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the American dream is non existant

justice is dead, chopped up, its original skin is a lamp shade, but after a few other corpses like making the world a better place for your children, realizing that a conscious self aware informed populous is the only ethical way forward.. these are some weird corpses eh? 
it says iFunny but it's an image I took summer of 2006. 

what I find weird is the Frankenstein reanimated and calcified then crystallized corpse of justice and the voice of "It is what it is" and or" that's how it works/I had it" with sometimes explicit you should too. 

di vers ity 
not just black and white or rich /poor these traits succeed these fail. 

esp not while applying different /non consistent judgment metrics in a person to person peer group. I've found these people are often so or likely so messed up in the head they arnt listening to you anymore if you seek their support. the moment you trigger the memory of the narcissistic injury you're no longer talking about you are your problem anymore in their mind. Even though it might wrap back around and come out addressed to you. This becomes obvious if you pay attention to details like oh yeah you got kicked out where you totally alone after months of being ran down and isolated moved around town to town under threat of Destruction? Did you have siblings to turn to? How long did you spend in a homeless shelter? I need to flush this out later. The point I'm trying to make is we're not seeing each other as people anymore especially not if you end up with this type of damage and we know very well that it's likely learned behavior that causes damage or trauma that crystallizes in sets of them and the mines trying to heal from it can produce quite a few things one of them is people without empathy anymore or sympathy even if they still produce the vocal inflections that would convince you otherwise. United we stand divided we fall except we're not United if we're only United in suffering. Don't get me wrong and perhaps by Design there are kind of crap it's that get more support for social permission to have problems than others some are demonized. We are all human who ever taught us race committed a sin against us there's really well controlled studies out there that show that adult brains in the areas that consciousness decision making like who we are those areas differ more on personality type than gender. Furthermore the difference might not even be there at all with gender you have to look close and fine tooth comb it to find it if it's there at all where has personality types from my understanding this is summary of years of reading on this sort of thing pretty pretty noticeable differences especially on things like an fmri. This is off the top of my head though so constructive criticism is welcome anyone reading this wants to drop a comment with the source that's always welcome to.

It's kind of cynical but it's also really messed up that we think we need laws to protect just women or just special interest groups usually lobbyists fighting for it it's more messed up that traditional things like what it is to be an adult are being redefined and the protections that are supposed to go with that are being eroded. I've never seen the glass ceiling well-defined questions about how many hours worked and or what percentage same job have different pay for same hours worked in a year because we've got the ability to make that even murkier with salary vs hourly. If you drop down a level though what does it matter at all if you manage to make sure every woman is paid a dollar a dime a penny more than every man in the same position even if they worked less what does it matter if that still doesn't keep up with inflation or cost-of-living? There was a female to male pre-op transsexual in one of the recent well maybe a year or two now open shooter situations. Can we draw the conclusion do to pre-op that the glass ceiling has a 45 caliber hole in it. I'm sorry if you find that offensive but if you actually look instead of the images the news presents to you the corporate controlled news that benefits from drama and polarisation there have been female Shooters before this one I went that route to try to make a point we're more upset over images of what's PC  today then what's killing us all. 

I started earning on my own at age 13. 

for highly technical work. 

some people have abilities that I'm not by any means saying Are Better Than People educated from the start but that doesn't mean you need that level to earn with them. Or that everybody starts the same.

There's one thing that is absolutely inarguable here I don't steal or take anything from my parents. In fact when I turned 18 I wanted to stay in the Twin Cities area for a year or so before attending college. I was told by my dad if I don't go right away I better be able to pay for it myself.

The reason I wanted to stick around is because I had a car dealership a lot office a CPA office and a printed engraving shop along with maybe two dozen homes that I did IT consulting custom-built computers computer support and education for. In fact 2006 to 2007 I did a campaign website even for a guy who is running for district rep of 50 be in Minnesota. I made the first website for pay at about 13 for safe and Knife Company. In 2003 I did a paid report for a software company that does software for the SEIU in the teamsters that does Logistics and analytics one of the main functions is helping organize lit drops in support of political campaigns. Because even in 2001 I had the mobile internet in a form just about how we experience it today and that most people didn't know until 2005 with the first iPhone. Disqualified me enough to type a report for the owner of that company I'm which platform I thought would be the best 4 most cost effective for the features offered. If done today I definitely could go more in-depth on both the coding side and the hardware side of that. But back at the time I confused even adults around me as to how I'm pulling internet out of thin air. I think that was all the owner of that business needed to see. The point I'm making is since 2004 regularly but 2002-2003 I was making not what a young just turned teenager makes I was making a damn good wage and pretty regularly. When I started IT consulting and support for business regularly in 2004 I was charging $50 for the first hour and 25 an hour after. End of fifteen start 16 years old I was also working for McDonald's I would then upgrade that to Target National Camera Exchange the Target in Plymouth briefly and then a telemarketing for mortgage refinance job. That was 2005 and an hourly pay of 11 an hour. That position also offered Commission the quota was met in the commission was if the loans on your quota cleared you got a percentage of the profit these checks were substantial

