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Minnesota has no human rights

if police don't enforce mail fraud  very basic protections to your ability to adult are under threat.

 I seem to recall the reason for those laws was in part to protect the ability to enter and maintain contracts by mail. 

adulthood upon reaching the age of majority has traditional contained the facit that your word is your bond and your signature even more so. 

the protection against opening someone else's mail, as far as I can see was an extension of this to allow contracts to be entered and maintained by adults via us mail. 

in an afluent Minnesota suburb I grew up in then returned to in 2018 this is among the crimes against me which have been repeatedly over looked. 

while doing so the county of hennepin and city of maple Grove Minnesota are currently relying on hearsay to paint me as violent despite 30 years of no record indicating such. 

at age 30 I was locked out of a room I believed I was renting in a house that happened to be my parents. I had moved Back in January 2018. Aug 2018 I left for 2 weeks at a hotel and then found the garage door code changed with no oral or written notice. shortly after I was told by maple Grove Minnesotas officers that "I can't file theft I gave them my things moving out" 

I'll work to improve this as I can but bellow are some arguments I think need to be made. I think I'm more likely to be dead in a gutter than get to a court to make them and I have attempted to explain some of that reasoning bellow. 

even if it doesn't help me, I'm not the only person who has or will experience this state enforced death sentence off hearsay. 

mgpd allowed my parents to change the lock code  0 notice 6m after I moved back in Jan 2018.

every month there at least an hr sometimes up to 6 of IT consultant/pc support and upgrade services were rendered. market value of an hr of these services is 150usd an hr. often these services were preformed as drop everything you are doing what I need comes first. aka on actual demand. 

my mom declared as I moved back in:

I'm your landlord now untill you can aford every dime/cent of moving out on your own. 

well that's unlikely when ones time is commanded and clean laundered by me clothes had a habbit of going from the 10x10ft moldy room to moldy basement carpet or garage floor. while my possessions and some belonging to others but entrusted to me end up in the trash or out in snow and rain. 

more importantly and despite a non stated rate. 

she declared it a land lord tenant relation. 

scsu biz law might not apply to lease law, I'm not sure and I'm hardly In postion to find out. 

even with out covid-19 this situation would be grim. with it and alterered hrs(of even things like mn voluenter lawyer network) 

plus a year and a half forced labor or changing physical location under threat of losing everything and being homeless.. a year and a half forced to drive away from all my assets under lock (in a car I do not possess title to) and key and deprived of even the kitchen I would normaly cook healthy meals with (I lived in Apts 07 to 2018 and the last year. I'm referring to my pots pans plates and other cooking tools.). this alone is enough to screw with ones stability and health but the reality is far worse.

 but staying on track 

scsu biz law taught that when an agreement is made and value is not stated; average market value of the good or service is used. 

it also taught that if you buy someone a cruise ticket they are still entitled to all the services paid for and right to seek damages from the cruise line despite not having paid for it. mn seems to aledge that because my parents hearsay claim to have paid for some things they have right to everything and endangering my life itself. 

another possibly relevant story was an old lady who walked to a personal protection agency to inquire about services. at the end of the meeting no agreements made nothing signed. the owner offered to walk her home as it was getting dark. she then received an invoice in the mail a week or two later. yes she was obligated to pay.

another story was a roofing company who shingles the wrong house while the owner sits inside thinking they are getting a freebe on the mistake.  bit more complex but there was no free lunch. 

I'd argue if non of this applies and the statment my mom made doesn't matter then mn has dropped all notion of law creating a civil society and is enabling the old to pray on the young.

while police enforce actions that endanger 16 years of things I traded hr for dollar for as well as my ability to eat. 

if the Turpin parents end up paroled then if they can rig it to get a transfer.. it would seem mn would suit their sickness very well. 

there was a 27 year old male among those victims. he was let out to attend community College. every day he was he could have ran
 I'm not arguing that the chains wernt worse but where I feel the comparison is apt is, he wouldn't be surrendering 16 years of what he earned in doing so.  if you keep reading I state a few reasons why i belive it's actually somewhere near as brutal or potential to be further. one is police in maple Grove responded to me reporting my dad claims to own me with "it's not illegal to say you own someone" 

 the problem that prompted the move(back in) turned our to be mold from their house. 

