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The State of Minnesota and more so Hennepin County and MapleGrove PD has put me in a blackhole of risk and destruction. Jan 2018 I move into my

parent's house in maple grove. Aug 2018 I leave for what was supposed to bee a week or two at a hotel, they change the lock code on the garage and zero notice evict what I believe to have been a landlord-tenant relation. Either way the actions of mgpd made a bad situations worse. I had two live pet rabbits, and all of my valuables under lock and key and was hearing "you just dont live there any more", "its not theft" or "you cant file theft because you gave them your things moving out" cue  Aug 2018 till march 2020 do as we say or lose everything ever yours. its still going actually but with notice to vaycate at end of lease they forced 45 min away. still in an empty apt. they filed OFP DV restraining orders. They filed on march 11th in Hennepin knowing the car had broken down march 6th., knowing half way through the lease they forced in st cloud/sterns  I was almost evicted for the order to clean our moldy car or lose everything. i can show they knew i had to vaycate in 20 days when they filed the ofps.  I called the court the day before and or morning of. didnt matter. 3 days after they passed in my absence my parents drove to st cloud and called in the first of 2 welfare checks. then like maybe a week later came up almost every day and made their presence known in my parkinglot. a town neither works or lives in (they live together in maple grove) my id and garage door remote were at some point taken from parkinglot. I didnt know the remote was until may 22nd. second welfare check the scpd officer caught on. he still came to my door just incase (makes sense from both a man what if standpoint and liability...i get it) but didnt make me open it. he had tried sending a text first but with my parents bringing me off the hook and covid starting to rev up i had turned off my ringer and took a nap. through my door he communicated he put up a bit of resistance to my dad and my dad actually hung up on him.  I get pretty critical of MGPD, scpd i haven't had very many encounters with (only 1 before this 3-year abduction). I put this part about that scpd officer in here to highlight im not against police nor do i think anything said applies to all police. I dont know how many the maple grove force employs, i do know 4 or 5have taken the time and thought to consider how their authority /actions fit in the context of peace officer and justice.The problem is the actions of the force in general has left me 

3 months or 4 past notice to vaycate only not homeless because of ban on evictions/covid-19

all my valuables under lock and key and threatened because I moved back to maple grove then lock changed 6mo later no notice

countless mail held, opened, documents with in signed in my name by parents that claim to own me. 

risk to life created by the possibly illegal application of mn medical hold law and doctor that refused to see relevant expert testimony that what he diagnosed me  (redacted)) for delusions of mold and bugs for was expert proven to be real. I told the doctor when i ended up in riverside inpatient mental I have an email with the mold pro and documents from the extermination at my last apt on my phone. "patients arnt allowed phones on the ward." This hold started well into "you just dont live there anymore" in total i would end up bouncing between 5 hotels but 2 to 3x at each over 6 mo while i had taken an agreement to transfer a companies business website to a new server. aka paid work. I had left for a max of 2 weeks because a few days to a week before my moms lung cancer surgery shes following me around the house saying and or screaming im delusional and she will have me medicated ... for the proven in jan black mold issue in their house. I sked my dad if perhaps it was in the intrest of her recovery and me able to work on this paid job with some liability (site accepts credit card payments) if i wasnt present for a week or two so she could recover. On the OFPS filed in march 2020 my dad claimed right off the bat "we kicked outour delusional son who wasnt taking his meds" I had no meds or mental health diagnosis. I will argue till im dead that if a doctor can ignore a patient saying they can show relevant expert testimony and esp when this is a stranger that takes all of 10 min, there is no valid diagnosis during a forced encoutner. I knew what eckbons/ziplock/matchbox was from my intrest in psych.. which is why i specificly stuck to what i figured was "hard evidence"   Infact I forgot i had an email with the vet my rabbits went to that talked about probably environmental mites at my parents house. both rabbits had legions that scrape tested negative but went from like 11 per rabbit to 1 or 0 with flea tick and mite meds. not like it would have mattered. I also had pictures of bugs after the extermination and bugs only the microscope I used for electronics repair could make visible on my phone. the final clue is the bleeding had cleared up by the end of the first week at a hotel. aka environmental causation/irritant but none of that mattered to this doctor at riverside. bad charting is estimated to take 100k-250k lives per year. In the day and age where EHRs/EMRs share a bad chart across the nation... this is pretty serious. The day i got out I also was texted a picture by my dad. They had the work done on the house while getting me a psych diagnosis. Bonnie Rabbit died a few weeks later. I blew this out last month

I told mgpd i have calls recorded with my parents that indicate the mental hold was a punishment, the dv report was backwards as a punishment, the state bar said to communicate that they are "unreliable witnesses". 

