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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

the torcher cell Paul and Marlene picked with mgpd assistance

I had looked at several places during time in hotels. as one of pale wuethrich (Paul wuethrich/coping mechanics) sick covert abuse tactics I heard even yesterday that they had to pick because I wouldn't look.

false. and I've told him otherwise in person, showed him pics of places I had in mind. 

I ultimately concluded it was unlikely I could clean their mold off my stuff in any apt and before I knew I had the car and sick Clyde rabbit to further traumatize.

he was also claiming they were going to pay for a seperated commercial space before during and after forcing this lease (at apt they picked in st cloud) (now 4mo past notice to vaycate) and continuing to teroize and commit theft and create theft to life  with Marburg Wuethrich (Marlene Wuethrich)

lease started like Feb or March 2019 ended March 31st. 2020. 4 or 5x notice to vaycate at end of lease was sent by this like recognizes like landlord and or possibly an old friend of my dad's from usd 281, maybe just soneone they poisoned with a lie.

I'll elaborate on more later but 

this place hovers at 60 or above humidity in the summer, moment one dehumidifier kicks out its at 50.

trying to deal with constant mold used as bio weapon by parents it would be ideal to have a space I could maintain around 30

actually before snow blew through the car (likely Paul wuethrich doing)

I realized there was a way to not throw away ever dollar I've ever earned and 10k of theirs on apt rent then 20k commercial space rent.

it also offered fiber internet with 1gb up and down for 100 a mo where in this apt I pay that for 80mb down 40up. well.. paid. untill they made sure I couldnt eat. while msjigb sure I explained first

Clyde's supplies crucial 

basics for me :
desk chair 

kitchen stuff I've acquired and taught myself habits to save cost and improve health between 2007 and 2018. 

place to store clean clothes. had an ikea dresser I bought in 2009 ish 

preferably one of 4 printers. 

for dealing with mold 
-can not do if this car is only source  of transport and no kitchen stuff in apt. 
-need to cobtrol heat in garage to dehumidify. this turned into drive st cloud to Rodgers in a blizzard with just enough money to get Clyde stuff needed and heater on sale. 

Clyde had lost the ability to walk was in bad shape and Minnesota incest, police and court bias in defence /defended twat and twat et were telling me, we will bring up things u need tomorrow, nope. nope next tomorrow. my dad agreed about 5x to a rental car just for clyde. once wanted me to take him in cab or first bus

my parents are socieoathic and or narasstic. 

I didn't come to that conclusion likely or to fling shit and hope it sticks. 

as I told my abusive.. I'll finish thiebwkt 

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

oh ef pea

Minnesota seems to have abandoned the concept of Justice and within this civil port system I can't exactly find how family differs but within this amorphous blob it appears psychology is being used against us. The police can ignore anything. Minnesota has civil asset forfeiture. There's a few possibilities one my dad is a good talker to my mom is a good talker I don't know if they're that good. The second is my dad's relation to the labor Council. It is the police are most interested in demographic and crimes or demographics that are likely to commit crime but only the crime that gets Federal funding in the form of Grants. I'd say there's probably a combination of all three going on here. 

Regardless without that combination ofp is set in a way where the other personn can torment the one that they got this order against.

It doesn't take into account any history or lack thereof it's just as likely to order the victim punished in the form of counseling or otherwise as it is to actually create Justice or reduce victimization. 

Worse though, when police can selectively enforced or not...

Well if like my case police refuse to do anything about attempted murder check fraud mail fraud physical assault continuing threats to all the assets that the 0 noticed lock out August 2018 created.

 It's not me I looked it up and in the context of evolution: in a life-threatening situation.. has any one person might have a position of power and their actions  encroach on the well-being or life of another well in this the context it's theorized verbal threats evolved at the way to to avoid physical confrontation. And you don't have to be a psychologist to figure it out a lot of times when people get too big for their britches with or without physically threatening someone's life or to some degree well being able to remind them but their breeches are as unguarded or holy as anyone else's is a tool

The one side of nature the way that this court looks that these things I can't see it benefiting anybody but the police report and the state.

It seems It's all predicated on just call the police. above they don't have to do anything. 
Worse than that  violence against women laws  and the grants they offer  I haven't traced it down exactly yet but I have a pretty good feeling  arresting me if the specific to my mother  create revenue for the department and or the state .  I don't want to be a slave to them or this state I wanted to be working I'm more likely to be dead .  

But what I'm trying to say is the police have Financial incentive to let it blow up. 

especially if they tell one party to get an ofp.

