 hrs a week, tied in every connection i had and the main project had 3rd poarty money and friendship on the line on top of credibility. on top of 2 chances at start of career corp 60-100k positions and paid for the design and labor. I held off collecting so I didnt put someone who had been good to me out as much. point is even as it became apparent their house caused the issues they just got more and more distructive and decitful .   

v or On Request For them while at their house  (jan -aug 20)
  • Installed lv LED dimmer and on off control on under kitchen counter lights. added a wireless RF remote.
  • I say once a month ut more like once a week at least one "I NEED HELP WITH BLAH BLAH" on a computer. Both the media center PC iin the living room and desktop in basement are machines I cstome built. 
  • The basement machine had a raid 1 array with drives past life expectancy. that was easily 6bilable hrs. I ordered replacements in two orders. Raid 1 is called mirroring, 2 + drives are identical copies so if one drive fails you dont lose anything. theory is you dont order them on the same day because you want to avoid same batch or same day of manufacture. if the plant had an issue that day and one dies way sooner because of it, well the other wasnt same batch so no sweat right?)That array has family photos dating back to 2003. They really need an external back up as well but hey i own nothing even though in 2004 i was making 50 to show up and 25 and hr after doing this for small biz already. my mom says i made it all up they tell the police they gave me everything...and here i am. except they both know damn well thats not the case. I installed the new drives, did a brief stress test, re initialzed a raid 1 array,I cloned the data to the new array
  • They wanted better wifi upstairs. I purchased ethernet over powerline adapters, ran downstairs modem/ap plan cable to adapter, put the other upstairs. upstairs adapter to range extender set to normal AP mode. Set the names the same, set the channels opposite and set the  WPA 2 codes the same. there is an id humans dont see for wifi apps, but either conveniently or unsecured most devides buck the security recommendations and will treat this as the same ap. reason channels opposite is wifi is listen before talk for all devices and on 2.4ghz there is overlap on most of the channels. easy example is say channel 1 is really 0-10MHZ. Most of the power is centered on 5MHZ and towards the edges not as much. power to 0-2mhz and 8-10mhz is less than in the middle. IIRC its more plunger shaped then bell but bell would work for simplicity sake (bell curve/upside down parabola). something called inverse sqar law dictates that if you double distance from any given power level source, you get 1/4th the power. but the problem 2.4ghz wifi has is if ch 1 is 0-10mhz ch 2 is 8-18 (neither is that im just using easy numbers) (also trying to elaborate im more than some skeeze who claims i took a virus off a PC once)  the inverse square law means that in all but dense apt buildings life is probably ok, but inside the same house you want to be a few channels away to avoid overlap. because put simply...listen before talk and devices on ch 1 might be hearing talking on ch 2 which would grind your network to crawl. by extension of what i just said...if you are reading this and thought that 40mhz or wide channel mode some access points feature is making your apt wifi faster, do yourself and your neighbors a favor and turn it off. 
By what i learned at scsu, they are obligated to market average for even letting these services be preformed let alone demanding or requesting them .Which happens to be around 150 usd/hr. as my mom said when i moved back in "im your landlord now until you can afford every penny of moving back out"...

biz law on contract law also mentioned that without setting a rate in the agreement again market average. not sure how that works with ll/Tennant but id argue that she put a length of time on it with the last bit. im not a judge and at this rate i expect to be dead on the street more than make it toa nay court.

working on my hs bedroom as per mold pro instructions. the box made of wood and duct tape (background first door on left middle of it) thats a 5 inch deep merv 13 hepa filter adapted to a box fan. 25x20x5 to a 20x20 fan. this only works with deep pleated filters. pleats = more surface area = more holes. box fans are a type of axial fan which means they dont like dealing with static pressure a filter presents or at all. try it with a 1 inch filter and you move no air. a 3in deep filter your fan burns out in about a month. no such issue with 5 inch deep filter, id argue its probably doing about 1000cfm. I had two of these running and later after all the work peliminary was done by me they hired another mold guy to do an air capture. these filters were likely running up to point he arrived. the drop ceiling was also sealed. since they put it up droopy plastic over the lights. my dad replaced it with glass. i should have known something was up. 1000 spores per cubic liter of aspergilis. the sample was taken in the doorway to this room. the room bothered me the most both in 2014 and 2018 with baseboard heat on. i theorized convection currents in the wall cavity drove the issue out. 


