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coping mechanism

for some of this there arnt any. the damage being done to me and threat to my life is substantial.

it took me a long time to figure out systems that worked and get into habits like cook 3 or 4 batch dishes on Sunday then alternate over the week ocassionaly mixing in a purchased meal. that saved a ton of money as well as improving my ability to function at any task, my mood and my health. 

since 2007 I had Bonnie and Clyde rabbit. they not only improved my mood by being glad to see me(and me them) they improved my diet immensely. I'd usually 2x a week buy a box of some kind of dark greens and then alternate with spring mix. but more than just company, they were someone to care for. friends.

I had read about what the different things rabbits consider fofilment in life were and tried to provide it. including a large wood box filled with stuff to dig in at one place. I'd build forts out of couch cushions for them to crawl around in. take them out side when I could. 

ugh. I'm laying on the bed Clyde died not sure when I'm getting evicted. landlord last called like April and I answered to hear her say my dad's name. hello Paul? which is odd because Paul isn't on the lease. and somehow mid way through and despite having had email convos with management and put my email on the lease.. well some how my parents email ends up as my contact on my lease. same time my dad is pretending he doesn't know what a text is after 16 years of texting. sometimes even sending them then claiming idk what a text is.. is that on the computer? EMAIL ME! Of course the one time I I acquiesce to the demands of the two incest saboteur abusers who Maple Grove Police I'm sure have a position of power no fear of consequences for crime... I get a bounce back from Comcast mail server. they've had the same address since they got Comcast probably also 16 years ago. then I get letter under door from apt comoany saying my email is invalid.. only issue is.. it's Paul and Marlene email. this is extra terror when u also happened to know that it's a psych diagnosis in and of itself to claim people might be working together to harm you. sometimes people are out to get you and npd peopke are known to use triangulation and or social poisoning. I can't rule out possibility my dad and cheri(one of the landlords) knew each other before this. but it's equally likely my parents said something deraguatory to cause the constant pressure. what's also off is she would at first pester me claiming they wernt payign the agreed amount. yet 1 mo after lease is up and I'm only here because covid eviction ban in MN. ..shes calling my number asking hello Paul? oh I just had something to say to Paul.. doesn't say what.. bye... and maybe 5 mo into lease was when my email became theirs in apt record but before and after cheri is telling me to get a hold of my parents. of course if I drove down there maple groves finest(at abuse.. next to Paul and Marlene) are one demanding to know why I'm either outside the street at the house where all my valuables are locked and being destroyed.. between sometimes insisting my parents owe me nothing ( well parents are guaranteer on this lease. parents kept small second form of ID for 3mo. Mr. Officers since Aug 2018 in between the way of me and my things and earlier Maple Grove PD told me I can't file theft I gave them my things moving out. knowing full well what happened was I moved in January 2018 to my parents house they changed the lock aug 2018 with zero notice when the plan was I spend one or two weeks at a hotel and then return. So according to Maple Grove PD you can throw anyone out of your house after you tell them you're there your landlord and then keep all their things and they owe you nothing. Maple Grove PD will throw you in a  emergency medical hold possibly illegal in execution for minor conditional threats and without any consideration of the surrounding circumstances. For 1 I had already been locked out for 3 months with my rabbit still that in there. Another is they removed 105 cars they own from the hotel lot which was my temporary housing which was the third Hotel but in three months at already moved between hotels 1 and 2 several times. So you remove that from the lot while sitting on 20 grand of my things that could have been able me to buy my own fucking car forcing me to spend savings bonds to eat while I'm being ripped this might as well be the SS not an American police force

Some of the things held include a Wacom drawing tablet which Pantene or creative expression is an excellent coping mechanism. They stole my computer after filing the ofp orders while the car was broke. I can't even put together the hard drive array and see if I still have the painting and all the photos I had from 2006 onward. They make sure I upgraded the computers I originally built for them so they didn't lose any of their cherished memories. Neither one of them knows how to do what I can do. Extracted at bare minimum an hour a week of support service I've done professionally in the path which currently has a value of $150 an hour. Rent in Plymouth is $1.32 sqft I couldn't find Maple Grove prices. I'd be willing to bet Plymouth is comparable. I could be wrong but I don't think that was even Section 8. You could double that and in Services I still paid it. except I wasn't paid and 0 notice lock change. My mom had said moving in I'm your landlord now till you can afford every cent of moving out. And then of course they just change the lock keeping all my things after months and months and months of labor on computers I built for them support for those and I was the one who started initially remediating their fucked up moldy basement. But then but keeping all my things and threatening them and originally Bonnie and Clyde were still alive they were able to force around and still are until they decided on ofp is to discard they were able to 4th round physical location and labor since August 2018 Grove PD ignores. Maple Grove PD when responding to me reporting I have evidence that use false reports as weapons the State Bar hotline told me to say they are unreliable Witnesses I've calls recorded that will prove or they admit to saying that they use reports as weapons Maple Grove PD tells if we put that on record we might be liable. You're going to get me killed. There's nothing just in allowing someone even less than killed but just fucked in their head from years of abuse and indentured servitude or disfigured and disabled. I don't want to be somebody job security of fucked up in the head physically disfigured and or some type of health problem like stroke fucking mold growing in my sinuses because you guys were worried about your liability more than my life while you stood between 16 years of things I worked for and ignored my claims it was being threatened. Then like January 2020 I show an officer who insists I'm living the life picture if they're fucked up car that I had to clean officer tells me I didn't see that put the phone away. Fuck you guys vigilante justice with guns and badge just sick

 There's a larger moral issue here though of why do we allow parents through selective enforcement by police to totally destroy their children or adult children? I mean Not only was that an issue there was the mold that was their decisions finishing their house when I was a child that led to the mall but due to my mom's employment Maple Grove PD is helping two sickos that endangered the lives of sick newborns in the NICU children's st. Paul for 19 years

In other words the unpaid labor at their house I'm the man let alone the months that there were several like one that I can recall one week they were probably five or six billable hours just that week and another like three or four. So in other words I well over over over over paid what rent should have been but was never paid and all of my stuff stolen all of it is still being destroyed I am in an empty place with Clyde in the freezer they have Bonnie's ashes which came by a u.s. mail but Maple Grove PD doesn't even care that my parents were opening mail addressed to me at their house taking checks out and endorsing my fucking name. 


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