In the meantime they might have protected and serve the Turpin parents

I called Hennepin County the other day non-emergency to report that my ID was stolen by these people that claim to Own Me Maple Grove won't let me file reports and I got hung up on. How does one get employment their food without ID? Maple Grove Police yelled at me two times before told me it was illegal to have driven down there without my ID on me I leave it in the car Paul and Marlene take it and then they're not interested in the fact that I'm not going to be able to eat. The stimulus check might help what would really help is my rights and some human decency both of those people have physically assaulted me but the police will not allow it reported. I never learned that if someone physically assaults you or attempts to murder you the correct action is run to civil court and file a petition how does that work for someone like the turpins how about when your dad disconnect the battery and takes the car keys? Then they pay $10 to keep me in an empty apartment what there moldy car and wait till the very end of it to file the USPS 2 days after the hearing there in my parking lot calling in a wellness check welfare check they are psychotic power trippers I still don't have a kitchen I have my dead rabbit from 2007 who died in 2019 in the fridge in the freezer I mean they have Bonnie's ashes my other rabbit fight is in the freezer. There's 20 grand of my tools

I had to teach myself how to cook I'm very good at it I know how to cook nutritiously I know what works for me I can't do that with nothing in my kitchen with no idea when my kitchen is done at return with my tools without ID but they make sure I don't have that they make sure I don't have my ID they make sure they can have me arrested the state has no protection against abducting another adult Maple Grove Police ignored mail fraud and check fraud if you can't control your finances if your physical assets well if there's a person with a badge and a gun in between you and them after a zero notice lock out 8 months after you move in somewhere, if those same people are allowed free access to your bank account and to decide what problems are on your plate this is State enforced slavery whether it meets that in a legal context or not it's got elements of human trafficking it's got elements of coerced labor I don't even have the title to this car they can come take it at any moment I have 20 grand worth of stuff being destroyed at their place since August 2018

They paid to have their mold removed in November 2018. A false report had me in a psych ward getting the diagnosis that that mold was in my head even though I told the doctor I have the extermination records for my previous department and email Communications with the mold Pro they hired at my parents home on my Gmail on my phone. I knew because I like psych and studied it on my own I already knew what x Bond was Ziploc bag Matchbox syndrome delusional parasitosis oh, I didn't even mention pictures of things I stuck with I have the relevant experts testimony these are real. I didn't have a mark on me I wasn't complaining of it I had been at the hotel for 3 months well I had been at 3 hotels like 5 rooms or 6 somewhere in there already because they're bouncing me around on short bookings. I end up with a redacted for delusions of mold and bugs after the so-called MD tells me patients aren't allowed phones on the ward. . 

This isn't Justice this is rape

They have $6,300 minimum skilled labor performed during that eight months my mom had declared herself my landlord rent in Plymouth is a dollar 32 or square foot a month for residential. On-site i t support is 150 an hour fair market rate. 10 by 10 room what did I go to school for if this doesn't make any difference and it might not. 

But if this truly overrides everything done when it was done then you can literally abduct torture and discard with an ofp in Minnesota with impunity

 my dad just as transcribe this post once again if I were to bring everything of yours up tomorrow where would you want it? He has told me repeatedly he knows it will not fit in here. Just told me he'll pay to have his mole taken off it now he's back to there's no mold on it even though everything I've gotten back has been a nightmare. He told me he knew this place was too small they forced this place they forced it under threat of all my stuff goes away they picked the conditions they do these things to terrorize he will repeatedly and has repeatedly since the St Cloud apartment list started over a year-and-a-half ago now thanks to covid-19 all he'll do is phrase things in a way where they are taunts because he already knows the answer he picked the place he knows it's too small he wouldn't pick these conditions for himself but every time you want your stuff back I'm just drop it all off tomorrow for you. They decided when their basement and house was getting remediated they took what I had moved back in put it in the third garage stall to make sure it kept growing their mold most of its electronics that are damaged by moisture alone. Maple Grove PD doesn't care that 20 grand of my thing but they will stand in between me and them. I found the tenant handbook acknowledges or elise's or the renter hotline guide for police
Michael Grove PD just tells me you can't file theft you gave them your things moving out

I was on track to having $100,000 a year job in California. Associate of mine the corporation he worked for paid for some of the things being destroyed being held. This is to narcissistic abusers humiliating isolating and soon-to-be having murdered their son

The devil is definitely in the details narcissist well rather their victims have come up with the term called dog whistling it's an attack that is relevant to the personal details or the fine details of the life of the victim or the relationship between the two historical events which above like okay well I'm bringing up all your stuff tomorrow where do you want it? If you don't have the details that looks like he's being understanding and trying to be helpful so if I blow up on him what did I blow up on him for I must need help right? He'll sit there with me hungry for 4 days not acknowledging that he has my ID he's the reason the budget because he demands their car fixed or my stuff goes away for 9 months but he won't acknowledge I'm hungry some of the stuff was outright perjury on those reports or petitions