Maple Grove PD saw that I moved back into my parents house January or I think the first time they were called would have been March 2018. If they reported diligently I was mentioning mold. Around August 2018 my parents changed the lock code for the garage. The reason I had to move back in was roughly eight months of bleeding at my previous apartment. This had started when Cosmos cat got sick for the last time. I'm moving back into their house the bleeding continued the mold professional was hired and determine there was a problem. My mom began gaslighting it my dad followed suit the bleeding continued. Williams dropped on my rabbits irritation in my rabbits my dad myself even though the two of them will probably claim I was the only one affected. My CMP mother Marlene Wuethrich began telling me I need to be medicated for my delusions and she can get me medicated or they'll throw me in the car and leave me homeless under a bridge in Minneapolis. We can call crisis center there's no mold here on your mom I say so. She wasn't even there for investigation done by the mold Pro they hired she was in as far as I know the master bedroom alone I was by the guy's side

When I moved back in with my mom said she's my landlord now till I can afford moving elsewhere. Every month I was there at very minimum 2 or three hours of service .  Services I've performed professionally since 2004. 

Some months as many as 9 to 10 hours of service Market average $150 an hour were performed. St Cloud State had a very passionate business law professors that I happen to have in 2015. Whatever call if contract lies even without a monthly rate mentioned for rent Market average could be used I'm not aware if this applies through landlord tenant but I have through research and somewhat common sense but law isn't always so I looked it up but landlord tenant is supposed to be based on contract law probably a superset of it perhaps a subset.

Either way my mom verbatim said that she was my landlord until I can afford every penny of moving out. I'd also argue that puts a time span on the deal.

On top of that I was implementing the mold Pros advice to try to help all of us protect our health protect property and the lives of my rabbits. I also needed a workspace to finish third-party contracted projects.

It was my intuition and logic that led to the discovery of the problem that could have made their house worthless. Instead of any sort of Justice or pay and keeping in mind all my stuff had been moved back especially my valuables there's some bulk furniture and stuff in the storage garage that they would not give me the address to even over the past year but that's outside the scope right now. The point is all of my things which besides my rabbits were mostly tools I had bought to either teach myself something or to earn with have been kept from me since August 2016 when they change the garage door code. They flat-out lied on the ofp reports claiming that they kicked out their adult son for acting erratically and not taking his meds in August. No one had ever required let alone suggested I needed meds except my mom while flat-out gas-lighting a risk to all of us and a risk to the sick neonatal patients at Children's St Paul who to the best of my ability to figure out classify as immunocompromised. Mold loves fabric like cotton and elsewhere I've linked where other hospitals are concerned about patients visitors clothing let alone a house where in November 50 by 8 feet of basement wall the deck from the other side of the wall 1500 square feet of carpet and Pad would come out. The root of the problem was their choice in carpet pad when finishing their basement and acting as general contractor in 2001.

Maple Grove Police started enforcing I just don't live there anymore I can't file theft because I gave them my things moving out. Meanwhile they're threatening all my things unless I do as they say live where they want me to and then when I finally signed the forest leaves the only time they have ever picked a place for me to live after 18 other than the torsion to go straight to University after High School was 2019. And of course right after I sign that lease the car that was in their name still is or scrapped now well that have been mostly parked in their attached garage to that house for 9 years collecting mold spores happy year later I realized the drain plugs and tubes for the Skylight we're also nonfunctional but January 2019 right before the lease starts snow blows through the vents of the car. The threat then became remediate our car in this Empty Apartment or maybe your stuff is donated maybe it's recycled with subtle reminders and letters that say I love you at the end and act as if nothing has happened but say hey you should let me sell your games for you. Meanwhile I've heard them say my mom I'll make you suffer for taking my time with my husband. My dad twice I own you once I don't own you but I bought you and what he was doing there is pretending not to understand that I was recalling or stating that he had previously said I own you so he plays fucked up attempt to destabilize your mind type games with I don't understand what tense is I don't understand you were referring to an event in the past when we literally talking about him destroying everything I've ever earned work for will his house that's paid off is safe because of me will I saved his life in 2004 but no I own you and then we can admit to it will tell you we said it but only as I don't think I own you but I think I bought you

Meanwhile Maple Grove PD is ignoring that they're opening my mail and there were six months in hotels and if it had been all different ones it probably would have been 14 hotels but really it was 5 that I was bounced between on short bookings I think he knew from the start that tax goes away after a certain. Of time that I forget at the moment even after that became apparent that didn't matter until he's talking to the police doubling the number or tripling it pure say claiming to have always given me some huge amount then I'm hearing from Maple Grove Police things like your parents give you enough money your parents don't owe you anything. While they're enforcing control destruction and separation from 16 years of assets I worked my ass off for and everything ever given to me other things that I had to learn how to take care of like my health are somewhat dependent I'm assets I bought. Also how I function efficiently I don't have to explain this what the fuck happened to the constitutional rights like owning property since when did police on hearsay get to decide everything someone has ever cared about is destroyed help from them and threatened to extract labor divorce relocation physically divorce risk to health and life in pursuit of anything but it's shallow early grave or disfigurement and disability on the street.


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