Derm 1
surbric dermatitus

Mold Pro
Hot Water Out
you need a lawyer not a doctor. the way someone your age gets over mold is get away from it. 
Mold At End of Apt Lease 
Rabbits Sick bacteria and legions 
Vaccum Compitition?
Air Conditioner Out 
AreYou Going Down Stairs?(followed by railing)
Switch To Web Project
Start Of Hotels 
Do You Know Why Im Better?
"do you know why im better than you? I dont lose my cool" 
says paul wuethrich after telling me he stopped giving my rabbits their ve prescribed antibiotics. 
Poof Bleeding Better 
Mental Ward 
Bonnie Dies

Jan 2019 Snow Through Car Vents. 
my dad will only say "i came to the hotel to put stuff in your trunk"


on moving into apt with only a bed and Clyde Feb 2019, the demand became you remediate our car or maybe your stuff is donated. maybe the storage garage they picked but wouldnt give me the address to goes away. at this point paul wuethrich has twice told me "i own you" once "i need control because i want control"

Last Day At Hotel(s)
somewhere I have audio of my dad leading up to this but basically he claimed to have the car professionally remediated it was not. the night before i told him i need to clean the room so he doesnt get charged for clyde. he took that as a threat. then when i explained its not he changes his tone to better clean it well im taking out any additional bill to what i give you this month. this is while they still have everything of mine and im about to move into apt with just a matters. I get the car back find nothing has been done to it. he made the exchange take 3 hrs after check out. clyde had peed his carrier. It was like negative 11 and clyde was a teenager. I had one key and a wet friend they were 5 min away and not answering. Moldy car wet clyde -11 about to go to apt with just a matters. I bit the bullet and dried clyde off with my shirt and coat. still had to figure out what to do about carrier. with the temp outside i couldn't turn off the car and go in somewhere. I couldn't run it and lock the door. I ended up getting arbys drive through with clyde in my lap then heading over to the strop mall with dicks and the petstore (mart co? idk) by this time clyde had recovered enough he was sitting on the center console. at one point ii look up and a mom is mouthing to her daughter "LOOK A BUNNY" clyde was doing his best to look majestic as usual sitting up looking bravely back at them. you have to remember...pray animal, broad daylight, in a car... Clyde was not your typical rabbit, nor was Bonnie. But Clyde was phased by almost nothing if i was around. over the years others also pointed out that any time i talked he had an ear in my direction. Bonnie trusted me but was far more easily frightened. with my cousins kids I would see her breathing fast and know she had to go back to a quiet place. clyde would sit there all day . I know she trusted me though because one day while working break neck I laid on the floor to pet them in my 2016-2018 apt and passed out. woke up 6hrs later face down on the floor with a weight on my back, as I stood first i felt paws shift then white and black flashed over my shoulder and a very disgruntled bonnie looked at me like "what the hell pillow?" she had sprawled on my back and was sleeping as well. I digreess. in the mg strip mall lot I eventually decided clyde would probably do ok under my coat and we were going into petco together (just looked it up). Which for some reason had no towels so I end up having to burn like 60 on a carrier.

Remediate Our Car:

their idea of a joke is make me work on their moldy car for 9 mo then file ofps still holding all my stuff. They filed in Hennepin they forced the lease and Stearns under threat of destroying all of my things that Maple Grove PD put them in control of with the likely illegal zero notice lockout. 2 days after they passed in my absence they were up your calling and fucking welfare checks then a week where every day they came to the parking lot Burns refuse to serve the ofp s

I am likely to be dead on the street because of this. They took my garage remote from the car in the parking lot one of the days they were up here. A week or two later the most valuable things I had managed to recover stolen from the garage. They took my ID as well. When they filed for the ofp is I was 21 days from having to vacate at the end of this lease. Covid-19 ban on evictions is the only reason I'm not homeless. This is fucked up beyond belief who paid to have their house fix November 2018 forced it on me for the last year to the point I fucking spitting out black mold

after Geting headliner out I was told not to throw it. unable to do anything more it sat there.  turned out the drain lines were plugged for the moon roof. it leaked enough to provide ample moisture for the mold spores their house was providing but not enough to be visable/soak through headliner. 

my destroyed 400usd oscilloscope 

moldy trim I pulled in their basement as per mold pros list. 