"if we put that on record we might be liable", "its not mail fraud, they can open anything that goes to their house", "its not illegal to say you own someone" this was all halfway through 2019 in a meeting I requested. it was the 2nd or 3rd time i tried to report that mail had been held, opened, docs with in signed. I also tried to explain along the lines of "i just need something like a slap on the wrist for them" because my mom had been saying things like "im going to make you suffer" ,"I btrought you into this world i can take you out", my dad two times "i own you" once "i dont own you but i think i bought you" , "i need control because i want control" and mgpd as a whole was still and is still enforcing 0 notice lock out ignoring the destruction of my things by the people they put in power over them and me... basically what happens if you give a bully cart blanch from the police?

they picked and apt in st cloud and it was sign this lease or be homeless and lose all your things. then snow blows through the car bent. my dad pretends not to know snow is water. I say the hotel camera might have captured it, they might check it for me "check any camera you want idiot it's my car" the car had been theirs for 9 years. the mold pro determined the problem started with the carpet pad chosen  in the basement.  when they bought the house the basement was not finished. They played generally contractor, my dad had 2 friends from isd281 school bus garage who did drywall do that, another company do the framing (before) might have even done the wiring and had it inspected after... they decided what carpet and pad. I was in 8th grade and there 9 or 11 reasons that i remember that happened to be 2001. 

did i mention marlene wuethrich that entire time and as far as i know still works at children's in st paul, in the nicu?

an 2018 i moved back into my parents. for issues immediately shown to be from their house (mold)they invited me back, my mom said shes my landlord now till i can afford moving out, mold proven, every month and  at least once(more like once a week) I preformed services i have done professionaly in the past on drop everything and do this/demand more often then request. one month just on the requests with out the demands about 3 billable hrs (considering they didnt pay parts or gas to get them for the wifi improvement) another about 6 and ive explained that elsewhere. These it services have a market average of 150usd/hr.

in Aug 2018 my mom had a surgery and had been following me around the house screaming im delusional the molds in my head i need to be medicated. I suggest to my dad maybe a week or 2 at a hotel would aid her recovery. They agree and at end of second week the garage door code changes. all of my valuables now under lock and key and mgpd starts forcing me away in a car i dont own. through out jan to Aug they were getting calls (parents consider it a valid way to punish...between telling me "we're the same person and I get what i want when i want" both have said those phrases more than once but not before they were in control of everything mine earned or given. which was also after a hired pro determined their house had mold problems and had them since 2001. I determined 2k1 he determined it was due to carpet pad selected in basement... I know they played general contractor finishing said basement in 2001. 

but since Aug 2018 ive been commanded around with all my possessions under lock and key 5 hotels, some moved between more than once and a mental ward in the 6 months that followed before the command became sign this lease or lose everything and be homeless. mgpd through current times is saying stuff like "you just dont live there anymore" "you cant file theft you gave them your things moving out","they can open any mail that goes to their house"(i had reported they then endorsed my name on the back of a check from the mail...they opened it by mistake? mistakenly signed my name?) "if we put that on record we might be liable" (an unreliable witness) "its not illegal to say you own someone", "you live quite the life", "your parents give you a lot of money" 

the first time i reported check and mail fraud i was told to swing by the department on another day and i could press charges. thne when i was actually able to make it there one officer becomes 2 and they write off the opening and holding my mail as ... i say i have recorded calls indicating the dv report was backwards and really just want unreliable witness on file so they stop using u guys/false reports as punishment (imagine how deserved that is or isnt when you are also being told "i own you")

to this day im still with out my things. they waited till the end of this lease and filed ofps in Hennepin knowing i had 20 days to vacate. right before lease started snow blew through the vents of car and the car i was forced to drive away from my valuables under locks nd key after what i belive was an illegal police assisted eviction, became a mold bomb. the threat became clean our car or ...

