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This isn't the only negative case associated with U of M Riverside either up And 7am is there's a but I think it was Madness in the US and it was mainly about our Healthcare System and the psychology part of it but there was a young woman in 1993 if I remember correctly. And there's probably a lot more issues cuz maybe it was the fact that Seroquel is the default in there from talking to other patients but everybody in their seems drugged out of their mind and I wouldn't doubt many of them are there because they're the victims of abuse. I noted four times before noon on Saturday staff was speaking patient chart information and their names and medications in earshot in common areas. So if they got in there for anywhere along the lines like any misreporting or report says malice what we have is not really helping people for just arming people who are potentially victims of great harm. When we do this instead of enforce legal rights state law federal law constitutional rights then what the hell are we doing? Well by intent or no intent and the way it worked out we're Sure Funding either other parts of the state or totally private institutions and giving them Powers normally reserved for judges and police. That seems overall in Minnesota that well I guess maybe I just learned in school there were checks balances and oversight on things that doesn't mean it ever was a thing at the state level or in this state but I have to believe from what I've learned what was taught to me everything of deserved and experience that those systems are the best humans have done and figuring out how to combat people harming other people intentionally or otherwise. And it's not like we're guessing at it anymore there's things like OST and organization Theory. It's become a scientific Endeavor and psychology itself is part of that endeavor. The crosses into sociology as well it started how humans perform in groups in organizations and outcomes of any input from any perspective and it's not people guessing it's scientific method evaluated. Yet the doctors that apply this as medicine seem to have no care for the things we know about systems that can harm people that even Common Sense before these things or reasoned logic along the lines of authority without accountability all I can see here is the pr message these things are done to help people but the reality they further the bottom lines of the organizations involved or reduce cost to the government arms involved or ensure constant paychecks and that there's not a level of demand we're the same amount of funding isn't meeting availability of the service so maybe someone risks the pay cut so another can be hired. Which an easy solution as we stop telling people that these programs are about helping them and then we're not in an ethical violation anymore better yet would be honest about it and I'm not saying I know that for sure but I sincerely doubt it's not a component of it even if not organized and agreed on as a whole.

I run into people online in various apps and especially with young people there now seems to be a prevailing belief that we can't do anything about corruption it is how it is. And also not to label my believes the actual way I think about this is there are no absolutes you'll never achieve a victory over it but rather it's more like a firewall on Microsoft Windows or a virus scanner you need some heuristics and you need some flat out definitions of what causes problems and risk to people if you want to ethically do this or maybe you don't care about that at all but again informed consent is a thing. And the irony is where I learned about that concept was the pysch class I took at NDSU . 

On top of that anybody capable thought can probably put together that Martha Stewart went to prison for using inside knowledge for financial gain in the stock market. 

people with Insider knowledge of how the medical system medical holds and doctors diagnose can use that to attempt to harm a person with no fear of any consequences. 

If incounters can be forced doctors are under no obligation to review evidence but can two-player you any diagnosis Under the Sun with little oversight or fear of negative repercussions possible Financial game well that's pretty bad as it is but there's this thing called a emrs or replace the letter e with an H and if you can't see why that's bad the connection is 99 the estimate between 100000 and 250000 people a year in the u.s. alone die from Bad chart info. In other words this Forest encounter can create a shared medical records that will follow you around and you have no way to remove without spending considerable time to find the doctor who will listen. Furthering the problem is less you find a new doctor that in your network and you haven't seen or maybe I've never tried it maybe you can revoke consent but I doubt that would get rid of the records if you had been there and they pulled them from other places in the past I'm not sure on the fact that it's unclear makes it all the more fuck because some people don't even know what an EHR is but they'll sign anything presented to them or they already have. The problem is creates is if bias is the next position before they shake your hand or don't because covid 19. and you don't need to be an expert in medicine which I am not all you need is to a grown-up speaking English or been around this culture once he learned it to have heard someone mention first impressions matter

