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they do things like keep me from all the things ive earned, threaten to get rid of them and leave me homeless. they separated my things and me with 0 notice liock out 8mo after i moved back in. 

maple grove police have yelled that my parents owe me nothing while enforcing all my things are locked away and being destroyed 

ignoring physical assault and false reports used as weapons. ignoring continuing theft of things like id and threats to get rid of the property being destroyed to force labor. 

they held my birth cert the first 3 months and ppe /full face respirator while demanding i remediate their moldy car and faster with threats to get rid of...rehash /repeat

the washing machine has been broke for a long time now like a month after 9 mo in they got rid of that car. give me another i dont own, still in empty apt they cut what they gibve below even eating (no kitchen) if i wasnt human and could bounce back from year and a half or was perfect i could have ran and got a job..but to what end. at that point i already figured (drama over mold car in gatrrage) id be getting notice to vacate. tools ive earned above min wage/all my stuff/assets all still being held and destroyed... 30 days hungry while breathing their mold in 2019... im not perfect im human and this is insane. 

but the moment the washer broke it gets even worse because when i can wash clean clothes i have the floor to store them on. despite having bought an ikea dresser in like 2008. dont have it. the whole time they demand i find a commercial rental to finish contracted 3rd party work... while sitting on and destroying whats paid for by others. 

along with all my things

total terror and chaos. 

then they do things like take garage door remote. take it a second time before ofp and steral the 2 most valuable things i got back (monitarly speaking ) and one i bought with an ee bond from my grandma when i moved in (mig welder) 

when they took mold car and were still demanding i find commercial space to rent.. they went from providing sometimes not enough to eat with out a kitchen, or just enough to eat not clean mold car, to not even covering the expense of internet and power and eating.

laws like proper notification if you wish to kick someone out.. my mom claimed she was my landlord. mn recognizes oral leases... regardless i left their house in 06 moved back in 2018.

laws meant to protect ones assets and even mail and check fraud overlooked.

they play the image they give me things but they take crucial things to keep me from escape or having the means to chose otherwise. 

nastiest thing is they will tell me they've never seen me work at all. then if pushed it changes to enough. 

end of highschool (and a lot more since but thats not the point) i was making 75 first hr 30 after for it consulting and had an 11 an hr plus commission telemarketing job. regular it clients were 2 dozen homes and 4 biz. i also did a website for one of my dads coworkers that year. with the website was also a customer built computer. the guy was running for district rep of mn 50b. 

so in otherwords while starving me and sitting on tons of things i earned. while destroying and threatening them. they try to convince me im worthless while enforcing dangerous conditions where basic health and hygiene are unobtainable. I wanted to live in monitcello, 

they said i would be getting a rental space. the 4k they tell people they have always given me every month.

that was my estimate when the plan was pre monticello for what it would be for at least 6mo and min to have apt, clean their mold off my things, put shop together and maybe profit or b.e. 

why monticello? if the contracted work didnt turn into a corp job from the corp who paid for it(through a friend)and none of shop (support and repair/consulting income)or products i designed paned out  it offered access to northern tc job market.

monticello a 3 bed 2 car garage house with their credit has min payments of 900 or rather had. idk now.
they pay 850 to keep me in filth and steal or hold all assets earned plus id to keep me from having the ability to do even what they demand. the 8 mo at their house 6 at hotel... plus 60-100 hrs of work a week for year and a half before the 8 mo of bleeding at last apt... i might as well be a stranger in this town/never have lived here before. aka no social network in either. for 3 years my phyciscal location whipped around under threats. 6mo at hotels and at min 14 hotel rooms over 5 hotels. Rodgers and maple grove. spending bonds for food and gas. then looking for an apt/gas useless anyway. they pick one and demand this one this town.

even if a mortgage with min of 900 was a better deal at a payment of 1100. even adding trash, utilities. its still better investment than what they claimed and demanded i do but didnt fund... 

ie no two sets of utilities at two locations 2 rents etc. 

the point isnt give me give me... the point is they agreed to pay x amount. but then insisted on the apt didnt give even nesicary to eat... snow blows through car vents right before forced lease starts (surprise) now its clean our car while we starve you and to this day keep holding and destroying all you assets and some mail, ashes of one of your pets while other is in freezer in empty apt. 

this if fucking disgusting. 

with proper notice at very least i could have made descaiions about what to sell to have cash or maybe all of it and decided otherwise. 

mgpd created this by ignoring even when i went in saying "i have recorded calls indicating the dv report was falsified and she was trying to kill me" and "in general they use false reports as weapons"

meanwhile im hearing "you parents give you a lot", "you live quite the life", " they dont owe you anything"

when i finally show an officer a picture of moldy car headliner 


then 20 days of this lease left, 6 days car broken down...boom served with ofp. they had my id when they filed..if civil court requires an id to get in...ha i was fucked in more ways than one/unable to get there or get in. notified Friday between noon and 2 for court an hr and a half away the next Tuesday morning

claims dating back to jan 2018...aka when i moved in and mgpd has several times ignored crimes or assisted them in taking docs needed then keeping me from them. also the nature of surprise u dont live here anymore

"you cant file theft you gave them your things moving out" 

i dont need to kill myself, ill be dead soon in these conditions anyway. or prison or a psych ward. 

this isnt justice its the illusion of. both parents have physically asulted me since 2018. mgpd gives 0 shits. 


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