What's with the Blue?

any pictures with a blue tinge were produced by this(middle, bellow). it was the emitter for my uv lithography exposure rig. in learning the concepts to do uv lithography i had happened across what a wood lamp is. many things fluoresce under uv light including some fungus. its also used for forensics. i found it useful because if say carpet had some spots lighting up or the hair on my head.... well whats causing it in some and not other places?aka not saying i can interpret the results but it does reveal some things the naked eye cant see.

the black box was my exposure unit. the heat sink was for an intel core 2 cpu. its attached to a scavenged ceiling can light bracket. box is made from plexi an old roommate left behind. bottom was 3 layers thick, allowed me to put weather stripping around holes drilled in top layer, sheet of low iron glass then was pulled down to compress transparency against the uv sensitive acid resist film via vacuum/sucking air out through a cheap eBay pump and a hole drilled in mostly hollow middle layer. it wasnt a kit, it was planned i came up with in my head after teaching myself the required concepts. I watched some youtube videos of university EE students and paused on the exposure boxes a few times, read a bit and can i implement that? the UV led came from digikey which is a huge electronic component distributer in thief river falls mn. the board the wires go to is a CC dc-dc converter. the battery pack has a cheap eBay cut off i didnt trust, hence volt meter on the side. over discharging lithium ion cells tends to produce dendrites. aka stalaticties (think caves) inside your battery, one of many ways they may go spontaneously disintegrate (industry term)

pic showed to an mgpd officer insisting I live the life because parents (in control of 16 years of my earned assets everything ever mine) pay for an empty cell of an apt. I was told:I didn't see that, put the phone away 

cosmos 2010 on moldy basement carpet. 

heres that wall in Nov 2018
 this room was carpeted. also the light fixtures i was referring visible above 
lighter wasnt in the best of places in retrospect. 
 this video shows both a microprocessor controlled resistive spot welder i designed, coded, then made the pcb on hardware i made to make the pcb... 
and the wall in that room pre Nov 2018. on the ofps they claim i was sick in the head and acting irraticly not taking my meds so they kicked me out. none of that is remotely the truth. 

 so irraticly i was testing mems gyroscopes with esp32s in a moldy room

last month I blew this out 

  I needed but didnt have washers. this unlike a box fan is not an axial fan. blower fans tend to be louder but can tolerate greater static pressures with ease.   

One who was more of an acquaintance becoming a friend that I met at a security conference gainfully employed wanted to give me a job paid for the parts for the project you contracted with me. Rather I think it was the company he works for paid for them. Marlene still destroying them. She actually started claiming that I made myself sick with chemicals when I have followed NDSU tot lab protocol for safety I had refreshed refresh myself on it. I looked up. Edu sources for chemical compatibility of gloves and containers I've done the extra mile and even printed the MSDS for the acid that I used to etch circuit boards. I knew there was no way it was that. It then became the already proven to work projects didn't work and I lacked the technical ability so I made it up. I proved the last part of it a tool I needed that was saleable on its own work and then she just starts hiding Parts throwing them away along with everything else mine and other people entrusted to me. If you look at other post I can off the off the top of my head tell you how to form an LLC and I was well along the way to do that. I can tell you how the protection is shattered and why it takes a while to do it right if you're also doing a hundred other million things as I said it's better described already and other posts. Point is more recently while she's still sitting on the parts she starts saying well it's been too long it's worthless. I had that person and when I went to high school with who's gainfully employed in California and wanted to use that project and his word to get me the start of a career position around $100,000 a year. My mom can't name the projects I was doing but knows that both were in California. Well I'm telling her I have no where to file anything organized my stuff because you guys took all my things and she's telling me that everything I was doing was worthless I've never worked blah blah blah she starts sending newspaper clippings like this one above. It's pretty much I know what I did to you but you wouldn't like that anyways see here's proof.

