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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Systemic antifungal

Where think my parents should be charged or rather tried for murder anything happens to me is I know from personal reading and having talk to someone who is taking them that the best is not having to take them. It's a known mental disorder to make someone sick go to the hospital. Usually than the person that forced it try to start bike Savior and it's called Munchausen by proxy well you make someone sick to the point that fungus or mold overwhelms and takes the foothold there's a lot of toxins mold can produce even without growing in you that can screw you up for life. Systemic antifungals aren't giving out like antibiotics because if I understand correctly there's a significant enough risk of liver damage where it's considered better to let the body try to fight it until it's clear it's not

Maple Grove PD heard my parents say two times at least I think three that the bicycle in the garage is mine and I can have it back. My dad end up writing me off writing me off with oh well now I'm getting it fixed cuz it was broken I didn't ask for you to look at it I asked for you to give it to me it's mine I used to write it on the MS 150 cuz I wanted to help a family friend who had Ms you fuckers tell me I'm not the type of dude I think the others you are projecting yourselves you sick fucking nasty ass holes go kill yourself

Minnesota Supreme Court ruling I just read the other day well pressing charges for what I just said in the end is now considered a violation of free speech that's a step in the right direction not that normally people should say that but this is not that this is using the legal system and position of power granted by your mistake that could have been lethal to risk someone else's life in every way to destroy everything you can after extracting labor from them repeatedly both leave skilled labor they perform before that was worth 150 an hour and doing it on computers they built for for you while you're telling them you've never seen them work ever explaining this this is so fucking sick

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