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apres the hangup

I forgot to mention in the post bellow is I was hung up on.

probably random chance but 30min or so later my dad announces he put 350 in just then.

They're telling police that they give me $4,000 a month and always have. In 2015 I know for sure and that's why I'm saying it it's not some estimate of how often your how not but there were times that if I hadn't been working I would not have made my $700 rent. This month knowing I'm 5 months past when I had notice to vacate and the only reason I'm not gone is the Minnesota eviction band knowing they are still destroying 16 years of things I worked for and earned

Knowing they took my ID

Knowing they have all of my kitchen stuff
i having to clean it here will eventually contaminate the apartment. if you budget for tyvec u can kinda avoid that they wernt budging to allow me to eat let alone fix the car or providing me the full face respirator I owned from etching circuit boards/mixing cupric. 

He talks about putting in 350 above. He's telling everyone he gives me 4 grand a month I've discussed either Above This or in another or few post where that number came from and what's wrong about it like Ilse for however many years but the one thing I can know when I say it is there were times when I could not pay my $700 rent in 2015 had I not been working and going to school. In other words what they tell you that they give me and for how long they have done it are both exaggerations if not outright lies. We had discussed and he continued demanding things that would have required before Grand but I had found even cheaper ways to do that that involve not renting here. I only took the commitment to the DSL company I don't get cable I don't have streaming services I don't have TV even but I had a two-year contract for DSL when I moved into the force lease having to clean the car here is the reason that my lease was not renewed and I got notice to vacate so I just to take the hit on that. But on top of that it's one of their tactics because what they're doing is making sure I don't have my kitchen I can't cook I've nothing that I need nothing that I own I have for most of its Lisa toxic car they're taking or holding ID to make sure I can't get a job and then they making sure I go hungry for doing what they demand and during that and after that that meant the agreement that I made with the DSL company gets backed up so has the power bill. then late fees make sure I'm hungry again. it costs 1200 to 1500 to eat out every meal. they made sure I went hungry 30 days in 2019. this is also while showing them receipts and bank statements and in other words they know where the money goes they know it goes towards the problems they force that risked my life and my Health took Clyde's life

nt I've shown all kinds of pictures that that happened that cost continuously basic rules of Economics like if you have an issue or even if you don't sometimes spending more upfront or have the ability to tap something dealt with right saves a lot of money in the long run. For instance you cannot change your oil but the new car will cost more. This has a cost not just in dollars but to my health and to how long I will live and what quality of life I will have it also poses an immediate threat to life enforced by Maple Grove Police and Hennepin County.

Yet there aren't any criminal charges let alone convictions. They made sure I could not attend the Civil hearing they scheduled. If the Turpin parents lived in Minnesota God help those people that finally managed some form of Justice

2 days after the ofp hearing Marlene and Paul were sitting in the parking lot of the force release in Stearns County 45 minutes out of their way with no business other than that here calling in a welfare check to display power
It proves to me that as doctors are given more power usually reserved for courts and police and in conjunction with the State Bar hotline telling people no lawyer wants to touch those cases we have set it up so there is no justice or there are
ways to lock you up for life to get rid of the problem the person you abused now poses you.

If this was it all a modern or just Society we would have realized from the study of logic or systems that the founders of this country realized are checks and balances need to be applied to private or corporate third parties with powers of government granted. Instead it seems we just bypassed that and use modern PR the creative thing with Jeff reason and distract from the fact that you're just as locked up but with less appeals less ability to fight it but we told everybody it's cuz you are sick

Or we told everybody you went to court and were found to be an abuser what most don't realize until it's too late is the type of Court you go to anybody can claim anything and the accused has to be able to defend it

The Salem Witch Trials at least had the excuse of more than likely they were eating moldy rye bread. Call the ergot poisoning that has effects similar to LSD only extremely toxic in comparison. Related case where history is Stranger Than Fiction is the CIA trained to kill an elephant with LSD eventually it took a bullet. Not that I'm advocating it but it is a decent tool to point out that we have become a society based on image and those images are easy to manipulate. Individuals still suffer regardless of what others think or see as an image. The game is some would say fair you just have to get these grades get that scholarship for this loan but that's not really a guarantee of anything. Actually it is a guarantee of one thing of a homogeneous population that was only good at jumping that one set of tasks hoops. That says nothing about innovation about the next invention that it takes to Manatee to a new level or avoids an extinction event. It's really good at keeping the power structure not much else except pain and suffering. The disturbing thing now is I see some facets of corporate psychology are trying to push that your demographic decide if you have a right to even claim victim

 God help us all.

