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the washer broke around the time mold car went away

they cut  budget still knowing I had nothing and Clyde in freezer

knowing apt was now growing it

when Ii can't. I can't take a shower I can't cook a decent meal I can't escape their imfestations

gas was siphoned from the tank of the car they said they would transfer title to but again have not, debit card taken from car. idly nothing spent on it. That indicates it's likely Paul and or Marlene. When he called in a welfare check two days after the court date that I could not attend they unlock the vehicle in the parking lot remove my debit card then give it to the officer as it forgetful John had left this somewhere and they were giving it back that's the level of sick fucked up games they play. He's threatened mental holds emergency medical holds repeatedly including when I was stranded because I only had one key to the last car and it had fried but he insisted it was the battery in the alternator so when mysteriously the engine all the sudden goes out he tells me it's fixed when really all he did was ignore metal was found in the engine then pay them to change the oil pay them to replace the alternator to pay them to make another key pay them to put a new battery in it $900 just to say fuck you well he's destroying everything I worked for over 16 years including my health and sanity.

they have both been physically abusive in last 3 years mgpd would not let me report it 

How many times is one supposed to get turned away from being able to report anything and still have any instinct or reflex to call them them as in the police the system is wack it's against human nature. It's not helping the abused it's helping people abused people I didn't even know what an ofp was I've been to court like two times in my life

the news isn't reporting the eviction ban keeps Geting extended 

Over the two weeks following the ofp hearing they would come to my parking lot at least six times on different days twice calling in welfare checks

They took the garage door opener for my garage from it remove three things that I paid for the most expensive things I have save one thing up here but keep in mind they're still sitting on all of my things from when they changed the lock in August they threatened to lose Bonnie's ashes they pretended to lose to terrorize and ask why the car isn't being remediated  faster

They keep me and dangerous poison conditions trying to destroy all habits all functions I have developed or learn from any age but let alone since leaving their house in 2006 the Destroyer everything I've ever earned ever. I pointed out the value of my property being destroyed do Maple Grove Police several times they didn't give a shit telling me it's probably civil when I pointed out that one item alone is worth close to $1,000 if not more

they took my compound miter saw  computer and

as far as I can see t's been clear to psychology for at least 100 years that if parents are npd or aspd they try to sabotage and harm their children. last 50 years the depths of covert narsasists  have been probed

they usually apear in public as perfect parents though at home it's totally different

yes but you're over 18

yeah but how long to anyone, maple Grove pd or the sate of mn have factors of human need food water shelter or economic Mobility been clear?

how many times did anyone reading this start from 0 at the homeless shelter because police refused to act on asult, theft poisoning theft etc? 

it was taught at ndsu sociology that as u age social nets /friends groups/support networks naturally shrink. 

I shouldn't have to state if I spend 62/100 hours a week working I don't have time for friends. It appears to me lies about human trafficking where set the way they were because the lot one point recognized moving somebody around place to place means they can't establish an income they cannot establish a friends group.

MN claims it protects the human rights of its citizens. I see a lot of pandering to images of abuse and women Geting hit. laws made to suposibly stop that but now claiming to be degendered except even pdfs from 2018 "can he keep his guns?" 

weve in acted a here say run to civil court strip someone of rights on how one claims they feel. 

most basic aspects of maturity include recognizing that emotions can lie to you. Some people lie about emotions and some people are born without guilt some have it fried out. This is insanity. Regardless of how they feel or claim to what they do and what Maple Grove Police enforce or selectively not enforce creating risk  that I am dead. 

they steal my id, after filing these. I don't think court would have let me in. but also.. mn snap? Oh I know how about I sell some of my things the tools I bought to earn. Won't let me choose between the three of them I have that are covered in mold anyway. mold they paid to have professionally remediated in 2018

In 1995, the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) was created administratively within DOJ to administer federal grants authorized under VAWA. In 2002, Congress codified the OVW as a separate office within DOJ. Since its creation, the OVW has awarded more than $6 billion in grants.May 26, 2015 › crs


The Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) currently administers 19 grant programs authorized by the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) of 1994 and subsequent legislation. Four programs are "formula," meaning the enacting legislation specifies how the funds are to be distributed. The remaining programs are "discretionary," meaning OVW is responsible for creating program parameters, qualifications, eligibility, and deliverables in accordance with authorizing legislation. These grant programs are designed to develop the nation's capacity to reduce domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking by strengthening services to victims and holding offenders accountable.