first 3 months in this lease i only had one form of id and the car made me bleed for every time i got in it. i used to have tons of kitchen stuff and cook almost every meal i ate. all i have in my kitchen to this day is clyde rabbit in the freezer. its not practical to make hrs in a day and have to replace an id while im also hearing clean our car and faster or else. the lease has been up since march 31st and sometime right after ofps passed in my unavoidable absence they stole my drivers license and garage door remote from car in parking lot. then the 3 most valuable things i had recovered or bought since (got a normally $450 mig welder on clearance at northern for 150. ive watched prices of several brands in the 140amp price for 8 years and 400-600 is the fluctuation. It was purchased with a mature ee bond my grandma had left in my name) my workstation PC and a ryobi compound miter sqaw ive had for 10 years and it took 6mo to get back... all gone form garage one morning. 

sterns refused to serve the passed ofps. maybe because court was march 18th cornona was kicking in. but also possibly the fact my parents drove from maple grove on the 20th and called in a welfare check from my parkinglot. im not sure.

what i know is im now 4 mo nths past notice to vacate. when the bleeding from mold started in jan 2017 after cosmos cat died i had a credit score around 700 probably north of. thats so far gone i cant sign a lease on my own despite having done so since maybe my second one at ndsu. 2006-18 almost entirely (1 mo became 6 at their house they wouldnt let me leave) lived in apts and mostly with just my now dead rabbits. so

4mo past notice to vacate.
what i do have might just bearly cover first month and deposit but with bad credit they probably want even more/odds are bacd
two ofps filed with 20 days to vaycate the forced st cloud 2019 lease... aka filed march 11th 2020 in Hennepin while i have a broke down car in st cloud... there goes my background check
taking the id from the car when they were up here after makes it even harder to look for a job or get snap.

may 2020 i was so broke that trying to drive to their house in their car i had to wait at a gas station 4 hrs till a stranger gave me 5 bucks. 

i show up and 12 min later mgpd is there. they didn't even care that parents have my id. my dad gave me a William Sonoma bag with not the stuff i needed to even fix the clothes washer let alone what i asked for... it contained my garage door remote as well. last week he sent a text indicating he probably has the stuff that went missing from my garage. I filed a police report in st cloud but this is an impossible situation. im facing eviction while they continue to sit on 20 g just in tools for my trade let alone everything i ever owned. mgpd once again ignored "they are sitting on mail, they took my id"... a repeated of most things the id was new...or kinda not because first 3 moths they had all secondary forms of id.

none of this would be possible if i had any notice the garage lock would change. its basilcy pp;lice enforced illegal imprisonment, humans trafficking, destruction of property (they had mold pro remediated in Nov 2011(pics bellow). i was already locked out and they moved most of my moisture sensitive mold spore covered things to their third garage stall) and even worse (ill go into it later) but ive worked for pay for over 16 years. it seems Hennepin county and mgpd are directly in the way of me owning anything. 

they filed the ofps knowing the car had been breaking down since march 6th. i can demonstrate they were aware of the need to vacate st cloud apt at end of lease and related to why. 

i was 29 when this started maybe north of 700 credit score. 0 criminal record or anything suggesting violence. still haven't been violent. 0 relevant mental health/medical history. records starting in 2006 would show that on my own in fargo i sought medical care as needed. right before that i had minor pstd (in 2004 i had to call an ambulance for my dad. my mom lacked a phone, it took 3 hrs for her to get to the house and find my friends dad (i had called after leaving a note as backup for intended human note))

aka records would show if i need help i get it all around. the only reason I was put under emergency medical hold and likely against the law in execution was textws my dad printed and brought to mgpd. aka nothing i did at the hotel  (work all day) or while driving was the reason i got blocked in after returning at 10ish pm months after no notice lock out from everything i own and this was 3rd hotel i had already been bounced between 2 others inbeteween... 3rd new/different hotel. bonnie rabbit died in their care shortly after. i had bonnie and clyde since 2007. 

if you sat down at the end of the couch facing the wall, then rotated 90 deg clockwise (facing right edge of photo) then you are looking at this room  and the barrier/partition wall to what was my hs bedroom aka where the photo with cosmos cat was taken. note the carpet. also note npd parents control and domination, my hs bedroom had glass block on the partition wall.

aka the wall behind cosmos here is roughly where the photo to the right was taken. not shown but to the right of the block is a doorway. 
this was my ms bedroom. id say about 50 feet, you could count studs on 16in but a few are missing. in the left photo. but pretty much the entire back wall of their house and 1500 sq ft of carpet and pad came out.
nov 2018. at this point in time i was sitting in riverside inpatient mental getting a delusional (redacted) diagnosis for delusions of mold and bugs. despite telling the doctor, "i have an email on my cellphone with what mold pro found and documents of the extermination"