The basic fault in the assumption if you don't always know what another person thinks intense is thinking thought meant to communicate versus what they did communicate and how you interpreted it. We do know that if you never considered there are alternatives for what they might have meant or what the action they perform did to you whatever what that intended to Signal or mean if you don't consider your not always right on the first guess you will very often be wrong. Holding a cold glass at a party has been shown Time After Time to make the person holding it feel as if the others in the room are called unwelcoming or against them. Emotions are easily fooled. It used to be part of adulthood was learning to understand your emotions and account for the fact that your interpretation of anything is never perfect. We all have to make assumptions because there's not enough time in the day for everything the problem is it's going towards pathological Psych in the sense of we're not even talked to think we might be wrong. That allows things like the ambiguous blob no not the dark one the other Dark One still in more than one meaning. Like the parents let's Riot over prejudice. Without mentioning that sometimes you didn't get the job because... not racism. Or more dangerously yet there's no defined how we end this. It's a war of Terror under false flag because the enemy is not clearly defined there's no path to Beat It there's no mention of how to even recognize that other than it's there it's there it's there

There is no exit strategy
. We are so devoid of critical thought that even the old arguments would become blind to. People on the right used to argue against any form of living income just for being alive because if you give everybody money than the cost of everything goes up owl. If you apply psychology to that you can already see the problem of splitting and absolutes but only two. But in the wake of a $1,200 check to everyone well you tell me. Send the news which if I understand correctly there's only station total no matter how many friends you see in the u.s. you're reading or watching one of 6 corporate organizations but they do convoluted stories about how this many people of this minority didn't get the check. At the very end like second to last paragraph there's a 1-second mention that some of them are citizens and some of them didn't fill out the form. So another words the headline and the first 75% of the article try to convince you that it's racial. What if we have told people to just help their neighbor get on that website and file the no file form. Because mixed up with the some of them weren't citizens part was some didn't have access to Internet

What is the message what's put yourself in another person's position or shoes. The last one is probably better. Don't Envision that you have the power of their situation and vision that you have the same basic human needs and their conditions or their variables there limit Financial social whatever Family Social try to Envision every aspect of their situation

What I see the real Attack on is critical thought empathy and sympathy. Trust is another casual thing and everybody but the talking head on the TV. Psych studies confirm but this is a known phenomenon and for whatever reason shows up on command when you have the technological Wonder box putting another human in your living room people for some reason to assume they're an expert. even though a large percentage of news and boat anchors alike are unlikely to be able to tell you how old is Magic Box puts them in your living room let alone whatever thing they are announcing tonight. That's why they're called Talking Heads they're just there to communicate and have a face while doing it. They don't know I mean your individual might sometimes report topics they have a personal interest in Moor knowledge on but in general it's safe to say they have no idea what they're talking about to you they're not paid to know that they're paid to tell you about stories somebody else did wrote dreamed up whatever.

 several Generations fell into the strap thinking they're in a thority or that the news doesn't sometimes have absolute incentive or reason to lie to you. Working misrepresent. Go back a generation or two and especially the Boomers seem to realize that news is dramatized and sensationalized because of the tracks viewers and corporate profit. And that's all it takes, there isn't anything to rule out some larger plan or devious goals by the owners but even in the absence of that what we have is no good 4 critical thought and or Healthy Families.

the danger here is we break all sosoaictuins between cause and effect and create modern slavery but you dare not use that word to describe anything because nope that's for that demographic and how dare you say it. Meanwhile that demographic is focused on well some people might discriminate and don't get me wrong I'm sure it happens I'm sure it's still a problem. In the meantime even if every black person was hired most would be just like the rest of us and struggling against minimum wage that doesn't meet cost of living let alone rent. When you allow parents to steal from to say anything in that stupid to violate laws against their children. The police will favor the parent with zero evidence otherwise and against the very damn live but leave the adult child out on the street or the sin of ever having to move back in apparently nothing I did is worth anything but what I'm saying is this becomes the norm so does abuse so does the end of any sort of Civil Society. A working class dumb Neanderthals that literally judge by skin color as to whether you're allowed to express pain or not or get any handouts or even protection from everything taken from you this only favors the very rich