She will also try to tell me it's my fault for not getting allergy tested. Well Marlene with a masters in nursing aren't you the one who determined I had the penicillin allergy in 1998? Or do you not know what penicillin is? Both parents seem to not understand the fact that black mold and several others are extremely toxic not just allergenic. Or rather they can release things called mycotoxins. I guess they don't really have to worry because they paid to be rid of this problem in November 2018 after 10 months of my mom telling me she'll get me in a mental ward she'll get me medicated they're paying to have it removed while I'm in a mental ward. I told the doctor I have an email with the hired mold Pro I told the doctor I have documents from the extermination at the apartment on my phone standard operating procedures to take phones from patients at check-in wasn't there an optional tour of Maple Grove PD officer tells me I decided before I met you you're going in tonight. more hearsay from my dad. I have the recording of that encounter I even pointed out that they have five vehicles and I've been not able to enter because they changed the lock there's two people that live there they have 5 vehicles they took this car only to inspire the text that you're now here for. other words from a hotel at around dinner time they took the car I said what I thought was ridiculous threat at the time because it hinged I'm an Uber that I never attempted to hire but what I said was I'll hire an Uber go to Ace Hardware walk out with a sledgehammer then come Hammer your stucco I really doubt the 5:30 p.m. demolition would have gone down well especially when the cab driver sees you fix me up from a hotel lot if I'm a professional demo day why did I need to buy a hammer and now I am I requesting a middle-class residential at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday. or even if they want to claim that wasn't the reason I don't see where this lines up with any a Minnesota the emergency medical hold laws. Because officer tells me he decided before he met and the only reason he's there at the hotel is my parents show them text messages but the sheet from the first hospital says it's a medical officer hold which if I read right that's only supposed to be done by a doctor that seen me before and I haven't seen like nothing about this is right. Besides that who wouldn't be little little ticked off when 16 years of their stuff is just locked away poof gone and that's just stuff that I worked for 30 years of what was ever considered mine and it's still locked away. They were literally having the remediation done well I was then transferred to Riverside where the doctor says patients aren't allowed phones on Ward when I tell him I have the relevant expert testimony these things are real even gives me a diagnosis for delusions of bugs and mold. The sources I can find including PubMed 100000 to 250,000 people a year die in the US due to mistakes on charts. Well this isn't much of a mistake this is sick this is a doctor that has me in a position where he's playing jailor with no hope of Jerry and has the ability to deny hard evidence I didn't tell him I had samples of pictures of samples I knew what Ziplocs Ben room yet Bond Matchbox syndrome cuz I like site I've studied all this on my own when I took a basic site class at NDSU I realized I had an interest in it was nothing I pursued like as anyting more than just an interest but I read a ton on my own. shouldn't matter either way though because the relevant experts are the relevant experts in 10 minutes of meeting me you didn't I the hard proof that these problems are there and then call me delusional you're fucking delusional. I usually refer to him as mallard duck Boris because obviously he was quacking and that probably lets him out of his oath. when I say usually I mean in other posts here. 4 times before I met with him about noon on Saturday I overheard staff saying patients names and chart information the HIPAA violations in there we're insane

I wasn't just lounging at the hotel either. I had a web server to set up for a business in St Cloud a paid job.

 after setting up a vps with host winds and transferring a client's business site I utilized lxd/lxc to make a production and dev area. the clients site was relent on a non compliant order form so I was experimenting with cart solutions. open litespeed is shown but right after enterprise litespeed was implemented.

over the years ive implemented citix xen, Microsoft hyper-v in 2009 when it was new. recently while bounced between hotels and still being mislead into believing things would be different I put together a server from eBay parts. it's running Intel clear linux as a host for kvm. iommu/vtd and passes through Intel x540 virtual devices so the guests playing router/firewall VPN host web server, pbx and others have near native preformance. it's routing a /29 block of public static ipv4 addresses and provides a private nated subnet for wifi.

it's sitting on the floor of my apt and the modem is growing so much mold service cuts out. I had to wash the board inside with isopropyl alcohol this month to restore service. it also doesn't help that the air conditioner drips into unit. somethings wrong with the design though when 2 dehumidifiers in 600sq ft need to be emptied 2x a day.

they are terrorists. they used me to be alerted to a major problem that risked their entire house. they used me to start correcting it. while I was there not a month went by where at least once I wasn't doing on demand tech support. market value of 150 an hr. they try to paint it like I'm the kid who never grew up publicly. privately I'm hearing they will take the car unless I work min wage because first they claim they never saw me work at all then not enough. 

they come to the parking lot and take things like garage door remote from car I'd from car. 

all while mgpd has since Aug 2016 stood Inbetween me and anything of mine. 

I I'm frozen in fear. filed the ofps 21 days before lease 2019 forced st cloud apt they picked was up. notice to vacate had already been given. still have almost everything of mine Clyde is in freezer washing machine is broke and they took my ID. 

this isn't making it on my own this is two people waging war on their son. bio war while destroying background check credit score credibility and literaly telling me they don't know why I can't cook in empty kitchen they stocked it with Bibbs. 

it puts the lotion on its skin or mgpd and hennepin will..

mgpd tried to and quite successfuly so far wirte off empowering would be/will be murders with the phrase if your parents give you anything though I always have some control

Well ignoring actually the same night I showed the picture of The Moldy headliner after 9 months of being forced under threat of destruction of all the assets Maple Grove PD put them in control of I'm still in that fucking Empty Apartment the lease is 3 months past

I can't find a single law that says you are entitled without Court granted custodial ship to open someone's mail to forge the signature on Banking and legal documents, to hold their mail or to force them around under threat of destruction of all the property they work for let alone everything theirs. 

I can find a bunch of medical journal articles to support the threats to life and function posed by this. 