further credentials to speak on the topic art I experienced The Human Condition almost daily. I've stayed at a Holiday in one night. other nights I chilled at the Holiday Inn. It's not that I think I'm an expert or special either. I am decent at logic and part of how I drive these conclusions is reasoning that maybe just maybe in that topic I'm somewhere near where the bell curve starts dropping towards the exceptional but still on the average part of the Curve. So the reason becomes I'm not the smartest person maybe I'm fucking dumb or maybe I'm average but what I know is there's a lot of people smarter than me and if I can figure this out or reason that that's a possibility well unless everybody in the system is an absolute idiot then it's likely that if these bad things are known and studied or the systems that can create good or bad outcomes are known and studied but yet the policies don't protect that and laws don't protect against that or rather create the potential for negative outcome well then somewhere somebody fucked up or did something for their own best interest not the stated reason for the laws or the system or the organization.

But back to the story and Link this is terrifying. Because I've been grappling with the State Bar hotline telling me absolutely no one wants to touch these cases. I had a doctor I had never met before or possibly once in like 10th grade when I asked my mom if I could get tested for ADHD and learning disabilities and she knew one by name in the back of my mind the face looks familiar and might have been him. If it was him that doesn't mean anybody's in it out to get me even if he was and what I mean by that is there's the possibility that if my mom is a trusted friend then he was lied to as well and thought he was doing something for the best. That still would not make it in line with medical ethics and that still creates grave risk to my sanity to my health to my life because as far as I know what went on my medical record are two things that multiple experts confirmed to fucking be there are delusions. And this is after I told him that on my top and skated cell phone I have the expert testimony specifically explicitly communicated that I have an email with the mold Pro they hired the documents from the extermination at the apartment I was at before

But what's terrifying there is in the case mentioned above in the link well that person had multiple people signaling the doctors that something was wrong and it was related to the drug you are related to the trial and no one did anything about it. I was forced play people that I told the police I have evidence used reports to create that Force falsified reports as weapons and the police don't want to touch it nor the fact that they continue to steal from me use every method at their disposal to make sure I'm constantly re prioritizing dealing with problems they Todd that on their own clothes threats to my life. Put on top of that if it ends up being Medical no I have that fucking record to deal with which means the doctor reads it before he or she shakes my fucking hand. But let's be real because covid-19 there's no handshake going to happen anymore but what still didn't happen is the preconditioning by reading the EHR. The bias created by reading the record before meeting the patient and the record was created by a doctor who if I ran if I could I could probably get out that door but that wouldn't matter because I have police putting me right back in there. I have hard evidence I hadn't heard of evidence As It Gets I forgot to tell him I also had my vet for my rabbit who is pretty sure there was environmental biting creature there at my parents. What is retrospect it wouldn't have mattered. He denied looking at what I told them I had I didn't tell him I had samples or pictures I have pictures I have pictures of fucking microscopic three different kinds of mites I had pictures inside the fucking moldy . You can find them on this site. I also had a passion or an interest in psychology and Noah Tech funds plastic or Ziploc syndrome is so I figured let's stick to the relevant Professionals in that field the fact that I have the testimony saying these things are real. 

But there's no requirement for him to see evidence they took away the phone that it's stored on and how he denied seeing it is simply replying that patients aren't allowed phones on the ward

But in this scenario where he doesn't even know my mom they're still a truckload of ethical fuckary. State law makes no attempt to ban RX kickbacks. We have created a system where people not trained to detain people play judge jury and forced drugger. 

worse yet as far as I can see there's no ban on financial incentive for deciding you need medication.

 We've created the system where you can be forced to take powerful drugs

 and the person giving them to you or creating that need may financially benefit from doing so

 worst yet there's no oversight

And when the State Bar hotline is telling people no one touches these cases this is hell. This is Hell most likely to affect the already abused and those less well-off financially or more bluntly the poor will suffer because finding a lawyer and affording a lawyer are functions of time and money. Also cognition to do so. We don't know how a lot of medications for the Mind work. Or if we do on some of them it's a rough idea not specifics. The general advice that doesn't align with prophets but is probably best for people's Mental Health is don't fix it if it isn't clearly broken. I will credit Riverside for telling me that once I'm out of there I won't have to take anything at this point. But then what's really fucked up had I not recalled that is two or three times afterwards I do police officers asking if there's any medication that I'm supposed to be taken and I'm not. And this occurs after I report to them that I have recorded calls indicating that the report that put me there was done as a weapon a false report as a weapon.

