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murder(by state) and forced labor machine mgpd and hennepin county. family genocide one fucked law at a time

with out being charged or convicted of a single crime I've been left unable to sign a lease unable to contact the two abusers that forced labor for a year after forcing me around for 6mo and 5hotels and a mental ward. 

fuck up your house? no problem in maple Grove. wait till your son who cares about a cat (Cosmos, named for the night sky) so much he drives 45 min to sleep next to his dieing friend tracks it to his apt. 6mo of bleeding later as apt says they won't resign (would have been 3rd) lease. pick a storage garage and take all his valuables back to fucked up house that caused it. 

house confirmed by pro to have mold problem? 2 on one gaslight your adult child start calling all mutual contacts or any of his you can get a hold of and tell them he's sick in the head.

say youre his landlord until he can aford moving out. say everything he's done is fake, tear him down on every level attaching every bit of self-efficacy and self-worth well telling him that the mold Pro you aren't even present for didn't say what he knows damn well the mold Pro did. Use your knowledge as a nurse practitioner to tell him things that needs the doctor needs to know knowing that they will tell her the Dr perception well you tell him it's okay you'll get him medicated cuz the problem is in his head and threatened to throw him in a mental ward will not dealing with the mold problem. 

demand help as in drop what u're doing and help me and other labor on computers he built for you... while claiming he's never done any technical work or it was all fake and made up. When he does laundry going to the 10-foot by 10-foot moldy room and throw it on the moldy basement carpet or on the garage floor threaten to push him down the stairs in a week maybe two Max later try to push him over the railing to the basement and then call the police on him

start throwing his freshly laundered clothes in the 10x10 death trap you yell at him for leaving but yell at him for arguing is moldy. 

despite mold already having been confirmed by professional, my dad refused to even look when I found this inside the pipe access. hence tape was the best I could do. Owens Corning cotton candy isnt supposed to feature mushrooms. that door is a pipe access for a bathtub on the otherwise of the wall pictured. which makes complete and total sense if you do your homework on mold and mold control. cold condensing surfaces. mold can eat just about anything. it loves cellulose material but its been found growing on the dust on glass. like us it also needs water. its efficient enough to grown on just humidity but what it really loves is liquid water. ever notice how toilets on a hot day or metal pipes under a sink end up with dew on them? this house iirc was 1986 and features copper piping, running through that insulation. new construction has finally figured out a trick to at least make sure its forming on the outside of wall cavity. the new trend is called the "zip" insulation system. they put the bulk of the insulation between the outer osb and what ever siding is applied. because in normal outer walls of the past, heated in the winter air moves through the drywall (with it moisture) and when it hits somewhere inside the insulation/wall cavity the temp flux changes the dew point and hey...liquid water. im not obsessed i did my homework during 6 mo of being told im crazy and will soon be force medicated. 

around January 2018 mold was found by pro they hired in the basement. related to wrong choice in carpet pad when they finished the basement in 2001. I have calls recorded where they even admit as such then claimed they were advised to pick that pad at the time. well that doesn't change that in 2016 torrential rain came down the back wall of the basement and they did nothing but pull carpet from my hs bed room and put fans on the rest. correct actions as my soon to be dead after a year and a 9months of trafficing and forced labor ass knows... my unlikely to ever own a home ass knows...correct actions include holes in the sheet rock to dry out the wall cavities between each stud. problem existed since 01 and that house made me sick in 2014. the deck on other side of thst wall had to come off when they acted in Nov 2018. my guess is the grading was wrong under it and the space between it and the house to retaining wall in back yard made correcting that with out removing the deck not possible. 

I had contracted hardware design projects I needed a space to finish. the first mold guy hired in start of 2018 had advised spray down moldy trim(prevent spores going wild) remove peroxide walls. when he was there my mom stayed in master bedroom my dad was calling him by the wrong name and more concerned discribing things like how all his doors were solid wood. the mold Pro said peroxide the walls... I have a feeling he was telling me best options short of being able to remove sheet rock. aka he had a read on parents arnt going to take his advice.

I was geting cretiqued by Paul wuethrich for how I preformed the instructions and lobor on his house while every other min he would say but there's nothing here anyway and I'm wasting my time

backing up to 2017
(above) 2018 pic of a device i built in 2017. 3 layer thick plexi glass bottom and hollow middle with pipe out of side allowing holes in top of bottom to pull low iron glass sheet(ever noticed most glass is green on thin edge?iron) down (weather stripping between plexi and glass) and compress a doubled up printed transparency against photo resist laminated copper clad (pcb Printed circuit board blank) and plexi base (with holes drilled to allow pulling air out). i was rapidly prototyping PCB CAD designs i had made. i had features down to 0.23mm (8 thousands of an inch) and transferring pattern to the acid resist film you dont want an air gap. I basically approximated industry-standard methods on my own at my apt. modern methods use dlp light projection but many universities still teach with vacuum pulldown uv exposure boxes. this is self-taught. i passed my ham radio license exam at age 13, and had like an 8th grade basic electronics class. my main interest however was computers and i have most of a CS degree. even in years i was in a relative slump i was still reading tech papers and i had wanted to connect the dots between code and how the hardware executes it. my parents used to tell me my first word was lightbulb and ive always had a fascination with electronics, it comes pretty naturally to me. my dad was a school bus driver for isd 281 and later a full-time union organizer with seiu local 284, my mom (Marlene Wuethrich) is a CNP with children's hospitals and clinics in st paul. relevant because this isnt something either parent taught me. in about 2002 i had saved to buy a Compaq ipaq and Sony-Ericson t68i. also having read ericson telecom was a major player in development of a tech called Bluetooth i asked my mom if she could use her womans group investment club broker to buy some shares. i had to save every penny to do that as well. Around the same time Marlene Wuethrich was teaching nursing at St. Kates and the overhead projector was on the way out... guess who did most of the power points she then used to teach... yep. nov 2018 finding myself in riverside inpatient mental ward... im still not sure exactly why i got out on a sat (in wed @10pm). i am sure that 4 times i overheard patient names and meds in common areas on the ward. I laughed loud enough to get the staff members attention looked the patient next to me and asked if they heard that funny one about HIPAA. after the 6 mo in hotels aka 2019 during lease in apt they picked out i requested my info from riverside and the release never even showed. doc told me wed at noon you'll be here till tues at earliest. I had told him "i have extermination records and email with mold guy on my phone" . "Patients aren't allowed phones on the ward"..."(redacted by me) for delusions of mold and bugs, taking it out on your elederly parents... heres a scrip you'll be here till Tuesday at earliest" 4 hrs later right before what would have been forced drugging, nurse comes in "we mistook what type of hold you are under and youre being released. I had 0 criminal or mental health record and was 30 as this went down. my best bet is that all added up with something like "shit this one is talking hipaa law lets cutem free"... and as far as i can see nothing about that hold was really with in the bounds of even that extremely lose legislation.


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