I can reference economic mobility factors to show harm. 

but dead this does me little good or from the street. 
Christmas 2019 this is a 3 video playlist I never left the car I never even put the car off of public property the first thing that happens is my aunt through they have custodial ship over who does not have a driver's license gets in the car and leaves. When the officers show up they have the report that I've been inside or on their property causing commotion and refusing to leave no one besides my cousin Mark talk to me if you watch that video to the end he walks away with double middle fingers fuck you fuck your recording then the police show up


Clyde while at Marlene and Paul sdomicile from hell. That records would probably indicate that before going in there their coats were always nice but the trips from my parents house to the vet matted fur shitstains shit crusted to their fur. These weren't just animals they were all so very much my friends. Rabbits kept as pets over 50% of them don't see past the age 7. Clyde was a year old in 2007 and died in 2019. Bonnie was a year-and-a-half and died 2018 but nothing about either one of their deaths had to have happened or would have if I had any of my rights protected.

Despite Maple Grove hearing at least two times that my bike is my bike I can't have it back all my kitchen stuff is missing they put it in the storage garage when I move back in with them they didn't give me the address to that garage until a month before this lease ended that garage is packed to the fucking feeling and a month before it ended alone I'm not able to get that but why would I how now like the if I have the fucking ofp is they put me in an impossible situation I'm blowing up mold I haven't had a life in 3 years they say they own me police refuse to act on them in all intents and purposes doing so I have no expectation my male private they're holding documents I need this is a suicide machine this is death machine even if I don't want to die 5th systemically broken down every have it I have developed since I left there fucking god-forsaken fucking abuse Factory house in 2006 what I said fuck you to my mom in 2018 she takes it as an excuse to talk about her sex life. Well she's yelling at me if I leave once a week if I leave the fucking moldy room Freud and Jung a hundred years ago describe call narsacistic parents would have elements of incest emotional incest extreme abuse emotionally physical abuse among other things. Modern research shows they will sabotage their children into adulthood I don't want to die after the last woman your touches me is my mom trying to push me over a fucking railing

the m most likely exclamation for the behavior of Maple Grove Police is the combination of early mistakes created liability and they just don't want to deal with this anymore the problem is they're doing so in a way that basically leaves me for dead deprives me of things I've worked for earned dollar 4 Hour of my life traded for 16 years they put abusers in total control and ignored everything including me trying to report I have recorded calls indicating that the DV report was backwards my mom was trying to kill me

Early 1900s there was a Minnesota Supreme Court decision that no one should profit for their crime well this is somewhat mistake somewhat crime but they endangered the lives of newborns at Children's in St Paul for 20 years they use their son to detect the problem take everything from him use lies to the police Steven take my background check will they fuck over my credit and my credibility taking things other people paid for for projects I had already shown to work after they agreed to finance a shop before that I was working 60 to $100 a week between two jobs they created the dependency that they've been used as a distraction from the actual crimes they commit the actual risk to my life they enforce. They paid to have their basement remediated November 2019 well there lies had me in a psych ward. When this started in 2017 I had a 700 Plus credit score 0 mental or criminal records

according to documents found on mn vln site regardless of if a lease existed or not nothing about what mgpd has enforced is kosher.

I feel like death every day. the apt they picked is a design with a garage right under it. which is part of the reason it's been so hospitable to the growth of what I was forced to deal with here. I have two dehumidifiers and on days like today they both fill 2x a day. every time my neighbors go to their garage the influx of hot warm air in summer.. not good.
This was the AC Grill. When clean our car or lose everything started I told them without the ability to change clothes in between the area I work on it and the apartment or living space this is a really bad idea. I told him it was a bad idea in general it's not something I'm qualified to do and it's a terrible use of my time. I told them the problem was compounded by the fact that you're keeping all my organizational furniture from me let alone everything mind and anything I get back on the floor makes the only alternative of vacuuming every day that much more impractical and unsustainable.
They paid that their house remediated November 2018. January right before this lease started the car I was allowed to use not the one that was mine snow blow through the vents. My dad pretended not to know that snow was water or that this car haven't been in their attached garage for 9 years in the house that 50 ft by 8 ft of wall 1500 square feet of carpet and Pad came out of he couldn't see how that was a problem. It was like fuel on a fire like pouring gas on a fire. It's the reason Clyde is dead.
January as I'm preparing to go to apt they forced. first the requirement was give them a key. 2006 to 2018 they never had a key to my apt. then came the pay an associate but only if I ask him if 16 an hr was alright. then it took several weeks to get a hold of my dad again. then he wanted to negotiate his own price down to 14. then stopped responding all together for several weeks. through out the first 10mo he would intemiently demand to know why I hadent found a conercial space to lease, same deal. it's not just they sat on all my things they consistently mislead and threaten all my property if I don't follow 

worse yet it's become pretty likely that my mom screws with my aunt she has costodial ship over. as long as I can remember aunt marry has told stories of people coming into her apt and breaking things, moving things taking things. the last year and a half has given me every reason to belive that has been my mom. 

what's odd is as this was getting bad marry claims to have gotten harrasing calls from me. I don't have her number. I never called her. it was right before that when my dad locked me out of any access to the Verizon account my phone line is on. I highly suspect my cousin Mark or Katie though. marry has quite a bit of money. the motive would be cutting me out of the will. 

