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covid 19 AFAIK lives along time in evaporated bio arisols.

at least as far as I can see that's the med terminiology for what comes out as u breath sneeze, etc... and gas from the other end likely qualifies. 

I've been seeing a lot of people on line with out a med expert in the family. they seem to have deduced covid is too small for n95 masks to filter and spout off on how the masks are therefor useless. I try to inject a bit of.. yeah but she don't have wings and then explain what it's hitching a ride on when I can. but that wasn't the point of this post 

as gross as inhaled covid fart is.... 

I have a 3m 6800 full face respirator. I also have the din port adapter for nato standard carts.. 

if i wanted to be an unlawful pain in the ass or violent

I could drive down and stand relatively un affected with tear gas canisters all around me. 

more so or to the point that's actually cheaper than using the mask for covid. 

what I can't do is aford cleaning it between uses or replacing filters to make it of use for covid-19 

either my protection or those around me 

but maple Grove pd assured me the night that they activated the ofps disregarding my parents have my ID all the property I moved in Jan 2018 then Aug when the locks changed was told I left and can't file theft on.. 

maple Grove pd assured me what they are doing is just on may 22 because hearsay my parents give me a lot of money 

so... yeah tell thst to my corpse or someone who catches it from me.

how much do I have to tell you I give you to have police enforce taking your ID and everything you ever worked for?

according to the police in maple Grove Minnesota... the explicitly amount is somewhere near the claim of "a lot"

why do I think I still end up in jail if I try this?

more so though.. my mom started calling me nuts when I began to suspect mold and previously had been doing UV lithography. in working out how to acomplish that I had come across UV disinfectant. 

some of the property being held includes florecent UV tubes that kill microbes. with access to my property and not having miter saw stolen a month ago with my computer and mig welder... 
(only for my dad to give me my garage remote back on may 22 he had the remote when that stuff went missing from garage)
it would have easily constructed a plexi enclosure and been able to disinfect anything from packages to the groceries I can't cook because they have my pots and pans.

this is insanity. this is state enforced distruction of my person starting Aug 2018 with out so much a trial let alone conviction.

what legal avenues are left to survive at this point?

The last time the police had the modus operandi that not everyone be caught was probably 50 years ago. Today as far as I know they operate under if they want to talk to somebody nobody gets away. They have the thermal imagers the radios the squad and the legislation and the numbers to usually enforce this but if no one is checking their power what sort of Justice or expectation thereof do we have or have we all the sudden bread humans that are not capable of error?

I personally think that we are seeing the beginning of the narcissistic and closing that will undo us all basic rights basic Liberties are out the window on hearsay accusation of modern-day Scarlet letters this cannot bode well for us

My parents as far as I know little change in their daily routine little change in their status little change in anything about their lives and ultimately what created the situation was their decision about their house when I was still a minor I'm not out for a free ride off of anybody but why do I all of a sudden find myself unable to rent due to 200 FPS with a medical record that infringes any likely expectation of efficient treatment if I needed all property that I worked for over 16 years held what I'm about to be homeless and two months after Alyssa expired the only reason that I am not homeless is covid-19 toram on eviction which will also add to my inability to find another place to live after a year-and-a-half of being jerked around by separation from all of my property after moving back into the house that caused the illness this is denial of any human rights that meets a lot of definitions of trafficking if I lease my 5th Amendment rights there's several federal laws being broken but what's the likelihood I can fight any of that from the street and when they turn me away without even an ID because you're say I might be violent no one has ever witnessed that they look people claiming it but nonetheless there's no actual crime there I actually cannot rent the actual crimes like mail fraud and check front that protect my ability as an adult to make my decisions are not being respected not being enforced not being protected there's no hope in this situation

Or very little and that realization alone is making any sort of progress It's treating a fear paralysis that and everything I learned not living there from 2006 to 2018 every system I built everything I bought with money I earned by working Buy hours all of that have been taken from me I cannot establish the basics because someone put my things the Police refuse to prosecute or to even allow me to get a record in advisor reports in

mean while in private and on recorded phone calls my dad has said things like "I NEED CONTROL BECAUSE I WANT CONTROL" 

and 2x I own you

1x I bought you

this is enough to drive anyone over the edge to brain damage insanity disability death you name it

because on top of threats to Bonnie rabbits remains (addressed to me at their address by usps opened by my dad) 

and Clyde in the freezer at this apt I should be out of

I can't even care for or mourn my dead loved ones. 

stacking every change you can just for the sake of keeping a target on their feet and unstable is a known tactic of socieopaths and narcasists that have a target in sight. 

when the police empower them at the cost of another's constitutional rights and even personal Saftey. 

we have huge issues to work out in this country regardless of what demographic may be most likely to suffer 

the very view the demographic matters may be the tell of the corruption of even those movements. 

because the solution to help everyone exists under which demographic is more afflicted. 


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