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ack fuck grr arg what?, what's the point

The other really nasty thing that this has done is put two people in control of all of my assets who stole my ID and filed ofp knowing I had to be of lease or vacate apartment from Forced lease 21 days after they chose to file then stole my ID. These people have all of my assets the streets hella emotional distress

But it enables them to use lawless soon to be law responsible for murdering disabling and or disfiguring a citizen.. lawless law to further the socieopathic or npd(let's go cluster b or abuser games)

like selectively acknowledging risk to my safety my property that I don't have how that relates to my destroyed credit from 9 months of clean our car clean it faster don't care or not meet in the budget clean it faster don't care we starve you for days you should be more efficient now with the less we're going to give you. Oh you needed more than one key you you're human and last one in the mess created upstairs cuz we make sure you have nothing well here's another 30 hours hungry oh well we talked about how why don't you just order food with the non-existent budget. Then we'll tell police we give him everything and don't respond on that hearsay and Badger me about how my parents give me a ton of money but I don't see what numbers are being shown so I can't even combat that they have a lot of the records they do things like deposit some and then throw $200 in a rock way to bag out of the fucking car window driving by Will ignoring hey I need my printer I need my stuff for organization to store clean clothes my kitchen basic adulting shit that makes any legal or housing business even getting ahead in life as an adult or staying employed all of that I've still deprived of but I have plaid rabbit in the freezer

But now if I call the people with 16 years or more of what I earned by money I worked for then they can have me thrown in jail. But no one seems concerned that because this happened zero notice I move back in 6 months later zero notice they changed the code then Maple Grove enforces you just don't live there anymore no you can't file left you gave them your stuff moving out. Well hey along with all of my things might there be some evidence there what is the state about murdering people you try when someone's screwing with your mail signing your name on documents signing your name on checks from your mail you try to feel secure at all especially when the police refuse to do anything about it well badgering you about they give you a ton of money or a lot of money and I probably got that recorded several times. Yeah what the hell is a lot when you don't want any of the details when you ignore they say they own me. Like a lot requires or at any subjective value their judgment of it requires some sort of scale. 
Point of reference or like the details you don't want as Maple Grove PD if I say them they just go on deaf ears or get left back at me as if I'm doing something wrong or unable to do things that I've demonstrated since 2006 I can take care of I was getting ready can you put 2 posts in a legal paper and filing LLC with the state government I decided it would be wise to have an inventory of assets for insurance also because the only way LLC protections apply or rather what business laptop was the easiest way to have them mean nothing is if you can't show that a separate entity truly existed so on top of that first having knowing what you have been being able to show it in the books that you transferred it to that entity that's a big part of it there's more to it than that but again these are details which probably won't matter cuz the ones that matter to my life to how long they're going to live to what quality of life too if I even have a roof over my head after 16 years of working and all of those tangible hard assets are still being held this is fucking insane

He said fucking can't do anything for him that's probably violent though thrown in jail. He needs anger management not like extreme emotional duress is a factor here. Or is that what the states after is it a Munchausen by state. Cuz a lot of rights are still being overlooked a lot of basic protections were taught in school we have a lot that are pretty common sense but until you have to explain them to an officer that is selectively enforcing but then they're giving their as an authority giving authority to the person doing the harm to the person holding the assets to the person who probably illegally evicted with no notice lockout. That person's also controlling my mail forcing my time under threat to destroy my things on tasks I predicted from the start need certain requirements to be met to be possible are not safe either way for me to do but all that evidence that's pretty hard to hold onto on the street huh. That's maybe kind of like why human trafficking is a crime like moving somebody around prevents forming a social support network getting or maintaining a job and forcing labor takes time cuz I mean I don't exactly grow 10 more hours in the day for doing that do I how about when I don't have my kitchen to took the nutritious meals I usually eat usually cook and taught myself out of cook picked out my kitchen stuff with I shouldn't have to explain any of this but what's being done makes it so if I don't put it here it'll never be heard I doubt I'll ever get to say it and anything that will help me. I think it'd be reaching a bit to suggest that I might even in my death end up with law named after me or something that correct some of these I wouldn't even count on that but God would be nice to think that'ssomething good might come of this. I can't see why anybody at all we need that explained unless they start with the Assumption parents want to do that but that's literally delusional if you don't look for maybe are they doing that. Does science say or psychology or medicine say some parents have done that in the past or are capable no I mean if it's in your head and I dunno that there was recognition by one officer but that's all I'm saying there cuz I'm not identifying the ones that might actually make this livable for somebody else on the off chance that that gets them boys out of there or any bad for them I don't want to do that.

