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to clear up possible assumptions or missunderstanding

i have worked for above min wage income since 2002 and 2004 regularly. 

I moved out of their house in 2006, 45 days (i paid for backpacking Europe at 18. had a dream Cosmos Cat was sick and called home once. ) between 50 for first hr and 25 an hr after and 4 biz, two dozen homes and going mc donnalds, target, natcam target (briefly) then a mortgage refi company, the last year being 11 an hr and commission if quota is met. commission was a percentage on the profit the company expected from the lown, even by this point 

in 2014 moving between two cities I suspected something in their house was making me sick. they held me there for like 4 to 5 months longer than i intended to stay. all of that time in between I had key and garage door code

2015 to 2017 i was working two jobs 60-100 hrs a week. I made deal with Paul Wuethrich to finance a repair and design shop. That pace was killing me. I had the keys to one of the two and it was getting to the point i could fall asleep standing up that said, dialing it back to 60 would have been continuable.

by that point I had forgot what went on in 2014. they cycle with the angle devil and hot cold, love bomb and discard... or rather my dad does. My mom told me in 2006 she wasnt going o call me when i left for ndsu unless i pick a set time to call her every week. 

march 20th 2020 she called or rather her cell number did 4x in a row. (2 days after ofps passed in my absence) 

that was if i recall correctly one over the sum of calls I recived from my mother between 2006 and 2018 or even to that point. add those years and i think its exactly parity to calls previous to that day.

on birthdays my dad would call, eventually hand her the phone. 

I wasnt present much during that period either. something i deeply regret as now my friend cosmos is gone. i gave up the time with him to try to put myself back on track or somewhere closer to it. 

instead for my parents made in 2001 about what carpet and pad went into the unfinished basement. about what type of paint was used on the slab first and about how they delt with tarential rain in 2017 and likely other issues that im not privy to (but the outside deck had to come off the back wall of the house and in the basement about 50x8 of sheetrock, insulation and some studs had to go. My first guess would be a grating issue under the deck. my dad while obviously trying to like to me about other things said it was cause it was moldy. 

it was a ceader deck. which isnt immune but... he also refinished it pretty regularly/re sealed. the thing is a 6ft retaining wall is 4 ft from the edget of the deck, maybe 25 ft from foot on patio door frame. my guess is it would be hard to re grate that with the deck in place for that reason. 

what was totally optional...

false police reports running a record with no suggestion of violence and life still with out. 

repeatedly giving a new word on what the plan was going forward and convincing me they understood my 3rd party obligations. well, my dad... at first 

the person the main project was for wanted to get me a job at his company with a cert. I didnt have the 3k at the time. aka 3k in the bank, which is kinda a lie, my dad was sitting on 2200 of matured bonds his mother left me. mostly spent on food and mold stuff which is all pointless ..aka food in hotels and mold stuff over the last year of 9 months you remediate our moldy car or lose everything. while mgpd first allowed them to change garage code 6mo after i moved back in (on invite) 

the project itself was optional, it was a spin off of something i had worked for years on in my spare time and slowly was building up to. The person it was for has had me at his house in California 2x , is gainfully employed, ex-marine, paid for the parts, offered to pay labor (i didnt want to leave him out), thought he could use the project to get me in/corp employment even with out the 3k cert (or was hardware design, custom printed circuit boards and his corporate is who paid the parts afaik (as far as...)

in other words it probably wouldnt have been unreasonable to bill enough to take the 3k cert class (at a hotel in another state (week) or he might have swung getting me hired and that would be money in my pocket then they pay for training... i wouldnt expect or demand anyof it if this had gone different. 

what i knew for sure was he was good for the invoice if i got to send it. 
i have another friend in california working for a big company with a white and blue logo. he wanted to use that project to get me a foot in if the first couldn't. 

this is worth noting because im not sure what my parents are telling others. I can speak to the abuse and damage they do to me. 

the mold was confirmed in jan 2018 as was invited, back in after 8 mo bleeding at apt (cosmos died in my lap may 2017, it started soon after and i had been driving st cloud to maple grove and sleeping on basement carpet (if thats where Cosmos cat wanted to sleep) 

right before my mom was saying things like "you made it all up because you lack the abilities" even though the bugs were already confirmed, one type was exterminated with a roach hormonal kill, bugs were present well after. What i haven't figured out is they had remembered 2014 way ahead of me but this time caved on getting it "checked out" well kinda. if they show you the air sample. 

look up mold air capture tests, theres supposed to be an outdoor sample for one. outdoor vs indoor on same day indicate growth inside or poor air circulation which is growth factor anyway. its also a sham because at that point i had (while getting yelled at and critiqued while i tried to follow the first pros instructions from someone denying there was anything there to be doing this for but wanting to tell me how to do it after 8 mo bleeding from it at apt and in chaos.

