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13 percent of parents kill their children. a lot of it after 18

Marlene Dorthy Wuethrich & Paul John Wuethrich probably going to be on this list 

its funny to me how if you watch tv and live the normal life there are usually crime investigation shows surrounding the news. Funny because the police can decide that because one party said to them that they gave a gazillion dollars to the other party..everything flies, judge, jury, prosecutor, stormtrooper, enforcer of human trafficking and indentured/forced labor, bruce all mighty (i pull into a hotel parking space and get blocked in by mpgd on my mom and dads request and 3 mo into lock change. officer "I've got the power to decide if you go in tonight but i decided before i met you...")  

this party is kinda like a punch fest in James town or a wagon ride with the Donners but mgpd and Hennepin county 4th district civil insists the MN white-collar Turpins get to discard their destroyed husk of a person with option to re terrorize...if i survive. SCPD has not shown nearly the willingness of MGPD to aquiess to any request my dad makes, even at one hotel, if my dad wanted something... officers all around when i look through the peephole. 

ok guys group huddle... lets discuss humanity and whats humane. risen, Lilly of the valley. nitrogen asphyxiation was considered by the prisons when big pharma wanted more money er... didnt like their products being used unethically at prisons. were going to need a benzo, potassium salt and a brominated muscle relaxor. if youve got a can of mt old mt dew and a normal one in the evidence locker... your millage may varry but meh. (i think the took the bromine out of the vegetable oil in dew now... hot tub cleaner...thats how you do the dew) both flower and castor bean might still be sourceable at the Wuethrich residence. odd how my mom taught me that as a kid. real question is...any unexplained....
did i say take a knee? 

Worth OJ Simpson was friendly what's the police there the guy who makes people with no lamp shades got rides home with the cops. 

Cluster B Behaviors:
best guess is full-blown npd in both... but im not qualified to give that diagnosis. I am however halfway through the cert program on using my eyes and memory. questions? comments? im fully certified to operate my 3rd digit. '

alternatively, aspd in one other or both. I've known a few diagnosed borderline people. Granted emotion makes it harder to see the tree in the forest but ive been playing with the focus nob for 32 years and know what attribution error and confirmation bias are. I thought it out for a while before I ever brought it up to anyone. The it is for a long while i was the person people confided in. after diving into psych on my own 

ndsu class kinda inspired it bust star trek tng probably added names like S.F to my vocabulary first...speaking of, did you know Kunta Kinte post-emancipation became chief engineer on the uss enterprise? yet they kinda made him stick to interacting with the nonhuman life form (Lt Cmdr Data)...or minus confirmation bias, is it possible that engineering types that are often encroaching on ASD ...maybe got along better with a computer mind because of that? the issues when you teach people to assume they always know what another is thinking are ... yeah good things ahead, thank zeus we didnt do that with organized glbt, public edu and 3rd wave femin....  ) 
a detour with purpose... one thing to say you understand something, usually demonstrating it helps establish credibility. if not again may i refer you to my 3rd digit? 

Marlene Wuethrich used to like putting soap in public water displays and I heard a story through out my life from Paul 

All my life ut intermittently ive heard my dad talk about how "somebody" stole marker dye for air drops from the US naval reserve base, tied a rope around it and hooked it under a bridge to dye these(bellow) orange (iirc) 
Paul knew a lot of details for" somebody"

Paul also told the story of how he put coyote urine in I want to see Gary Duchesne director of Transportation ISD 281. I think it was a contract negotiations tactics or maybe he's a sociopath season Arkansas I would bet my life they're both cluster be except they're doing it for me and between police selective enforcement and Minnesota Civil Court between Maple Grove Police refusing to allow a report filed a. The medical hold was done as revenge for punching my dad's car wants a dent in the driver side door two weeks earlier and the thing is get shoved me across the room after telling me how much better he is than me cuz he doesn't lose it's cool. I'm really glad boomers are the wave of the future. I could have had one for myself I need my things I don't need mental help I might end up seeking I have a history and not that shows that if I need it I'll speak it but what I need is my routines my fingers purpose in life project that trust in people who have been good to me I paid for it my stuff all of it still being destroyed by their mold including my health. 

