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I don't want to die alone with the last woman who touched me being my mom trying to push me over the railimg/drop to the basement.

claiming she's my landlord while they demand service done professionally for pay in the past with a value of 150 an hr.. 

changing the lock 6mo in and keeping all my valuables assets tools and keepsakes. 

threatening them since Aug 2018(0 notice  lock out) while mgpd  turned a blind eye to that, and repeated reports or attempts to report mail fraud, check fraud, then id theft.

i also reported to mgpd had evidence of false reports used as weapons the only dv report on a clean criminal and civil record was a false report while infact my mom was trying to push me over a railimg/drop to basement and in defusing the situation by walking us away from the drop she screamed you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out Paul call the police.

ie she stated her intent of the repeated shoves wirh my back to the railing. 

I've lived 32 years now and made a conscious effort to understand what might drive people to do harm as a way of not reacting with physical aggression. a conscious effort to look at my actions as to how they may contribute in a conflict. I can't say that I don't ocassionaly say hurtful things but I can say I have never been the physical aggressor or hit anyone in anger. 

the terrifying reality is their actions and that of mgpd and now judge Elizabeth cutler of hennepin 4th district Court present huge threats to my life, health wellbeing, life time expected income (via employability and giving two people one claiming to want to make me suffer the other claiming to own me and even after ofp coming to my apt to steal id) security/Saftey and the perception there of

what they've done with the ofps after a year and. a half threatening my still being destroyed property... makes it easy to send me to jail but more terrifying is... 

the abusive aggressors are now entitled to know my address or the street I likely die on for two years. 2 days after the hr and a half away ofp hearing Paul and Marlene Wuethrich were in st cloud and called in a welfare check as a show of power then another again a week later. my ID, my garage door opener then my computer, MIg welder and compound miter saw were stolen

this apt/ocation was forced under sign this lease or be homeless and lose everything.

during the 6mo at their house in 2018 I was commanded to do computer support work for them on computer I built for them. I was following the hired mold pros advice while they two on one gas lit the mold pros findings. while my mom did everything in her power or extent of knowlege to color doctors perceptions while outright screaming at me I'm delusional and need to be medicated she will get me medicated.

if I left for an hr a week I was up to no good. 
if I stood up to the blatent lies by vocally disagreeing I was told to leave. 

a few times don't come back was added along with threats to the send me to crisis center put me in a mental ward or drove me to mpls and drop me alone with nothing. 

they ultimately did just that with maple Grove police assisting and st cloud instead. 

while there at one point I told my mother fuck you 

not a nice thing to say but that's not the point here.. while I gfet yelled at for leaving room yelled at for leaving house my dad takes keys and disconnects car battery to impare leaving well all my valuables are called in question if I'll ever see them again if I leave when they say to leave including my two live rabbits I had had since 2007 well if I tell her fuck you one time she starts using that as an excuse to v. vent about her sex life to her son that is a batent emotional incest as it can get. 

many times in reading legal docs or by law offices something like 

parents aren't responsible for the well being of their adult children has surfaced. 

that may be true. that does not excuse crimes committed by parents against their adult offspring. espicialy when these crimes are known to impact wellbeing health mental stability etc. 

Some of the property the state began inserting itself between me and possessing after what was likely an illegal lock trains with zero notice we're tools that I used to earn. My mother said after they threaten them to force the lease that if we give him his stuff back he'll just waste his time. Well if the state is going to enforce parents deciding if their children can own property and by extension decide that their adult citizen cannot own property. Unless we're going to try to say that one's well-being isn't dependent on income this is so many levels of absurd

Much of this is a function of income or available funds and what they have done and what Maple Grove Police have assisted them with is destroying 16 years of mostly tools that I work to pay for and it's still being done. We have Constitutional Amendments that guarantee a citizen's right to own and to use property part of that requires possession. Business school teaches that things bought tangible goods are a store of value assets are a store of value or another words depriving me of them changes available funds. The dishes to my civil record impact my ability to seek any income. The Overlook id-theft directly prevents that without jumping more hoops and spending more money to have my ID replaced in the meantime I can't get fucking food stamps

with no expectation of any defence against to parties actin predatory in nature its a pretty natural conclusion sanctity takes an eventual hit as well as self care. More recent studies show narcissistic abuse likely causes actual brain damage. The state of Minnesota seems pretty anti protect its citizens in the contact presented because they protect whoever goes with hearsay and claims to have a feeling first and they do it in Civil Court will ignoring and allowing the police to selectively enforced state and federal criminal laws and constitutional rights. 

