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a delusional narcissistic Society

 This isn't to say that everyone is a full-blown narcissist. it's usually a bit of a continuum where some people are more narcissistic or amount of time those traits are expressed per period of time or interaction.

that said what disturbs me is it apears mn police and possible law are moving in the direction of the disorder

gaslighting has multiple forms. it's purpose is to unsettle the target and make them question their reality

a less obvious form is to deny the obvious. like with out food one dies. we now know what you eat plays a predominant role in how long you live, what you die of and when. also quality of life inbetween
 things like genetic predisposition to type 2 diabities can also be mitigated by distery mods. some people can't tolerate things like lactose, over all diet is huge but I'm off topic 

usually if a narcissist full-blown using this tactic is denying the obvious it's in an effort to make you waste your breath explaining something they already know. This has a greater effect City life or death or possible to injure someone or negatively affect them to some degree and the person is trusted or should be. like due to kin relation. No you can argue that you should trust your parents but a lot of people will tell you that's wrong it's not the majority you might even get shamed for it. Police might even tell you they want what's best while overlooking crimes. Police probably over all want to help people but it would be foolish to say that's the only agenda of every department and or officer.

the problem when they gas light becomes pretty sever though. they are a source of authority that can detain you against your will for simply not complying. what I'm noticing is for as much as Minnesota's pr states its about human rights and keeping people safe, helping the sick it has very little acknowlgment of even 60 year old or more pych data. North Dakota has some of its own crazy but over all there were far better protections land ord tenant and serious consideration by law of how long one may be detained and under what probable cause. 

not doing so is implicitly gaslighting things like time is money, maybe its also rest so one may keep their schedule and make their job... maybe it's preparing a meal or not. 

but another big thing psych knows:

 forced detainment is mental trauma.

conditions under which it's done play a huge role in the level of trauma it exerts. 

by extension helpleness is too. 

there seems to be partial recognition of this in MN emergency medical hold law. but it too is vague and seems almost token in retrospect. the law notes specific reasons must be noted. my sheet said paranoid and suicidal threats to dad. 

it was signed off 10min after I arrived.  by a Dr I never met before. I was taken from a hotel lot for no reason other than my parents were using fake reports as weapons. 

aka it wasn't something I did at hotel or driving that created the contact. 

the officer on approaching my blocked into parking space vehicle tells me "I have the power to decide if you go in or not but I've decided before I met you u're going in either way". 

so two people I've never met before decide off the same hearsay that perfectly calm me needs to be taken from hotel and detained for 3 days.

only after I'm told I can step out of vehicle or be removed by force... there was a surprise when I did. turn and face the vehicle, hand on it.. time for a search. 

why do I get the feeling this has little to do with helping people? 

 3hrs into hold I ask nurse or Dr "have I been anything but calm and cogent? is there a sheet that makes this official!?" 

there was a pause. cogent communications is how I know what that word means. they make switch gear and nwtowking products. odd enough word I looked it up over a decade ago. 

I'm guessing (I do it too, I couldn't see the board till halfway through 2nd grade) guessing she context read what it means. there was a pause and she answers "you've been fine but were keeping you anyway, I'll be right back with that sheet" walking through door to back room of ward and presumably to a college I hear "he uses big words" 

so if I've been calm, no one has a true baseline on me.. they don't actually want details but hey, u can't leave for 3 days. at least I thought. I wasn't told till later that surprise.. weekends don't count... 

no one has a baseline to define what paranoid is. 

so we are either communicating if anyone seems agitated they must be nuts or no one ever means you harm while harming you. 

this was Nov 2018, 3mo at hotels had been good for the previous 16mo of bleeding between apt and their house. 1st week the eyes cleared up and by time I was on hold the pinprick wounds were gone. 

end of first week I spent 3hrs on parents basement right before garage code change and cloning a ssd(hard drive/solid state drive) to a larger replacement and petting my rabbits a little bit. next day and 3 after eye irritation back only to go away and pretty much stay gone. 

aka environmental causation was all but proven 

the mold had been confirmed Jan 2018. 

Yet some how while my parents are paying to have it removed forced encounter with the doctor and regardless of having told the doctor I have communications with the mold Pro and documents of extermination on my cell phone... 

I still end up what does diagnosis that ended with a specification up for delusions of mold and Bugs. 