And the other part of calling the State Bar was how do I get that to stop. I didn't go in there saying I want to file every charge I candidates by parents I have learned from the hotline that what I needed to communicate was unreliable Witness. Now I know there's charges that can be pressed by the prosecutor the city or however that works for false reports. If I have any idea of how this was that one time meant to work unreliable Witnesses like a step below that cuz there's no charges it's just hey these people might like be off their rocker or lie to their advantage. Maybe I'm wrong about that I don't have anything in this apartment and what the little bit I've gotten back get stolen my dad will taunt me me about it. While my mom tries to tell me I've never done anything or if I beat that down if the LIE becomes you haven't done enough but there's never enough to satisfy that. What there is a clear definitions of things like things false reports creating issues on a background check and or an eviction because all of my property has been held in labor has been forced for 9 months with threats to it after my location was forced around for six months with threats to it and that also included at the time to living pet rabbits that I had since 2007. Which is a hell of a catch-22 cuz at some point here anyway I move you can start to define it as some psychological pathology. And whether or not that matters to lie well if police are going to be pushers of the drugs that we're on a false report that created the first encounter with the doctor who was under no obligation to review expert testimony but puts on my medical record I'm delusional and then suggest drugs that might actually make me unhinged or disturb my well-being because you fuck with brain chemicals you don't know the results especially when you don't know the specific methods of action of the drugs. What you do know is right history if there's been any incentive or lack of oversight you can't trust people. Some of them will do their best to do well but we know without oversight there's problems some won't. Add Financial incentive to do what's against the patient or the subject or the victim or whatever your position of power at Financial incentive to act against them or to act in your benefit and not necessarily theirs this is the recipe for killing people

Should be pretty Tell-Tale how wack this is because what I gleaned from a document where North Dakota Cass County Grant's ability for police to take a Minnesota citizen back to Minnesota for a mental hold or an emergency medical hold what I gleaned from that is not necessarily mentioned in the state statute but police and medical professionals are exempt from these holds.

The other cool thing I know about North Dakota is for being a red leaning state they actually knowledge that detaining someone is harm. Which maybe that is that value but they tend to shift around if you watch the media. Cuz the definitions are pretty unclear Minnesota makes the huge deal out of Human Rights except my ability to feed myself my mental well-being all of that is injured by psychological trauma Force to tainment on gear say forced separation from years of things I worked for destruction of every plan I had in life now on hold well the people that are now protected parties continue to steal from me terrorize me hold my mail have demonstrated they will sign my name on anyting have my driver's license number have my actual driver's license have my social and can create endless court dates and police are unwilling to act on anything done to me but I can go to jail now for calling them this is fucking insane.

Authority without accountability is also a pretty basic metric for going to fucking kill people. I'm not saying police should be walking on eggshells over every word they say but maybe keeping knees off people's chest is a good idea for one and not being able to selectively ignore actual crimes repeatedly will protecting the other party which actually comes down to as far as I can reason well what's he going to do about it hopeless from the street with the destroyed background record destroy credit and someone that now has terrorized them for years for their problem and now we get to tell them his address if he even gets one. Doesn't matter that they continued doing it immediately after the court granted the ofps

Right I mean unless this is all I haven't contacted the right people or right lawyer which in and of itself is hard enough during this fucking pandemic but the real results are Terror daily having to re-evaluate every plan daily while I can't cook and eat how I normally would or jump on my fucking bike. Or more complex coping mechanisms like 10 years ago on a Wacom digital art pad that cost $300 that I paid for with money I made working I started a painting of my rabbits. I know fucking coping mechanisms I know purpose is important what does fuck system What leader dead or so fucked up I provide job security so some Dr or consler can teach me what I already know. 

