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text to my dad

you modify your demands your word and try to rewrite my history on the fly to suit what ever you want at the moment

while telling me to trust you and you would never intend to hurt me

worse yet you do so after agreeing to things that put me in a dependent situation

agreeing to things that in holding up my end put my reputation credit and credibility on the line
you then take 16 years of what I earned independent of what was ever given
and to not admit wrong launch this campaign that I'm sick in the head never cared for myself incompetent and tell you gave me all the Bibbs I need not sure why I can't cook

in 2006 I wanted to work before starting college. I had 4 biz clients and 2 dozen homes for it support and a telemarketing postion making 11 an hr and commission on the home loans sold

you told me if I didn't go to ndsu right away I better be able to pay for it myself "the money saved might go away" 

I told you in 2014 I thought your home had a mold issue. mom insisted I couldn't leave again then. when I finally did you promised if it did you would deal with it. but it didn't so no need to test

I got so busy between school and work then two jobs 

I do what I suposed to for me.. and with what's agreed and given usually with strings

u destroy me for your mistakes

u took everything I earned ever. you took my time with my pets and soured or prevent me to this day to living up to my word peers

you then want me to suffer more for words said while you are beating me down in aver sense for things I had no control of

you lie to police while telling me I have to understand you get what you want when you want and you need control because you want cobtrol

if you had told me that in 06 or even could admit to it regularly.. instead you attack untill I'm now unable to rent still have mold u paid to have eliminated

 you only reveal your lack of spine or concern intermittently and in a position of power you are doing things likely to kill me

2 ofps 20 days before this lease ended after 9months of u clean mold car through the death of clyde and while we threaten Bonnies ashes

alternating between I'm a spoiled brat and you arnt doing anything to me among others

---—--------------------end text-------
I don't expect he will answer. it's the usual game of only communicate to harm confuse prevoke etc. 

slectively acknowledge admit deny. 

my mom knew I had two gainfully employed friends in California that wanted to give me a leg up with the projects my parents still hold and destroy. she claims they are worthless despite fact one othe the two paid for the main one

so she first claims I couldn't do it made everything up.
then a bunch Inbetween and like 4 months ago sends me that in the mail. (news paper) (above) aka doesn't matter if I took it cause look here's smoothing that said you mignt not like it anyway 

this came with it or after. 
I've asked her if she can not acknowledge what she does to not talk to me. 

instead she's subtly threatening my property that maple Grove pd put them in possession of while trying to look friendly. she's talking about wanting to sell my xbox(original) movies and wii u games. 

when you take 16 years of earnings from someone and sabotage being able to rent, get a loan get a job of any kind let alone two good shots at 100k a year... yeah maybe 2 dollars a disk is a lot. 

mom you are only that in title. it's an unearned one. 

short tooth was a baby tooth with no adult under it. it picked Dec 2017 to bail. it had been wedged since root died in childhood. was told not to wait more than 6mo and dental implant is best.. yep 2020 homeless.. good odds here 

remediation done in Nov 2018

Cosmos cats last night alive may 2017

bonnie 2015
clyde 2019
cosmos 2016 or 17 on moldy basement carpet
me a few days ago

myself Max (friend from hs) and Juliette 2016. CA on a large corps private campus 

Clyde 2016

Cosmos last time outside. he died in my lap the next day waiting for the vet to come with the shot.

Bonnie 2015

clean our car or lose everything 2019
walls in basement pre remediation
a shirt after cleaning their car
room I moved into in their house pipe access for tub on other side.. mold loves cold condensing surfaces.. aka the condensation on the pipes. note the mushrooms growing from the insulation.. no mold here.. you need to be medicated. 2018

cosmos last paw prints in snow 2016
me when it started few months after Cosmos died 2017

state of stuff I've recovered over past year. worth noting my primary doc said avoid mold. instead continuous forced exposure with starvation and then lies to police stress to max

my 400 usd ossiliscope and I know this was part of my 2016 tax return. 

ofps filed with 20 days to vacate current lease and broken down car 

this room is to left of room bellow. it's the back wall of their house in the basement. this was no small issue. this room had the carpet as well. in the pic with Cosmos on the floor between my legs... we were sitting off to left of vac hose in pic above. 

garage wall at apt they picked

above headliner in clean our car or else

started growing on my ac grill as predicted. all diy and pro sites advised against remediation anything if u can't wear tyvec and or ditch clothes before entering living space.
 I tried to vacuum like crazy and run filters but that and non stop laundry.. combined with 3 folding tables for orgizafjobal furniture.. vaccum but move piles of anything around while doing it. I said soon after start this was insane and unsustainable 

garage under unit. the wall with mold is directly under this one. this design is terrible for mn when it lacks climate control in the garage. ie always humid building materials because every time door opens... 

parents walls 

mold found in 2016 apt. only place and this was right across from washer dryer stack. aka when I visited Cosmos then drove back up... clothes went right by this cupboard and I showered. 

black molds toxins are microscopic and float for a long time but spore itself is pretty heavy

mail that came maybe March 2020 still held. likely meant to remind me he has Bonnies ashes. they also came addressed to me usps. 

why no change of address? apt tried to evict 6mo in for cleaning mold car. Bonnies ashes while I am locked out and just don't live there any more bounced between 5 hotels

this is insane. 

more garage mold. I sprayed it all down with 30 usd a gallon solution partly because this was there partly out of attempt to not damage this companies property. 