it was professional proven to be present at their house. instead of dealing with it my cnp mother began telling me she would have me medicated for my delusions. both parents gaslit the findings of the mold Pro they hired first or second month of 2018. 

in Nov 50x8 ft of wall and 1500 Sq of carpet and pad came out of that basement. the back wall of the house and the deck on the other side. 

this happened near to or possibly while I was in a mental ward geting a delusional Dr's delusional diagnosis for delusions of mold and bugs. 

despite telling him have extermination records and email with the mold Pro on my phone. 

mn aprently doesn't have human rights or constituanal rights. 

it's not hard to devise that taking even a year of what someone earned and setting them back to 0 on the street is hazardous to their health and life. do it to some who earned over 16 years and is physicaly past the invinciable teens and 20s you've signed them up for an early death at best. allow hearsay to then affect their previously clean background check while continuous mail fraud and forced often police enforced  physical relocation alters ability to get or maintain any work and it's basicly murder. with shot credit I can no longer enter a lease. with out my things I can't even pawn assets for first month and deposit. there is a reason we made human traficing and forced labor under threat to existing assets a crime. the physical relocation is a bit common sense if you think it through. it alters ones ability to get or maintain employment while also altering their ability to get or maintain a social circle /Saftey net. I do not deserve to die on the street. it's great to know that if and when that happens I'm in a state that rarely charges police even if they directly kill the person. mn is a modern liberal culling machine

I was told Feb 2018 by my primary Dr to avoid mold. 

under maple Grove pd enforced sepersting n from all assets and selective non enforcement of mail fraud while responding to the report that parents are unreliable Witnesses and literlay claim to own me with 

it's not illegal to say you own someone and if we put that on record we might be liable. 

I was forced to labor on my parents moldy flcar for 9mo in 2019.

my health is showing all signs of decline because 30 days hungry in 2019 3 years malnutrition and now inability to enter a lease. I doubt it will happen and I'd rather have my life back but if I die I think there need to be murder or at best man slaughter charges.

if you check out this site you can find how I normaly would cook and care for my health
on May 22 2020 maple Grove pd mid pandemic activated the ofps that sterns refused to serve.

while doing so they even ignored that the parents who filed them had taken my id a month earlier. 

infact they filed them while I had 20 days to vacate the still occupied apt at end of lease (March 31st 2020) and knowing I was on sterns(the only apt they have ever picked for me is this one) they filed on hen. they also knew that on March 6th the car had broken down. the papers show they filed March 11th.

so apparently hennepin county sees someone 45 freeway min away with 32 years no indication of violence other than recent and u allowed to be contested hearsay

as superceding all other rights and protection of who hearsays first as more important than the life property well being and presuite of happyness of the accused. 

it's a less than clever more abhorent end run on using criminal charges to deprive of. 

one step from and auto criminal on violation. those involved in my oppinion should be tried for treason. 

you need two id's to seek employment. you need a driver's license or state ID to seek even food stamps. 

they sent me away unable to get even gov assistance mid pandemic with my tools keep sakes and assets locked in a house I moved back into in Jan 2018

they try to play it as a basmetnt dweller failure to thrive, we help him grow up. 

they are instead pushing me into a grave. but hey I guess you can murder all you want if your spin machine labels it otherwise

with nothing more than hear say I went from clean record health and criminal speaking to 

4th amendment violated during police enforced abduction. the officer himself later claimed he didn't use any specific law. the contact only happened because my dad was seeking vengeance via socieopathic extra judicial means. 

the moment the State moritoriun on evictions ends my first and only eviction. which will come from inability to vacate will pretty much seal my fate. 

2nd amendment nullified. I can no longer purchase a firearm. maybe if Gene splicing progresses and I don't die ill test the waters with actual bear arms.

 dark humor is like food when police enforce some saying they own you.. not everyone gets it.  

