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disfigurement and maple Grove MN police. protect and serve parents that own their children

the teeth next to the hole in my gums.. aka the baby tooth that died 20 years ago and held the place of a dental implant until falling out in Dec 2017.

My dentist told me then don't wait more than 6 months and by the way your insurance doesn't cover it it's cosmetic till it's not.

I'd like to thank Marlene and Paul for not only doing everything their son ever bought with money made. But they do a good job in the grading a person while they forced labor and forced risk to that person's life take away all self-efficacy all self esteem and try to rape the mind at the same time with gaslighting to the extreme in all forms.

because the less visable scar is having spent a year with Clyde rabbit in my freezer. with out the ability to touch the remains of Bonnie. which came via USPS addressed to me while I was being bounced between hotels

I'd like to thank mgpd for protecting and serving psychopaths rights to endanger torture force labor, skilled labor, abuse animals, physically assault someone they claim to own then steal their ID.

not only have they enforced  forced continuing risk to life and limb my mom's potion at children's likely endangered other people's sick newborns. 

Maple Grove Police apear to me to be there to protect and serve distruction of your slave when you are ready to discard. There are a few on that force that don't deserve this. I try not to make them identifiable because the situation it's probably going to take my life but others might end up escaping it. If in a similar situation one of those officers still there that might be the difference. I'm not saying I think I know for sure that identifying them would cause  any greif to them. But by not I can insure it definitely does not. 

For the rest:

I hope your kids understand what you are. though if u help do this to other peoples children... 

may God help your own.

When I reported my mom actually tried to push me over a railing and was trying to kill me my dad says he owns me if we put that on record we might be liable oh, it's not illegal to say you own someone. 

Police in today's world have almost absolute Authority. Maybe someone with the financial means and planning can escape if they're under desire to be detained By Any Given officer. Without both of the two you're going in if they want you to go in. Trying to run you're just going to have a helicopter with a thermal imager following you that's assuming you get away from the spike strips the squad cars everything before that.

Maybe their kids will be proud that they helped bring in the SS version 2. Maybe they're just not having them u.s. population growth rate is down to 0.6

My best guess is financial collapse as World War 3 starts and China plus Russia walk on the US. the numbers of people over there vs here.. insane. We also got rid of our heavy industry there's like four power Transformers that do grid interconnects across the u.s.

Important because they're so large we no longer possess the ability to remake them. I'll be even more concern is Japan does but if we go to war with China we are so fucked. 

the result will be the bankers that sold us oug maintain power. they are already over there, one world shell gov. 

this could of course never happen. it's just my read on where things are headed. 

maybe I'm not missing much if I do die.

any system that can deprive a person if all their earnings, allow physical and psychological  assult to go un reportable (mgpd "if we put that on record we might be liable", "that's not assult that's not battery" my mom slams car door on my leg then calls police on me. my sin, talking loudly while sitting in car in their driveway. when cops showed up I still hadnt exited the vehicle since parking. she was approaching the open door as she was talking.. closer and closer. I ask her to back off and she slams it)

any system like this is an injustice system at best.

I don't need consoling I need economic and life realities ackbowleged. aka allowing someone to open someone else's mail, hold it sign their name cobtrol their finances while claiming to own them is bad enough and several crimes. as police standing between that person and everything ever earned via work... then allowing physical ID to be stolen by that party...

I keep trying to shit greenbacks but all that comes out is actual fecal mater. sometimes I'm hoping for blood.

I can't cook how I taught myself and or what's good for me. I'm still dealing with their poison. I'd stolen after ofps. I'm in two much pain to emotionaly heal from loss of Bonnie and Clyde. ie physical pain.

I told Paul abuse trick, in worried I still don't have my bike I have to move soon and can bearly make it up the stairs.. if u can't make it up the stairs why would u need your bike?

the level of sick they are is astounding.

why can't u cook? it had a stove when I picked it out plus we stocked it with bibs.
3 folding tables in apt and Clyde in freezer. almost nothing else.. aka pots pans dishes..


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