"patients aren't allowed phones on the ward"
i forgot i had my rabbits vet talking about an environmental mite. should have been a sign that at the hotels the bleeding cleared up as well. dr Boris didnt seem concerned about medical ethics or the fact that bad charts kill 100k to 250k a year.

this pic is what i received the day i was let out text my my likely npd dad as a hey look what i can do to you. (likely/assumed) but assumed ...if you've heard what i heard/beeen through what i have this isnt much of an assumption. 
i blew this out last month.

simplified view & work in progress

2001 - parents carpet their basement while im in 8th grade. also the year we got cosmos cat
2014 - intending to move between two cities (Fargo and st cloud) i get a storage garage in st cloud and 2006-2014 despite not living at my parents had key and garage code and ability to come and go as i pleased. I didnt just say im moving back in nor did I intend to live there at all, just use my hs bedroom in the basement as a base to find an apt in st cloud and be on my way. It was discussed and agreed on. 

I began getting sick and eventually concluded there was likely a mold issue in their basement. It felt like when sitting at my L desk in my hs bedroom something was attacking my face. I noticed it correlated with the baseboard heat being on. I couldn't rule out insects/mite but part of what lead me to maybe mold is realizing that the baseboard heat also likely warmed the air in the wall cavity. the 4gang box (2 outlets) was at about eye level when sitting at the desk. they aren't airtight so my logic was that the sheetrock and studs would conduct heat from the backside of baseboard electric heater into the bottom of the space between the sheetrock and cinderblock wall behind the studies. this would cause convective air currents and light things like mold spores would likely rise with them. 

blogger is being blogger... so heres a link to a video i recorded in their basement. the stream of what you might think is smoke that rises off a blown out candle is actually parapfin wax/evaporated fuel. I made a video relighting the candle via the "smoke" after blowing it out. 

ack something with blogger, cant insert videos at the moment (i just did below, maybe its actually too many chrome tabs and mem leaks or just not enough ram, idk...compared to Wordpress or even hard coded HTML i tend to not like blogger/find it frustrating and basic/cripled. but it is google hosted and so is this domain name, so the two plug intogeather and create a blog with a cost of 12 dollars a year that can be prepaid for many years... so what ever i think about it, the cost is right for a message that may need to outlive me. (id estimate im dead in 6 months or less but im getting ahead of myself)

the eye level outlet box (like 4 ft off the floor (designed so with desk there outlets were readily accessible. (one of the better decisions my dad made finishing the basement) well that box isnt airtight even with punch outs in place plenty of ability for air to rush out from it. convection makes warm rise it hits box and flows out. 

here's a picture of the room I was talking about. to the left of the dehumidifier (gray and white on the floor) is the 4 gang box I was referring to. This was after the professional remediation in Nov 2019
8043 Lanewood Ln Maple Grove MN 55311

My mom actually started with I need meds back then(2014) I'm delusional. then she was saying I'm too crazy to leave and be on my own. what was supposed to be a month turned into 6 because of this. 

2014 - i finally escape to st cloud as the year draws to a close. I got a print center job and started SCSU 13 - 16 credit hrs, very soon after coming up here I met a local business owner and started taking care of his IT needs and business website as well. 

My parents did financially contribute, but i wasnt making rent without working let alone rent and bills . this is the first time I really got stuck by wells, when a pay check hadent hit with auto deposit yet and surprise that 2 dollar pop or water actually costs 32 dollars and the 3 others swipes that day/how ever many all got a 30 dollar convenience fee too. oh you turned that off ? that was years ago, we rolled over to 3 diff new account programs and yeah... that feature was an upgrade of our latest and greatest features. 

 their bare min contribution isnt nothing, but it made accessing my stuff in the storage garage from the fargo move next to impossible and i had started doing IT consulting professionally and regularly for small biz and homes in 2004. A lot if not most of what ive made over the years has been reinvested in tools to do that better. 