my dad told me 2018, now that youre past that phase I can finally tell you about my motor cycle

along these lines, i couldn't figure out the adamant resistance to me taking metal shop in highschool. Still not exactly sure but if i had to take a crack at it, welding is something my dad never got the hang of. When I moved into the forced lease... or rather showed up to still empty apt.... Northern tool had their year only (new brand) Klutch 140si inverter mig v1 clearance for 150usd. I had a savings bond left from my grandmother. I had watched the prices for 8 years since a friend lent me his flux core Lincoln. mainly i had my eye on hobart handler 140. but the inverter welders have almost no downsides (esp if you are comfortable soldering) entirely bonuses... point is a welder in this power range generally fluxuated between 400 and 600 over that period. it had all metal wire knull just like the hobart 140 (that 130 is an odd beast) better dubty cycle, better arch characteristics are standard due to inverters frequency vs transformer stuck at mains 60hz.  when i saw it go clearance my jaw dropped. figured if anything it makes 50 bucks and sells quick on eBay if i need the cash... 

well first things first, when i moved in this place was on me like no other ever has been. ive talked to more neighbors now. Its quite possible that even if Cheri and my dad didnt have a pre existing relation, social poisoning (something was said). this is the only apt they have picked ever and its more like a cell. I had discussed available power in the garage before signing the lease. (under parents threat sign this one today or be homeless with out any of you r things... which now they are doing anyway) I had mentioned the mold on my stuff i intended to use the garage to clean ... that got bumped up a bit because right after signing still at hotel; snow blew through the vents of the car that was in mold house attached garage or parked at children's st paul most of its life. 
"dad have you ever seen...." ----- "I came to the hotel to put stuff in your trunk today"
"check any camera you want idiot its my car"
"if snow got in there where did the water come from?" (paul) 

but anyway the point was the welder was mentioned too. when they all the sudden inspect garage, they had an issue with the c25 tank not being chained ... my dad however repeatedly insisted "they told me if you use that welder there you will be kicked out"

this is actually pretty tame, with car knowledge he will often try to keep me from learning anything. as far as my mom has been concerned my whole life, my intelligence is letter grade or doesnt matter. also traditionally a sign of troublesome parenting. im seeing a general societal fuck for lawyer benefit happening on blogs like "psych today" though (which if you read the authors creds many are family court lawyers as well/whole thing or one of its purposes could be industry pr)  that fuck is echoed by most of mgpd... parents can do no wrong.. which ends up putting them at odds with at very least the title peace officer, but the search on the emergency medical hold and dem powerfully weak darangers probably say a lot about what that force is after. Ders Gold in Dem Coffers!

back on cluster b though/media/an aside on topic. jesus doesnt everyone love to hear "youre a good parent"? the product of rod B in hole V, just for a second just to see how it feels, just till she with draws consent a year past coitus and the non gender bias laws enable roommate restraining orders for... damn it lost my... the product of fucking cause it felt good, deserves more than hearing he/she/apache chopper is wrong because the parent making a mistake doesn't feel good. this society is praying on its children. cluster b afaik aren't supposed to be diagnosed till 18 yet....

now thats not to say there arnt socieopaths/aspd before 18. genetics and or brain damage and or extreme mistreatment/abuse and horror extremely early (basically creates the brain damage fried empathy circuits (im not trying to write a thesis)) . Med sci has found that some people really do fail to have regions of brain light up to produce the normal human empathy sympathy guilt and its more detailed than that but 2 points, 

its real, brain differences and or deactivation and may be present from birth 

as far as i know its the exception not norm. it is EXCEEDINGLY RARE.

its a zebra err.. horses are racism, they are always prevalent if you think they are and just medicate with 50mg of shame hate and placebo until.. oh we haven't defined an exit strategy... every patient cured.... a civilization not lost? but in this metaphor the zebra is any  alternative explanation for the speakers intent other than racism. (im not saying it doesnt happen, its just a timely analgogy and points that need to be made. we all have a right to matter as indivigules and not face hate for actions or words not said/done in hate. nothing is sane about telling people your first feeling about what someone else meant shouldnt even be questioned, its just as bad and likely to create hell and hate as telling people not to worry about racism. what ever they want to define the word as its important to remember it never was intended to be white on black. teaching that is dangerous. unless you can show me where in black brains is the perfect logic/fairness/won't do this in return...same with women.)

or less psych still all babble ... as in the last gen of your family line will speak gibberish and live miserable disconnected quagmire of lives if you go near this punch bowl. voltair is attributed with saying something alone the lines of "those who can convince you of absurdities can make you force-feed cult Koolaid" its a punch line.... ill see me out.  

