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Tuesday, June 2, 2020


I began Geting reports as I moved back in Jan 2018 that my parents were contacting people I knew to tell them I'm sick in the head and or mold obsessed. 

this is a known sociopath and npd tactic. 

it's about isolation. 

it's about distruction of any relation who might give their target an out

these days it doesn't take much. those actually concerwd with not going under try to avoid all undo risk as is

I'd like to thank mgpd and 4th district for enabling them to 

use my detection and deduction to hire a mold pro who confirmed yes infact problem in house

take cobtrol of my pets and all my assets 

lock me out

throw me in mental ward

open my mail keep my mail take my id

force labor under threat of distruction while mgpd ignored all reports of fraud and false reports

discard a broken sick and now unable to rent deprived of 16 years of assets worked for for last year and a half

while locks changed with no notice then mgpd tells me I can't file theft because I gave them my things moving out. 

I am terrified there is no likely route back to health

5th amendment apparently doesn't apply in mn

nor does I'd theft, possessing a amature radio sans liscense. opening and holding mail not addressed to the individual. signing documents and checks in their name with out knowledge or permission or with explicitly stated please forward. for 6mo in hotels bounced between 5 hotels there's no reason here it's make me a criminal cause it's easier to deal with

it might be make me a corpse 

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