A lot of that stuff and more is again being held hostage (with out getting ahead of myself) it has a bit of a relevant window for return on investment as well. its been held since Aug 2018 in conditions that are destroying it.
Top left is a PC I custom-built for them in a case that is designed to blend in a home living room environment. Middle left is their surround receiver, which doesnt actually support the line level that the turntable under it outputs audio at. When they wanted to hook in the record player I sourced the tube preamp on the right. The computer features a hdmi cec adapter so just like a settop cable box, blueray or pvr where the tv remote can control it, the media center features (including tv) on the windows PC respond to the Samsung tv remote. The PC also plays cable box. It had a pci-express(type of addon card connection inside desktops and laptops (though a bit diff connector))(for the non techs reading) pci-express 4 channel HD-CableCard ready tv tuner card. call Comcast and get a cable card now the PC can watch a channel and play tivo while it at the same time could record 3 others. Under the metal door on the front of the PC there is also a blueray drive. CableBox, SmartTV/Internet, Blueray Player that works with tv remote all in one. 

 This was no where near the most advanced build ive done. I've done hardware raid 5/6 controllers connected to 6 intel x-25m g2 drives back in 2008/9 and not as a toy for me. As a workstation for a business client, his old monitor when i delivered that build is the tv on top of my dresser in the photos bellow. He liked being able to do the pip in there but the 2006 monitor and its 1280x720 resolution was pretty cramped for 2009 and the workstation. eventually I had him on 2 monitors and had installed the same tv tunner card in that build as well. By age 22 i stoped mentally tracking pcs built to order or consulted/parted out for clients purposes at something like 30. 

also worth consideration is even back in 2000 when Marlene or Paul needed help on the computer... more specifically when my mom was teaching nursing at st kates and the overhead projector was on the way out. ... guess who did all her powerpoints. 

the two non laptops they have now (one above in pic and one in basement) are both machines I built. this one was more purpose built. the other was assembled from spare parts after I upgraded my rig and from having built so many in the past. as of last month my dads sending me text and among them "you worked for a cellphone company once but I've never worked" elsewhere I cover it better but starting at 13 i did a website for safe and knife company (a business he visited frequently) then a company that does software for teamsters and the seiu was looking to do mobile version around 2003. I already had saved up for a pocket PC and sony Ericson t68i in 2001/2 I could Bluetooth link to the windows ce device and browse full web from color touch screen in 2002 so when I happened to meet the owner in 2003 through a union function I attended with my dad, he had commissioned me to write a paid report on the emerging mobile "smart device" market and what would probably be best suited to take their platform mobile. I brought the report down to 3 devices, there was a now hp owned ipaq irrc and the one i remember to this day was included was the treo600 by handspring. 2004 I put a card up on a coffee shop bulitin board end of 03 and in 04 so soon after turning 16 my mom had to drive me, i had a 3 person cpa office in Plymouth as an it support/consulting client. before leaving highschool i had gone mc donnalds, target(mg), nat cam, target (Plymouth), mortgage refinance telemarketing in wyzeta at 11 an hr and commission on profit the company expected to make on the loans. you had to meet quota and they had to sign on it/pass clear for it so it was delayed but the times i made the quota and that worked out were like 3 and those checks were SUBSTANTIAL despite a small percentage. the 11 an hr wasnt bad in 05/06 either. For it consulting I had picked up a law office in maple grove, a print and engraving shop sorta by two studges/university billiards, car dealership in Rodgers and still had cpa office. I had also been doing a paid video production gig at isd279. what started as teen tv for jr high video editing program (with a multi-racial/dissolving barriers and cultural awareness theme) was still continuing but myself and my friend Chris (both entering mgsh) were selected with 2 girls from Osseo(Amy and Ally iirc) sr and we formed "shenanigans productions"(one of the girls ploped open a dictionary with her eyes closed put finger on the page and shenanigans became the name. We got paid to produce PSA type videos for the district. But as far as business it support goes, Starting in 2004 i was charging 50 for first hr and 25/hr after. I also had about two dozen homes either via word of mouth from the biz clients, at least one of my moms coworkers and one of her st kates students. an mgjh teacher, the vice principal at mgsh and a bunch of people that either saw my card or while working at target or nat cam (where there wasnt conflict of interest) id give my number. but of jobs my dad couldn't deny but does... 2006/7 I did a campaign computer and website for his now former coworker at the seiu local 284 when Russ Lewis ran for district rep of 50b. 