other things said by one other or both*
  • I'm going to make you suffer
  • we are the same person*
  • YOURE SAYING WE'RE ALLWATS THE WOOOOOOOORST PARENTS, HOW CAN WE BE THE BESSSSSSST PARENTS (splitting as a deflection? this was during the 8 mo there in 2018. probably about June mold proven in Jan and she's throwing my stuff, others stuff away telling me I'm delusional and need to be medicated. which anyone listening for detail might catch changes to anger at some point. 
  • I didn't say that, (me:it's recorded) so what? or fuck your recording. between that and the wonderful advice of get over it and some logic errors including the grass is always greener by a cousin I rarely see or speak to.. not assumed "YOU HAD BETTER PARENTS U SHOULD BE FURTHER IN LIFE" I'm not going into details but on my mom's side I really wonder if her remaking sister is actually skitzo or if my mom and dad have been screwing with her for most of her life. long before I posited this.. her car went missing and I heard about it eating with my parents one night. I said u think it's possible she really pissed someone off at some point? the responce was like immediate topic change. not proof but I'll explain sadistic shit they do to me.. gaslighting 401 later. I highly suspect both cousins on my moms side are bpd, npd or aspd. one cousin on my dad's side probably npd and I think the other is as normal as one can be considering if I think back I've watched that aunt go prickly mode and in myy own interactions had my suspicions as well. I think culture promotes it/media and or some might even see it as the line to cull at. what's really annoying is my dad would likely be dead had I not been mature, observent if detail and half intrlegrnt in 04. it's possible one the other or both would be dead had the mold not been found and delt with. I saved their house and they are trying to kill me. All the time at hotels and the start this apartment I was getting reports everybody I knew that my parents could get a hold of the number we're being told that I was sick in the head on drugs or obsessing about mold. This is narcissistic sociopath 101 it's called social poisoning there might be other names for it but that's what I remembered at the moment triangulation is a related topic. That's when they play people against each other. For example Rome at same time my aunt that my parents have legal custodial ship but has quite a bit of money in savings started allegedly getting harassing calls from me the problem is I wasn't making them. That's either Katie McCreery mark mccury Paul and Marlene Dietrich maybe Mike would do it I want to say no I don't know. The other problem here is narcissist sociopath are known probably more so narcissist to create Circles of people that support them and usually their stuff like loans between them well we were the better off financially on one side. Or in other words some of the family has taken money from them before it was offered not stolen or was asked for I don't know the details I don't want to say who cuz that's no one's business reading this. Except if your Maple Grove Police and two sociopaths are narcissists allegedly allegedly give their son money then you don't care that they're saying they own him they starve him they're forcing labor the threatening is things they're breaking several laws that yourself but you tell me you might be liable if you put unreliable witness on the record thanks guys really A Plus a as in asshole! sorry for those of u who were not. none of this is OK. It would be strictly liability it could be that liability means two or three other things it should be some Union Yes Massa going on. I would be out of this state if they held a single word let alone respected any of the property ironed or told the truth. Or honored agreements made that led to the dependents or the liability because the mold was from decisions they made in 2001 plain general contractor finishing their own damn basement.

I don't have words for how I feel about this. this situation is beyond inhumane. it's 80deg in here its been over a year since his death. He would still be alive most likely has not been for the irresponsible actions of Maple Grove PD and the narsacistic are sociopathic and child sick newborn in danger and actions of Marlene and Paul kill your kid trick. I don't care if it means anything that he died legally speaking this system is so fucking sick. They keep stealing from me false plans stealing things like ID stealing tools needed to fix the washing machine police should be up they got the landlord to start calling them so I don't even know what's going on even though it's my lease I've answered every time the landlord called if I go down to Maple Grove the police tell me why am I there for the past year they don't owe me anything while the police are arresting them in destroying everything ironed I've been saying six months but it's been 8 months to August there's my math dyslexia test. Which is an aided by the fact that they don't give me the amount that they tell people they do it didn't meet the budget projected for clean arm mold car or lose everything. And most of the time it was in one chunk wait till it runs out at can good faith try to do what they say because it's not like anybody what help me anyway but you know forced indentured labor Civil civil rights Stuff... and the fuhrer also was there that if I stopped Midway through they'll try to press criminal charges for property damage to their car I wanted the title to it I told him from the start this is not safe this is not a good use of my time this is not something I'm qualified to do they made it even worse by keeping the respirator that I already had for quite some time people Grove PD Sami drive down in that fucking biohazard several times.