Read a short piece on "Measuring the Effectiveness of Grants" or get the full Report to Congress on the Effectiveness of Grants, 2014-2016 (PDF).  

See a 1-page list of OVW grant programs (PDF) or a 4-page list with descriptions of the programs (PDF).

See staff responsible for each program on the grant program contacts page.   

I think this might have quite a bit to do with why it's skewed

I didn't ask to be born. I did work my ass off and now 3 years of isolation forced labor destruction physical abuse by people that claim to own me. maple Grove pd refusing to take fact my mom tried to kill me seriously then slammed a car door on my leg 

we are going to get walked on by China and or international corps. 

destroying lives for state funding from fed gov. 

corps have no incentive to innovate. it takes reinvesting profits at risk of not Geting them back. if mn banks on old biz and federal funds that wi eventually leave it high and dry.

what maple Grove police allowed is essentially hearsay based eviction enforced by police 0 notice lock change  Aug 2018. 8mo after moving back in Jan 2018. 

I read states are liable if police involvement makes it worse. It's great though cuz the police Can't Stand By and Watch you get killed murdered abused robbed. We have absolute Authority with almost zero accountability

last I checked lesbian relations had above average pop.. similar to police levels of DV.. 

no man involved.

and why are police being tasked to play family police when their families statistic ly do worse with abuse? it's literlay letting the problem police the problem. 

I can  probably see why this is. we have international Corp actors waging social warfare via media aimed at non cohesiveness and or trust of citizen neighbors while our own corps and nfps then local govs are all doing the same. one of the tactics is get peolme out of rational thought. a lot of it as far as I can see is text book npd and bpd presented as normal ways to be. we accept news and media polorizes and dramaticizees for profit. this is just a rephrasing on that. same tactics but suggesting another effect. 

well if sympathy and empthay go by the way side.. the S. O of any given officer is pretty unlikely go understand the stress load that job has. I can't say I do either. don't have to fully other than it's life or death every day. well if one or both is in the meme me the media and politics pander to.. that stress turns animosity and or alienation from lack of understanding or attempt to and pow str8 to the moon. even with out.. stress hormones don't disapate walking through doorways.  law is severely out of sink with biology and the 21st century understanding there of. 

marlene and Paul have acted to harm me for life and or are still trying to take it. 

the real life horror movie is realizing they pale in comparison to the theater when irl 2 people are trying to keep u from even being able to eat, stealing everything you own using the police to keep u from the remains of a pet that came via USPS signing your name on even a check but several docs from mail, holding mail screwing with every aspect of adult life. for 2 years calling all contacts of mine they could get number of telling them I'm sick in the head, on drugs, not to be trusted. using esoteric knowledge of 40 years in med world to try to get one diagnosed crazy doe real threats to health. succeeding as they pay to have it professionally removed. forcing it on you after. 

marlene wuethrich will tell me and others.. my fault I wouldn't get alwrgy tested. she's the one who determined I was allergic to amoxicilin when I was little. it's part of the penecilin family of antibiotics.. aka it's mold /fungus. 

I'm highly likely a  person with dyscalculia. But regardless they tell people including the police fourr five grand a month.  I estimated from start with out the kitchen stuff I bought between 2007 and 2018, eating out would cost 1200 to 1500 a mo. it's also a huge waste of time. I also said it made the remediate our car or all your things gone impossible. aka the most common deposit was 1400. while they also demanded to know why I hadent found a rental space and wanted progress updates. held my birth cert/ all secondary I'd. ignored Clyde got sick in empty apt. 

If I acted on good faith which is not in at that point I'm being held hostage but if I go by the plan well that's why I went 30 days hungry in 2019. Every month I had to prove twice where the money went even though it never met the budget and when I made 2 Grand they make sure I didn't get anything. I probably could have got the car to normal with just them giving the 1400 they had been to keep me stuck in hell. I could replace some of my kitchen stuff but when you are made to go hungry in the start of insanity where you predicted you budget it you know what's given will not meet the demand that are done under threat of destruction of all your things while you have a sick animal is sick pet that you don't have the supplies to care for because the police are keeping you from them well when this is the case anyone is under more stress I constantly refactoring priorities. They also kept a full face respirator I already owned weld demanding I remediate there moldy Carr the same car she drove into children for 9 years from a house that I've been incredibly moldy for 19. Right before the lease starts snow blows through the vents

regardless of if mn takes the stamps that parents aren't responsible for their adult Children's Welfare if it's going to as it appears excuse adult parents from cold blooded warm blooded murder torture abuse of the physical and or psychological crimes such as check fraud mail fraud well then it should be honest about that. Psychology has this concept called informed consent nowhere in k through 12 in Maple Grove was this mentioned. 
. Regardless of the stance or oppinion of the state no one wants to be a person with out parents, and parents always having influence over their children. That doesn't mean there aren't terribly deadly parents sociopaths and full-blown narcissist. Minnesota isn't protecting anyone's human rights with these laws equally enabling abusers to leave someone for dead. 

