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I have been whiped around and threatened to coerse labor 

every system I had learned every way I had to care for myself, every coping mechanism taken every bit of joy and purpose. 

every bit of comfort 

right before this started was a year and a half of working 60 to 100 hrs a week. the only time I took off was a day for my great uncle Johnnys funeral. 

my parents had been permant address which didn't matter day to day, banking was paperless for the most part. 

they held that tax return going into it. I started working at that pace thinking I might get somewhere

they took everything. 
they threatened it
maple Grove pd ignored it 
mgpd assisted in it. 

some officers I truly feel tried and wanted to do better. 

regardless this situation is hopeless

it's not hard to see how the system failed or how the two are related

checks and balances, positions of power. awerness that yes there are parents who for what ever reason or malfunction can not actually have their offsprings interests in mind what so ever let alone best. 

i don't want to be alone with Clyde in the freezer Bonnies ashes at their house. no ability to sign a lease, knowing all my stuff is being destroyed.

I had working demonstrations of contracted products. one off custom electronics designed by me then made on Hardware I made to make them. I had a kitchen. I had two friendly pet rabbits. 

I had worked myself to way past needing to slow down... and now 

my parents 430k house is safe from the massive mold problem. 

I have nothing and am about to be homeless after 3 years total suffering for mistakes and decisions they made when I was 14.

I do not deserve this. 

this is like institutionalized munchosins by proxy 

except we might kill you, we might disable you for life... but it's so we keep our jobs and maybe someone else gets a guard job. 

but maybe even that is hoping for too much of a plan or meaning behind it. 

regardless this is a totally avoidable distruction. 

it starts with the realization that with authority comes accountability and if the laws forgo that distruction happens. 

2x in 2019 officers were present when my bike and or bike rack were the subject of discussion.  2x my parents acknowledged they were mine and I could have them. 

I still do not. not that it matters but.. 

there is no good way forward. tools I could be using to earn right now are covered in mold electronics 

God I don't even wanna go through listing this again it's sick

I've been taken from 29 working my ass off good credit, no background check, mental health or health issues, cooking nutritious meals trying to get somewhere able to sign a lease and pass credit check.

I still haven't been violent to anyone. 

I had plans, I had social networks. 

now I have 2 ofps, by people who claimed to own me for last year and a half told me I'm going to suffer 3 years ago. 

waiting to die homeless

what occurred on May 22 2020 as one officer assures me my parents my parents give me a lot of money.. 

it's literally the pd judging the situation they enforced against medical advice given Feb 2018 and with no knowledge of what anything involved costs

wanna build me a bridge Russia to Alaska? ... I gave you 10k what's the problem man that's a lot of money.

giving someone money while threatening to destroy everything they earned/owned over 16 years unless they do a task they are not qualified for... 

as I said Jan or Feb 2019 but expanded even if slavery was legal that wouldn't change the realities that humans need food shelter and clothing or your slave doesn't last very long. owning people legal doesn't make those aspects free. 

I suppose I should have reported theft to the... oh... yeah... 

I can't file theft I gave them my things moving out

except I wasn't even notified I was moving out. 

this was a project I needed to build lithium ion battery packs and during the time on the ofp claims my parents say I was acting eraticly. I know 2x maybe 6 members of mgpd were in this basement after it was rememdiated. you might note it still had walls in the clips bellow. 

the main contracted projected needed a large high capacity pack. that project was an offshoot of an idea I had in 2015 and between scsu and office max then a mall job and a repair shop job while still doing it consulting on the side I was furthering. when I realized it shared most of the parts with a tool a gainfully employed penetration tester needed I figured I could deliver. I had it working and can easily show that. I'd rather not here because... why let someone take it from me? 

the point though with the batteries is you either buy Chinese and have no idea if names like trustfire... equal liability when they burn a place down or if you can even find packs for sale non Chinese $$$$. 

one can however use datasheets and source quality cells. an 18650 is a common lithium ion cell. the industry standard method of joining to make a pack is a spot welder. 

battery can be a single cell but usually is multiple cells in series and or parallel. 

untill Tesla started the gigafactory production line the 18659 was the defacto lithium ion cell. powertools, laptops, Tesla roadsters. 

