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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

prision nanny state

if one has no expectation of protection of even their mail

if one can't even get on record another is actively knowably opening it

signing their name on legally binding contracts

there is no pursuit of happy Ness there's no expectation that working produces anything but theft 

0 notice lockout mpgd says I gave them my stuff moving out

this is all the stuff that makes a person rightfully hyper virulent

yet paranoid behavior is a reason to put one in the mental ward in this state 

along the way your 4th amendment rights will be violated under the guise of protecting the emts even if you show no signs of hostility and even if probable cause for the 3 to 5 day abduction and search of person is only hearsay from another citizen

this state has serious issues far deeper than use of police force.

we do need national policy on that as well though. 

it's not that I'm against blm

I just see the racializing of one sub-point as a distraction from the erosive undertone of private citizens having any expectation of anything but modern serfdom ruin or imprisonment 

possibly under the guise of creating jobs for some by making prisoners out of others

this nation was against debaters prision.. is this concept much different?

how about when suicide is illegal?

seems there's no opt out and we inch closer to a new past and a coiled pile on the lawn that we will call anything but slave serf forced... we coil this rose vibe with compassion, caring for the sick, work sets the rest free

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