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Friday, July 17, 2020

dark ages

maple Grove police for the most part have acted like the no child let succeed unless start from homes cops. 

but we have a problem in general. parents are responsible as adults to their adult offspring or nothing works. 

parents even if abusive and psychological warping as mine usually end up with the access codes to a person's shields. 

Maple Grove pd gives them ability to access my pulse pretty soon. I hate this. I had plans and ambitions I worked by self full out.

Then kept working full out and work the den full out because they didn't take care of their house and it spread to my apartment. They then decide they're going to endanger my life their own life and my rabbit and basically hold me hostage I Don't Want to Be Alive anymore this is like let people break countless lies to abused the crap out of you just in case we save you from the morgue to do mandatory counseling when we could have been forced to several repeated criminal violations of the person that claims to own you this is sick this society's fucking warped

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