I didn't want to live of anyone but myself. my parents claim I burden them externally but take all means of even stabilizing life let alone past income sources while denying ive ever been employed or saying some rewiten version that changes on the fly. 

March 11th 2020 knowing the car was broke down since March 6th they filed ofps in hennepin. their claims date back to January 2018. between the lock out 6mo after I moved back in, police in mg allowing them to take car and strand me at the hotel 3mo after changing lock.. and actually 3rd hotel having bounced between 2 others with in that time... I haven't been able to access or hold on to anything of mine let alone documents. I called the court but it didhnt matter. in my absence the ofps passed. 2 days later they drive to st cloud call in a welfare check. sterns maybe due to corona maybe the welfare check maybe things I'm not privy to... for what ever reason Stearns County made no attempt to actually serve the ofp s which left them inactive but my parents told me otherwise during this. They continued coming up for a week my phone was ringing off the hook from my mom's number more times than she had called from 2006 to 2018 combined in one day they play social norms. They're likely recording calls to I didn't answer any of them because they've got me over a literal Barrel have been forcing conditions that are dangerous to my health and life made it impossible to move on in any direction and during that time coming up they took my garage door opener for the second time my ID from the car it's fucking insane. Hearsay and nothing more has made it so if I call the people that are stalking me I have taken all of my things if I even call them I can go to jail. This is absolutely insane. Well they were paying for the hotel they want to change for food so I'm being bounced around that literally depleting me Bonnie and Clyde rabbit were sick they were put in control of them of rabbits that I've haven't cared for since 2007 Bonnie died in their care so thin that's the first thing the vet said was do you think they're going to syringe feed her and 10 minutes later she was dead now they still have her ashes play this in my freezer this is how you crippled someone in every way for life and shorten if not end their life. Every time I turn around they've taken something by my estimate they spent $20,000 this year to holding trap if destroyed every have it that I had to teach myself leaving their house in 2006 they've taken every comfort and coping mechanism I have from me that's not all things they gave me I had to teach myself how to cook I had to teach myself how to calm myself that sort of stuff basic four function and some things about me that I shouldn't have to explain this but they starve me 30 days in 2019 will holding on to all of my stuff this is how you kill someone

Around the time the lease was starting my dad switched his game from talk in circles for literally hours 2 make me try day after day to get ahold of him maybe you would grace me with a call and then talk in circles for hours like I got hit and run sideswiped in Maple Grove and they had taken the insurance from the car my mom decided she was going to pick out what mattress that I had and that was all that was in my apartment and I bought the three folding tables and Clyde's in the freezer but it took 30 hours I'm talking after like 30 hours trying to get a hold of them over the course of like a week and a half just to get the fucking insurance to prove I had it. I am capable of doing all of this for myself but not after 3 years I'm starving being lied to being destroyed this is fucking insane this is another thing I could never imagine it makes Ever every horror movie and every psychological Thriller I've ever seen looks like fucking children's books. It will lie to my face even about my past things they weren't there for things they drove me to then say I didn't do it they say they didn't say that then if I say it's recorded yesterday so what or fuck your recording and then they returned to the fucking lies.

My dad will sit there playing games with how the calls are redirected when he doesn't answer they have three different ways or four sometimes it's the voice mail next to the computer I built for them in the basement or rather old-fashioned but digital answering machine. Sometimes it's the Comcast phone line voicemail sometimes it rings until it hangs up sometimes there's 30 seconds of Silence and then an operator voice recorded obviously the party you called is not available. And it's not me assuming they're trying to press every button I have a call recorded where they think I hung up and my mom's heard laughing with my dad did you hear how pissed I got him. I'm pissed because you've taken everything of mine you sick bastard. I'm sick because you used me to solve the mistakes you made on your house destroyed all of my credit my credibility took everything from me and try to paint me as sick you fucking psychopath. 

For six months he tried to pretend he didn't know what a text message is meanwhile alternating occasionally between is that an email and sometimes literally yelling email it to me. Then at one point he figured out he could turn off his email address. Somehow despite the fact that it was my lease because they forced me into signing it with the first company they're picked out at a place I had looked at and decided against well somehow their email gets on my lease I have the hard copy it's not on there and around the time he's telling me I don't know what the difference between an email and a text is and demanding email it well his address starts bouncing. But the reason I know it's on my lease or the rental company somehow got their address is because a lot of that same time I'm getting returned from mail server that the address is invalid and the apartment company starts leaving notes in my door saying they can't get ahold of me. My parents fucking email.