 Because being able to follow any of those instructions even if I didn't know them is largely a function of available funds and or property purchased in the past that enables that or could be sold or used for income if I possessed it. And in the meantime some of that like stainless steel cookware silicone utensils scrapers spatulas that sort of stop and this is Edmund cooking for years and years after teaching myself. Not having that property it might be hard to measure for an individual but Medical Science makes no mistake or ambiguity but that affects my Quality of Life by cognition emotional regulation even how long I will live and what I will die of

In other words real actual harm is being done to me. Constitutional rights federal and state laws are being violated but none of that matters because they made a civil case first after a year-and-a-half a police refusing to enforce?

Can Maple Grove adapt knees and Strangleholds? It kind of seems more humane. That probably wouldn't apply if that wasn't the parts on the ofp where my address where I try to recover or die shelter Street this fucked up action gives my abusers the ability to know that for two years after a year-and-a-half of repeated non enforcement I've actually a violations I call it selective most places but the only selection was if I reported it doesn't get enforced. The other thing that didn't get enforced is any follow-up. For example two times the topic of me being there may be three in 2019 was I need my bike because well repeatedly I've said I'll swear I've communicated from the start I could not clean that car with it being no nothing in my kitchen and dependent on it for every fucking meal. Both times parents said yeah it's his bike he can have it then I didn't get it. Is the city of Maple Grove or Maple Grove Police or the officers they're not going to be liable if I get type 2 diabetes. If I have a stroke or a heart attack but if that's real risk especially with the fact that I have no kitchen things you can't Rob someone of everything will continuously stealing from them without doing the actual harm as far as medicine and science can prove because the moment you put them on a shit diet if they otherwise had a good one the moment you changed their ability to exercise and their diet you have harms their life you've harmed literally how long they can expect to be mobile and healthy enough to pursue happiness. It would be different if not for the one-sided protection of parties and the ability to selectively enforced actual crimes cuz again there's no expectation I can get away from this I can't go back in time and change and work less or at a different rate Place goal I can't go back in time and create more hours to maintain a larger social safety net in other words what I'm saying is it's a known if you make someone alone in the world and then continuously steal from them while police won't do anything you're likely to land them in a mental ward if not dead

this was the lay out for a reputable chip vendors lithium ion battery management system with an integrated and controlled Buck voltage converter. In other words a safe battery pack that won't go Note 7 or Boeing 787 or rather is unlikely to. Also one that can report its remaining charge. Yes those exist but as I was laying this out in the start of 2017 I don't know about now. As I was laying this out when I was laying this out we couldn't find one like this all you could find was cheap crap from China that you should trust about as much as a toddler surrounded by gas cans claim with the lighter. I can show you even when I was working 20 to 30 hours a week and taking 14 to 16 credit hours let alone when I was working 60 to a hundred between two jobs I was still pursuing the stuff on the side and that's where the moon come a large portion of it went not having fun and just fucking around it went to teaching myself and trying to make things and a lot of those things had value for sale. And I can tell you top of my head to form an LLC you need a registered agent you need to be protected a separation or a clear separation between entities otherwise you might get sued through so first starting with an inventory of assets then at least I'm counting sheep showing that you've transferred them never hurt you should do something like Articles of Incorporation if there's multiple parties involved in to find responsibilities but that's not even required you should probably have that signed and notarized if that's the case but there's a fee to file with the state and then you have to run two consecutive announcements in a newspaper.

But instead I end up in a mental ward and since November 2018 threats to everything I own that Maple Grove PD put them in a position of power over have enabled them to command where I live where I am at any moment what I'm doing. And then a doctor on a forced encounter because of lies to police denies looking at the Hard Evidence after that I'm forced to experience what was their problem what was proven by extra to be there where if it makes me sick even more time is lost because of the record of that forced encounter. This is insanity this is terrifying and having someone do that is not very good for the economy either because I'm nothing but a waste

above Clyde and cosmos
below :current shit hole holding cell where two parents who lie to maple Grove police (who for the most part/most officers) more than happy to pick a side mn ofp law enables two abductors to enter discard phase after a year and a half of threating 16 years of earned assets to create unpaid serve etude while sabotaging all routes forward or away or to any income not spent on the problems they force. problems they created and paid to have the r house rid of Nov 2018 problems I still deal with daily


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