5th amendment virtually nullified while state has stood between me and 20g in my assets after what I feel was a illegal lock out on a rental. 

if one searches for info on this states emergency medical holds. it quickly becomes clear that failure to stay fed can also be grounds for detainment in a mental ward. 

the first and only hold maple Grove pd allowed my parents to strand me at the hotel they were putting me up in then used the words of hungry me finding no car at 530 and a conditional threat dependent on if a cab driver (never contacted or attempted to).. if a cab driver saw no issue with 6pm pick up from a hot on a Wed, stop one hardware store for sledge hammer, stop two middle class residential. where I had threatened to hammer their stucko if the car isn't returned. 

I had worked setting up a virtual private
 server for a business in st cloud all day. 

car was back at 6pm and 4 hrs or so later (after food, nap and more work) I went to get snacks and smokes came back and a maple Grove PD squad blocked me into the parking lot. 

last I looked.. didn't it say "immediate threat to self others or property"? 

then the doc I never met before who signs off documents only "paranoid behavior suicidal threats to dad" all of 10min of talking to me. didn't want any conflicting supporting claims. 

3hrs in I'm asking the person who enters the room "is there a sheet that makes this official? and have I been anything other than calm and cogent?" 

cogent communications: maybe a decade ago I thought it was b funny name for a company (they make network and internet switch gear) and looked up the definition. 

the staff member (maybe nurse maybe Dr I wasn't reading badges)

" you've been fine but we are keeping you anyway, I'll be right back with that sheet" 

she walks out the back door. it featured a large airgap to a staff only back ward room and tile floor. through that I hear 

"He uses big words!" 

when did no child left behind become no one who takes a bit to find their own path and overcome personal issues.. allowed ahead? 

the state is very much Co enabling or forcing the dependence and destruction. 

this is the entertainment center in my parents living room. note the thing above the surround reciver. I don't know what number that was. my parents have even the records to assemble that picture. I stopped mentally tracking number of bespoke custom pcs and work stations I built at 30. 

that also included a pc for a candidate that ran for distrect rep of 50b in 06 and his campaign website. 

the computer viable above (box above surround reciver) is a custom multi media center pc featuring a HD cable card compatible 4 runner TV tuner and hdmi cec adapter. ever notice on some tvs the TV remote can control say a blue ray player or cable box? that's commands sent over the hdmi video cable. it's called the hdmi cec protocol. aka the Samsung tv(above but not pictured) can even control the computer to achieve a cable box like feel. the 4 tuner card allows one to watch, time shift and record 1 channel while also recording 3 others. 

they wanted to use their record player with the surround reciver so I also source the pre amp on the right. the red box with thing sticking up in the middle. that thing is a vacuum tube. record players output audio at a different level than modern alternative sources. the preamp brings the output up to an appropriate line level. rather brings it up to the modern standard the reciver is expecting. 

I don't just claim to have taken a virus off a computer once.. bleh.. Muh rights.. 

I have an extensive work history in the it field dating back to 2003. 

more bellow the photos

stlf spring break volunteering trip. 

inside badment walls at parents 
moldy 10x10 room. note the mushrooms growing on Owens Corning's cotten candy
apt I moved out of 
note this pic is 6mo after the extermination. 

pic I took with my first electronics repair microscope either at my previous apt or at parents house. 

as predicted forced to clean mold car spread it to current living space. this is the ac grill in the apt I'm suposed to be out of. 

shirt after cleaning mold car 

the flip side of the headliner in the mold car I was forced to remediate under threat of all my things disappearing. a postion of power enabled by maple Grove pd. 

they then turn and spin/pr it as failure to thrive or basement dweller being forced to grow up. 

if you are reading this as an elected official. if you were on the labor/dfl ticket. at age 13 or 14 I wrote a report contracted/paid report on emerging mobile platforms for a software company in Minnesota.

 this is relevant because that company makes logistics and analytics software that the labor unions that supported your campaign used to organize their lit drop /leafleting campaigns in support of yours .. ie around 2001 I had already been paid for It consulting work by a company that may have helped your backers support your election. 

most people remember the first iPhone as the birth of full color web in one's pocket. that was a good 5 years after it was possible. 

