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Terror bonding

Are known tactics of narcissists and sociopaths especially to their children as far as I can see if Tara bonding you make it so there's never a predictable results never if you do what's right what's expected you even escape the wrath of the parents having a bad day. 

what Maple Grove Police Department has done is empowering people who before police envovlement told me they're out to make me suffer and they own me. 

 marlene and Paul wuethrich had a house with 50x8 ft of basement wall growing black mold

1500sq of carpet and pad was moldy as well. 

jan 2018 it was proven by mold pro and the denial started 

my cnp mother started telling me she would have me medicated for my delusions. 

she told me she's my landlord now as I moved back in that month 

adding on "untill I can afford every dime of moving out" (period? contract?) 

every month until Aug services I have preformed professional since 2004 were rendered on request and demand. services with a market average value of 100 to 150 usd an hr. 

Aug 2018 I left for what was suposed to be 2 weeks gone max. 

locks change I don't live there anymore. all my stuff and at time live pets did. 

mgpd you can't file theft you gave them your things moving out

Nov 2018 temp housing of hotel car is taken

I point out to the officer who was only there on hearsay from my dad "3people 5 cars, they took this only to inspire the threat" 

doesn't matter its his car 

 I end up in mental ward where MD Boris L Kholomyansky

responds to sir I have documents of extermination at apt and email with mold pro on my phone with 

patients arnt allowed phones on the ward 

they paid to have that problem fixed Nov 2018. I got texted a picture of the remediation by my dad same night I got out of the mental ward. 

maple Grove police department has empowered two people that endangered their lives my life, my pets and every newborn my mom cared for in her position at the nicu in st paul to take everything then slap me with ofp creating a cannot rent situation after a year and a half of threats to destroy donate give away if I don't fix their car and faster. 

 hungry on the verge of homelessness during the largest pandemic the world has seen this is sick

How does one find a job without an ID or even without two IDs
during the economic collapse? 
with out working washer? 
with out... 
none of this even matters my 5th amemement should come first this is rediculous

 why would I even try when I don't know where I'm going to live

 and probably can't get a lease again

 how come I can't even have my bike during these beautiful days!? 

I can't even get Clyde rabitts remains disposed of this is sickness

a few posts ago I detailed the laws laymen John can assure you are being overlooked. like fcc possession of an amature radio with out liscense, possibly mns criminal property damage, 5th amendment right to own anything. scanner in car law as mgpd assures me it would be hard to prove ownership of my ham radios. well how did the non licensed parents get them to the house? 

This is beyond real its driving me crazy and I can't see how a rational adult would be expected to cope. 

these expectations and with no demonstrated defensive any of my rights protections of anything needed to be an adult

 why even try 

 where to start because there's no real good answer your other than the basic rights like mail or check fraud 

And the reality is whether law has caught up to it or not; Medical Science knows  the conditions I have been subjected to by this are likely to shorten if not end my life 

for what for what crime? 

I don't see why anything I say matters when the police can tell me things like

 you can't file theft because you gave them your stuff moving out 

no I didn't even know I was moving out I wasn't informed written or verbally and they knew that. 

It takes an ID to even get State assistance for food and may 22 2020 as mgpd tried to think of any reason to throw me in jail they ignored... hey my parents have my id. 

yet State Medical hold law says if I fail to food to feed or cloth myself I can end up back in a mental ward 

hennepin County and mgpd have let the people claiming to Own Me stealing and destroying everything I worked for destroying my 5th Amendment rights any expectation of presuite of... anything really.. 

even food. 

On the less than(attempted) legal arguments for why this is distruction

in the six months living there Jan to Aug 

sick teardowns on every level

 rewriting my past to fit their present to absolve them of any guilt for their decisions when I was a minor 

mold pro confirmed vapor barrier carpet pad on sealed cement slab was root cause. they finished the basement in 2001 when I was about 14.

every bit of self-efficacy every bit of self-worth I had was under attack 

only to allow everything I actually earned to be taken and destroyed over the past year-and-a-half and Counting. 

My mom's telling me I've never worked a day in my life. I make everything up and like ma Turpin(I'd assume) YOU NEED TO PICK A COMUNITY COLLEGE MAJOR AND LIVE HERE 

she drove me to the first time that I make $50 to show up 25 an hour after while I was also working McDonald's at age 16 for like $6.85 an hour in 2004.

  at NDSU a professor with a PhD in computer science and Masters in Information Systems tells me I'm one of the brightest he's ever seen 

 I'm not saying this because I think or know that's true

 I'm saying this because I have almost nothing left 

because I have no rights

maple Grove  police walk all over them

likely for ease of prosecution or not having to deal with it anymore

rights are apparently less serious than human life if it means cost reduction. 

 at the expense of possibly my heartbeat 

i'm being torn down in every other way by people even the police are telling me are doing me a favor

I'm trying to remind myself  I was good at something.

Because my mother tells me she knows I made everything up and can't do what I said even though in 2000 when she was teaching at st. Kate didn't care to learn computers guess who was having to make her PowerPoints to teach nursing at the overhead projector went extinct.

And if Hennepin County can men take their words a year-and-a-half into ordering me location to location under threat of destruction of everything will ignoring mail fraud or ignoring check fraud 12th Maple Grove Police drone finances well all it takes you as I can see is their claim that I said or did something and now all the sudden my background check is destroyed so if my mom grabs an envelope addressed to me with a check in it to me which I didn't know that was happening for most of the time it continues to happen but even if I had known it was happening there's not much I can do about it and by the time I knew it was happening the police were already refusing to do anything in my favor even file report so what the hell am I supposed to do take it from her by force because when I reported it I get asked by the police why can't I manage my own finances well once you seen her hand if she won't give it to me then what am I to do?

Or perhaps is it more logical that federal laws protecting mail should be enforced?

do you know what it's like to hear one party say they own you and another with a badge and gun telling you the equilevent of walk away from everything you worked for for 16 years because 

"if your parents pay for anything they are always going to have some control"

then being forced to drive away from 16 years of what you earned that you are being denied the right to file a theft report for?

how about returning to an empty apt with your pet and friend in the freezer? in a town and place the people claiming to own you picked?

I hope you do not. 
I'm not sure why I'm still alive. I'm not sure how it's going to get any better. 

i don't want to hurt like this anymore

they took all sense of purpose with my ability to sign a lease.


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