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Family cohesion adaptive Behavior

Seems to me like the public space in front of psychology often probably corporate or industry Prince singing viewers ideas there are. Things that were known about raising children are going by the wayside to excuse adults I'm almost everything. Teenagers are not children but with the amount of locks down Society puts on them there's a problem. What's more of a problem is they either have to be in school or if they go to juvie or jail but school won't teach them everything they need to just avoid jail or avoid and enough homeless. It takes almost all their time yes parents can still pretty much control though in Most states there's three years where they can work and in some states they can be booted out the door the second they turn 18. At my high school even if we were 18 the senior year we still needed parents signatures to think this is so out of confusion out of whack. It said absolute incompetence would be indistinguishable from malice. I think there's an element of planning here though I can't prove that nor would I think it's all planned or conspiracy ruled out but I do think there is an element of make sure you have a gnahn cuz he's just Society because the people that rule be the the elected or the financial holders well they get more done when we're fighting each other. I can't say I know all of their agenda I don't like what I see though. I'd love to not think about this. Laws that are meant to give anybody a shot at being an adult are being ignored police ignored attempted murder and several assault I'm basically being held hostage

what's absent in the public facing pych front seems to be reason and empathy. 

psychtoday is not the most reputable source but what I saw on it recently was abhorent. it may be partly my interpretation but the article seemed to be a sudo psychological rehash of feminist mantra that men should take it and shut up about it.

ie dark triade was blurred with virtue signaling and to try to discount actual victims it was stated demographics were analized in the sample to filter out real victims 

it's actually pretty foggy /looks like it was writen for plausible deniability that what I suggested was a misinterpretation (till 5 years later it's not and it's outright public)

no peace or harmony will come from this sort of crap

peace well being and sucess comes from trying to understand your partner or friends,. put yourself in their shoes.

virtu signaling as a detection of anything but projection seems flawed. 

or less loaded... 

you don't always know what the other person meant. attribution error and confirmation bias are ever present. both more so if you have no habbit of questioning your own though process. 

that article went on to say blames external sources for failure. after clarification that some demographics can do that because they are real cool aid drinkers. 

there was once the concept of a basic framework of rights for all. some of these might just be mine but I'll try to seperated it later. 

modern wrorld mail was protected so contracts can be entered and maintained. 

things purchased are maybe consumer wear but still tangible assets in the average persons world. ie money spent on them can be partially recovered by selling them. 

you should be able to report theft, assult battery etc to police regardless of gender or race. 

less obvious 
things like money earned or given with out contract is yours to spend 


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