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Friday, July 24, 2020

hypothetical conversation between teens in the future.

Teen 1: what do your parents do?

Teen 2: oh they abduct people other people accuse of things and violate their rights while enforcing poisoning, theft threats to property and life are something they help maintain as long as its not with words.. they hastened the death of 1 cat and 2 bunnies and during a 2 year (at the moment,,,4rd wall) human trafficking like situation abducted then helped torture a person being poisoned once. 
every once in a while they seize derringers. mom shot me 5x once and it was hilarious, all i had was a bruise and a headache, but the drug money seized got me the xbone580 wanna play? 

Teen 1: What the hell job is that?

Teen 2: Maple Grove Law Enforcement... ive got mafia wars 5 and gta12 what should we play?

Teen 1: wait what? police are supposed to protect lives

Teen 2: yeah but mom says there is no money for the force in doing that.

on the plus side none of the cars need rebranding if the name is swapped to privateers department 

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