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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

City and county state enforce severe risk to life

January 2018 I move back in with my parents August 2018 after buy my account at least $6,300 minimum skilled labor performed, my mom stating at the beginning she is my landlord until I can afford moving out again. Instead they changed the lock in August with zero notice. Police allow them to keep everything of mine and then ignore threats to it ignore threats to my life ignore violence against me physical violence reports that reports are being used as weapons. As far as I can see the Plymouth is probably a comparable rental rate I was renting a 10 by 10 foot room at their house the rate I found for Plymouth is a dollar 32 per square foot I was doing labor with a market average value of 150 an hour. Regardless of it for lease existed or not if someone can invite you in to live at their place and then take all of your things with zero notice in the police will enforce it will ignoring violence against you than anybody who becomes dependent through mistake has a high risk of someone killing them maintaining them robbing them blind making sure they do not escape the dependent situation I don't really think the homeless shelters are funded well enough if this was the norm. This is insane I don't want to die I didn't hurt anybody my mom literally tried to kill me and admitted such. They straight up perjured on the ofp I'm not sure the term applies there because this civil court there's no real standard of evidence to me as far as I can see it's based on how they claim they felt which I can't argue other than I watch them tell me they're annoyed and then call Maple Grove Police and say they feel threatened. Well somewhere in between been threatened my rabbits they threatened me they physically assaulted me it's absurd that claiming someone might have said something and that made you feel a way in Civil Court carries more weight than trying to report to a police officer that someone physically assaulted you. The only not absurd part about it is if I see correctly there's federal funds for arresting me after this is filed.

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