As for the things I'm not supposed to do I've been getting calls for 2 years with them telling people that I'm sick in the head I'm not to be trusted I've been getting calls from people I know that have told me they got a call like that. They isolate they destroy they harm no man no woman is an island if the court wants to ignore factors like the allergy to the toxic mold mold as multiple ways of annoying and or harmful plus the agreement with my dad and with the third parties left me financially dependent went before that I had been working 60 to $100 a week between two jobs. If the court wants to ignore that if the police want to ignore that well that's fine but it's a joke suicide is illegal cuz no one ever gets ahead in this system

good read


it also expresses a few conclusions I've come to, it's a cycle. I haven't yet looked into cluster bs as they relate to dv but my guess is any accuracy in those numbers would be hard to come by. 

my other thought is npd and aspd probably end up Geting hit first or reporting it regardless of if it happened

he played the what color is it with another thing he took earlier this year. they still have the vast majority of my things and due to 0 notice lock out enforced by Maple Grove pd...some things include docs needed to refute the ofp claims. Friday March 13th 2020 in served for tye the 18th at 930am. cars been broken for 6 days, they have my ID at that point as well. fully aware I have 20days to end of lease they forced and notice to vaycate. 

not only does he try to tell me to be paranoid. he picked st cloud against my will. or rather they did. under threat all the stuff we've held since Aug 2018 goes away. they still have it. he admits he picked a place to small, he admits he picked or rather they picked conditions he would not accept for himself. I was forced to sign the lease then it became clean our car or all your stuff disappears while he demanded I find a rental for retail and if I wanted things like a couch(I've had multiple since 2007 they threw away the last promising to replace) I was to get in moldy car go to a specific store they said name of once write down what I want call them. get in moldy car find rental clean car faster lose your stuff while they ignore all basics that are things I own and largely bought with money earned. basics like desk desk chair, place to file things, Clyde's stuff place to store clean clothes (ikea dresser) my kitchen things. 

I know from biz law if u say pay for someone's cruise its still their cruize (professer taught with hypothetical fictional  or actual narativrs/stories). yet for me it's my cruize when it comes to damages theirs for skirting legality and creating pain. despite putting my email on the lease it changed to theirs and after emailing back and forth with land lord over them wanting to evict the garage for cleaning mold car. first 3mo parents held second form of ID. pretty much wiped out from 6mo in hotels like 14 rooms 5 hotels and a mental ward. spent savings bonds for gas and food. could have saved the gas as they decided to pick where I live anyway and make it impossible to do anything I needed to or even they commanded. but then they would pay under what apt was, landlord cones at me, but they selectively don't answer. meanwhile drive down and do nothing else mgpd shows up in 10 to 15min. sometimes yells to remind me "your parents don't owe u anything" while living there Jan 2018 to Aug 2018 lock change at least 6300 in skilled labor was preformed and moving in my mom said she was my landlord. none of that was paid so I assume it was rent or as a human or laborer I am worthless because police allow fed laws to protect contracts
ack..meant to insert this bellow. around thanks giving 2018 over the phone he says "I need control because I want control" referring to my life. him and my mother will ocassionaly do what community knows as dog whistling. u need intimate details of targets life to understand why what's said triggers an angrey responce. they are referencing past times they have traumatized but in ways that if the target loses their temper verbally... point at them and claim unhinged or unwell. 

I had left a computer signed into one of my accounts. well didn't have much of a choice as 0 notice lock out. in an effort to test if this was happening and how much he snooped I we t to bizar things online. sure as hell he starts trying to shame me for what he then believed was my taste in porn while also quoting from Facebook convoys but when pressed would deny he said anything. 

I got reports for two years from people I knew that they were calling them and telling them I'm unwell I'm I'm not trustworthy. And then one directly stating that he was told to attempt to take something from me. I have history of some of that conversation. Everything on the ofp orders this stuff they've done to me for two years and matches narcissistic personality disorder and or antisocial. It's known NPD often targets their  children and into adulthood for sabotage

and funds violated then stand in way of me and 16 years of things I worked for and continue to. stood in way of me and supplies needed for Clyde rabbit. I got Bonnie and Clyde in 07 at my apt in Fargo. they were technically therapy animals from mild pstd I was diagnosed with. except for 6mo in 2014 I've been living in Apts and enjoying their company. mn seems to be saying parents can literlay rob their adult children blind while claiming to own them then discard husks of burnt people with an ofp. 

but what I was trying to get to is I had sucess full email convoys with apt
my email was on lease 
my dad's pretending not to know what a txt is for most of last year. when I finally e mail him it bounces. same time apt slides letter under door claiming my email is therea
I haven't gone a month with out letter under door almost all titled RE 
yet cheri acts as if she doesn't know how to get a hold of parents or talk to them then is telling me to update my contact info.. I signed lease with her. why would I update it when I've also emailed and she was cced the manager above her is in covov and all the suden for both my email has changed? 

then April 2020 she calls my number and says hello Paul? didn't say what it's about. I was suposed to be out March 31st but between ofps filed with full knowledge e of that and no transport to court an hr and a half away. ofps filed March 11th..

this is all the least funny sick joke I could never have imagined. 

ponderance about the earths polls

how much bigger than the earth is mars? im not sure if we have any idea whats going on with the mars core. if its stoped however; does size of the planet have a relation to how long the core stays active?

most of what ive seen indicates forces like the sun probably excite the core of the planet, ie its not just a slow cool down till its out, theres some heat or energy added. 