And when that comes back around two realities like can you eat or not this is insane

I can't help but Wonder if someone at some point realized we can employ more doctors social workers healthcare workers prison guards Court officials Court employees and police officers plus the lawyers by changing how laws are enforced and which laws have priority. Because it would also serve the benefit of attracting sometimes multinational organizations / corporations like those in the healthcare industry. That's just one thing I wonder not something I'm totally sold on the results either way are pretty sick

And on a more abstract level level less personal to me what was in their house was black mold and aspergillus. As far as I can see the neonatal patients my mom tends to are classified as immunocompromised. They waited 10 months to have that dealt with and it was a nineteen-year-old problem. So viewed objectively even when the problem was known to be real they waited 10 months to deal with something that because of my mom employment meant she was risking the lives of other people sick newborns the state backing them to den destroy me this is one hell of a sick system

regardless of intent or slow Decay of legislation as it applies to stated goals and actualities of human existance and survival

the end result of a system that creates sickness in some via flawed processes and only steps in with treatment for what it created.. 

is pretty much Munchausens by proxy embodied by a government

or a mentally ill state. 

npd people in the workplace are said to be identifable by suck up kick down. 

aka anyone above them is sucked up to to further their gain and they will likely apear to play nice with peers or underlings but at critical moments take credit and throw them under the buss /kick down 

when laws are past that claim to be about protecting people and for their own good but actualy violate their rights in the hopes states attract federal funding and multinational corporations and this is done with out regards to its affects on human life.. define npd in a state... Minnesota

if it's in the budget and we don't want to be accused of false advertising I've got a simple solution that could also cover informed consent/ ethical standards. it's simple, just change all the welcome to Minnesota border signs  to 

arrete c'est ici l'empire de la mort

potentially add "Dan's la tete" to the end as well

they can me up and stole things to set back my ability to even seek employment after creating an ofp hearing that even if I could have made it to would have been in 2 week warn clothes with out money to pay for gas on the drive back to st cloud. 

now state of mn is poised to arrest me for calling people who sing Aug 2018 have been destroying everything of mine that my Jan 2018 move in granted them control of

meanwhile maple Grove pd allows them to call in seemingly anything. if I'm there or not. I say I have evidence in form of recorded phone calls they use fake reports as a weapon.. can't put unreliable witness on file we might be liable. can't file theft you gave them your things moving out (like hell I did)

basicly I'm about to be homeless unable to rent first ever eviction pending 2 ofps on previously clean civil record. people stealing from me and claiming to own me now have power to auto send me to jail and continue seeking to increase odds I'm homeless and hurdles to eat food deal with my dead pet in freezer etc. they took 16 years of what I earned let alone everything ever given by them or otherwise. the report leafing to the mental hold was done as a punishment as well but that effectively adds hurdles to having even joined the armed forces.. 

so basicly the state is allowing them to own me because wirh out a single charge my poperty rights are gone, my mail is opened stole and held my name is signed on doc from mail and financial with outcosdialship. they can steal wirh out fear if remorse but if I run my mouth from the street my words are an arrest able offence

simplified... if I say... 



I might do xyz violent

to people continuously stealing from me, vomiting frod forgery endangering my life and trying to destabkaize harm and rob me in several ways.. 

if I say something I go to jail. while they continue to do and say as they want including traumatized steal mail fraud ID theft check fraud theft of everything false police reports 19 years endangering sick infants..

but no if paul and Marlene feel threatened.. the police are there to arrest John.. 

in the meantime the police and or state are there to let Paul and Marlene know John's location. 

cool system. much justice, such privilege, totally worth trying.

My biggest mistake wasn't academic unless I missed the parents own u day in k-12 at isd279. 

it was I was so stupid I never learned that action by people that own you carry no meaning and don't exist if they say so however your words well they carry out actions they later deny or selectively denying acknowledge dependent on the day. Or say fuck your recording or so what if you say you have it recorded how can I be so fucking stupid but I didn't know that people that own me get to kill me if they want we have such a wonderful system no because it kept it suicide is also illegal cuz I don't own myself right you fucking sadistic??? insert profanity and proper nouns here... 

Authority without accountability will never produce Justice. The system is an abomination if honest and if somehow embodied it would probably tell you that it a spires to be abhorrent and is also just peachy content to be how it is. And I think this only works because most people don't want to believe things could be this bad. Or they'll put it back on the person that's happening through I should just do this or why haven't I done that. Yet in school they'll teach things like these are the factors that generally determine economic Mobility stability blah blah blah blah yet people damage to the point where they're almost full blown or full-blown personality disorder seems to have seized control it seems the system set so they are the ones who have the financial well I won't call it success because if you look at the wealth distribution in this country even those that think they're successful generally aren't. In the meantime all other metrics of being an adult like accountability ability to know why you feel something self-reflection all of the things related to maturity have gone by the wayside I think this is the final grass for breath from what Dave Matthews called bear that ate its head because of thought it was a candy or this society that got so perverse it aloud parents good views to take the legal control of their children with no legal precedents society that forgot that no child has ever asked to be born. But some people call it the gift of Life day. There are outliers there are people that very much plan to have a kid and look at how to raise a healthy both like ability to earn and emotionally well adapted person or individual. But the absolute truth is the majority of kids are born to parents who fucked because it felt good. If those parents are allowed to steal from them use courts and judges and police that don't actually give a shit which I know it's not every police officer not quite a few that tried within the confines of their systems to do the best job at Justice they can. But that's not who were talking about we're talking system in general what most people will experience most of the time if they end up in this fucking mess. You let those parents or any parents own their children got this is fucked up I can't even finish this

Other than to say that the French above. My suggestion for the State sign says stop this is the Empire of the Dead. The addition on the end would make it in the head. Without the addition it's what the public entrance to the catacombs in Paris has inscribed on it.


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