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Tuesday, June 9, 2020


I fucked up expecting I had any rights or protection under law. I fucked up trusting my parents. we had made an agreement/contract before the mold struck. this is why I was dependent when it did. I fulfilled my deubities to that to the extent possible and have evidence to that end. 

my mom and dad both have at very least a disfunction where they can't be wrong or admit fault. sometimes trivialy a hallow admission but the actions don't change. 

my parents fucked up finishing their basement in 2001. the result was mold that transfered to my apt in 2017. 

Nov 2018, 50ft x8 of wall 1500sq carpet and pad was removed then the deck from other side of wall. while I was on a likely illegal medical hold Geting diagnosed by a doc who responded to "I have documents from extermination at apt and email from hired mold pro on my phone" with 

"patients arnt allowed phones on the ward", "(redacted) for delusions of mold and bugs" 

I received this as an mms/text the night I got out of the psych ward

I'll reference this further below. this came to their house addressed to me during 6mo at hotels. it was a usps parcel containing Bonnie rabbits ashes. 

mgpd over looked mgpd housing code. mgpd then overlooked several counts of mail fraud one of check fraud while ignoring reports parents claim to own me and are enforcing a situation I must labor on their moldy car. 
had they not enforced the lock out 6mo after I moved back in much of this situation would be different 

my parents emboldened by the cart blanch from maple Grove pd used the treat of destroying donating otherwise losing everything of mine to force me into a lease after nearly 6mo and 5hotels and a mental ward 

right before the lease started the car was turned on by me in a hotel parking lot. snow shot through the vents. this car had been in their possession mostly at work or parked in attached garage to moldy house for 9 years. add moisture to mold spores is like gas on a fire. 

my mom sends this while ignoring my saying I can't store clean clothes, cook a have nothing for organizing and please don't talk to me at all if you can't admit to your own actions. she calls the paid contracted projects she interrupted and still holds parts and tools for  worthless. they had two good shots at start of career positions in CA. as well as being paid for by 3rd parties. 

start of 2020 an mgpd officer insists I'm living the life. I show him this "PUT THE PHONE AWAY I DIDN'T SEE THAT" its the back side of the headliner of the car marlene wuethrich drove into children's for 9 years every day she worked. the car that I was forced to remediate under threat all things I still don't have destroyed or gone. 

I'm likely to be dead soon 

this is what I said I'd reference further below
this was like a month ago. they still have Bonnies ashes along with everything else. this is the type of terror they play. it's from the vet and note like the 1st it's mail he's holding but likely meant to trigger a reminder of Bonnies death. 

this is my bathroom above garage. mold loves moisture. the back wall of garage is pictured above. this building design is prone to it. the large opening (garage door) into un environmentally conditioned (no heating or cooling or dehumidification) space(garage) is a constant moisture influx. mold loves cold condensing surfaces. aka the cavity between hallway and garage inside the wall.. moisture condenses due to dew point change between hot and cold. same with the floor cavity below this unit. I had option to sign lease here or be homeless on the street with 0. a postion of power only granted by the actions of mgpd

my ac at the currently past notice to vacate and lease apt. I told them from start in not qualified to remedy the aye anything and with out proper tools and ability to change clothes or wear tyvec I likely spread it to apt living space. 

the few things recovered have had obvious black mold. when they had house remediated while I was in mental ward they transfered my things to third garage stall to continue to allow my things to be destroyed. 

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