May 22 2020 quote from mgpd officer:
parents give a lot of money... 
.befire activating ofp disregarding they took even my ID. 
during the pandemic none the less 

I mentioned the garage... there's one of several times fluid was wasted. while less than predicted need of funds for job I said I shouldn't be doing and it's a waste to interrupt. parents burn money while mgpd enables them to threaten all aspects of my life property and health. 

and with out a reference point or refusing to acknowledge anything about the nature of the situation... what the hell is a lot? count those bottles and find the price. 

or maybe if "you can't file theft you gave them your stuff moving out" wasn't the position of power your force created we wouldn't be having that covo while u look for reasons to throw me in jail. 

mg cops "your parents give u a lot of money" yeah enough to against doctor advice and because you enable them to take everything disregarding my 5th amendment rights human decency fcc title 97 scanner code mail fraud check fraud..

because you give them absolute power to make homeless and me right less

the amount they give doesn't cover the forced labor and eating

3 years of Mal nutrition and fast food when I used to cook like this

here's the curry recipe if anyone wants to try

and if u're doubting it was me.. note the laptop present in many is the same.  or some same cutting board
rachel ray.. ex gf got me into this one 

or how that's the same pan as the Indian curry. this was thai duck curry in 2015

chicken or avacodo works.. 

the cupboards are bare and the only thing in this kitchen is Clyders in the freezer 

this is really fucked up.

vaccum stopped turning on... there's your problem

Geting it to fit again was the hardest part. I discarded the noise insulation and now it runs longer with out thermal shut off that early apex model is known for. sucks like crazy on clean filter but overheats itself quick midway through filter life. regardless this repair was 8mo ago, took about an hr and I just used it today. gee maybe the 100 dollar solderion station isn't a waste. 

maybe if we recognized parents with personality disorders also helicopter destroy an lie... 

skunk works has a policy hire competent people and stay out of their way 

following the landing of a DC 10 with no hydrolic systems and survival of over half the people on board (previously no one in similar incedents) 

the faa implemented CRM

cockpit resource management. 

which was faccy talk for  recognize strengths esp in situations don't divert to authority just because I'm the bos or have the title for athority

my parents on other hand... can't name the titles of the prove. working paid for projects but assure me I know nothing made everything up.. new lie du jour

and authority of river side Dr boris 

sir I have docs from extermination and email with mold pro hired by parents 

"patients arnt allowed phones on the ward" 
"(redacted) for delusions of mold and bugs taking out your illness on your elderly parents" 

after month and a half hotels
2017 apt
2018 elderly parents house 

well now in 2019 I'm about to be homeless 2 ofps by people who got physical with me and not the other way around.. good bye background check

and blowing out this

while mgpd tells me how fourtiante I am

and come round your stolen property again... bars

partly 4th district. 

lovely how you can strand someone then file 

random but perhaps work ethic wise, I knew a site to source cheap cables and this is how I spent free time when working 2 jobs and one of them was upstart repair store I was suposed to have ownership in

theory was people walking in probably have at one time went to plug something in not had the cord and if you can up sell some cheaply sourced common ones.. 

well this might trigger that purchase, in the meantime it adds to precived athority
is better than white bare walls and I personally think advancements and good things come from free flowing info so it was personally in line with that. 

that and all the other forms and org required.. free time... 

and pet projects on the side
might not look like much but that RFID nfc reader was the cheaper of 2 and totally undocumented at the time. I was translating Russian tinkerers on blogs and scraping every bit of know how I had to get it working on the pi. 

it's also more behind the screens, its querying a database to check if the unique identifier string on the tag is on the allowed list 

I used to give out the Keychain tags when selling phone service. they are like 20 cents and if I sold a phone with nfc I would set it up to be an unlock code if the customer wanted it.. tap to unlock. 

I'm no supper human or always victim. I've had great clients. I work hard to acomplish goals and learn on interests or overcome my limits. 

what I'm being subjected to is total distruction and depreciation of much chance let alone rights. it's risking my life 

board I etched from cad design. testing with led where chip attaches

what I'm holding it over is a hid proxy pass/badg/key reader 

which emits a 126khz vlf field that powers a chip in your parking garage or door card or fob
the field is powering the led via the coil. it's also how qi charge works.. aka wireless phone charging. 

video is shit but if you watch led in right hand corner it goes green indicating valid read. of a very much not real hid card.

hid proxi keys/fobs work just like nfc aka the first video. here's what their unique id looks like 

of course it's less unique when you can program a fake card with it๐Ÿ˜‚

but the original proxi used such a short key it's a really bad idea to call it secure. know how 32bit windows was maxed at 5gb of ram? 
32 bit address space equals 
4ish billion bytes addressable 
(ish = 1000 vs 1024)

iirc proxi uses 26 bit keys.. 
2^26=67, 108, 864
unique keys

in other words someones parking garage pass somewhere in the world probably also opens your secure door.
 it's worse than that iirc as well because maybe 16 bits are actually used as Id.. idk it's been 3 years of mold and no return to anything I care about or worked for in sight. street and death more likely 
well fuck you very much paste. 

the 2 is because it's binary. 
you are storing a 1 or 0

I hardly feel like eating. I have no I'd, no working washing machine, am 2 months past order to vacate due to cleaning mold car. ofps and then eviction will destroy ability to rent. forced labor has desteoyed credit. the length of time and inability to cobtrol physical location diet.. etc.. 

this is abduction then slapped ofps to allow discard of victim

I need to get Clydes body respectfully delt with

this is enough to shut anyone down 


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