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Thursday, July 23, 2020



seems mn police do a lot of what they do only if it makes bank for the state or department. which in many worlds could be fine... but not with the pr spin of a peace officer.

its not all officers either. I've met some really great individuals. You might have noticed, im none to pleased with MGPD at the moment..but even there some of them truly seem to care. others... not so much. 

pretty sure emergency medical holds are about state attracting health care... wide wide wide, abduct you for 3-5 days for threatening to snap your own pencil wording on the law probably ensures hospitals that operate 24/7 have a bunch of otherwise calm individuals being detained with 0 standards of evidence/probable cause.

the hospital has  0 concern by the hospital to look into the claims made by the party that landed them there.

When i think it through... this is good for keeping health care happy in mn, by abducting citizens so their insurance or state pays the hospital.

the kicker is, you might end up forced by police into an ambulance and then on hold by a doc you never met... but not before a search.

fed funds for drugs seized? not sure but ive heard about it before. it would make a lot of sense. 

pretty sure VAWL creates funding for ofp arrests if the person arrested is male as well, free to file in civil court and passes if you aren't present. I was served on a Friday for a court an hr and a half away and court on Tuesday morning the next week. people who filed had known my car was broken down for 6 days before filing. they also had my id.. so could i have gotten required docs and made it to hr and a half away court and or found lawyer... 

not entirely sure but pretty sure court will wanna see photo id right? well either way an mgpd officer told me its illegal to drive anywhere with out my license. 

there are situations where police lying and not being held accountable for words or actions should be accepted or might help... i think we jumped the shark a while back on justice though. 

esp when during covid police dont care the people they are activating the ofp for have everything of mine and my id.

(sterns wouldnt serve it. maybe fact parents were up here 2 days after court calling in a welfare check then another one maybe 8 days later? maybe covid? maybe factors unknown to me? idk for sure.

 mgpd had no issue serving it while im saying "they took my id, i dont have money to eat...etc" as far as i can see you need photo id and another form to get a job, or photo id to get snap. so mid pandemic mgpd has no concern that 20k of my assets are being held by parents they "protect" or that ignoring yet another crime and instead enforcing civil action leaves me potentially unable to eat. 

pre covid ... those ofps... also filed with 20 days to be out of this cell of an apt. so im pretty much boned and losing my mind. 

parents still have all my assets from Aug 2018 lockout with 0 notice and 8mo after moving BACK in...aka its not that i never left home... mn law seems to make a point of differentiating that or all the lawyer docs ive read do... they usually say or dont say things for a reason

but doesnt really matter what law is when law enforcement can ensure you die on the street rather than even have the things you own let alone justice. 

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