of what the task is. Is 10000 a lot to most people well I'm giving you five k  go build a bridge across the Bering Strait why haven't you done it yet no they give you a ton of money

But what I wanted to type about here was. It's extremely clear how they use the communication over text because my dad barked why won't you go to a hospital when three or four weeks to go you know I had to move he knew he took my ID he's now pretty much admitted he used ayder Raj door opener stolen either from the parking lot here or there's complicated more story but wasn't something he was meant to have it Smiley's he opened my garage door and took my highest value items that I had got back out knowing that I'm now 3 months past ability to vacate but the note the time that I was supposed to is 3 months gone it's only covid and the housing ban on evictions.

So you text why don't I don't know doctor won't address anything else can I go get my items my assets my tangible assets less liquid than other forms but still convertible. Nothing about this is reasonable or safe. Minnesota doesn't have to change everything and I don't think I'll change anything for it but I would suggest either you inform people as they're coming through the school system for the concept of informed consent to how badly they might end up screwed over out of their mind Dead 4 problems their parents have. Don't have to even do that I mean to be a pretty good step to just take down the fucking website that talks about Minnesota cares about its citizens human rights what a joke

I'm aware that tenant landlord and contract law differs by state but interesting Lee enough I found a website that's not meant for me not my state not my situation but it talks about the kid who never left the nest and of course that's always painted as the mail but we have policies right now we're we're proactively hiring more women to say we're hiring more women so there's reasons other than lazy that can happen to people but that's not what happened to me I moved out in 2006 back in in 2018

But this Law Firm site in another state I think it was New York talked about how if your parents give you the required notice to leave here's what you should do as a young adult in this situation. It involved see if you have any friends or places you can rent for as low as possible sell any of your belongings needed if it's short notice or the minimum and you absolutely have to be out. Use that money to pay first month deposit. Find employment or if you have other means of earning start.

With what's been allowed here all my things have been threatened the states making it so it's going to be impossible to prove that try holding on to that on the street. This facts that have been in place with 3 folding tables by dead rabbit in the freezer not much of anything else that kind of takes a lot of boxes on what human trafficking looks like unstable living situation well I had from 2006 to 2018 configured my living environment I know how to do it you take everything away everything that I might in the right now either used to earn which I've done with it since 2003 or spell worst case but why would I have to do that right now like if that's all that changed that's fucking insane what I don't even think that's all that's going to change and it's covered in mold because when they got their house professionally remediated they put it in the third fucking garage stall ignored and even mocked by pretending Marlene Dietrich CNP need me to explain how a dehumidifier slows fungal growth. After I explain it through like three of her loops feigned  confusion she tells me okay okay I'll put a humidifier in the third garage stop click block for a week. That wasn't a typo she said humidifier. Below is a picture of some of the little tiny bit I got back at their discretion that's not what I need to finish the projects that were contracted by Third parties the forced-labor of clean are moldy car like I said above that I have to explain this again I'm going to lose my shit I already lost my shit I lost my fifth amendment I lost my tools I lost my keepsake I still can't even more in my pets though I woke up the last year screaming Bonnie and Clyde's names at least once a week sometimes sitting straight up and here's the thing I already know how to deal with loss. They have my bike they have all things that I would use as a coping mechanism they have all tools I would use to be constructive they have everything that was purpose in my life if you're going to tell me I need psychological help because of this to deflect from the abhorrent endangerment and the clear violations of large meant to protect one's signature as an adult one's ability to control money already in their name as an adult like you want it every way from The Authority standpoint it's but what you're really seem to be doing is your masking the fact that it's the party with less Champs of fighting back legally speaking it's the poor guy gets screwed. With some of the police Maple Grove I have to wonder if it's also look this rich kid never did anything because Mom and Dad said so and I trust mom and dad which ignores they're not supposed to be the judge the jury or the Executioner. On May 22nd 2020 when they activated the ofp S at Stearns had refused to try to serve mid pandemic I was telling them once again some of the things that have been said above your and another post like the own me the comparisons to the Turpin parents and that they have my ID even and the officer just starts reading the ofp paper I didn't sign either I don't know if that means anything or not but I figure it in the country of lawyers words in signatures God this is fucked


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