It's incredible to me that we have laws against insider trading but no laws against medical professionals attempting to make someone sick. There's no scientific evidence that shows because you wanted to become a nurse practitioner doctor or nurse that you somehow have a perfect conscience. Until that's shown otherwise this is a gaping hole in any protection of anybody in this state or the nation. rx kick  backs further the problem. 

Dr's have a financial incentive to find something wrong with you. aka over their normal pay, they may get a bonus for writing that restless legs syndrome or chemo script. 

in MN we've made no attempt to outlaw this while we give Dr's rights of courts police and judfes to detain citizens 3 to 5 days. there's no obligation Dr's even alow expert testimony as evidence. 

it's all either oversight or assumed these people are perfectly moral. while many will be we know when financial incentive exists not to be... there will be portions of  the set of humans involved that will be anything but moral

now days electronic health records are read before one walks in door next visit. 

med charting errors, by which ehrs are an extension of... med charting errors cost between 100,000 and 250,000 us citizens their life every year. 

What's the covid 19 count at? 

138K... I just looked. hasn't pasted the high end of mistakes on medical charts.
 also 2018 flu was 80k that said I'm terrified because diet and exercise or my lack their of... 
forced under threat homelessness all my things destroy and my animals lives.. well that puts me at elevated risk over other 32 year olds. but may 22 mgpd ignores even fact parents took my id and tells me through masks "your parents give you a lot of money" yeah they say so huh? that entitles them to continue destroying all my things I worded and paid for? they have auto trust to the point I should starve unable to get snap during a pandemic? thanks guys. 

sterns had refused to serve it. aka it wasn't active dispute passing March 18th in my absence. I had called court ahead of time. didn't matter. nor did 30 years with not even a police report record clean criminal and civil records. I can also prove unless my mom has tampered with my files which she has the ability to as an employee at Children's as far as I understand oh, I can also prove that in 2006 I thought help on my own accord. I had mild pstd from finding my dad in 2004 almost dead. I didn't get why at the time but Marlene and Paul were absolutely adamant that I was wasting my time getting any help and along the lines of why do you think we messed you up so much? These people are terrorizers these people break lies to harm people these people break lized leave me hungry after forcing labor critique if I swear at them while I'm 3 or 4 days hungry well they said I'm 20 grand of tools I earned and the remains of beloved pets that might still be with me today
The state seems to act along the lines of the police will always protect you you don't need anything to do but to call 911 accept the reality is that selective enforcement is very real besides and from what I've seen they decide along the lines of at least two Maple Grove what gets them Federal funding what does not

. With little or no regard to if their actions create a danger to life I mean look at it this way even without the danger to life someone has their driver's license number someone has your social security number someone is opening mail addressed to you signing your name on documents contract excetera inside of it against your permission without legal to start dealership doing it to even Addie check to control where your finances though and the police won't do anything about it the police don't care when you report back and this person claims to own you how do you get away from that when someone can hijack every aspect of your adult life but then the party doing it need only claim you said things the court does not care about the contact or rather even if they can prove they were said it is exactly punishing potentially the person who escaped the situation in a horror movie where they're being held hostage because well your hostage older felt threatened threatened of what about put that in words threatened of what threatens that they didn't own a person? Threatens that they're human property might Escape? Threatened their human property they're abusing the hell out of risking the life of doesn't respect them enough? Threatens they're losing their murderous Edge?

I went to the police I told them I have calls indicating my mom tried to kill me that what I'm really looking for on Richard is what the State Bar told me to say of unreliable witness so they can't keep using falsified police reports As Weapons I was told if we put that on record we might be liable. Makes no sense that interfering with 911 calls is about protecting people if that's the case if they can ignore even someone trying to kill someone then the only point of it is making sure they get into a house more often

Minnesota does take the step of requiring that their officers have college degrees. Which is better than some. 