i peroxided the hell out of everything as per, i pulled all the trim as per, i added killz mold killing primer (as per understanding what im about to say next because i did my own homework). 

mold guy knew walls likely had to go but they likely wouldnt let me do that. my dad was calling him by the wrong first name and bringing up how the house had all solid wood doors rather than listening to his advice and findings. my mom was possibly drinking but know for sure, not present and afaik in the master bedroom the entire visit

that didnt stop her from pretending to quote the mold pro to this day.  2 dehumidifiers from my apt now moved out started being used down there, i built two large 25x20x5 merv 13 furnace filter adapted to box fan hepa filter units (i often call them gheto hepas as the juxtaposition being amusing is yet another sign ive been held hostage for 3 year saving other peoples property, making some mistakes but nothing to merit this total ruin of every hr ive ever worked ability to rent, credit credibility and background check)

so trim out and two gheto filters probably moving 1000 cfm (that might be high but if you are thinking it doesnt work... use the deep filter, pleats=more holes=less static pressure issues for box fan, 4 inch - 6inch deep.) for a month or so(built like 2 weeks apart as well. a penny sized space /collony if aggravated can release ...idk it might have been millions of spores, so that one of the filters is still newer is actually relevant to whats next.), two dehmidifers having ran that entire time with hose drains on one, me working daily in the room with the other. well my dad takes extra step to seal the track /drop/suspended ceiling light fixtures. he didnt tell me why. since like 2001 it has been droopy plastic. they went with like industrial grade drop celing/ never seen one with tiles as thick, yet cheap ass light covers. he had glass cut.

as i moved back in i recalled the horror they were trying to prevent me then lying /gaslighting about and making up new pasts to attempt... 

this time i was able to even notice that it got worse with baseboard heat on in the basement. wall cavity convection current into ceiling. 2014 sitting at my highschool bedrooms L desk the double gange box on the wall seemed to have something insect or irritant emanating from it . the white fibers im still dealing with were present as well. my mom tried to tell me in 2014 they were wax or from the spray. it was so traumatic and i got so busy i had completely repressed it. 

ill come back to this later if im not dead. ill be homeless soon. after Aug 2016 i left for a hotel for 2 weeks (not cause i was bleeding from eye corners or had hacked up something black mold looking enough it got me to front of west health urgent care treoage ... because my mom had a surgery and a few days before had been following me around screaming im delusional and need to be medicated. which later as they changed to lock 0 notice seeing everything ever mine and my two live rabbits who had been with me in apt since 2007... eventually her story changed to medicated for my anger

i dont have anger issues. I have mgpd allowed parties to endanger their lives and property while endangering my rabbits and mine, then backed the lock change and shortly after "you cant file theft you gave them your stuff moving out" 

which because what seems a hell of a lot like a lot of serious crimes like human trafficking and forced labor.

while overlooking countless attempts to report these people claim to own me, are opening my mail holding my mail, opening it and have taken at least one check and my healthcare papers from mail. this year parents knowing cart blanch while i had to clean mold car for 9 mo (or lose all while they pretend to lose bonnies ashes and clyde dies in empty shot hole they forced under same threat...still empty, ID and 3 most valuable things walked out of garage about a month ago, well before may 22. may 22 the ofps were activated by mgpd

ofps filed after a year and a half of do this do that cause now the police put us incontrol of everything ever yours. 16 years of income dollar for hr... credit score destroyed when 2017 iirc it was around 700 if not mid. I had good credit. I now have wells calling me every day and instead I dont even have my cash bought assets to liquidate to get into new lease aka deposit and im guessing first month with two ofps and shot credit, whats going to be a terrible refrence. they tried to evict the garage 6mo in for cleaning mold car here while through out mgpd is making me drive away from what i think (mentioned why elsewhere) was likely a lease and likely an illegal tactic anyway. not only that and not every officer, but id say more often than not at least one officer gets heated along the lines of what ever they told him inside but the wording i then hear is "they owe you nothing" or "you parents give you a lot"

yeah who said? did you hear them say that? do you know for sure what it was for? i saw orange is the new black...still wasnt aware uniform was the new robe. short of that though, as far as i can see its pretty hard to put strings on money given with out a notorized contract behind it. 