I can't say for sure why I can't say that is as expert testimony as it gets as to the realness of those things. I wasn't complaining of any bites or irritation and had not a mark on me and he still goes that route. I told him not to have pictures not that I have samples I told you I have the expert testimony I have communications with the mold Pro I have the records of the extermination this came up during the story of why I'm paranoid it wasn't why I ended up in front of him it wasn't anything I complained about at the time it's like until we can find something we can label to justify why we abducted you for 3 days never mind that I may or may not be getting Financial incentive for writing you a script or finding something wrong with you nevermind there's no oversight I took an oath right? How's that working in Portland for the Navy guy set reminder the police of that? He took it pretty well but I don't think that's really where we should be especially not with the power to detain people and drug them. 

We are getting basic concepts like separation of powers. As far as I can see there's little to no fear of any negative consequences for anything done by any of the actors involved in this except for the person being detained without probable cause for days on end. I further this by the fact that when I called the Minnesota Bar Association hotline I was told no one wants to touch these cases there is no appeals process. There probably are lawyers that handle these but who's this hurting the most because someone will probably tell me if I had no idea where to look call the Bar Association. If I have no idea where to look what are the odds of my socioeconomic status and or how I was raised what family I was raised in my likely to have the means for a lawyer anyway if I don't even know what kind of lawyer I need or how to find them? This is making it so the people most likely to get screwed over get screwed over again and again and again because it's no lie that once you're in these sort of system you're more likely to get caught in them

. I forget what the federal ruling was but there's at least one city or county in Minnesota that doesn't follow or a list of officers know who is a testament. The other surprise that I got and seems to be gaslighting by both the police and the Civil Justice System here I should say police in Maple Grove because St Cloud PD has been surprisingly level-headed I've had very few encounters with them but in all of them they've been pretty good that mean they return yeah without sale they all returned started with respect and when saw I was giving it kept giving it back then that's something to say even if they're trying to look for a reason to put you away my experience with Maple Grove has been some of the officers will come in yelling at you well they're keeping you from twenty Grand your things after a zero notice lock change 8 months after you move back into a residence there. But the gaslighting at that level they're ignoring actual crimes I told Maple Grove Police I had recorded calls and probably still do of my mom indicating if not fully admitting on one of them she tried to push me over the railing on the day she reported I shoved her across the room in other words attempted murder and they would rather paint me someone who had zero record indicating any violent tendencies any mental problems as either unhinged or a violent abuser well not caring that the people that are targeting me my parents do things like steal my ID to make sure I cannot get a job or food stamps then make me go several days hungry will sitting on 20 brand of things ironed over 16 years of working for an income

Actual crimes are ignored and when Minnesota claims it protect its citizens human rights sure you can play the sociopath and narcissist board games of well as defined by law you don't actually have the right to eat but then why the pr campaign why create that image. You still end up denying Basics like it takes food stamps 88 government assistance money and preferably an income but money buys time whether you have an income or not nothing in life is you have to have a corporate job the American dream is owning your own business I can tell you from heart out to form one legally. That requires money as well in business school they teach in business college or university business classes they will teach you that personal possessions or in the context of a business possession are tangible assets that are less liquid than other Investments but can be liquidated back to cash. Unless Minnesota is denying that the snap program or cash is needed to eat and or that you need a photo ID to get the snap program and get government assistance with food and I think clothing I don't know the specifics of the snap program I've never used it before but asking around and reading on my own I have found you need a photo ID. Best of ID or ID theft is usually considered the numbers on the ID so I'm specifying here Stef to physical ID still be a crime you need money to replace an ID on March 22nd well into the fucking pandemic Maple Grove officers still standing between me and 20 grand of my assets don't even care they're being destroyed when Minnesota is Criminal destruction of property which I'm not sure because it's made kind of so you have to be a lawyer to know when it's referring to imaginary property and when it's referring to real estate but 20 grand is well over the one grand limit to make criminal destruction of property Minnesota acknowledges oral Lisa's in the tenants hotline handbook for police. Unless you're willing to say that it isn't at work for is worthless I don't need cash or snap I don't need cash to get an idea I don't need an ID to get snap that Crimes of the criminal nature can be ignored and civil should be enforced like there's so many levels of absurdity will creating what's up creating risk to life and Terror that it's like being targeted twice because as I mentioned a common tactic blood disease for the people Afflicted with it is to deny the obvious the number to make you waste your breath and question your sanity but it can be more than that when it comes down to food and shelter or ever going anywhere in life how powerful is anyone or any organization that needs to play with people's brains to maintain their power. I'm not saying that it's everyone in government but it doesn't take that life is lived as an individual pain or joy is felt as an individual and everything in between individuals with power or put in a position of power over another can do great harm. In 2020 we know that other than life and death there's tons of things where deprivation under the ability to choose or the financial resources that enable the ability to shorten the life take it or tape quality of life we are at a very crucial point for this country that's obvious I don't have very high


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