But when we have laws like thinking you heard help through a door well military does a psych eval that in theory catches most things like schizophrenia. The police have no such eval. So we've now gone from constitutional rights to a potentially schizophrenic officer being legally justified in kicking down your door for the voice in his head telling him or her help.

Literally the time before they enacted or serve the ofp May 22nd I was getting yelled at for not having my ID on me when I drove down. They're already demonstrated they as in my parents that they would take things from the car they will do things just too terrorized so I either ristic going missing or get yelled at and an officer telling me it's illegal to drive down there without it which I know is not the case. It's a civil violation if I recall and you have 48 hours to prove it. But then the next time I see them as in Maple Grove Police for doing nothing but sitting on public property which is how the majority of Falls of gone because my parents will not answer the phone and they know Maple Grove PD will bend over backwards to Pander to them I don't know if that has anything to do with the fact that my dad was on the AFL-CIO labor Council and retired probably 2 years after ctw was formed but I do know it's mighty odd and I do know that the body that the police Union is also under. But I do know on May 22nd my ID was no longer findable by me it had been in the car and went missing. I'm telling them I drove down there because they still have all my things I have to be out of this place and I am literally at $0 and they have my ID. Maple Grove Police did not care. Do you see the hypocrisy here one encounter I'm yelled at for not having something on me lied about the law the next one it might be crucial to me being able to eat when it is theft when it create a potential risk to my life do not have it they don't care

I don't particularly think every word should be a hangable offense. Although in a sentence it is for any citizen talking to him. What you say 10 and will be used against you according to lectures I found on YouTube of Harvard there was a guest lecturer telling us that in Criminal Court please connect or testify for you on top of that. Yet just about anything they say to you goes. This is insane. They can create a risk to your life or as one unlucky unfortunate soul no matter what he did or did not do found out they can try to be pep coaches and tell you to take a knee.

Because of that I found a few articles that states that Minnesota has a very low percentage of police officers that ever face charges for anything. Did we really come all this way as a species just to forget that Authority without accountability is bad news? Well doesn't look like I'll be around much longer to tell anybody I'd love to just go back to the plan that I had I was well on my way to 60k 100k  a year I had ball backs I am exhausted I am poison I have had my time ruled by people who claim to Own Me. People trying to break apart every habit I need to succeed as an adult. This is tyranny this is insanity this is unhealthy this might prove fatal

when the govs eviction ban lifts I'm on the street. right now I'm in an apt with 3dolding tables growing their mold and Clyde rabbit in the freezer. little to nothing else upstairs. bunch of moldy things downstairs in garage

I know before that/end of highschool I could have bought the car or a nicer car then paid first semester ndsu in cash.

I know I said I wanted to work for a year and was told if I didn't start right away the money they had saved would probably disappear

I know I made almost 10g second summer of college.

I didn't take anything that wasn't offered.

I know between upgrading 2 computers I built for them and their wifi to work better upstairs plus once a week drop what you are doing I need to know xyz.. ie in home computer consulting over 8mo, at min $6300 were rendered between Jan and Aug.

that's figuring 1hr a week for 8mo plus 10hr between sourcing parts for wifi upgrade (ethernet over powerline adapter to upstairs ap) and drive array upgrade. 

also when I moved back in I noticed my dad had installed led lights under the kitchen cabinets. I had low voltage led dimmer and power /on off controllers so I spliced one in to enable a switch and dimming control. 

he was a school bus driver then union organizer this isn't something he could do on his own.. she is a neonatal np. she also used to teach at st Kate's and around y2k she had to convert overhead projector curriculum to PowerPoint guess who ended up making those PowerPoints for someone who couldn't be bothered to learn PowerPoint at the time. She was scared to turn on a computer or to touch it back in those days. She said she was scared I believe a lot of it was she couldn't be bothered to learn it. She drove me to the first business IT consulting clients I had because it was so soon after I turn 16 but I still had my permit and I believe I got my license 3 months after I turn 16. 