I left the hotel because my mom had a surgery for cancer and I couldn't leave my room my 10-foot by 10-foot moldy room pictured above the pipe access door that was in that 10 foot by 10 foot room they wouldn't even look at it is why I taped over it. I didn't leave cuz I was bleeding from the corners of the eyes and they were denying the mold I left because like a week before maybe even a few days before her surgery she's attacking me if I leave the room and don't look her in the eye don't talk to her don't look in her Direction I'm getting followed around while she screams I need to be medicated and I'm delusional for mold that have been proven 6 months before. I said to my dad perhaps it would be better for her recovery if I wasn't here for a week or two. 3 weeks then do that they're saying don't call here anymore now that they have all my stuff and Bonnie and Clyde rabbit this is fucking insane. My dad will tell me he didn't know I ever worked anywhere else you thought I work two places ever my mom drove me to the first business it client I had in Plymouth a small CPA operation employing three people I got it so soon after I turn 16 by a card placed on a copy shop bulletin board so soon she had to drive me cuz I had my permit. I ended up having that client until I was 26 I've worked regular for my age jobs. In their heads whatever they say is my past present and future they will tell that two cops they will tell me I get what I want when I want but they didn't tell me this when they're not in a position of power. In 2006 I did a website and a campaign computer for a guy named Russ Lewis when he ran for Minnesota rep of District 50b he was a co-worker of my dad's my dad I can't show text last claiming he didn't think I ever worked anywhere the whole life through their teeth and tell me 10 different plans and I'm sorry no one has good hard starting at 32 completely destroyed with someone going through their mail holding their mail credit and background check destroyed about to be evicted well my parents still sit on everything I ever earned made cared about given earned etc. 
After a loss or recovering from an illness or anything sense of purpose in life even generally how long you live sense of purpose matters. Didn't find medical journal articles that shows there's a difference in mortality after surgeries after cancer after any infliction. After Clyde died my dad's demanding to know why I haven't been working faster on their car remediating their mold from it. When I asked if you could think of any reason I was flow that way he says he didn't list a hundred of my problems but he's not going to hop around all night
My mom will always answer yours the deal here's the deal here's the deal here's the deal you guys screwed up your house I know you're trying to rewrite my entire life you endangered sick newborns you're destroying me you're not supposed to call here anymore.

If I have the cash to spend on a background check I would check Sherry the landlord at this apartment I'm not sure of the memory but when I used to go with my dad to take your kid to work day when he was working for ISD 281 as a public school bus driver we would always go over to the district office after his routes and I think the lady we would visit was this landlord I was really young and I don't trust that memory but it would explain quite a few things. When there is that email address confusion this was a few months after they tried to evict the garage and I have been emailing above her to the rental company from my Vengeance Tech. Biz G Suite account there should have been no email confusional. Sherry's the one who I filled out and signed the lease with I would never put their email on my lease. April 2020 the lease had ended March she calls my phone I answering hello Paul which of course is my dad's name then she didn't want to tell me what she was calling about but again I'm the only one on this lease.

There's also an online portal for this apartment company and the building has CCTV cameras a few times my dad has sent me a text asking like are you going to get food within moments of me leaving the door with the camera I can't say I know for sure because I don't have access to the login portal for my lease even though Sherry said she would be sure I got it

this was a plexi Glass bender I made in 2017. resistive wire basicly ecig coil wire runs down center track. heat plexi laid over hot wire then one side lifts up on hinge. perfectly curved bends. 

the money made from the web server set up went to this professional cold fogger, a dehumidifer, a floor blower/dryer fan which I converted to take a hepa filter. 
one of 3 folding tables

this was one of three benches at the apt with Clyde in red light 2016-17 I was doing 9 month leases and I would have been up for the third but they didn't want to re-sign after I made them spray for bugs which also included proving the bugs. 

