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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

he played the what color is it with another thing he took earlier this year. they still have the vast majority of my things and due to 0 notice lock out enforced by Maple Grove pd...some things include docs needed to refute the ofp claims. Friday March 13th 2020 in served for tye the 18th at 930am. cars been broken for 6 days, they have my ID at that point as well. fully aware I have 20days to end of lease they forced and notice to vaycate. 

not only does he try to tell me to be paranoid. he picked st cloud against my will. or rather they did. under threat all the stuff we've held since Aug 2018 goes away. they still have it. he admits he picked a place to small, he admits he picked or rather they picked conditions he would not accept for himself. I was forced to sign the lease then it became clean our car or all your stuff disappears while he demanded I find a rental for retail and if I wanted things like a couch(I've had multiple since 2007 they threw away the last promising to replace) I was to get in moldy car go to a specific store they said name of once write down what I want call them. get in moldy car find rental clean car faster lose your stuff while they ignore all basics that are things I own and largely bought with money earned. basics like desk desk chair, place to file things, Clyde's stuff place to store clean clothes (ikea dresser) my kitchen things. 

I know from biz law if u say pay for someone's cruise its still their cruize (professer taught with hypothetical fictional  or actual narativrs/stories). yet for me it's my cruize when it comes to damages theirs for skirting legality and creating pain. despite putting my email on the lease it changed to theirs and after emailing back and forth with land lord over them wanting to evict the garage for cleaning mold car. first 3mo parents held second form of ID. pretty much wiped out from 6mo in hotels like 14 rooms 5 hotels and a mental ward. spent savings bonds for gas and food. could have saved the gas as they decided to pick where I live anyway and make it impossible to do anything I needed to or even they commanded. but then they would pay under what apt was, landlord cones at me, but they selectively don't answer. meanwhile drive down and do nothing else mgpd shows up in 10 to 15min. sometimes yells to remind me "your parents don't owe u anything" while living there Jan 2018 to Aug 2018 lock change at least 6300 in skilled labor was preformed and moving in my mom said she was my landlord. none of that was paid so I assume it was rent or as a human or laborer I am worthless because police allow fed laws to protect contracts
ack..meant to insert this bellow. around thanks giving 2018 over the phone he says "I need control because I want control" referring to my life. him and my mother will ocassionaly do what community knows as dog whistling. u need intimate details of targets life to understand why what's said triggers an angrey responce. they are referencing past times they have traumatized but in ways that if the target loses their temper verbally... point at them and claim unhinged or unwell. 

I had left a computer signed into one of my accounts. well didn't have much of a choice as 0 notice lock out. in an effort to test if this was happening and how much he snooped I we t to bizar things online. sure as hell he starts trying to shame me for what he then believed was my taste in porn while also quoting from Facebook convoys but when pressed would deny he said anything. 

I got reports for two years from people I knew that they were calling them and telling them I'm unwell I'm I'm not trustworthy. And then one directly stating that he was told to attempt to take something from me. I have history of some of that conversation. Everything on the ofp orders this stuff they've done to me for two years and matches narcissistic personality disorder and or antisocial. It's known NPD often targets their  children and into adulthood for sabotage

and funds violated then stand in way of me and 16 years of things I worked for and continue to. stood in way of me and supplies needed for Clyde rabbit. I got Bonnie and Clyde in 07 at my apt in Fargo. they were technically therapy animals from mild pstd I was diagnosed with. except for 6mo in 2014 I've been living in Apts and enjoying their company. mn seems to be saying parents can literlay rob their adult children blind while claiming to own them then discard husks of burnt people with an ofp. 

but what I was trying to get to is I had sucess full email convoys with apt
my email was on lease 
my dad's pretending not to know what a txt is for most of last year. when I finally e mail him it bounces. same time apt slides letter under door claiming my email is therea
I haven't gone a month with out letter under door almost all titled RE 
yet cheri acts as if she doesn't know how to get a hold of parents or talk to them then is telling me to update my contact info.. I signed lease with her. why would I update it when I've also emailed and she was cced the manager above her is in covov and all the suden for both my email has changed? 

then April 2020 she calls my number and says hello Paul? didn't say what it's about. I was suposed to be out March 31st but between ofps filed with full knowledge e of that and no transport to court an hr and a half away. ofps filed March 11th..

this is all the least funny sick joke I could never have imagined. 

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