talking to some white female blm supporters on fb and who ever else of either gender or any color was friends of mine there's or able to see.. I pointed out simply that the root of the issue is there's no National policy on use of police force and the fact that were obscuring this with making it a one race thing when statistics will show everybody suffers from this and then also stating I'm sure statistics also show and happenstance would backup that certain demographic suffer more but the underlying issue is we need that policy on use of police force. Followed by there's deeper issues like a rosian of the framework that makes legal adulthood that protects you from anything and that will affect us all I'm not against BLM but I see it as more of a distraction by racializing it. All the sudden they're crawling over my profile telling me I'm false victim for complaining about my fake mold instead of addressing any of the points and then some girl with a ba in English tells me she doesn't have to address my point because I don't communicate effectively to person and I think what she meant was impressed oats persuading other people but that's literally the problem we have when we switch to emotional argument there's no actual when in it there's did you make the other person feel like something might happen good or bad well then you one it might be best for us all but God damn it you'll feel good while it happens right? 

The girl that at the profile let's Ponder this conversation a few days later is boasting about how creepy it is to her that in other people's minds versions of her that no longer exist exist in their mind. I don't think cancel culture is anything revolutionary I think it's D evolutionary. Counterculture was literally domed to the point where there's no argument for what they do it's because it feels good they can't make it but they'll regurgitate what baby shows to remember out of what felt good when it was said by a perceived person in authority like the gender studies professor. But there's a feedback loop in that because the same thing got that person there. I just saw today that one of the reports that led to the normalization of the concept of privilege what's some female studies Professor wrote a list of like 40 some-odd Privileges and I'm on that list was bandages match my skin tone better this is the level of authority these people have to talk about that. It also flies in the face of sight and bought the site and common-sense rule that I mentioned above but let me reiterate it with life is lived as an individual and your interactions with other individuals. Regardless if a system exists to keep some people down individuals are the start and and effect of that system. The only way to end violence the only way to end hate is to see each other as capable of the same feelings capable of understanding the same logical Concepts even if you have advantages somewhere they have the advantage of other work elsewhere there pretty much the same person but with different goals Ambitions and dreams different reactions to stimulus but capable of the same set of experiences and feelings that comprise Humanity. Putting yourself in the other person's position and trying to Envision what goes into making them different from you but from not the perspective of why do they have it better why is the grass greener if they're your friend you try to do it for anything they come to you about you don't tell them that this is how it's got to be this was my vision quest but what I'm saying is before you jump off and say no you're bitching about nothing or you have it easy or interpret them sharing a story is trying to one-up you you need to stop you need to think is my mood affecting what I think they're trying to do say to me whatever if they come to you with a problem try to understand what's going on to the best of your ability not the best of your assumption

Put yourself in the other person's place that's how we end racism that's how we end sexism. As I see it the biggest problem is a lot of people make upper-middle-class livings if not better not-for-profit organization that they then take their pay from the donated funds. There's no incentive for that organization to end violence against women. Arguably psych tells us without a it's a cycle abusive parents will create children that if they don't have the mindset they don't come about it possessed the gift of it or otherwise get counseling or some combination thereof they likely repeat the cycle with their children. When TV normalizes dysfunction well you have what you get today. 

What that girl said about other people's minds and how that freaks are out or creeps her out... 

cluster b all over it. failure to fully develop or abuse that damaged the mental circus for object permanence which can apply to people as in these people and their the object that is their mind exists and contains things that are separate from you and your existence. But put in a less rigorous contacts it's along the same beliefs that a photo can steal your soul. If you read for detail which I'm transcribing so I'm sorry if that's not always clear but I haven't mentioned the person's name and that's because I wish no harm on them but I also intended on saying this in the end: when I first started talking to her and I'd see her pop up in my feed I don't remember how I knew her once it clicked I not only know who she is but she is diagnosed BPD. She's not the only reason I draw this conclusion but cancel culture as far as I see it is normalized BPD as scientifically whole and righteous and the right side isn't so much better cuz they're it's holy whole righteous and all mine just a different spin on it. Once again we're back to the concept of splitting so why does the TV in the political system all of the above seem to follow pathological Psych well that's a logical site and the media also pushed to make any indication that anyone would ever work together for anything with nefarious intent a diagnosis in and of itself. The other rows and I see going on is the recognition that sometimes people might suggest things could happen like hypothetically or problem bility speaking without fully believing it So eventually we're going to path alive pathologic size pathologist size thinking anything other than the approved image


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