The Experience almost no changes they paid to be rid of the problem they created this make sure I am still dealing with it as everything I've ever worked for is still being destroyed as my ability to expect anything but death is destroyed

When you can force someone to move around six times in a year you're opening their mail you're threatening everything they ever owned or worked for at the time Bonnie and Clyde rabbit well first Bonnie died but I still had Clyde. You keep someone from forming any meaningful relations you keep them with no purpose in life through great losses I had had Bonnie and Clyde since 2007 Clyde is still in my freezer and the thought of the eviction that's coming soon even that alone is paralyzing but they take my ID almost two years of just hell like three or four total since I've had a good meal I used to be able to cook they tell me they put bibs in my kitchen they don't understand why I can't cook even though I assembled my kitchen I had stainless steel pan add Teflon utensils I could cook chicken curry from scratch I said things like vegan squash hamburgers asparagus I can't even have the bike the heck I'm 32 I'm not Invincible 20 year old things like type 2 diabetes are a real concern right now heart disease cancer. All of this as huge factors depending on your diet and exercise. I so want to die I don't want to be made so broken I become someone else's job security because Maple Grove was so unconcerned that even when I say they literally claim to Own Me the response was it's not illegal to say you own someone no one is safe with this
They've deprived me with Maple Grove PD is an extension of the state standing directly in the way of me owning anyting well people claim to own me and violate several federal laws Maple Grove PD didn't care that my parents had my ID the night that they activate the ofp is that's basically sending me away to die that was May 22nd during the height so far of Corona I know what snap is I know how to get it you need an ID for that a few months before when I was down there pre restraining order what are the several if not countless by now X I'm forced to drive away from all my assets under lock and key without any legal precedents well then they're yelling at me for having driven down there without an ID and telling me that the illegal Authority absolute Authority that modern police talk with no accountability for anything they say is a major concern for all of us but I don't think I'm going to be around to fight for everything this is such a fucking waste
My YouTube channel is wuety06 and Vengeance Technologies is another I can show that even when I was working two jobs or when I was working a job and school I was doing technical stuff on the side in my free time I am very driven and self-motivated there is no laziness or sloth in my life I will push myself past what most people will do and I don't come home have a beer and watch TV I come home and try to learn something when I'm working I give what time I can to help others I have not been charged or convicted of a single crime yet  hennepin countyin the 4th District Court and Maple Grove PD have for like one point eight years now ood in the way of anything I own ignoring Crime After Crime committed by my parents Minnesota Mental hold law or emergency medical hold is set so vaguely that you can be taken in for up to seventy-two hours although I don't think mine was legal to the criteria doesn't match anything in any of the holds I can find online. But you can be taken in technically for 72 hours for threatening to snap your own number 2 pencil yep when I report $1,000 ham radio and I'm the only one license than my family is being destroyed and Minnesota's criminal property destruction is that $1,000 on May 22nd will ignoring me id-theft Maple Grove PD tells me while we probably could have proved that it was yours anyway I got the fucking license when I was 13 years old that's a knowledge exam or radio Theory and FCC regulations

on top of that with out a liscense them putting any of my radios in a car is technically illegal. with out a ham liscense anything that can listen in to police radio in a car is illegal. 

The Selective enforcement is insane

 to the point where you can endanger sick newborns that aren't even your newborn and abort your son 32 years post term after using him to fix your paid off house and the police will help

I was no loner either I had girlfriends and tons of friends in high school and in College. I did it to female civil engineers. I even went to the swe meetings with one.

Though I do believe that feminist lobbyist groups in the form of not-for-profits representing them have made it somewhat easier for women to escape this sort of treatment I think even saying that that would have changed anything here is false. I draw this conclusion because when I was in senior year at Maple Grove senior I dated a girl who was in 10th Grade. We broke up shortly after but for a while remain somewhat close. Her dad choked her to the ground in 2008 Maple Grove Police told her if your parents pay for anything we'll always have some control. This is about money this is about using the burden on the court system instead of creating Justice but meanwhile there's this creep of the victimized parties that the media shows us creates public support for more and more lies so the police can insert themselves into any situation which is a dangerous combination for any system because I've heard from several good sources that most of the time cops want to do the minimum amount of work on any case they can. Which is probably like a bell curve like anything else some really care some really want to create Justice others are in it for the pay and some are probably in it for all the wrong reasons. Today with thermal imagers and helicopters digitally trunk Network Radio Systems and all kinds of more cops where they came from they are an absolute Authority this is a very dangerous combination

Any Authority without accountability will never produce good results for those who have to endure the authority something along the lines of absolute power corrupts absolutely


  1. For anyone who wants to know where John has been. He is being held against his will at centracare in Saint Cloud. There they are trying him for commitment saying that he is a delusional man and that he is aggressive. There they try and take everything away from him and are trying to force medicate John while also ignoring health issues that he is showing. For anyone who wants to get in contact with him the number is 3202555601

  2. For anyone who is wanting to know where John is, he is being held against his will at centra care. There they are trying to commit him as mentally ill and are trying to do everything in their power to piss him off so that he shows signs of aggression.

    1. How's it going bud? Was thinking about cotton the other night and laughing my ass off alone


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