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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

great lengths of perversion

the really disheartening disgusting and violating behaviors of npd parents are hard to sum up 

good example is Paul knows they are holding and destroying parts an aquaintemces company paid for.. for a contracted project. while he starves me steals from me and claims to own me 

but say I make him late returning a rental car.. just to leave me stranded, I get a text about how bad that hurts his relation with the dealership garage.. in a town sicko doesn't live.

meanwhile sicko and sicket had me working on upgrades to computers I built for them over 8 mo or drop everything u r doing I need help with what u want.. on the computer. then sit there telling me I lie a bough t everything never worked.. she drove me to the first it support business client I had at age 16.

peopkr say just get away.. that won't stop check that they have my driver's license number they have my social they've demonstrated they will take over account they will steal from me. They filed the ofp keys and then came up and called and welfare check. They took my ID they took my garage door opener remote it came back and took my MIG welder my desktop computer and my compound miter saw after the ofps passed.

They've had all of my stuff for my kitchen and I've been sitting in an empty apartment with Clyde rabbet dead in the freezer I Don't Want to Be Alive anymore if this isn't okay I don't need medication I need laws enforced. I need laws enforcement I need compensation. This is been like indentured servitude this is been like state-created Risk to life

I have to wonder... hallway trick was on the AFL-CIO labor Council of Minnesota. Knowing that the Maple Grove Police are Union and hope you'll see how you and the police Union are under the AFL-CIO I really have to wonder if that plays any factor in this. I don't even want to wonder I just want what was taken including my health I'm putting the time with my route it's including my rabbits which isn't going to happen.

a lot of what's being destroyed is not something anyone can give back. 

what's truly perverse is in this selective non enforcement or interactions with police making things worse and or threat to my life... is my health and number of years I expect to have are being taken.

they try and may succeed in conditioning terror, disability fear in any choice or ultimately might just kill me 

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