I know this because my love of tech had me saving up for a Sony Ericson t68i. gsm/gprs/edge phone and one of the first to feature Bluetooth. 

between that and a Compaq ipaq pocket pc (also Bluetooth enabled) 

using a Bluetooth dun profile (dial up networking) I could pull web pages seemingly out of thin air in Jr high. I remember a teacher once asked how it was even possible and something like, did we install wifi?

before you assume it's a ritch kid playing with tech parents tech toys. I saved to buy both devices. also, my mom is a cnp, my dad was a public school bus driver then union organizer. 

the first pc I had was Intel 8086 that a neighbor grabbed when it was headed to the dumpster at her work. 

one of the reasons I suspect full blown cluster b disorders in both parents is inability to see me as more than the sum of their flaws and visa vie extension ability to see anything I do or am into as having value unless it's needed by them and then only only for the moment. 

bit about work history. not complete but let's paint a picture of whom they wish to call a failure to thrive and some how equate this to lack of any rights. 

starting in 2003 I was on the regular wearing hats including General IT Consultant,  Network administrator. Network engineer. Assembly line henchman holding wrench for bespoke custom built computers and workstations (I really dont want to put the word engineer in front of parting out a computer for a given task or price range and upgrade path) .  Web design, and have played server architect and admin form NDSU, Clients and my dsl is disconnected but theres a xeon e5 v3 on my floor with 48gb of ram that normaly hosts my router/ creates two networks, web server, SQL server , cctv cam server/dvr, pbx software installed but not configured because my IP phone is growing mold despite having it back. 

NDSU College of business was teaching Microsoft Dynamics (crm) GP10 using a row of 10 Dell Optiplex space heaters as servers. I had noted that MS had just released something called Hyper-V, my advisor and one of my bosses noted we had and msnd subscription. we had just received two pretty powerful rack servers (for the time) and had an older one as well. I grabbed a hard drive imaging tool then configured the 3 rack servers with Hyper-v and imported what was needed of the images of the 10 space heaters and the lights stopped dimming in the intern office. kidding we had just moved to the new building (well when i say we, a lot of people helped but as far as lugging computer hardware that was almost exclusively my advisor and boss plus a van and for some reason I dont recall the rack servers ended up riding in my car. I still remember only because I can still feel the pain of picking the damn things up)

I was also on the MGSH tech team which did IT maintenance and upgrade tasks for the school. I think MGSH had 1500 ish students in those days and the team was 3 students chosen and entrusted. above even that though, my sr year MGSH had laid out curriculum for an A+ certification class and clearly desired to make this an elective option for students. Im sure it would have happened either way but how that went down in 05/06 is I was registered for the elective but alternating every other unit with the actual teacher and teaching that class. She was more business than tech and at that point other than the tech team and excluding homes I already had biz IT consulting clients including a law office(estate unfourtantaly or id be a lot less unsure of where i stand or what gutter i die in), a CPA firm, print and engraving shop, and a car dealership. 

Other activities starting around 2003

i mentioned leafleting campaigns by labor unions. 

I also used to help with those. the last one I gave my time to was with Franken still in office. I know for fact I was also walking around in the cold handing out welstone reelection pamphlets when that trajody occurred. I know because our neighborhood also went into an active shooter lock down while we were leafleting. 

names more relent here only because it's two discreet names I know for fact were campaigns I helped a large labor union support. 

note neither name would be of much use if that were my ploy. I decided to omit the name of the software company as it was a long time ago. it does how ever support my earlier point/knowledge learned at scsu about law. 

the hope is to build a logical case that the city and county have taken a otherwise functional and capable of applying learned knowledge and bettering himself continuously and utterly trashed all hope of more than flipping burgers. 

depriving him of 5th amendment, violating 4th amendment under guise of Saftey for emts on what may have been an illegal emergency medical hold to begin with. the officer who executed it later said 

"I didn't use any specific statute" 

Which I believe might be a case of when someone tries to obscure the truth but ends up telling it anyway. 

the reasons I can see the state wanting to pass such laws are it's good for funding the police force because what starts as an advertised peace officer mission can likely quickly become criminal with the hopes that the violation of probable cause goes unnoticed. 

there is incentive to do this in the form of federal grants to pds for numbers in certian crimes. 

