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Friday, June 5, 2020

the less we know about psych

the less we know about psychology the more it can be used against us. the more people will attribute their own failures and harm to them, done to others by them or others or even deaths to

idiotic idioms like

it is how it is

it's my opinion but I doubt it would be hard to back... 

a world where few understand relatively  simple concepts like attribution error and confirmation bias combined with a character limit on thoughts and inability to deal with syntax errors

is one in which atrocities murders and genocides end up applauded by the mislead and soon to be dead.

a hard to argue otherwise fact is distruction as a human achievement is moronic. 

most things will be wiped from reality by time and the unconscious forces of nature alone. 

all this potential for intellect and yet a lot at the top or anywhere Inbetween seem to miss this. 

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