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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Terror and conditioned response

other thing wrong with Minnesota's emergency medical hold law. You condition going to the doctor with maybe not leaving the doctor. 

And that's assuming the doctor is more ethical than mine was. Well I shouldn't even say mine I might have met him once in 2003 when I ask my mom if I could get tested for ADHD and learning disabilities I'm not sure if it's the same person so in general I'm going to say I've never met him before. Regardless I had expert testimony that the things he would decide where delusions in 10 minutes of talking to me.. 

Expert testimony that they were real I told him I had the mold Pro that was hired and documents from the extermination what I forgot is I had my vet too

It didn't matter to him I said they were on my phone he said patients aren't allowed phones on the ward the system is set up to allow murder to Pat a doctor's wallet maybe it might be manslaughter drugs fairly or normal old criteria. Systems without oversight and especially with the potential for financial incentive to not act ethically who produced bad results even among good people or otherwise normal rational adults

if you do this on hearsay with insanely vague Criterium you are hurting people. 

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