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this is obscene my entire life has been forcibly destroyed.

maple Grove pd has allowed seperation for even basic assets needed for adulting..Hu
As I enter this text I am two months past notice to vacate maybe even three in a lease I was forced into an apartment that up stairs has three folding tables growing the mold from their house with plaid rabbit in the freezer with Bonnie rabbit whose remains who died in their care whose remains came to me addressed in my name at their address while I was being bounced around between 5 Hotel because they changed the locks I still don't have those remains though they threatened to get rid of them or to lose them to extract labor on their car for 9 months against doctor's advice they took all ability to talk I have still in a fucking at the apartment Argonaut liquor from 2006 to 2018 the Maple Grove allowed them to take everything of mine and change the locks this is so fucking wrong
With this system this isn't some failure to thrive this is people who Sabotage by theft by taking away fix their first agreed to let me do before that agreement I was working 6200 between two jobs Victoria even my ability to talk my kitchen stuff my alarm clock my tools that I've collected since earning in 2003
My gut is fucked up my life is fucked up because I've been forced around relocated under threat of destruction of everything of mine they got their host fixed from the problem daytime took all of my things Maple Grove Police help them do it they endangered sick newborns drinking black mold into an NICU. When you're forced around to relocate that many times other throw the destruction of everything you do not have even if you

tools use able for making a living or even selling to put a deposit on a place to live. 

Jan 2018 had been bleeding for 6mo at apt, 

Jan 2018 my mom says you live here now, I'm your landlord till you can aford every dime of moving out 

Jan 2018 maybe Feb house is found to have black mold issue related to decisions Marlene and Paul made finishing their 
basement in 2001

jan2018 the denial of what their mold pro found began 2 on 1 despite fact my mom wasn't even present for his visit. cnp marlene wuethrich starts threatening to have me locked in mental ward and or medicated. also threats to throw me in a car and leave me under a bridge in Minneapolis. 

Aug 2018 with no notice to vacate locks change 

mgpd says I can't file theft I gave them my things moving out. 

year and a half of forced relocation and labor under threat of losing everything ever mine. 

This is fucking insane they've taken the car to create the threat by starting me from any food at 5:30 p.m. after I worked all day in November 2018 from the hotel at weld Maple Grove is enforcing I can't touch any of my face I gave them to them when I move when I moved out is what the police told me but I never had any notice that was moving out I do not deserve to die I do not deserve this threat to my  life. 

This is fucking insane

, they forced a lease under the same threat of destruction of everything then after my dad next snow blow through the car that my mom used to drive to Children's for 9 years in a house that had been moldy since 2001 9 years this car was collecting spores that they owned it all the sudden right before the lease starts snow blows through the car my dad said you idiot it's my car you can check any Chandler you want and then the threat becomes remediate sarkar or lose everything while you're in this empty apartment because Grove PD is important I can't have any of my Heather house professionally remediated in 2018 November if the police don't enforce any sort of theft by fraud check fraud I literally told them these people playing to own me and they said it's not illegal to say you own someone

My parents waited until the forest lease was ending and then none of my stuff came back they instead serve me with two domestic violence restraining orders in Minnesota you can rob somebody blind and then left them with a restraining order well a week before your car breaks down

There's ago I started getting reports they were calling anybody I knew that they should get the number of telling him I'm sick in the head no one had ever said the Hat no one has yet it stopped for them. I have all the calls for two years three years recorded I went to Maple Grove Police saying they are using police reports and threats falsely reporting to harm well they're opening my mail taking control of my finances the police that if we put unreliable witness on file we might be liable this is a fucking nasty ownership of humans scheme it's disgusting it's lethal it's deadly

Every time I've tried to have his come in the past year-and-a-half they have made shirt it is spent on their things I have a job that needed the same tools that I need to fix the washing machine that's broke to have please close they took the fucking battery for the drill need it I still have it they have my fucking i d I cannot apply for assistance I don't want to be old and we looked at least helped there's no expectation of safety anytime

they've destroyed every ability to step forward or even away from problems they created wirh their house when I was 14 

I'm typing this now on a smart phone. I was voice transcribing above. 

this is murder. they filed the ofps with 20days to be out of this apt. they 

this is pointless 


I have phone calls recorded indicating they do this on purpose they do this to harm. 

a hear and a half of no nutrition or Mal nutriin 3 of mal

washing machine out 3mo past notice to csgcate at this apt

they have acted with intent to destroy every habbit or system either basic to adult life or that I learned about my self and my needs since 2006.

