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You're wrong so what fuck your recordings

They have violated my rights they will tell me but you're recording or so what as they're telling any new lie that tries to redefine my past to match whatever is more convenient for them having control of me or not admitting fault or mistake. I have never been aggressive with either of them both have physically with me. Well they screwed up with their mold they start gaslighting me saying there's nothing there despite the fact that 50 ft by 8 ft of Wall came out of the basement the deck off the other side of that wall 1500 square of carpet and pad. But not before 6 months after moving back in in 2018 I asked if perhaps it's better for my mom if I leave for a week or two Max and the max was not my decision because they had no intention they were denying the mold no intention I could see I'm getting rid of it they did accept in November not obvious even though it was confirmed in January. When someone lies to your face while throwing away breaking your things yells at you for leaving for an hour then tells you to leave if you don't accept their lies this is insane. 
I have recorded calls where it ships from I'm crazy because of the mall I'm delusional while I'm blowing out black stuff she's telling me there's nothing on my hand nothing on my arm nothing is on there at all I need medication here's the picture of what it was
I've been pretty much held hostage by what I believe was an illegal lockout with 0 notification and then Maple Grove PD refusing to take any action on my part for several crimes. To the extent that horse to drive away from everything I own this is insane

Things that I've heard well my life is endangered well lie after lie is told to rewrite the past to suit their desires. Hoping to save face but as my dad said I need control because I want control. My mom before the mold was determined told me my problems are boring and take too long. The healthy individual let alone parent upon the hired mold Pro discovering there was a problem would apologize and or hopefully change course but at very least stop competing stop trying to infantilize stop trying to destroy every habit I've demonstrated while claiming that never demonstrated them when the police get behind that then and ignore laws being violated without any legal to study of ship well telling you that your parents give you everything when that's not the case disgusting this is how you destroy someone I am not someone's job security because laws protecting my adulthood my ability to sign contracts what ability to have privacy of my mail I'm not going to be someone's in the medical field job security or source of income or organizations source of income because my rights weren't followed between 2006 in 2017 I could probably count on both hands without using toes how often I saw in my living space my parents. I went down there quite a bit probably 20 times more than they ever ventured to see me.
I end up abused and abused to save face like after trying to push me over a railing my mom says you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out of it then my dad a few days later laughs and says I'm a bastard I remind him that would be on him and all the sudden I'm getting more restrictions more of my stuff more yelled at Braven pointing that out this is insane


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Immediate  Tangible Asset Needs for basic security health and to end the terror going forward  this totals about $300 for things actually needed purchased most of it os things stolen and held from me  this is an expenditure to reduce money burnt and days hungey. actual new purchases to accomplish that about $400 usd mn police may think it's OK to allow someone robbed repeatedly moved under threat to 43k of assets they help a retired union leader steal and destroy but on a very practice level such as cooking a meal or managing my time this is hell. for the duration it's continued it may be lethal  I really look forward to a meal and dread it. but I'd rather not end up diabetic heart disease or dead. what I mean is 3 years isolated and abused losing all of my pets either seeing my parents who gaslight and threaten or no one. cooking and eating alone... not great but I seriously need to.  my hair and nails are falling out and apart. I'm usualy in enough physical pain I can

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