The electrical job probably could have run upwards of 200 depending on if he bought it easy DIY that didn't require soldering or even hired an electrician than 200 probably a laughable minimum. It should be noted that I believe it's under 60 volts does not require an electrician is considered low voltage. Freeway Motors in Rogers has a network cable from the front building station all the way back to the garage at the very opposite end of the building that was one of many times I work for John the owner. I fished that in 2006 having come home for a weekend from NDSU. The first plant she drove me to I had posted a business card I made a 9th grade dark room and screen-printing class step a coffee shop bulletin board. I was sure her having to drive me and drop me off would be the only time I worked for that three person CPA office. I had that client until I was 26 years old the first time their basement made me sick.

in 2018 I also

started following the mold guys instructions and removed the moldy trim from their basement. first building two large hepa filters from hvac, spraying with peroxide walls vacuum paint over then kills primer while my dad makes me ask for the few bucks to get needed supplies 3x before it's in hand.

the whole time sitting on 2g of mature we bonds his mom had left that I then end up having to spend on food when I leave for hotel for 2 weeks max because marlene won't stop following me around the house attacking me and had a cancer surgery

so then they change the lock wirh bonny and Clyde still there and everything I ever worked for.

Marlene told me as I move back in that she's my landlord now until I can afford every dime of moving back out on my own. Regardless of if there's a legal argument here which I'll get to in a minute. Part of being an adult is supposed to be your word is your bond in your contract more so your signature but last I was taught your word still carries that as well. Unless Minnesota is asserting that parents don't even know their adult offspring that. Because what I learned in business law says that without a price being discussed on a contract Market average would suffice. I was able to find that Plymouth rental housing goes for 1.32 a square foot so another words $132 a month for the 10 x 10 room. Market average for IT services on location IT consulting and repair Market average 150 an hour. In other words one time they demand I drop everything I'm doing paid rent every month. No one will ever get out of dependence if the moment they become dependent someone can Rob all of the things they paid for. I was dependent because of an agreement my dad and I had made before the mold transferred to my apartment and made me sick everything that was agreed upon was lived up to they took it to make sure I cannot complete any bit of it they hurt my reputation they destroyed my credit they destroyed my credibility they are going to leave me dead

But more so all they did was tell Maple Grove Police that they paid for everything so none of its theft. That doesn't leave me very confident that this couldn't happen to anyone. Because that's police making life-or-death decisions off of hearsay. Because I don't know the last time I checked it cost money to have a roof over your head it cost money to eat. Even business school teaches that physical tools or things are assets physical assets are not the most liquid store of value but you can liquidate them back to cash. Why would anyone in this state even bothered going to school when this is the outcome anyway how did anything I learn help me. I read now that the ofp is can be executed just by the claim that you were in a romantic relationship with someone how does the state verify that this is literally anybody can run to civil court and strip anybody else of their rights from the seams of it. Which is going to frequently turn into you helped Cowboy whatever his name is in the Silence of the Lambs who was telling the person to put the lotion on their skin. It already has just by statistics because there's no that I can see check there's no standard of evidence that would generally apply in a criminal case there's no logical standard of evidence that anybody could reason would be a good idea to have in place for this sort of thing because we're talking automatic arrest

Growing up I heard countless times from classes from the news from cable channels like Discovery and TLC that once you're in the criminal justice system it statistically harder that you'll ever get out of it. What is Minnesota doing other than enslaving its citizens? Using the image of battered women when really it's likely about the funding taking a note from Orwell and instead of actually enforcing genderless and thought out protection there's just an effort to remove gendered language from publicly-available documents. This is insane or maybe it's not but as I said that your namik Lee speaking it's banking on the old corpse which to innovate app to invest which would be a hit in profits which would hit them in the stock market. The only way to succeed is to add 18 take a loan for college so you're in debt to the government and hope that you get through and get hired by a corporate otherwise or likely either way because like I said it's hearsay there's nothing showing me that the cops would have acted any different had I done that but otherwise in this fairytale anybody can take everything from them at any moment. There's no room for innovation in that there's your grades in school determine what you are and try and anything else will leave to death on the street. Time is going to walk all over us with this and if they don't another Nation will. On top of that you cannot have good men you cannot have good people when this much abuse can be done when the cops can ignore physical and psychological abuse to the extreme and give the abusers all of one's Goods all of one's assets ignore physical violent ignore that the things they care about the most the living animals even end up dead because of these people and then civil court wants to strip the victim of its right because the other party has 40 years life experience and I already knew what this was it set up so she who cries first gets what she wants regardless up if she's lying if she might be lying if she's obviously lying or she might be telling the truth but there's not much in place to determine that from what I can see. 

in my case when the last car died they also took things required to clean the apt in my name, to repair the apt in my name, to repair the clothes washing machine in my name. 

ie I can't wash bedding or have clean clothes and all of my things are still being destroyed by mold and or moisture while I can't even cook a half decent meal and Clyde rabbit is in the freezer. 