I do not deserve this. they endangered lives. they caused the problem that spread to my apt when Cosmos cat died I've covered that els where. 

they took everything needed for basic function 

I lived with roommates till 20010 and mostly alone with my rabbits since 

this isn't never left parents basement this is parrnts pissed they screwed up their house and acting o. ways likely to kill me 

even back at mgsh they were saying it takes 24 to 30 days to lean or unlearn a habbit

they taught us how to plan and be proactively living life instead of reacting and losing because you are constantly having to shift to cover forseable minimizable or preventable issues but with no foresight or ability to act before something arises its the worst odds

my parents and mgpd have ensured in acting against medical advice. my parents have actively taken things from car in parking lot like tools and garage door opener. having full cobtrol over what I have and don't have using those assets and threat of distruction of them to force dealing with forced issue 

I'm half bald patchy hair loss now blowing out black crap 3 mo past notive to vacate destroyed credit and my things still growing their mold either in my possession or the majority still beld

including kitchen 

they took my ID after filing for the ofps

they filed knowing I had a broken car and 21 days to vaycate

this is the most traumatic and hopeless experience that will proba ly be the last experience of my life 

I w

as 29 when this started 0 criminal record or suggestion of violent tenndancies. no officer has witnessed anything but calm and collected. 

my mom claims nothing was real so she didn't cost me anything. then while asking if she can either admit what she's doing or stop talking or commanding me I start getting letters wirh things like this

in other words I know what I did but look u might not like it abyway

no what I don't like is being killed over 3 years of total distruction for decisions they made when I was 14. I don't like the prospects of dieing with the last woman to touch me being marlene wuethrich trying to push me over the railing to the basemebnt

This cut every attempt to earn even while the forced-labor was happening. They are killing me and the county of Hennepin I'm city of Maple Grove especially their police department but also the mayor who doesn't answer his email and I understand it's a very trying time which is why I've tried to minimize what problems I caused even while they are killing me

they took my ID and maple Grove knew this as they activated the ofps on may 22 2020

you need two id's to apply for a job
you need I'd to apply for snap. 

I was 2 mo past notice to vacate only non evictable due to covid 

mpgd sent me away mid pandemic wirh parents still sitting on 20g of my tools let alone mail from year and a half including remains of Bonnie rabbit. opened and texted me a picture. 

mgpd at least 4x has been informed of this behavior

whether I'm alive to see it or not we are headed down a dangrous route when one can use the police to rob and murder starve and terrorize 

moldy trim I pulled in their basement. 

this is use your dult children you made sick to extract one last bit of torment take all their things force them around for a year and a half then leave for dead.

he's in my freezer. 

it's not hard to figure out how to make someone violent. this isn't a threat. it took our species a long time to come up with the shot at justice the US system once offered. 

now in hennepin County MN you can torture starve claim to own and seperated an adult from 16 years of their assets. open their mail sign over checks from their msil

police will ignore it and are more interested in painting the victim violent off words the other should be suspect says the victim says. 

psych knows and even accounts of socieopaths tormenting their victims

if you can force as many changes frequently its a destabilizing tactic. 

mn only wants to then step in and declare you incarcerated in mental ward

I'm nowhere near Elon Musk in the level of Genius. Probably because of my upbringing I had a long time even believing I was smart. Over the last three years they tried to take you to that from me. Elon Musk is one of my current role models. I can't even stand watching or listening about him anymore though. In may be 5 months I taught myself computer aided design for circuit boards I filled in the gaps in my electrical knowledge to be able to make working Custom Electronics I then read about UV lithography an etching of circuit boards and mostly using plexiglass one sheet of low iron normal glass plexiglass welded with paint stripper chemically welded all stuff I taught myself how to do I built the tools to do industry-standard although a bit dated UV photo lithography in my apartment I've been mixed the trooper chloride from hair bleach pool acid and scrap copper. Between the maybe 10 maybe less than that even times I actually use the extra tank I managed to pull up 8080 traces Futures untrue out stopper that is no small feat. When it was all taken by Decisions by parents made when I was 14 Cosmos cat died I have been visiting them at their house that spread black mold to my apartment. I don't think I'll ever be rich even if I had been on that bad but I think I could have made a living for myself. What's more is the reason I was on that path instead of continuing working 60 to $100 a week was agreements my dad made with me this put them just put me in the defendant state that then Maple Grove says well now that you moved back in for 6 months well they can have all your things and nothing you can do about it this is fucking wrong. This last part is all voice transcribe the den but seriously anybody who would judge someone who's been forcibly moved around under threat of destruction of everything ever there's with the remains of pets they had for over a decade also threatened anybody would judge someone who has been unable to touch the nutritious meals they taught themselves how to cook 4/3 years now fuck this when Authority has no accountability we are all fucked


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