I cant say I know enough to be sure, i am pretty sure if the field it produces goes away humanity is up a brown river trying to paddle with Elon Musks rockets. Even in that case having nothing else established already and not being entirely sure what happens to humans in martian gravity... (likely we become plaid apache helicopters /little green men are uh...jaded? ill see myself out.)ie long and short is its better to have it already if you need it (and know its sustainable) than the alternative of : oh shit, earth is bearly habitable and we aren't anywhere else yet. 


it boggles my mind that one citize. reporting on another can create a 3 to 5 day abduction in absence of any other reason for the police Contact. forced into an ambulance but not before a search. then a doc never met before signs off on it stating the stranger is paranoid.

where is your baseline for that? esp when I'm told 3hrs later you've been fine we are keeping you anyway, I'll be right back with that sheet "medical officer hold" well that sorta not handy as it doesn't actually have a clear definition on the revisor site.

call state bar hotline and "no one wants to touch these cases"

ie there's no appeals process. there likely are lawyers who will but who do u think the least likely to be able to fight this or most harmed by and then again by the state bar hotline would be?

probably those with out time, money, or specific knowledge of med world / vocab to even communicate what might have been wrong about what happened.

I understand job security for lawyers but when you can be detained 3 to 5 days for threatening to snap your own pencil. (not a metaphor the laws are that vague) and the private or otherwise med Corp that holds you doesn't even provide a sheet that easily matches with looking up what law they were held under?

combined thst with knowing police have power to overlook almost every crime. 

ie in this day and age there is often a reason to be on edge. yet paranoid is a 3 day abduction thst might include drugging and might not count the weekends. your jail keep can even get a big pharma financial bonus for writing a script.

conflict of what?

no one had ever declared me anything but adhd and mild pstd in the psych world before this Nov 2018 farce. 

the state is ensuring I'm a lot of things through actions of maple Grove pd and hen County. 

moved into parents Jan 2018 lock changes 0 notice Aug 2018 and right now I'm typing this in an empty apt where a pet/friend/therapy animal I've had since  died. end of 2018 Bonnie died in their care so skinny that when my mom decided she needed the vet was the day she died.

while banned from the house due to police and lock change despite fact my mom told me moving in she is my landlord. at min 6300 in skilled labor/services were preformed and mn according to tenants hotline acknowledges oral leases. mgpd just tells me they don't own me anything and I can't file theft I gave them my things moving out. ignoring that parents threaten my now in their control things to command my living conditions and schedule. ignoring they are all being destroyed

my dad threatened to put Clyde in the washing machine shortly after Bonnie died. 

if police can simply refuse to make a report (or worse yet, no recording if even a requested meeting and what ever they want goes down on their reports)... refuse to do anything about check fraud mail fraud attempted murder while two parties claim to own the other.. well to be fair only my dad said it 2x a 3rd he thinks he bought me. a 4th wanfwd me to repeat the word slave when I'm 3 days hungry "dad you make me feel like a slave" what was thst? just the last word "

well those are crimes thst u might not get away from or would be very hard to if someone is into your banking info and contracts via mail. 

but paranoid is a reason to... more like there's every reason to be... 

worse yet after u get sick of telling it to put the lotion on its skin run to civil court and cry witch again... er... something like that. 

first make sure target can't get there. it passes in their absensece and now they can be arrested sans warent 

how free am I to walk away when the parties above do things like hold or steal physical id to prevent income while stealing holding or destroying 20k of assets I paid for and have earned far above min wage with in the past? 

if police refuse to enforce looking into attempted murder let alone the other federal or criminal acts.. where's the rational adults reasonable expectation even being homeless solves this? 

they have my social and dl number. 
they sign my name on contracts and at least one check (I didn't know of till after) from my mail. 

they have no legal custodial ship over me. I belive they do over my mom's sister. 

they try to repeatedly paint the case I can't care for myself and need mental help when in reality they do everything they can to create thst and every once in a while make it clear they know what they do. 

 It just dawned on me. If you want to see evidence that black people are no more inherently violent than white people Martin Luther King and...