litiumion cells do not like to be overheated. soldering is a medium heat for a relatively long time. heat transfers to the entire cell. solder also produces a brittle (prone to breaking and if break equals short pack might equal boom) 

therefor microprocessor controlled spot welding is preferred. nickle tabs run between cells to form the pack

if you take the cover off a rv remote you might notice one end is nothing but a spring and flat tab with wire between. it's a series connection, it's making plus on one cell go to minus on the other. the actual plus and minu that power the device is opposite that tab. 

nickle tabs are a permanent way to make that or parallel connections. because as I've mentioned... boom... the batteries in your remote for the TV are a lot harder to make go boom. 

so quality spot welder costs about 3k.. or hey let's make one. 

by time I was moving back into parents Jan 2018 I knew this was ready because I built it using itteritive design. aka it's composed of smaller blocks connected to form an advanced device. I had already done breadboard then a smaller pcb version testing needed circuits. 

here's the one that welded:
spark throws me for a loop I was wearing an impact resistant full face respirator that likely filters a good bit of UV. later I developed a jig.. spark isn't nesicarly suposed to happen. 

imagine if I had cleaned the terminals before hand lol oxidized to hell but a lota super cap behind it. 
side note here's what was done to that room while I'm Geting a diagnosis for delusions of mold and bugs.. that's the wall visible in the video above

here's the inside 

massive fets 6 in parallel. 

notebook was to protect laptop screen and in retrospect that lighter is not in the best of positions. 

I was rushed into proving this worked by a mother ignoring every other project had working prototypes despite her unable to name the titles of them she was sure I made it all up lacking the ability 

didn't matter when I proved otherwise didn't matter what I had ridding on it. 

both say they get what they want when they want and if that's a son in their shadow or as it appears.. soon to be dead... 

thanks mom

above I'm welding two nickle tabs thst normaly get welded cell to cell. 

I figured I would blow holes at first and yep.. I did. 

better to dial it in on things that don't go boom

at ndsu I had watched a friend figure out friction stir welding and recalling how he tested welds till failure and other info gleamed like heat affected region and how a real weld fails.. 

well, I had a players and a vice at my disposal so bellow is a pull to faliure
it was intended to have a touch screen but in an effort to appease the unapeasable... I modified the code on the microprocessor (mcu) to listen for key presses over serial port. 

some work had already gone into optimizing the code to get reliable timings. at least as far as the cheap mcu could provide. 

the test was so rushed I was charging the cap bank, disconnecting the psu reseting the voltage to power logic. 

I later built but never got to use the voltage sense and bank bleed circuits. they arnt present here. 

this is current apt. what I have gotten back has been a constant battle to keep living space free from issues. 

when I toured paint was peeling on bathroom ceiling and first week here I noticed black mold in garage back wall. my unit is over the identical garage.. just not mine.. this design is prone to issues I didn't make it any better but it had them before. 2 dehumidifiers amd humidity creeps towards 50 percent moment one turns off

but sign this now or be homeless and Clyde was still alive. if only there was a thing like trafficing illegal.. nvm I'll see myself.. er 6ft under? 

as long as I'm on a roll

Tesla uses copper instead if nickle. lower r value better efficiency. harder to spot weld. 

the r or ohms... resistive spot welding... its a process that relies on the resistance so one must throw a bunch more power at it. 

they also size the copper connecting strands to act as a fuse.. it's really rather ingenious. 

my welder as configured above probably wouldn't weld copper. it might when I added the 3rd string of super caps. 

despite my dad knowing it was crucial for projects he then banned me from using it in his home. 

he didn't want me to take metal shop or auto repair in highschool and I have an inkling he walked my mig welder out of the garage a while back

may 22 2020 revealed he had the remove to my garage door as it went missing 

probably April 2019 he's assuring me if I use my mig welder in apt garage I will get kicked out. while he was refusing to return my respirator and demanding I clean their mold car. 

the mig welder was like 150 dollar purchase on clearance. I first learned from borrowing a friend's wire feed in Fargo 8 years before and had watched the price on every brand in the 140a mig arena hover between 600 and 400 since. if you want to comment or scold me for jumping on a well reviewed clearance for v2 normaly 450 usd tool... I'm sure I can point an idiot out. even having to sell it probably 200 easy. instead it just walks out the door last month. 

apt never had a problem with the welder. my dad seems to have a problem with me doing things he isn't good at and mgpd seems to help him keep me from it or any presuite of anything let alone happy.. soon even a heartbeat is unlikely to be found 

I do not think it's exaggerating to say this is inhumane and potentially lethal. it's cruel and unusual it's slopy lazy and deadly. 


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