my mom is a CNP/masters in nursing and my dad was a schoolbus driver then union organizer. Even the clients people i worked for that they connected me with... its not something they taught me how to do or could have done on their own. 2nd summer of college i did 3 websites and just from that made more money than my gf at the time who was working 40hr weeks waiting tables all summer. The entire summer living at my parents house i heard that im lazy and need a real job. but at that point it was about the extent of the clue something is seriously wack with them. those sites then got me a paid internship with ndsu's biz department managing their it with one other intern. 

back to 2014-15...first time with empty apt and no concern for anything they dont deam real or my tools assets property and things.  They also played the sit on my things game then. There was about 6 mo we didnt talk at all. My dad had threatened a restraining order while sitting on my things then. 2014 

while at their house was one of the most traumatic periods of my life. A lot of what im convinced they have (aspd and or bpd full blown not just prevalent traits) became evident then and using police started at the end.  also i think i should underline this here...but note the insanity of invite me back in, then tell me im too crazy to leave, then keep/make it hard to access my things while still contributing to my available funds. hold onto this concept mentally ill be back to it. 

between that and their cold shoulder after, then getting INSANELY busy. I ended up repressing it. I now recall before the cold shoulder "theres no mold here, if there is i would deal with it. ". in jan 2018 that would be proven false and due to their choice in carpet pad playing general contractor in 2001 and finishing their basement. note the gray on the floor? slab was sealed (i actually helped paint it as maybe an 9-11 year old late 90s not that i had any say in it, point was ive always tried to help and liked building things)

they had a sealed slab and laid vapor barrier carpet pad. aka a place moisture was simply trapped between what ever the foam/cellulose/carpet pad material was treated with to make it a vapor barrier and the sealent/floor paint over the slab.
this was right before the end of the lease at this unit. I know this because I didnt get the periodic table canvas or the one above the tv until I got the job at the mall and the dresser/tv/most of the stuff was absent until close to the end of the lease for reasons i will explain below. 

 that initial st cloud apt was the first time I ran into issues with a landlord but im not so sure it was my doing. I've never had a noise complaint to this day. I had rented a one and a half bed/one bed one den. there was all residents access a laundry room between my unit and the managers. floorplan wise that stepped my "den" back (hallway wall to outer wall of my unit.  making it more narrow and though I realized that wall likely boarded the live in management I think what neither of us realized was the exaust vents for dryers in the wall between my den and their bedroom made poor acoustic insulation. I say this because i had the same computer speakers through 2 computers and 2006-2015 and at night I would never go above 1 led on the 9 led volume indicator and never had a complaint(police wise or even mention let alone neighbor pounding on the door). Id also dial the base to as low as it would go. the first time the LL did so I even installed a program to further reduce/0 out the base. still he was back. this was towards the end of that lease and it was an unmarried couple with both performing LL/management duties but iirc he was officially the employed to do so one. This started happening after they went through a rough patch and she moved out. So idk, 2006-2014 to me indicates i wasnt the problem there but it is why I then had to move at the end of that lease. 

heres an early test for one component of a back burner project i had at the time. 

Which was really shit timing because I had just upgraded to a sales position at a cell provider at the mall had like 16 credit hrs and an old friend from France had already bought a ticket to come to visit the us for the first time. 

it had also taken like 9 months to get my stuff from their house and they made sure via budget control I couldn't move my storage garage stuff in till towards the end. It all went in the garage then all a sudden i get notice the apt wont go month to month/vacate at end of the lease. 

cosmos cat was sick for the last time.


 This was his last night alive.the two pics above it on the cement slab are the day before. He went to the vet and got a pain shot as i rushed down from st cloud. I met them at the vet. I sorta think they figured he would die overnight with the shot. I took my pain reduced friend outside for one last time then as he had the first night at our house but one room over (basement living room) he slept by my legs. The next morning i awoke to find him behind the couch. laid by him a few hrs until it was decided we would take him to the vet to be put down. we should have just brought him outside. This was still a far better way to go than either of my rabbits experienced. as i type this and despite the fact bonnies remains were sent via USPS, maple grove pd selectively enforces to create vigilante justice, because ...idk...for sure. I know several officers have came out of my parents house several times and told me things along the lines of how grateful i should be or how good i have it. aka hearsay while what they know for sure is basement is gutted wasnt before. i was living there then parents changed lock but im ahead of myself. probably first and foremost its easier for the department... but its still at the expense of my rights, sanity and i have no presuit of happiness, i expect to pressure the gutter and death in less than 6 mo. I digress. 
 ill replace pic to left with a pic of him in the box on the way to the vet when i find it.