what is even harder is proving anything where robes are involved  (court) because homeless aproaches and theyve had access to everything that could have made a full case there  and like i told mgpd... they starve me while threatening my things, force labor, they are opening my mail, holding it. well...then guys and gals with guns make sure i cant touch anything else

aka what was done still is a risk to my life. may 22nd when mgpd found me sitting dome light on oposite culdisaq of 8043, they ignored even that my dad and or mom had driven up and taken my id. ignored they are still sitting on the majority of my assets (mostly tools...also bonnies ashes which came via usps addressed to me, tons of mail.) I was again told "your parents give you a lot" 

yeah, good job sicko, u grew up and got a gun and a badge, in a state that even required a degree... and yet you cant see how when you hear a suspect say something... hearsay. But hey an opportunity to kneejerk react and with personal confirmation bias likely at play with "look at this brat" possible.
I could be wrong here but the frequency i hear something along those lines (and without knowing what e hell my parents show or tell them but knowing the number said to me differes quite a bit or will remain constant for a bit but how long they claim to have given this number (that often is triple but thats not the point)(actually thats what they want to be the point) it might actually be systemic, id say when i heard it in the beginning (or variations) it was probably more what i suggested  and less extream. yet may 22 im hearing how much my parents give me once again(heres me say...them say ...the other hear say, "you dont know the relevant detail or if this is true on either side, I can probably even produce a receipt for any officer arguing otherwise. no i cant, guess who has my printer.). fact i cant file for snap  with out an id. ignoring countless mail fraud at least one check fraud while putting someone in control of 16 years of earned assets and life time of all belongings.

this is nuts. look at the links lower right for how i normally cook. my health is falling to shit and homeless isnt escape. 

do you let your employer come and take everything back? what ever they gave was often subblty forced/coerced to create the situation as well. like graduating hs in 06, i wanted to keep doing it consulting and the mortgage refi telemarketing. I had a lot of clients and way better than min wage hourly that back then  would have floated rent even if they wanted to kick me out. (trying to counter this fucked logic mgpd uses with "if you accept anything from your parents they will always have some control...seems carefully designed....err... cop out? lol im dying..and not from the joke. I also know someone who was choked to the ground after turning 18 in 08 in maple grove by a parents and heard the same phrase. 

unless say they did this like right a

 and should still be a friend of mine,

saying you own me while you starve me

whats not readily obvious due to format and i need to hit target and food quick is... they failed as home owners, it spread to and interfeared with my life. they then find out its not only real but the conclusion i came to 2014. so parents start campaign of maximum damage but not an overt one. 

they got their house professionally remediated in Nov 2018. 

this lease was up march 31s. they still had almost all of my stuff and still do as i type this. infact they stole back the 3 most valuable and mine of assets i had back. 

well if you force someone around physical location and how their time is spent for a year and a half with their valuables underlock and key and two several month periods with their id or plural... 

assets are the last thing one has to not go homeless/sign a lease and put deposit and first month.

i have 2 years worth of recorded calls  where they do and sayexacty what i said. mgpd didnt want to hear them 

this is insane. activate an order where if i go near 20k of my belongings, i go to jail and pick up a criminal record. activate that as i belive i said even the lease was ending an notice to be out... what i know i said was they have my id and mail. 

mgpd knows about the time the lease started, the last day in the hotel they showed up to help good ole union paul...the least likely to result in further liability for the department party, or the possible of the personal bias amplifying or some mix...thats just my most likely

problem is, im more likely to be dead than fight for any of this. their paid off home is safe, mom said landlord shes mine, till i afford otherwise moving back in. every morelike once a week. its really hard to think this threw hungry and get it right the first time...

what year is mgpd in when it doesnt understand this is a danger to my life? livelihood, quality of life, mgith leave me disfigured disabled or dead. 

if anyone is reading this posthumously,good place to start post blm restructuring for all... all lives matter, existing protections to adulthood matter. if parents get benefit of doubt while extracting labor and then ... or how about something like, forced to drive away in car he didnt own 1.8 years after locks change and pd starts even saying you gave them you're stuff moving out .

nothing good comes from people put on the street. this was done during covid none the less. thanks to those officers who haven't been as horseshit as described. theres a reason i dont otherwise single them by name or identifiable convos.... someone else might just get buy if this situation and injustice continues... only with them. not saying i know any bad would come from mentioning them. error on side of caution with human lives. 

8 billion people and several officers with undergrade degrees or better dont see the risk to life from id theft, mail fraud, check fraud and my claim on funds vs theirs ...when my id is needed for more than just food stamps. 

idk if we should do this culling yet guys, the ones spared because of jobs....well...heres the thing. 

that would have been a good ending and may be it later. no one deserves to live alone in terror for 3 years with people with guns lying to them. thall ability to follow basic rutine. which included several forms of employment has been destroyed. the mental ward trip and a dentist trip before  that... heart health and dental are linked. i was supposed to get a dental implant in 2018everything i made in 2018 other than what they gave me went to their moldy car as of ofp is in place and i face eviction for inability to vaycate or sign a lease.

and clyde is in the freezer. 

a year of half of all meals from quick trip is certainly more a threat to life than alleged words

heres a general position. id posit  cases with parents and children or parents and adult offspring, if wild things are being said or alleged by one party... when has that not been an indicator there might be more to it than meets the eye. when is someone showing up saying i can show you recordings... im looking for unreliable witness state bar told me... this is such a shit situation. 


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