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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

fucked deal

Pretty cool deals that less than moral parents have in Minnesota. Especially Maple Grove.

I was thinking about it and concluded that teens and adult life, I've rarely seen cps... never.. seen cps act on anything but substances or dv between couple. Doesn't mean it doesn't happen but there are some things a lot worse than getting hit.

some physical but depending on execution emotional I'd argue is every bit as bad because most of the time people don't even know you do the victim or anybody who could help. The victim just knows stuff is crazy as a child

It seemed like a good place to put a blurb about something I read last night. psychology is beginning to link addiction to trauma. For some reason to me this  always seemed obvious. When people would talk about nasty addicts blah blah blah.. or esp when try try to rank substances, back of my mind has always said "its rare a substance makes anyone anything... it exacerbates or dulls, some more extream than other and in sure there are exceptions. that's just it though assuming the substance made them that way is a strawman worth millions. And letting my mind at some point figured out most of the people that drink smoke weed whatever if they do it to excess they're running away from something.

And perhaps it's something very difficult to change or things in the past that cannot be changed. But even there the emotions can be processed except I don't think we do that. Psychology website was talking about exactly what I just said but as far as I know we only do cognitive behavioral therapy which probably isn't going to point cut it to fix that for people.

Another point to make is somewhat recently figured out a lot about what happens when the brain learn something new. We're seeing that if reconfigures areas. Every time you learn something new like everything is in a matrix or a hologram and the Brain region code that extra bit with what was already there the stronger Pathways or the more frequently used become the stronger. Which really makes me wonder what the traditional logic of a a is doing. What parole is doing to people but I'm not going to be here to help I don't even know why I bother waking up going to better eating anymore
I'm sure there's people as smart as me I'm sure there's a shit ton of people a hell of a lot smarter especially in these fields. I do have a bit of a peculiar combination where I'm not afraid to speak my mind on it. And if that's why I am where I am well so be it except I'm going to fight for what I see is justice which is not in lines with my dad but I don't know how much I can slice there but I also don't see it at Justice scar people for life and toss them out. Bigger picture I don't like the picture of a society that puts all of its ship on its children. I understand the world's population compared carrying capacity pretty well but that's a topic for another day. I happen to think it's intricately related with some of what I'm touching on. 

In this manner back to the topic at hand of Maple Grove Minnesota Hennepin County;

parents can beat the shit out of you and no one's there to help you have 3 years from 15 when you might be able to kind of work but you're limited so really up to years. In the last year of high school in Maple Grove isn't a cake walk and I'm sure it's not anywhere anymore.

So whoever came up with this unspoken policy that 18 parents can throw their kids out of the house and are liable for nothing that they do this is fucking insane at best you're creating the addicts that Maple Grove PD will arrest.

At worst when someone moves back in Maple Grove Maple Grove PD doesn't know the situation they don't want to still listen to one side cuz that makes it easier. But they're not really judges are they and even when I went to them a year-and-a-half in volume to my recording saying major reports were falsified as weapons well they ignore mail fraud check fraud excetera and all of my stuff is still to this day being destroyed closer to 2 years later while I've got a car that my parents can take away in 20 grand of my tools to be destroyed. Constant stuff to keep me my head spinning but the fucking sweet deal is you have a human slave and Maple Grove and all elaborate on this later but the society we're children bear the brunt of parents mistakes then just get booted regardless of what crimes the parent committed we've got a lazy PD and Unwritten policy because they never taught that in at least when I was in high school. If I had known that informed consent I would have done things differently I had the money to do it. And I know it's not everybody on the force but I got to wonder how much of it is you see kid you think had it all no young adult and you don't think you had as much maybe you didn't that still doesn't mean you know what I've worked for and what I did not. I was being told how awesome this car I don't have the title to his by the same people keeping me from the things I worked for. I starve 30 days last year

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