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every thing in the dv info sounds okish

until your realize the act to initiate eviction and almost auto criminal convictions and or consoling under court order is go to

court file a free form. the burden of evidence is on the accused. 

it doesn't take into account police records or so I was told. 

the form is free to file. 

accuser retains freedom of love by and calls

patently the court has forgot that up until maybe 30 years ago common knowledge was it takes two to tango? 

lesd esoteric is u might be already tanking in a personality disorders mind. 

there exists a concept called position of power and if police can ignore criminal law of repeatedly and the person or couple doing this to their son happens to be 40 years older is a nurse practitioner metal forming Union organizer both of these people understand the civil court system I do not I didn't know these were things nor did I know emergency medical hold you are things despite being aware of that commitment was a thing. Only by my study of sight both at NDSU and probably a hundred times over on my own. Perk of growing up with a mother who also relies on you to convert her curriculum for teaching nursing at the College of st. Catharines then tells you you're worthless witch right off the bat paraphrasing but worse has been said quite a few times. Well I guess even back like 6. I was pretty worthless when I'm not exactly sure how much teaching was running for her butt PowerPoint rapidly became pretty much a requirement and she was scared to turn on computers at the time my dad was a little bit into a Vivir like he liked high-end TVs and stuff but I had to teach myself how to use computers I was really good at it it was one of those things that click to me and I'm not just saying that or I wasn't expected to be great at it like two children them many narcissists are well I guess I was except they're also so absent or work. The point is I have external sources that can verify that. I have nothing if I'm dead before I can find a lawyer and get to Accord if this keeps up I will be done it's been probably 3 years now malnutrition one meal a day at their house sometimes for days hungry two times that this apartment 3 x 3 days longer at this apartment and if you turn in all of 2019. Tell me about 30 days can't do this anymore they literally claim their own me my mom tried to kill me she has assaulted me another time Evansville police do not care they allowed them to separate me from everything I learned in 16 years of working then threatened it over all of two nights 2018 and continuing stealing from my parking lot calling in or calling in calling a welfare check right after the alarm fuse passed in my absence. They knew I was without a car for 6 days before they filed I had to be out of this apartment for cleaning their moldy car within 20 days of when they filed. I was served on a Friday for court Tuesday morning that me what 1 and 1/2 business days to get documents that police have repeatedly insisted my parents are in charge of because we had an oral lease as far as I can see she said it yourself I had no notice moving out

Ex parte orders. The court may grant an ex parte order (an order granted upon request of the 
petitioner, without notice to the respondent) where an application for relief alleges an immediate and 
present danger of domestic abuse. The court may grant the relief it deems proper, including:
 restraining the abusing party from committing acts of domestic abuse;
 excluding any party from the dwelling they share or from the residence of the other, including
the surrounding area, except by further order of the court;
 excluding the abusing party from the place of employment of the petitioner or otherwise
limiting access to the petitioner by the abusing party at the petitioner’s place of employment;
 ordering the abusing party to have no contact with the petitioner;
 continuing all currently available insurance coverage without change in coverage or beneficiary
designation; and
 directing the care of a pet or companion animal and directing the respondent to refrain from
abusing or injuring a pet or companion animal as an indirect threat to the petitioner or minor
At the request of either the petitioner or respondent, the court must hold a full hearing after issuing an
ex parte order. The respondent has five days from the service of the order to request a hearing. The ex 
parte order shall be effective for a fixed period set by the court or until modified or vacated by the 
court pursuant to a hearing.5 Minn. Stat. § 518B.01, subd. 7.
The petitioner must ask for a hearing to request relief beyond asking the court to restrain the abusing 
party from committing acts of domestic abuse. Minn.


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