I can't earn with the tools I can't touch or sell them. 

I'm sitting waiting to get evicted lose ability to hold onto evidence needed on court then die adter 3 years tourcher. 

Last 2 weeks at night with air conditioning running full blast my apartment the living room that has two folding tables got down to 78 at 57% humidity with a dehumidifier running on full blast. I didn't shower in 3 days because I don't have a clean towel which also means I didn't run any water and it's still like that. My bedroom was 86° still is. This is the only apartment my parents have ever picked and I've been renting since 2007. Not only did my dad and it was too small for my things but he also admitted he would not pick these conditions for himself. I hate being tortured for their mistakes made when I was 14. He has said he needs control because he wants control that he owns me twice and when Maple Grove Police refused to stop mail and check fraud and then stand between me and 16 years of assets I work for something other people paid for it and trusted to me I am being destroyed in every manner

 I can tell you from the top of my head how to form a legal LLC I can tell you how you make it actually protect you I can tell you that before the mold hit I had done a repair under my dad's agreement started doing everything necessary to form an actual business and doing repairs for other people I have done it for a commercial insurance salesman and a commercial real estate agent among many many others. Two consecutive advertising's or announcements in a legal registered newspaper file with the state for like a hundred and fifty bucks if I remember right off the top of my head you need a registered agent in case you get served as a dick most other things are optional but being able to show that there are separate entities goes a long way and I realize I've been posting a lot on this under Benton's Tech but I have three molding folding tables my dead pet in my freezer and I went hungry 30 days last year will people are sitting on 20 grand of tools that I've made over 16 years of working well they claim to Own Me will they open my mail will they sign my name without legal custodial ship. There's nothing left to owning a person even though Maple Grove Police tell me it's not illegal to say you on someone oh yeah I suppose you could file an ofp that have them arrested without warrant and if I understand correctly be notified of where you're victim live for 2 years horse dies. The stuff taken out of my garage was a computer I paid for that's going to be hard to prove because Maple Grove Police also put them in charge of every document I've ever kept the mig welders a bit easier to prove that was from a savings bond my grandmother left me in my name so apparently Maple Grove Police can just allow everything stolen from you if the suspect claims that they gave you everything and you never work because that's illegal standard of evidence right what are we doing what are we doing to Justice. I came across that the rule of law as a concept recently I really just so convinced that media can sway people to not question any of this and rule of law no longer requires anything like no bias an application cuz it seems like that's where we're headed I won't be I don't think I'll be around to see it though.

If I had those tools right now there's apps where I can rent them out there's security Beacon that are normally key finder devices but they're called tile and everybody who has the app is constantly updating the position of where tile is I could easily use one of the tool rental apps and let other people pay me to use my tools right now with relative assurance that I could get them back because I could take a $10 key finder that can map out where your keys are and epoxy it to the tool. There are so many ways to earn. I can't do any of them if my basic rights and the laws are overlooked. I can't even eat without my ID I don't know when the housing eviction ban ends. Say I have the $30 do I spend it when I don't know where I'm going to be when it comes in the mail? Maple Grove PD sent me off to die. 

After working in their basement I was coughing up this one my mom pushes open the bathroom door, insist there's absolutely nothing on my hand I'm delusional and she will have me medicated. In narcissist vs. Sociopath fashion after they paid to have it removed it changed ever so slightly to I need to be medicated because I have anger problems except no one has ever thought that there's no record to indicate that I've never hit anybody or shove them in anger both of the people who accuse me have. My mom trying to push me over a railing in too close to go right or left when I walk her to a corner after catching her wrist she starts screaming you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out. We walk slower than either of us has ever walked across that space I stopped when we got to the corner let go and duct around into the other room in case she tried to hit me the entire thing was designed so I don't have to risk my life because she is physically assaulting me I was barefoot on wet tile she is about my height I stepped back to try to avoid the conflict but my back at the railing she stepped forward and kept pushing. Seems to me like that was her intent coming out if you're trying to push someone over a drop and when they stop you from doing that you say I brought you into this world I'm allowed to take you out I can take you out. But then again it seems we've abandoned any notion of intent mattering and suing only guns knives fisticuffs and explosives will be death when statistics say women used to poison and use things like height when history says the strongest Beast there was the woolly mammoth groups of humans would use psychology scare them and run them off a cliff to hunt them we're going backwards in a bad way


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