also in setting such broad unqualified standards I would say they ensure hospitals who are likely given money per head per night get mainly people who sit there and don't require extra on call human resources or generate workers comp claims and asset damage. 

if the legislation was tighter in how to qualify I posit the number of actually psychotic people detained in medical phacilities with out hope of trial or appeals would cost said facilities/corps quite a bit more than what ever the state is giving them. 

biz ethics 101. companies exist to profit. 
hospital /health care corps. still a companies at the end of the day. 

more abhorent yet is there is no ban of rx kickbacks at all.. but that's really horiific when you consider forced encounters with doctors where both the org they work for and the doctor may pad their wallets... aka have incentive to keep you longer and medicate you. 

then factor in that shared medical records then influence all future providers perception before you shake the new Dr's hand.. or talk about how you might have in the pre covid 19days. 

we are setting up either for purpose or through short sighted idiocy... a system to imprison and execute some to employ others. 

spring break stlf volunteering trip. I was doing homework in ndsus student union and overheard the leaders planning it only a few days before break. sounded like meaningful fun so I walked over and Said sign me up. 

this attempt to pidgionhole as kicking out a kid who never left home and thus subvert the recognition of the fact I did in 2006 until 2018 also fails to recognize that at 18 and due to some of the work described above (and more that I didn't even list) I paid for 45 days alone in Europe with a backpack and had my own money left over for first semester at ndsu. 

I find it pertinent to mention that this site is hosted on a Google service via Google domains. aka its prepay able for years at a cost of 12 dollars a year.  it's looking like my message will out live me

some examples of deception and esoteric taunts as well as mail fraud:

this was the usps parcel that contained the ashes of Bonnie rabbit. it was addressed to me at their house. it was received after she died in my parents forced care maybe December 2018. how was I suposed to do a change of address while bounced between 5 hotels at my dad's discression? it's mail still held. 

this was maybe April 2020 and the type of sick Paul wuethrich is. it's also mail still held. npd people are known to do something called dog whistling. ie communicate in a way that unless you know the intimate details of the situation and or how it's a taunt... when the target blows up for the subtle terror.. it can be used to paint them as unhinged. 

but regardless of psych terms. it's still mail fraud and this is the most benign of several examples. 

they took over my mn care, my mom ended up on a bank account I opened in 2018 and that's not even the extent of it. 
eye irritation was prevelant in me, Bonnie rabbit(above), Clyde rabbit and my dad

I'm sure my dad would likely deny it. one of my cnp mothers tactics to get me the psych diagnosis and medication she threatened was both parents insist I continously go to more and more doctors

derm 2 was one my dad saw regularly. he had seen the derm earlier that day and they sent the script he forgot with me. steroidal eye drops and or topical anti fungles.

I know he was on both but can't recall with certiany which it was that day. 

hipp hipp hop HIPAA law anonymous? 
(adaptation of a joke from the movie big daddy) 

for most of the last year and a half I've woken up screaming the names of Bonnie and Clyde rabbit 

if you want to judge my character on any merit perhaps consider most rabbits kept as pets don't see the age of 7. Bonnie likely would have died soon but what would have taken her wasn't what did. 
this  is not just adorable... Clyde as a rabbit had the inate psychology of a pray animal. this was taken in a pet friendly hotel. aka the smell of preditors was everywhere and the place was unfamiliar to him. 

just about every vet and vet tech they were taken to/encountered over the years noted they had never seen rabbits so calm. 

Bonnie was about a year and a half old when I adopted her from a friend in 2007. she died in  Nov or Dec 2018. she was so skinny the vet was asking if my lock out parents now in command of her would be OK with syringe feeding. how does one entrutusted to make life or death decisions on small creatures in a neonatal intensive care unit let that go unnoticed? 

the state of human and costitual rights in MN appears to me to be as such

human trafficked, falsely imprisoned and left for dead? better afford a lawyer.

can't afford to eat? well obviously unfit to care for one's self theirs gov programs. 

people claiming to own you discard victim with ofps after stealing state ID. tough luck we don't care. hears your ofp now activated. they said they gave you money. 

mid largest pandemic anyone alive has ever seen. 

I think the most laughable example of how broken the system is and the lack of moral integrity but need for power came recently. 