Cosmos didnt get put down.

We entered through the front door because they didnt tell us about the back entrance (or my dad forgot and lied) I took him back to the car right away. eventually we are in the waiting room through back entrance for saying good bye. while waiting for the vet to come with the shot, cosmos was on my lap. I told him its ok bud I love you, you can let go. about a min later and before the vet came his heart had stopped.

this was may 2017.

this pic was while he was sick. note its in the main room of their basement... heres that same room later
the couch is about where we were sitting in the photo above. I know because of where the banners on the remaining sheetrock are there is a corner where the downstairs tv was and the couch used to be over there.

the pic above is facing my bedroom window and looking at the glass block in the partition wall that created my highschool bedroom. almost the entirety of back wall of the house had to go with 1500 sq ft of carpet and pad and then the deck on the other side in Nov 2019. i think the closeness of the retaining wall to the deck was the real reason it had to go. my dad says he owns me, he bought me. my mom said she will make me suffer for taking her time with her husband... the mold man visiting in jan 2019 said carpet and pad were first issue. my guess is the grading under that deck was wrong. Ie over time water washing through it created a trench next to the house hidden by the deck over it. the retaining wall is relevant because id bet it was impractical to impossible to fix with the deck in place. Clearly there was a water inflitration issue along that wall though. the house has a sump system as well so ... my dad told me no the deck was moldy but thats also after i own you and trying to invoice me he doesnt know what a text is EMAIL ME then his email bounces. aka i dont trust a word out of his mouth anymore

in 2019 i highlighted this to an mgpd officer who was insisting after 9 months of forced to remediate their car in empty apt. ... insisting i lived the life because they paid for things. I showed him pic of the headliner in the car "I DIDNT SEE THAT PUT THE PHONE AWAY" . I was 3 days hngry during this convo and haven't set foot or wheel off public property out side their house. 

Throughout 18-29 years old the message was usually come "home" more. rarely did they visit me. summing the times one the other or both between 2006 and 2018 maybe 20x and thats probably a high estimate because there were literal years in a row where I only saw them on xmas. 

perhaps its not relevant how often my parents visited or I visited them. at all but maple grove police insist that because my parents claim they contributed monetarily that this current situation that threatens my life itself is somehow justified. I wont deny that they did. I state it that way because unless the police have a non communicated to public roll of enforcing no one gets ahead unless they start at 0.... then what they are doing is ignoring several actual laws violated while trying to paint me as violent and 


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unchanged needs with Mal nutrition and poisoning still present 2020 27 10

Immediate  Tangible Asset Needs for basic security health and to end the terror going forward  this totals about $300 for things actually needed purchased most of it os things stolen and held from me  this is an expenditure to reduce money burnt and days hungey. actual new purchases to accomplish that about $400 usd mn police may think it's OK to allow someone robbed repeatedly moved under threat to 43k of assets they help a retired union leader steal and destroy but on a very practice level such as cooking a meal or managing my time this is hell. for the duration it's continued it may be lethal  I really look forward to a meal and dread it. but I'd rather not end up diabetic heart disease or dead. what I mean is 3 years isolated and abused losing all of my pets either seeing my parents who gaslight and threaten or no one. cooking and eating alone... not great but I seriously need to.  my hair and nails are falling out and apart. I'm usualy in enough physical pain I can

What Actual Peace Officers Look Like vs Many of MNs less than finest.

  Heres me traveling alone in Germany in 2006. 

My Needs 10/12

Nothing on this list is new. Most of it most of directly because the last 3 years of my life have been consumed by problems they created. With no bindings even to law and police refusing to allow me my property or care even when my ID is stolen.. 9mo of clean this car we made snow blow through made the landlord here unhappy it was clear I would be asked to leave end of lease from maybe 5 or 6mo in. They tried to evict the garage. Clean this car or your stuff gets donated recycled..etc I can't even wash clothes which is my fault. They steal to make fixing the dryer hard while I still don't have a glass in the cupboard but I have Clyde in the freezer and they play the let's rotate out what lie we're going to tell today game 20 days to be out of this apt (March 31 2020) still empty car broke for 6 days Marlene and Paul file domestic violence restraining orders in a family court an HR and a half from the apt they forced the lease in. 45min by freeway from their house no car