If that is mold that's a very bad thing. Systemic antifungals have a significant risk of liver damage. Conditions of Hell of slavery of indentured servitude of human trafficking  assisted by Maple Grove PD here are not congruent with life or health in general but the way I normally cook is exactly what you would want to eat with this or with high blood pressure

 except the only thing in the kitchen is Clyde in the freezer. Not having purpose after severe loss but Along 2 that's not good for your immune system either. Norris the fact that two times multiple officers heard that it's my bike. So many times I made sure do not even get out of the car I was on public property they wouldn't even answer the phone and Maple Grove shows up. I haven't done anything but sit on public property I think legally I could stand before the restraining order 2 feet in and it would have counted as the same but apparently that doesn't matter. If you want to Rob someone blind make them a roommate naked in Maple Grove Diono fpn even better if they're your hid Maple Grove PD will provide the coat hanger and you can keep their stuff.

My dad's birthday and all you can do is talk about fighting we can talk about the things I need to fix my washer that he stole from me he can't talk about the tools that he stoled or my ID that he sold after the ofps

he can't talk about wh my lease is calling him or why I'm surrounded by his mold and Clyde in the freezer alone in a town they picked after destroying and continuing to destroy 16 year of my things and terrorize 

Is probably only alive because of me he has literally told me that things I say should matter more than anything he says or does the fact of the matter is now what the ofp is even without so someone stealing from you repeatedly but it's specially when the court make sure they know your address

they steal to ensure I have no friends. I was all invested in a plan that they pretty much hijacked it had several fallback. 

My friends my credit my credibility my reputation on the line they didn't destroy it because they had to be continued to destroy everything every bit of value in the time spent in the last 16 years because they were wrong about their house. This is every bit murder. I'm in an empty apartment I haven't been able to cook decent in years because I haven't had my kitchen stuff. They sit in the house with their computers fixed by me computers I built 

mold I detected that was a major problem I detected in 2014 they told me it's not there there's no reason to test

So while they're getting it ripped out in 2019 my mom uses false police reports a little bit ahead of time and 10 months after it's diagnosed they're having it ripped out will I'm in the mental ward getting diagnosed crazy for it despite telling the doctor I have mold Pro on my phone on my email he patients aren't allowed phones on the ward. Bonnie and Clyde rabbit are dead I'm going to be next

I should not be dealing with the mold they paid a professional to eliminate in 2018 November 2018.

February 2018 I was told the way someone my age gets better from it is avoid mold. Instead it was and still is Empty Apartment mold comes in funds aren't there to eat let alone deal with it tiny little bit of my stuff that the extra little bits like the power adapters aren't there for so I can't even use what I have I hate this so much I bent up my bike I don't have my kitchen 

nothing I can do to help with a cope with Clyde and Bonnie's loss

My washing machine is broke and the fucking sadistic should be in prison fucking jackass molested me as a child Accused at the SEIU I'm sexual misconduct with a co-worker Paul wuethrich told my ID so I can't even get a job. I've explained it elsewhere but I don't know when the lease is up because it is up it has been up since March 31st they filed the ofp is with 20 days before I had to be out after a year-and-a-half of forced labor and relocation under threat to everything of mine this is like indentured servitude only they're killing me and not before they get fucking incest

He threatened to leave my stuff out on the driveway and said come get it I can't do that I would get arrested

Not all parents will do this but Minnesota has pretty much stayed in the stamp set they want the Turpin parents here

Fabulous isolated made it hard to impossible to leave threaten my stuff to force me around will Maple Grove TV refuse to enforce anyting I went to them saying I have recordings saying the only DV incident on my record but my mom report at age 30 which is also how they knew I lived there again cuz they have been there a few times because my parents would call it the drop of the Hat cuz what they want to go to the emergency medical  hold so they were building a record

And the thing is my contracted work and the projects I was doing the self I can prove they all work I can prove the psychopath paid to have the mold removed

I don't think zero notice lock change was legal either but I am jot a judge 

I am in physicaly horrible shape. funny how one can work straight through florist concussion in their life Office Max scsu and then scsu and Mall job at 8 wireless Terrier true that about a month after I came up your ass manage my first client for it support I could be earning right now even without my ID I was supposed to have I was supposed to have two good shot through two different people one was paying for the parts and the labor 4 the main project out of five that I had going some of them built off each other like two of them shared like 95% of the parts but had different applications

 here's some previous places I've set up/lived. note.. they normaly don't help with that. they've helped moving out a few times but in has always been up to me or in other words it's not my mom coming and setting this up for me nor is the cooking I had to teach myself out of cooked despite the fact that they cooked most nights. Ironically my mom is a teacher but as far as I'm concerned they weren't really enjoyed teaching me much. Also the prickly factor of being around them going to help and a control freak Factor. Another words I avoided them a lot when I was at home. I knew something was off with them but one it's hard to say 2 it's hard to hold on to even if you put your finger on it because I am alone. But you on one will tell me a new version of reality everyday if I let them.


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