I read yesterday that maple Grove put a curfew in effect. 

but the curfew is not applicable if one is suffering homelessness 

my thought is somebody in pr department went.. we can't look like we are going to lock people up for being homeless, someone else said it would break social distancing if we fill the jails and everyone elected wanted nothing to do with any of the above

the end result though, if you are a home owning tax payer in maple Grove. you have a police enforced curfew. 

pay for the right to be dominated. or become depended at anytime and mgpd will help you into a grave. 
I think I'm still dealing with these as well. this pic was taken through a microscope at about 80x magnification. I think we originally picked them up on a trip to peuerto Rico. my parents ended up Geting rid of the luggage afterwords. I think that may be a sand fly. the back drop in a pcb I designed and then etched using a UV photo lithography process and tools I made to do so.  it was done at my previous apt in 2017 but this pic was 2018.

 I washed the board including deluited bleach as for a while I feared this might be my mistake or something originating at my apt and capable of contaminating my parents home as I moved back in. after that it was at some point found by my mom and hidden in the basement for about a month. on finding it I noticed a shit ton of debris that hadent been there last I had seen it so I stuck it under a microscope and what had been a spec or grain of sand was revealed as what you see above. 

another name for these is "no see ems" 

precisely for the reason that I needed 80x magnification to see em. 

see em or not according to a talking mallard duck at a medical institution with at least one psychiatric death on their hands.. 

well according to the professional quack im delusional. pretty strong delusion when those reading this are now either seeing what was there or experiencing something like folie a deux eh duck? 

as I've explain e elsewhere there was no talking duck. just a dick with a first name only badge and MD in front of the name. while I know a bit more than the average lay person I understand I'm not a doctor. I do happen to know some basics about medical ethics however and chose to prefer the delusional belief that what entered that room in riverside psych ward was a mallard duck. the alternative is a ponderence that could shatter my faith that any part of life is at all worth trying.

if you can't see where I'm being sarcastic and using it as a literary tool as well as coping mechism
 if you fein this ignorance from a position of power 
old world knowlege  suggests sometimes answers have a tenancy to reveal themselves as one endeavors to endure a lengthy hike on a horizontaly limited precipice

white water state park probably offers just such a location of ponderance. the state of MN is literlay full of it... er them. 

call my bluff I'll call your fall. though we might have to consider it a pre posthumous honner if you would allow it. I've already accepted my likely fate

so if you'll parden my francais..

go fuck yourself.

or alternatively do better and do it for us not your alternatively crattoring SAD ass

(Standard American diet) 

the way I see it, if I'm not alone in this injustice and if this bank of well thought through rights and protections for all continues to erode 

then we as a society are a building the future of serfdom called freedom and distruction of the middle class the world over on the flood plane of a perch river. 

little did we realize the hunger games was the story of Lake Agassiz

despite knowing that those who don't understand history are doomed to repeat it. 

I'd sum my case up as vigilantly injustice by city then county looking to cover cities ass at the expense of a citizens life and last year living in a toxic environment as a modern lepar 

they will spin it all day as discussed before. that doesn't change the fact my mom by vitue of her employment endangered lives of already sick newborns. both parents with paid off house were able to save value of paid off house via what I deduced then mold pro confirmed. 

despite 16 years of working for income and 30 of clean records I'm left destroyed background check destroyed credit check deprived of anything mine and ability to respectfully care for the body of clyde or mourn the loss of either pet. soon an eviction will pretty much seal my fate. 

At best it's state-enforced Munchausen by proxy will ignore your fifth amendment deprive you of all property through civil means or more accurately described as uncivil means and if you fall apart because of what would normally classify as human trafficking deprivation of property and rights forced pursuit of the gutter well hey we can step in and fix you and in the meantime we probably create some jobs fuck you

this empty shit hole was still home until Clyde died. this pic was our first night. I fell asleep right after it. on the floor. it apears a hint of the nose bleed I had on ariving is still visable. 
some of the issues at house and previous apt returned after my dad made snow blow through the vents of the car that had been in the attached garage of their moldy house. it was like pouring gas on a bearly lit log. 

I was then forced to try in vain to remediate for 9mo. 


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