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Friday, June 5, 2020


at some point we apear to have  collectively got so focused where we are told appropriate divides and ways to be are that we forgot someone else isn't suposed to rigidly set catagories you then mold yourself to or die.

yes there's always some of that with learning and growing but the state of Minnesota the county of hennepin and the city of maple Grove is trying to play me as an incompetent child and forcing destruction of over 16 years of things earned while ignoring that the parents doing it endangered lives other then their own and still endanger mine 

bellow are some of the living spaces and projects I've made over the years. it's highly limited by photos phones happened to have backed up. 

as I type this I am unable to shower due to not being clean towl

unable to apply for food stamps as parents maple Grove pd repeatedly refused to even allow me to report on... have my drivers liscense

tons of my mail held, accounts hacked maple Grove pd responded to "they claim to own me" with and reports of mail and check fraud wirh its not illegal to say you own someone and it's legal for them to open any mail going to their address. the omitted catch that they knew they were selectively enforcing is its not legal to hold mail or open an envoloe with out your name on it knowingly. 

it should be a major red flag. instead I get asked why I can't cobtrol my finances.. is mgpd both trying to paint me as violent while suggesting I should take the mail by force? 

for a year and a half they forced me to drive away in a car not mine while all asserts moved back in where  then put under lock and key 

this is sick here's some of what I've done in the past. also some of my living spaces mostly set up alone like vast majority and entirely most of that. I moved out in 2006 then back in 2018.

I'm about to be homeless unable to rent 

And here's the thing they justify it by saying if you accept any money from your parents. Always going to have some control. Okay well then you're a thug with a badge or executing vigilante justice because you are not a judge you're doing things that risk another human's life and you do it with a fucking gun on your hip you fucking collards and it's not all of you some of you very much try but all you're doing is going on here say you don't you've separated me from any ability to prove otherwise you should be ashamed of yourself you should be in prison

You're contributing to the demise of the human race you're creating a no one that doesn't fit the standard mold ever let a head. This is fucking sickness you are risking my life and you do so with a gun on your hip you fucking cowards

You're armed robbers and then you try to paint me as violent and deprive me of my second amendment rights off of hearsay although that's more of the county but she tries try everything you can and none of yours even seen me raise my voice. Meanwhile three or four times you asked if I can be civil well my dad comes over cuz he wants to talk then when he repeats the same non-answer lie and I asked if we're done because I'm being civil you guys have to step in front of him and ask him to leave three times but I go down as violent one will you turn me away without my ID without even the ability to get fucking government assistance to fucking starve and tell me based on their here say that I have enough money fuck you. You are a fucking judge jury and extrajudicial execution or cuz you're not a fucking judge your thugs are fucking robbers and executioners

I'm sorry to those of you who aren't. That's also why I try not to identify those who have actually been human

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